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eO o~!.Q - American Bonanza Society
Editor : R.lph G. HM.loop
eon ....
Publi,h.,. : Arntr,can
uSOciety . lnc.
S.,....Inv Elmj,.. A,.••
16011139- 5515
Cir-eul.tiOtl : 5144
January 29, 1976
Page 565
Volume 76. No.1
.. " .
eO O
. I ,
Ow ; ,
As thirty years of continuous production of the Model 35 Bonanza approaches,
it is interesting to note the sophisticated equipment with which the new models are
being delivered from the factory. The compact instrument panel presentation is a
compliment to the current state of the avionics art. N4080S, a 1975 V-35B, is owned
AMERI CAN BONANZA SX:IETY NEWSl ETTER 'I publi sn.d monthly , IXClpt for the month of ~t.
ANIu.1 rnemtlvttllp ct"M I' $1000 of "",",d'I $1.00 I' th4 suMc"Iphon prlU to the Amerjean Bonenu
So,., .~y N.... 'I .tt ... Se<OI'Id C' II ~ Plat ll)t I)8 ld .t W.t~ , " ' Glen N V 1£891
January 29, 1976
Pac. 566
by ~~. Gaoah_lan, MD. ABS 13926. 24 Pion.ar Dr.,
Welt Hartford. CT 06117, and !. Oario ~. ASS '4939,
96 Huntar Dr .• Walt Hartford, CT 06107. Hera 1. what they
.ay about thair Bonanza and It. equipment:
"You may whh to consider N4080S lour 1975 V-3SB
(0-9728), lor Bonanza of tha Month. Thi, 1, the lirat 80nanza to U'I the naw Kina Fe 200 .y.tam and va. u••d to
obtain tha STe. W. hava nov flawn 80S for
100 hour.
and have notblnl but rava comment. to make about both the
airplana and tha flilht eontrol autopilot .y.t...
"Savini recently &&da • hnlthy ... rch for a new plana
to raplace our old raliabl. Dabonalr, 57570. v& vera .urprl.ad to ••• hov many autopilot. actually ara poorly
ra,ard,d. Thi' 1•• 0 to the point wh.r. apolosie. for this
and that are al.o.t sacond natura. Our ex~.ri.nca ~rior
to the King system, h.viaa baan ralativelv 11aited in tha ••
unit •• probably doe.n't allow. fair a~~rais.l, but we can
•• y that thi. unit 1. excellent and p.rticularly helpful
tor the .io,le-pilot IFR mi •• lon. Altitude hold mode i.
i.pre.aive, a. ara the approach c.pture and track .ade •.
Th. annunciator p.nel i. a Ire.t id.. .nd aiv.. in.tant
.tatu. of the sy.t •• in •• tapla and unobtru.iv. vay.
Evaryona who hal .a.n it in oper.tion loe. avay 'sup.r
impra .. K,' procl.1ain. it the new .cADdard. oaa fi:Dal
ca.aent on this unit i. that Kinl hal damonatrated a
'b.yond the call' attitude to inaure prop.r function and
cu.to..r aatiafaction. What f.v bUla va hava uacov.red
hava b.. n handled lllitbout quutiollS .nd .t no exp.lUe to
u.. Thl. vaa true av.n to tha extant of raplac1na orilinsl boxes and .arvoa which had b.an u ••d DOt only for STC
but for dav.lopaent vh.n new production unit. bec..e
available--a ~.t tapr ••• iv •• how of IDOd faitb.
"Attach.d 11 tha equip.. Dt U.t for 40805.· w. plan
to add the .tand-by I.narator.
Lonl-lanl. tanka
lX-1701 v/ll 510-01
Supar Soundproofial
lX-1701 ~I 201e
Int.rnally Lilbted
DI 73 Convartar
J:II 65 IlK!
6-Proba CRT/EeT CaUl.
KN 20 v/U-40 knot.
Map Lilht
Alt.rnate Static Air
KR 85 ADF v/RI 225
Haatad Pitot Tub.
KT 76 Tranapond.r
External Pov.r
KCS-S5A Slav. Gyro Sy.tea
3-Stroba Sy.t.m
KFC-200 Fliaht Control
Top B.acon
['oor Lisht
B.ndix Encoding Altim.tar
Avionic. Kaat.r Svitch
Laraa CarlO Door
5th & 6th Seata
Shouldar Karna.. Sy.te.
Urethana Paint
"Lookiol this over, we .hould tel1 you that w. raally
don't work for (ina Radio.
"Our b.. t vi.he. and conaratul.t1on. for tha fin. job
that tha AlS pedorma."
A law veak. ala, John !:!.. !:!.!!.!.!!.' ABS 1809. Kiopood
Park, Poulhkeep.ie, NY 12601, flev in for a vi.it. John ' .
a livina hi. tory book of aviation--over 33,000 bour. in
everythinl trom a Can.dian J.nny to a Pitcairn Autoairo and
a DC-S. K. i. al.o an A&P vho do •• much of the maint.nance
on hi. own Bonanza and turbo Baron.
I r .... b.r evo aUlle.tions he p••••d on to •• durinl
hi. conv.r.ation. The flr.t va. the u.e of .ilicon. dry
lubricant .pr.y on control cable., hing ••• pull.y., uplock
roller., etc. Thi. lubricate., a. v.ll ~. act. a. a wat.r
and corro.ion repell.nt--p.rticularly when the pl~ne i.
tiad down or parked out.ide a hanlar. The Jry !pray doea
not coillct du.t and dirt a. oth.r lubricant. ~isht do.
