Pueblo Chemical Depot Web-Based Data Loading/QC Program for


Pueblo Chemical Depot Web-Based Data Loading/QC Program for
Pueblo Chemical Depot
Data Loading/QC Program
for ERPIMS Data
Nancy Gonzales & Bruce Fritz
Rocky Mountain Arsenal Programming Department
This Presentation’s Purpose
• Explain the benefits of using a Web-Based
program with a central repository for loading
ERPIMS data.
• Present details on how the program will
streamline the data loading process while at
the same time ensuring data quality and
The Client
• U.S. Army Pueblo Chemical Depot (PCD)
• U.S. Army Rocky Mountain Arsenal (RMA)
• U.S. Army Chemical Materials Agency
PCD Background
• PCD is located east of Pueblo, CO.
9Constructed during World War II to serve
as an ammunition and materiel storage
and shipping center.
9PCD has been storing chemical weapons,
like mustard agent, since the 1950s.
9PCD samples groundwater and soil to
monitor contamination and to protect the
environment and surrounding communities.
PCD Environmental Data
• Groundwater sample data
• Soil sample data
• Water level data
• Geographic data
Information Flow
• Chain of Custody (COC)
• Laboratory
• Contractor
• PCDED Data Manager
• PCD Environmental Database
Chain of Custody (COC)
• Initiates sampling event
• Designates following information
9Sampling site
9Laboratory method
9Sampling date & time
9Other identifying information
• Satisfies legal requirements
• Receives sample & chain of custody
• Prepares sample for analysis
• Analyzes sample
• Creates electronic data deliverable (EDD)
• Submits EDD to contractor
• Reviews laboratory data
• Validates data
9Flags/comments data
9Corrects data or returns to lab
• Submits data to PCDED data manager for
PCDED Data Manager
• Performs final review of data
• Returns to contractor if necessary
• Comments on data
• Loads data into PCD environmental
• Notifies all parties that data has
been loaded and is viewable
The Problem
Before Web-Based Data
Loading/QC Program
Contractor Process
• Standardizing all environmental data to
ERPIMS format.
• ERPTools
9 Purpose of ERPTools
9 Installing ERPTools
9 Maintaining local copy of valid value data
9 Training users
9 Validating correct use of ERPTools
Contractor Process (cont.)
• Automated Data Review (ADR) checks
9 ADaPT - Proprietary ADR application
9 Installing ADaPT
9 Maintaining local copy of method libraries
9 Training users
9 Validating correct use of ADaPT
Contractor Process (cont.)
• Submitting data
9 Email
• Attaching data text files (SDG)
• Attaching ERPTools report
• Attaching ADaPT report
Contractor Process Issues
• Catch 22
9 ADaPT ran after ERPTools
9 ADaPT modifications may cause data
to not pass the ERPTools validation.
9 ADaPT added an extra field
• Email Failures
• PCD was unable to validate contractor data
in both ERPTools and ADaPT tables.
The Solution
(A Web-Based
Data Loading/QC Program)
• No installation necessary (web-based
• One easy-to-use application performing both
ERPTools & ADR functions
• All data located in a central repository – a
Microsoft SQL Server 2000 owned by the
U.S. Army located at the Rocky Mountain
Arsenal (RMA).
Benefits (Cont.)
• Email only used for notification, not for data
• Automatic email notification
• Easy data validation
• Data flagging/comments stored with data
• Data is easily queried by users (SQL Web)
Contractor Process
Tasks performed on the Web by point and click
• Uploads laboratory data into the Army’s
server at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal
• Performs QC checks
• Evaluates output from QC checks
• Edits and comments when necessary
• Submits data to PCD data manager
Uploading Laboratory Data
Performing QC Checks
Evaluating QC Check Output
Edits & Comments
Edits & Comments (Cont.)
Edits & Comments (Cont.)
Submitting Data to PCD
Data Manager
PCD Data Manager Process
Tasks performed on the Web by point and click
• Performs QC Checks
• Evaluates output from QC Checks
• Edits and comments when necessary
• Submits data to PCD Environmental
Evaluating QC Check Output
Submitting Data to PCD Environmental
• Provides a common platform (Web
Browser) for data processing
• Utilizes the SQL Server 2000 at RMA that is
easily accessed by all users (SQL Web)
• Ensures data integrity and ensures that all
ERPIMS and ADR standards are met.
• And Finally, It Is Easy To Use!
For More Information:
DPRA, Incorporated
Rocky Mountain Arsenal
Commerce City, Colorado
Nancy Gonzales
(303) 289-0393
DSN: 749-2393
Bruce Fritz
(303) 289-0436
DSN: 749-2436

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