S.condly, h. mention.d carrying a small cartrid •• of
nitro.en la. in hi. plane. He u.e. nitrol.n for infl~tin8
hi. tir •• ( .. y. the airlin •• hava found that nitrog.n
prolong. inner tub. lif. by eliminating oxidation of the
rubbar, and I understand nitro,an do •• DOt chan,e pres.ura
due to t.mperature chaoae.) and for inflatioa lear .trut.
and charling propeller.. He caution. ~ to u•• C02 tor
inflatins .trut. or in propellar. but that it ean be us.d
for inflating tira.. Wh.n C02 i. u.ed whare it come. in
contact with hydraulic tluid, the C02 is di•• olved by the
fluid. and the .trut Iradually loa. down. Thinkiol you
have lOIla leaky "0" rIna" IIOra CO 2 ia add.d. but it only
h.pp.n. Alain. linelly, when tha valve i. tak.n out to
.ee what i. the .. ttar, tb. CO 2 ca.aa out like fa .. ,
coy.rini .v.rythinl, and i ••xcaptionally hard to cl ..n out .
t.lph C. Ha •• loop
Executiv. Director
Thanks to Ron Wil.on, ABS 15217, of Endicott, NY 13760,
we'v. r.c.ivad ~opy of the f01lowinl p.r.onal .d from a
popular tr.d. paper. We're ,eprintina it fat your enjoyment. d.latinl tha nama .ad addr.... We're not cartain
wh.ther or DOt the advartis.r 1s an ABS ...b.r. In any
ca .. , we hop. th. ad va • • ucc ••• lull
"OLD lASHIOK!.D PIIDT with old f .. hioned Sonenza, both
airwortby, de.ir .. to e •• t fly1nl inclined lirl. Pilot i.
mid-40's a.e, aid-1940' • ..atality, collel. I~ad profa •• iODAl, world trav.lad, occa.ioaally consid.red
hand.ee., blond, blue .y •• , 170 lb •• , orilinal .quipment
t.etb, No A.D.'. or r •• trictions, is addictad to old
airplan •• , old car., old hou.e. and old play.r piano., but
i •• ocially obaol.te in modern cruda, rude, nud., Ilued
lanaration, and can't stand rock-n-toll ~.ic. Bonanza
i. hilhly poliabad aatural fin1&h .howpi.ce. Girl .hould
b. natural fini.h, viII poli.h a. r.quired. Mu.t accept
love trianale arraDlesaDt: H., Sha, and Bonanza. Ring &
T-hanaar kay to rilht lirl. S.nd .tatus and airlra=e
.pacificationa to: Chief Pilot,
~~~~~~~~,... ' HOUlton, tx 71036 . Younl widow.
ova1n1 a.achcraft duler.hipa liVeD prtaa consideration. "
Dur Ialph:
We ar. elvay. .urpr1lad whan .omathina lika w.ar in
the Thomp.on fual pump used on the £-185 •• ria. Continental
.nlin•• in early Bonanzaa .udden1y reappear.. When w.
r •••• rch tha backaround of the pump, it i. obvious how this
can occur. Wa h.ve .nclo.ad • copy of Thoap.on Product.
Service Bull.tin ESD-lS2A, dated January 22, 1955. While
it 1. r.alized the bulletin v•• i •• ued 20 y.arl alo, .ome
.echanic. workinl on enlina. today with this pump .till in
••rvice wara babie. at the tia., .0 it ' . e•• y to se. how
the condition could be overlooked. Tha Thoep.on Service
lull.tin va. liv.n me.nlnl by the FAA wh.n they i •• u.d
AD 5'-26-2 (Editor'. Nota: S.a pa •• 493 of tha Navalatt.r).
Th. AD .pecifie. that the Tl-IIDO •• ria. fuel pump pin. be
raplaced .ach 100 houra unl ••• a TF-1900 puap 1& inna11K.
Tha TF-1900 pump i. the .... a. the TF-llOO pump ezcapt a
laraer drive pin VII u.ed. Th. TF-lloo pump could b.
lIOdifhd by enlaraina one hola and inatallinl the lariat'
In addition to the FAA AD and Tho.p.on Bulletin. I ••ch
notifiad it. di.tributor., daaler., and •• rvic. at.tion.
of the Thoapaon lull. tin on Daceab.r 7, 1955.
Mo.t .nlin. ov.rh.ul .hop. would b. avar. of the
Thomp.on Bulletin, but the pilot own.r vho overhauls hi.
own .alina or the A&P machaaic workin, ia hi. own .hop mAy
po •• ibl, ov.rlook the old bulletin or, vot •• yet, mAy f.il
to ov.rhaul the .nain. acc •• aori.a which inc Iud. the
anain.-drivan tu.l puap.
Durin, production of the E-lS3 •• rie ••nline., both
Thomp.on and RoGac puap. v.re u.ad. W. h.v. includ.d a
copy of B•• ch S.rvic. Letter rei•• ued January 5, 1949. and
reviaad a,ain in February, 1953, that covar. modification
of the fuel pump. Fortunately .nliaa-driv.n fu.l pump. are
very reliable, .0 it liven r.a.onable care, they vill ,iv.
Ions, trouble-frea .ervice.
J. Norman Colvin
Project Servica Ealineer
Be.ch Aircraft Corporation
January 29, 1976
ED1TOR'S NOTE: Th. Thomplon Products, Inc., Service
Bulletin ESD-182A and the B.ech Service Leeter that
cover modification of the Romac fuel pump are reproduced
herein for nev ownera of older Bonanza • . The Thompson
Produce., Inc., AD 55-26-2, which J. Norm Colvin refar. to
in hi. letter, can ba found on page 493 of the March. 197 5
'-&-Jl .. V- leoC_1I;
Tilt pump 1n 'OCONt,noo w1tn tno ~;ljlUQOIIlo 1nltl"ll.otlonl ou.tl1n.4
ln rotlronlll Full 1'11.'111 :lAndb ook .
'M"-P fl2f1
It-ll-L-''-':-f_I _1
THOMPSON SMAU. i:Ul:Ni-DRIn!I' Ah1) If)'roR - DIUVin 1UEL
TF - 190)
01'1 .... 1'
AU 0)"101C"17) Parte Catal o,
!~rl~:t!:;; t!!Ji:~:!!~tL1nc
tM 1Ib&ns"
OlolU1zI,M tier.L.a. tu
IQDIPHIJft' U'PICTIZ)I SMll ru.l PWI;II, I".od11o TI'-P6f6.0.I. 'l'P-llOO-I.
!P-llOOtll, rP'-1.200Kl, 1'F-UOO_), ~-l)OO-l . !7-1400-Z, 17-1100-1,
1'P .. lI~OO, UN, " " trult'r Piliii' Mltd. lDOorpore.tlnc tile .. pwnp••
Il)1W'l't7ICo\tIOII iW.l aa...o.r. ot .041t1l4 WIlt. wUl h
\,Ind..r "DUCftIUIOlf 0' CIfAKlli".
AI lndl0.tN
.. CCOtIPLnIC,z1r.'1 Ie 1. r " _ . nd..d. ellat til' Ch.U!c .. Ololtl.1M41. a.rl1ft o.
... Clqt11.1114 &C IIIzt o"rnalLl ot tM NbJ.u P'*P"
;)UCflIPTIOI 01' Cc:..llJi: ttu. Gonver .lon lQ'I'oh,. tile _Db,1nlna; ot tile
.... 1 0...,.111( tau oC PU.lllP 11n.r, al.o, til.. ropleu • • nt or tb.. PIU!Ip
rotor , oirhor. '114 4rh. pIn. It will b. . . 0~pl111l14 ln till toll°wLac
",.. nne"l
1. £111 ......ole tb.l PI.I.I:IP ana 1II'p.ot in "ooorcl&tlo. wlth tM ".hr .....
~ook.. I II .. 4d.1Uon, d.l.oard. ebl rotor, ebe oirh.r, .nd. ehe
oirh. pin.
::::ir!g;l 0!nom:o~~n:r!::
7F- z900
TF- 190)
rF - t ( 0)
rF - l'J91
ZF- 22ZO
TP -190)
'!'P- Zflzo
T~' - lq91
ft' -Z.!)!
lI:otor and. oir1'1"
.o4DlI, '1'111
,""II " nOU~$ :t..;WIJoIwll
'eldl tiona!.
iIt.IGIfr CIlAI:,)';,
1/4 -.n-bo!,uo
N.l!!!:l L6lbli .
"IAOI,.. SUft,....CE MUIT II 1'11111: '11l0III
pln r 'pl.a.ltIIDnt will '0, tb.1 .... tor . 11
'lolp.r.ld" OJ
.lolp .....d..4 'OJ
Jl. wIll b. 1IIICl. aoo ord.1nc to
1.4'4" 1.415.
.'Ht MIN.
t IM tollowll'11l
1m .
.1111:1.1< 'HA~ EDell:
.lolp." ..G"
'UP.,. ..ctN
, up'''IDd.ct
FIG-V!!, !
Attlr o.,lnina; tnt ol1&nf.. outl1f11ct 1ft CM .bo .... parl&rap"'.
PIIIIP 1104.1
wll1 h lIOel1tloct I I 11".4 bolow,
ot 0"rb.lu1 ...pprozUlatoly
• n. ...T
At elmo
iJlUI!raJUroll Si:RVICE Di:PU'l'KEH'%'
D.olnr ,.."l .....
b. It 11 1'.1O_1\40d. tnac .11 PII.III, body ... ..,111. tP/II '. 17-11)1 •
TF -12)1, .nQ 't'. ' -17)1) lncorpDractd. 1n PIAqI& .net In Itook' b.
r _ r kOd to tn. cont l(tlu'o.ti on lhown 1n r' l GIU'I 1.
•• It 1. ",,_ond.od. tbat .U rotor. (P/:I tr -UO)), ,In. (1/1
-r.:o-U91 I, 'nd. Uhor. (P/I/I. Ai'-J47d, 17-1120. IT- 122O- 1.
1'1-1)20, 'M Tr-lf1Z0) l noorpol"lctcl ln PUI!IP' 'M 1n Itoc k h
&cr'pp.d •
Ro tor
IfOM .
::'!I:I::~l~1 ti~~":~l~4s't :!:'~iPPMlK1-
'I F-1.2) l
d.J~llUIlon I I .boVD ln rl.6un 1. 1I:\,Il:Ibl" It.., ebe "'"' bMJ part DIIIIII ...
Db. the OI,Itl1," ot tb. p~ l:loelJ. tlU. "Iwork ot eb, p~ '0041 oMI:Ic"
U. 4"!.cnaUon AI tollowil
TI'- 22.20
'l'bCll.p.on i!;l'IIlnt - Drh.n P'u..l 'WqI il&n4boolc, Ho4.1 n'-llOO-2.
Fo1' ChI U,S. D.plll'Uwnt of D,t.n"1
To lncr •••• PIClp Ut. &n4 l'.lh0111tJ. Dul to tu
11 ....nd. 10uUon ot tbl oirhl pln In tb.1 roto r, l t 11 110 .. 101. unUr
.... td." 0plr.tlne ,ond.ltlon. tor tM oirhl ~obaD1I. ~o bl rlrMllfOM
T. " . bRS-l - JJ (Porm'1'l,. AIf O)-lOiC -161 KUIO:lboak Ov.zobauJ.
'0' "' ',
'l'b.l. bllll.cln 'llp.t'I.d .. lI:.SD-le2, dated. l"U-5S.
Cl.IVWIm 17. 01110
'rp" Mid.l
Ben R. Boutell , Jr., ABS #889, of Denver, CO, recently
informed chis off ice of his resignation as president of the
ABS Mountain Chapter due to "the workload for national and
my own personal re.ponIl1bil1tit!s." He asked that this
announcement be placed in the Newsletter and hopt!s someone
else will voluntee r to pi ck up the Mountain Cha pter torch
and con~i""Je its activities. Anyone interested shou ld
co nt act Ben and/o r the ABS
Cruise to Zacatecas.
many other places is scheduled
Contact Joe Justin , Noeth
North 47th St., Milwaukee. WI
January 29 , 1978
Pap 588
O.. r Sir:
) 5-515
~c P\ap Coapl "' 1'111 d."' l o~ In uUrNl IclJloWt. .nt tor
til' Ion.n.. !'ue l ~P.
~ preMnt .dJl&abll!nt requ1..NI
t he ,..., .... 1
'd J IoIIt~
,d: ;'..j '~'~
W1t l'l the
tM P"'''Ut'e N U ll' n lYl eap 1M tlW pr. . ,\Ift
b), .. "",ll y chlne1ne <; ". lenet h or tn. 'prtne.
,".!uI UDl I .... 1·' . c,,,
~ J ~l.I rn ::,: c t tl • • C"'"
~ ~ :I . l o n o n : 1': '
wh! e t. enlnc,. tn.
~n.t.::.d. :'Ul 1 , " .. UN ... y
on ::"11 b.1 O" of erA ..., 1." I! 'P
I"l l h :' vi lv i .prlr: ".
The :'01 :owt :11 In l tNct: onl I l"t f o t' :1'11 Inl:,l1at1on o r
' ''.lul e, b l , v, h , CIPI
<; )w ,.....
: 0. '1" ION" ClP t a l" U ... . blck 0:' th. fue J
• •
ft. ... " .
''-Il10''1 t he eap , •• ltet 1M .... 1". 'prln,.
It uy bl n.o ••• .,·)' to rework tM .tI. . l CO ... II'
to obtaIn t he ".oe ..u',. ole,ranc, Mt....n tfMi
puap and the .". . 1 Cl OVU' tor the 14JIoI,n,1I1,
val,. ClP, Th, 00"11' . . ,. " b~ down wtth
1 1tMr ttblr puno h o r , b.ll peln "--t'. Thl
uUnt o t elle NWOrit wl:' l .,. dltll"ll1ne4 b,. t hl
'PICI requ~ NCi ';0 perw.1t Intry o r tn. •• 1.. np
Into tM PUllp .
In,u ll tnl Iprln, IUldl.
e ,Ur. toll
Thl nll«:t portlon ot t l'le I\lldl :'lU tnto tM
I prl nl. (S. . . kl teh l . It t hl IPrLnc I\l1dl 11
In,u ll«s b.eIN.rd. ~t ~. poll l " 11 tor tM re.
a ir
prlne t o bl bott0.e4 una ,.I"Il1Uln,
th. p~ to blollld IlP In .IUI.IU." prel~ a .
t M reU.t .,.1'11 11 nat
to ru.nat1on properl,..
.,.1 ...
, .
t nlull tn• • dJ\aU"l. 01, with ,aa kaU lnto tbe , . . . .
TiJhtan and .. rat,..
6. s.t tha adJ\at1n, ICI,... '0 that tM d.u,," ruel
prelillN un be . . lnt.lnH .t o",hlft,.nd Id111\1 ,.,..
lit Mo. 3'·'1, 11 ''1'111.b l 1 tro. ,.Otoll' !.UCHCI'IJIt' dlltrlbloltor .
.... thll la .n IllJlro._nt e"a",I, al\1 COlt ot Inltallauon -.111
be I t thl o\&.toto. . ,, ' , I'Plna •.
tt=.~~-- .. nM
..... . . - .
Hara'. a lOod qua.tion for tha ABS to con.id.r aa a
membar.hip. And .11 you doctor. who don't mind speaking
out on a controv.r.ial .ubject, lat'. haar your viewpoint.
It hal rac.ntly be.n .nnounc.d that tha FAA i. con.idarina iapl ... ntina a raquiremant that all cl ••••• of
-.dical axamdnatlona include a requIrement that two typal of
EXC'. b. mada a part of the azaaination.
To a nonaadical pIlot, the ~dlata re,ult I , th.t
th.re would ba .n added expan,. for this .dditional raqulra.. ot. My quutlon II would thl. additIonal co.t to all
pilot. be jUltified from the racord and from a medIcal
point ot vI.".
SiDea tbe AlS haa a laraa nu.bar of m-.barl of tha
-.dIe&! prot ••• lon who .r. activ. pilotl and 10m. ara
daaianated -.dical ex.. in.rl, it i, .y f.allog that thay
.hould b. haard from al rhi, would con.titut. the bes t
forum for .n intalli.ent datarmination of t he propo. ed
raquiramant •
Rog.r J . Jones, ABS '3604
19 Wa.t W•• hington St .
Ath.n. , OH 45701
In ordar to provide tha l.ta.t information conc.rning
the .t.biliKer attacb fitting in.p.ction., wa talkad with
Bora Colvin ot aeachcratt to a.t tha ,coop at praa. tima.
Th•• tock of 35-650044-1 fit tina' 1. b.ing rapl.ni.h.d .
To dat •• a••cbcraft baa fabricatad and .old • b.tch of 40
and • batch of 50 fittl0'"
Apparently the pric. of arouod
$120 i. cbaap .nouah to
own.r. wh.n you campara the
removal .nd in.p.ction co.t of $150 to $200 or mora .v.ry
1,000 bour.. !hey hay. 100 10 thair .hop being fabricated
and ~aet to hava 25 don•• hortly. Thar. i. a not.tion
that .u.t be mada durina tha installation of the nav
fit tina. It covar, the fact that there ara thra. or fo ur
ri~at. that ara io the trt. tab pu1lay bracket which
lnt.rfar witb tha inatallatioa of tha nev fittia •.
Tharafora, tha.a rivat. ~t b. replacad with flulh h.ad
Coneemina the plDdln, attach fittinl bolt in.paction,
tb. raquir ...nt will b. for dye panatr.nt inlp.ction of
the bolt. . Since this proce•• ot inapection doa. not
raquir ••• atina m1Qt.~/aaxt.u. to1arane •• , there i. no
furthar inap.ction r.quir.d. Thara are four bolt.. If
they paa. (the r. have only baen two that h.ve not p••••d ) .
they do not naad to ba r.placad. If you d.cida that you
want to rapl.ca tha •• bolt •• they ara •• tandard t ypa,
part no. AN7-l5A, and thay mult ba inlpactad in the .ama
IllADn.r, which th.n add. an "M" eo the part number, .nd
they b.co.. AN7-lSAK bolt.. Th. corract torque v.lua for
inst.llation of the •• bolt. 1. from 550 to 560 inch/ pound a .
Tha following acco unt may ba of 10m. ha1p to a Bonanza
own.r who find. an exhau.t atud twi.ted off in the cylindar.
The R. E. Moor. Co., Inc •• 60 K St., South Bolton, MA
02127, haa an .xcellant tool for raaoving tha brokan .tud
vithout t.king off tha cylinder.
Th. l.ft r •• r .tud of No . 6 cylind.r of my [0-470-C
v.a tvi,t.d otf. Du. to clo,. qu.rt.r., this i. problbly
the harda.t .xhau.t .tud to a.t to on tha anlina. By
followioa tha in.truction. furni.had with t~e tool, the
stud va. removad vithout d... g. to the thraad.. A n.w
"fir.t over.izad" .tud va. put in . Tha tool com •• COIllplate vith accalaoria, and in.truction.. A 90· drill
bit attachmaat to • drill i. naad .d.
In li.taninl to tha tap •• mada at tha Hinn.apolis
convantion on tha 10-470 .ari., angin., a qua.tion wa.
a.k.d ebout removing tha Allan plug at the bottom of
the 011 .cr •• n .ump on tha r.ar right .ide ~f t he , ngin •.
For y•• r., I have remov.d this plUI wh'n changing 011
and l.t it drain a. lonl a. tima parm1ta--ovarnight or
long.r if po •• ibl.. rhi. aliminat •• much dirty oil and
sludae and k •• p. tha nev oil clean much longer. Saa the
. tory on page 282 of the Novemb.r. 1972 Naw.l.ttar.
William Smid, ARS 6613
Rt. 11 , Rox 267
Edinburg. TX
January 29, 1976
Par. S89
"0," WHAT IS
Our Ralph:
LaIc month I vas taxiing out to r taka-off, and Just
while 1 va. in the proce •• of advaacinl my throttle to do
mag chack. , the tachometer f ell to "0."
My firs t thought v •• that the tach cabl. had broken,
and t taxied off the run-up area t o myoId . . intananca
s hop f raa vhen I lived in Shreveport, LA (which luckily
w•• adjacent to the particular run-up area ). and ahut the
anl!na down. When they fouad my tach cabl. intact. thay
pulled the oil pump, which had ,h •• red ita shaft. I wal
10 sura of the cau •• of the p ro~lem and igno r ant of the
internal workings of the angina that I did not even think
of oil pump failure and ~ln.nt eng ina failure .
Fortunately choUlh, ana Ina shut-down was before any
damage •• a v.ri fled by oil screen in.pection and ~ubsequen t
all anely.l.. However. it mlght be well to point out that
on many angi nu (mine 11 an 0-4 70 - C in an "K" model). tha
tachomatar driva is off of the oil pump s haft. end f.ilure
of the taehometar shnuld immediately .and one'. attention
t o hi. oil pre •• ura.
It 11 abo intare.tina to not. that tha oU pump
vhich tail.d had. hollow lhaft. and tha raplacam.nt part
had a solid .haft. Tha FAA said tha part which failad was
co rract .nd could nOt find any AD. on th.t angina. I do
not know whan Continantal made tha p.rtl chang.; how.var.
I hava WTittan tham and viII sand you • copy of tha ir
reply .
You hava to b. unlucky to h.va an oil pump failure.
but to h.va ana on run-up . . .
8arri. C. ~i.rn. M.D .• ASS 11632
122 Saddle Mount. in Rd .
Roma. GA 30161
Daar Ralph:
Now tbat wintar i. hara, it il time to r.count .n
exparienc. of ••veral y..r •• go.
I had b.an 1D Trav.r •• City. MI, viliting vith frienda
for. w•• kand of .kiina. During our .tay, th.ra had ba.n
a lot of 'now--araat for the alop.. but quita • h.ad.che
for the airport p.r.onn.l vho var. hard put to k.ep runv.y. and taxiway. cl • • r . In addition. th.re h.d ba.n a
lav.r. wind, creating drift. out of vhich I had to dig
my ''V'' !DOdal.
Thar. w•• a lonl wait fo r .n engine he.t.r • • 0 I
el.c ted to try fo r a st. rt with .tart.r f luid (tempera tur.
wa. abou t -10· Y.). Th.r. was. littla probl .m getting to
the dipst ick to chec k for oil bec.u •• t har e w•• quit • •
bit of snow . round tha f ill. r nack . It might be • good
. tunt to li f t the bonnat .nd look around inaid.. How
lucky can one ,at? Every cubic inch of the enlina
comp.rtment w•• hard packed with wind-drivan anowl
It took ovar 30 minutaa to dig tha snow out ••nd t
finall y had to remove the forward cowl doo r s (no -=all job
on the turbo ) to poke the snow out. Aft.r lot. of priming
and handcr.nkina with • few bur.t. of s tarter fluid i nto
the intake , the . ngin. ceuaht and sattlad down to • at.ady
roar. Imagin. vhat would have h.pp.ned if the ang ina
compartmant had b.en compl.taly blocked to the f low of
cooling air!
EDITOR'S NOTE: Wa w.nt to thank Jack Coyle for sand ins in
thi. waather tip. FAA Adviaory Circular 91-l3A on "Cold
W.a th.r Operation of Aircraft" h•• ,OM additional ,ulleatio na f rom which tha following h.ve been selected.
a. In.ulation agaln.t he.t io •• (R.Ciprocating Engines).
In .xtrem.ly cold temp.r.tur., all oil line., 011
pr. saura lin.,. and t.nk. i f poa.ibla should be inap.ct8d fo r prop.r in.ulation; to praclude the
po •• ibility of oil congealing. Inapection and inI tallation should b. accompli , h.d by a certi fic.ted
A and P m.chanic u'ing firep Toof in.ulation.
b. lafflina and Winter Cover . . Baf fles, wint er fro It'
.nd 011 cooi. r cov.r. . r . recommandad by some manu-
fac tur.r.. FAA approval i. r.quir.d fo r in.tallation
unle •• the .ircraft manuf.ctur.r hal provided for
th.ir approval.
c . Oil and Gr..... Th. vi.eo.ity of the oil and gr ••••
u.ed i. v.ry import.nt in cold w•• thar op.ration.
Tha .ynthetic oil and gr •••• davalop.d for jat airc raft whara the normal temp.ratur. ran,. of op.ration
i. from -80F to +120F say ba ad.ptable for other .ircr.ft u.ed in axtre. . cold temparatura. . If oil .dditive. ara used, tha manufacturar' . raca.mandation.
sho uld ba clo.elv followad.
d. 011 Sre.thar. Tha cr ankcas. breathar da.arva.
a peelil con.idaration when preparing fo r cold
weathar. Froz.n combustion go •• ou t of the axhaust.
however . some . nter . the crankca.e and i. vaporized.
When the vapor cools. it condense s in tha br.a t h.r
line aubsequ.ntly fre.zing it closed. Spac i .l car e
i. recommended during the pr afligh t to a •• ure that
the braather .ys tam i. f ree of ica . If a modification
of the .y.ta. i. neces.ary ba c. rtain that it i. an
approvad chang• •0 a. to eliminat. a po.aibla fira
a. Ho •• Clamp.! Ho •••• Hydraulic Fittin,. and S.ala.
An important pha.a at cold wa.thar praparation i. to
ia.pect all hosa lin •• , fl.xible tubina .nd ...1.
for daterior.tion . After replacing all doubtful
couponant. be cartain that all clamp. and fittinaa ar.
proparly torqued to the ~nufactur .r·. specification.
for cold we.ther .
f . Cabin Haat.r. Many .ircr.f t are .quipped with cabin
heat.r . hroud . which .nclo.e the muffler or portion.
of tha axhau.t .yat.m. It ~ impar.tive that a
thorouah inapaction of the he.t.r ays tem be mada to
altainata the poa.ib11ity of carbon monoxida .ntaring
the cockpit or c.bin are.. Each y.. r accidant tova.tiaationa have r.v.aled that carbon monoxide h.. b.an
a prob.bl. c.u.e in accidant, that occurr.d in cold
weath.r op.r.tion ••
a. Control Cable.. Bec.u.a. of contraction and expansion
caua.d by t.ep.r.tur. chana••• control cabla. ahould
be prop.rly adjuat.d to coapenaate fo r the t-=peratura
chan,e • •ncountar.d.
i. Car. of Batt.ria,. Both dry cell and v.t call battari.a r.quire . ome s p.cial con.idar.tion durinS
cold waath.r .
(1) W.t Cell. It i a r.commended that w.t cell. ba
k.pt fUlly charged or removad from the aircr.ft
if park.d out. ide to pr. vent 10', of power cau ••d
by cold tamp.ratur.a and tha po.sibility of
(2) D~ Call. Dry c.ll •• re u.ually aa.ociat.d with
a rcraft in only two .pplication • • i •••• am.rS'nc y
lighta and/or portable radios. including .m.rsancy
loc.tor tranamitt.r.. Manufactur.r recommend.d
b.ttari •• for this type equipment re.i. t 10 •• of
pow.r by fre.zing.
j . Whaal W.ll •• During thaving conditiona , mud and .lush
can b. thrown into wheel well. during taxiinl and
takaoff. If frozen during flight, thi s mud and . lu.h
could cr •• ta l.ndin, g.ar probl.... The pr.ctica of
racycling tha saar after a t.kaoff in this condition
ahould ba u.ad ••• n amarg.ncy proc.dure only . Th.
.afe.t mathod i. to avoid these condition. vith ratractabl. gaar aircraft.
a o Pr.flisht lnapaction. The thoroughne •• of • pre_
flight in.p.ction ia important in temp.ratur •
• xtreme.. At .x trem.ly low t emperatures it ia
natural to hurry over • pr.flight of aircraft and
oquipmant, p.rticularly when the aircraft i, outaid.
and adverse vaath.r conditiona exi s t. Thi. i. the
v.ry ttme to run the molt thorough preflight
(1) ;uel Contamination. Fu.l contamination ia
alvays a po.aibility in cold climates. Modern
Pace 570
JlIluary H, 1878
fuel pu.piDI faciliti..
lac.rally equipped
with lOod filtratioD aqulpmant and the all
compani.. attempt to deliver pure fual to your
aircraft, Hov.ver, even with the beat fuel and
precautions. if your aircraft has b•• n warm and
tho. 11 parked with half empty taw in the
!nfina .tart ••
(a In iOderataly cold veathar, enain•• ara . 0 " time. atarted vttbout prah.. t. Particular
car. i. raco..-cded durinl this type of .t.rt.
au is partially consulad and tumiDg the
enllna i. difficult for tha .tart.r or by
cold, the po •• ibility of conden•• tion of vatar
in the
cl~t ••.
(b) nt.ra 1& a tandeney to ov.rprima, which re.ulta in wa.bed down c,lind.r vall. and
po.dbl, .courin, of the valla. Thi. alao
r.sult. in poor coapra •• 1on and. cODsequantly.
harder .tartinl. Aircraft fir •• ha•• ba.n
.tartad by ov.rprt=.. It i. lood practice
to have a fir. guard handy during tha ••
(e) Anoth.r cold .tart problem that plaaue. an
unpreb•• tad &nlin. i. icinl ov.r the .parkplug el.actrode.. This happ.n. wh.n an enain.
only fire. a fev ravolutions and than quit •.
Th.re has b.en .ufficiant coabultion to
caus. SOM vater iD the cylindars but in.ufficieat co.bu.tion to hut th.. up. This
little bit of wat.r condana.. on the .parkplUI el.ctrod •• , fr •• za. to ic •• and shorts
th.. out. The only r ...dy is hut . When DO
larg. hut .ource i. a.ailabl •• the pluS.
are rallOVed fro. the &Dain. and hut~ to tha
point wh.r. DO .ar. aci.tur. i. pr•• ant.
(6) Raaoval of fro.t, ic. and anow. All fro.t. ica
.nov lhO\ild • roov" froa all airfoil and
control .urfac... Alcohol or on. of the ica
r..,.al co.pouada can ba \III.d or i t can b. aalted
off in a heated hansar. It it i ••elted off, b.
.ure the vat.r dO ••Dlt run iDto control .urfac.
biD,••• or cr••ic •• and fr •••• when the aircraft
i, takaa out.id ••
mow. If aD aircraft 1& park~ in aD
area 0 bloviD., nov, .pec1.a1 attention should
be &1.en to 0pe:1l1n&. 1D the aircraft wh.re snow
CaD ant.r. fr .. &. 8Olid. and ob.tt\&C.t oparatioa..
'I1:I ••• opa:niDa ••hould ba tre. of .nov and ic.
balor. flisht. So.a of th•• a area. ar •••
(a) Pitot tub••
(b) Wh.el walla
(c) Heat.r intake.
(d) Carburator intakea
(l) Fuel v.nu
(2) Fuel1n.& Facilities.
ADother baud in cold
Eua1ina fro. . .ka.hilt
11 the daD,ar of
lueltn, faciliti...
'uel dru.. of "c••• '.'",
evan if refinery aealad. can contai.D rust and.
somehov contaminants can find thair way into
the f uel.
C••• s are on record of fual beiDa
delivered from unidentifted containers vhich
va. not aviation fuel. AA a precaution, W&
l uggeat:
(a) Where po •• ibIe, u•• fual fro. modarn fueling
facUiti . . and fill your tanka a • .oon a.
po •• ibla attar landing.
(b) Be .ure the fuel beinl d.liv.r.d i •• in fact,
aviation fuel aDd i. the correct Irad. for
your enlin••
(c) It a fuel sourc. other than (a) ia uaed, b.
.ur. to filt.r tha fual aa it soa. into your
taDk.tl. NOTE: A funnel vith a dirty. worn
out chulot.. akin is not a filter, nor vill
a nev, clean c~1a filt.r out vat.r aftar
the chaaoi. i •• aturatad vith vat.r. Many
filt.ra ar. availabl. vbich at• .or•• ffactive than the old chQl)1.a.
(3) Aircraft fu.! filtar. and .anta. ruel filtar.
and ._p. Ullclud.inl each t
• •p) ahould ba
aquippad vith quiek drain,. Sulfic1ant fuel
.ho\1ld ba drawn off into a tranaparent coata1a.ar
to ... if the fuel 1& fra. of cont..s.n.a.u. All
fual ••p. on the airerat t are draillM 1Dc.lud1n1
indiv:Ldual tank .....p.. Extra ear. abould ba
talLen duriD& cbaq .. 1n tUlp&ratun, particularly
vhen it naar. the fraez1D1 level. Ic. . ., be 1n
the tanka vhich .., tum to vat.r when the taperature ri•••• and . ., filter dovn into the
carbur.tor or fuel controllar cau.inl ani ina
failur. . Durinl fraaz.-up in the fall. vatar
can fra.z. in lin•• and filt.r. cauainl .toppaga.
(4) Aircraft praheat. Low ttmp.ratur•• can chanaa
tha vi.co.ity of anaina oil. battari•• can lo.e
a hiah p.reantale of their .ffectiven••••
in.trum.nt. can .tick and vaminl liaht. vhan
"pu.h.d to ta.t" can .tick in tha pushed po.ition. Beeau•• of tha abov., praheat of anline.
.. well a. cockpit b.fore .tartinl i. con.idarad
advi .. bla in low tamperature.. htr ... caution
.hould b. u..d in the prehaat proc... to avoid
fir.. Th. folloving pracautioa. ara racommend.d.
turbina &Dain•• u.a synthetic oil., therafora.
(a) i. applicabla for this type aquipment.
(a) Praheat the aircraft by .toriAs in a h.. tad
hangar. if po.sible.
(b) Us. only heaters that ara in aood condition
and do oot fu.l the h.at.r vhile it i.
(c) During the h•• tiDa proc •••• do not l.ave
the aircraft unattendad. Keap a fir.
.xtingui.h.r handy for the attendant.
(d) Do Dot place haat ductiog so it will blow
out hot air directly 00 parts of tha aircraft; luch a., upholstery. canva. enain.
coval'S. flexible fuel. oil and hydraulic
line. or other item. that may cau.e fire ••
(.) \othen udng a "fire pot" (pluabers pot) for
heating, it is sugg.sted that wire =.sh ba
in •• rted in the ducting betwean tha pot and
the engine. Fla=ing piecas of carbon will
not penatrate the wire mesh.
1 A aodinl .urfac. can b. very traacharou. in
cold vaath.r operation. In addition, b. aware of
oth.r hazard. .uch a. ~ov bank. on the .ida of
the tWlVay. and POOrly Mrked runvay.. Advanca
information about tha current condition. of the
tuIlYay .urfac •• hould b. sained and if not
readUy availabl., take the tLme to c ircle the
field b.fora landing to look for drift. or other
h. Po.t 'litht. Th. follovtns ara a fev itama to con.id.r 6. or. l.avina tha aircratt after the flight :
(1) U eDOn .. po . . ibla fUl the tanka with the
proper grad. of cl.an aviation fuel, aven if the
aircraft i. coini into a h.atad hangar.
(2) If the aircratt i. to be laft out.ide put 00
.ngin. cov.n &ad pitot covars.
(3 ) If the ..,..th.r for.cast 1& tor snov or "dear
and cold.r". put on winl cov.r. if available.
(4) Control locka or tied control a are sUBse.ted if
th. aircraft 11 laft out.id.. Tie down. are
of COut .. , also .ugl •• ted. Advisory Circula;
2o-35A live. SOod advic. on ti. down ••
(5) If tha aircraft i. equipped with an 011 dilution
Iy.t~ &ad it i. decid.d to dilute, manufactural' • recommendation. should be car. fully
January ZlI, Il178
Page 571
1 am Vt'iting to you in hop •• that you will pas. my
comment. of di •• atisfaction on to the r •• pon.ible people
at a••ch.
I have ju.t r.c.ived the dual control whe.l I ordered
almost TWO y.ar •• ,0. Por the price you char,., I think
you could do • better da.tln job. You have ,b ••n bul1dinl
thb a ....bly for uny y.. ra. Th. only part that you hav.
upd.ted i. the wh.al ita.lf. The a •• embly looka nice until
we inatall the wirins for the aik. buttOD. autopilot kill
button, and oth.r electric control. that mount on the
vhe.l. You have t.il.d to provide a rout. tor the wire.
conneetin, tha •• control. to the pan.l. and a •• result.
the •• vira. mu.t b. hung on the c ro •• bar like • bundle of
power. Thi. apparently 1e not the ca •• , . . .Y true air
speed h•• Incr ....d by at l ••• t 10 to 15 mph at 75 percent
power (only at altitude).
I checked this several tim •• at ••veral differant
altitude •• ttlnal.
In othar word., I cannot only ao hiShee
now, but my trua air speed 1, considerably batter. The
plane flie. lIke an entirely different airplane. I
definitely recommend that .ach owner replace the atandard
filtar with the new paper-type filter a. aoon .. po •• ible.
Thate 1. very little chaole below 15,000 f.et becau ••
of the filter. Therefore, I doubt that the papar filter
will help the atandard anaina vary such, but I would
recommend to chanaa to the papar-type fil tar a. it sure
couldn't hurt.
1 wish that I would have been able to sat back to you
with the information sooner; however. at this time of the
year I do not do much flying, and I wanted to have enough
facts that I have double-ch.cked to make .ur. that I sot
Why don't you make the ca.tinl with a vire ,allery a.
back to you with the corr.ct information on this subject.
an intelral part and u •• a hollow .haft to mount the
I have had about one-half doz.n lett.rs come to .e from
vh •• ls on? Than, the oaly cabl. that n••d b. axpo.ad
oth.r Turbo Bonanza own.r. that ar. having the .xact ae••
would b. the retractable on. alonl the c.nt.r col~.
probl.m that 1 d.scrib.d. 1 am answer ina all of those
With some conc.ntration ••v.n this could b. conc .. l.d.
p.opl. with a court •• y copy of this l.tt.r that I •• s.adiOS
Anotb.r fault i. the .nap-in acc ••• hal. cov.r. on
you. I think that thta cay b. the major probl •• with the
the forward .id. ot tb. c~oa.bar. tach t1ae a p.raon
B••cheraft Turbo .yst... a. I have h.ard of quit. a fev
remove. th... the paint I.t. cbipped b.cau •• it tak•• a
problem. in the p.. t. 1 b.li.v. this vea a factory ov.rblada-typ. tool (like a .crewdriv.r) to pry them off.
looked it.m, aDd that the factory should immediately •• nd
Th. acc ••• 11 a.c ....ry. and ala1o. for the pric•••
• bull.tin to av.ry own.r of • turbachar,ed unit that they
b.tter way 'hould b. u.ed.
eold. b.cause I don't think this letter would reaeh
lobert Andru •• AlS '1065
avary on. of tham . I hop. you viII be abla to ,at Baach12702 64th S.
Seattla, WA 98178
cratt to do that on an tm._dlate ba.i.. The la't problam
that I bad that a•• chcratt
involved vith took two y.arl
to ,et .alvad. 1 hopa that you will ba able to at laalt
lat th . . to land a lattar vary loon.
S•• Naw,letter paS. '38 for fir.t articl •.
Dear Mr. Dt.111\.y:
If any Turbo leacheraft own.r 1s havin, a llailar prob1.. that thil do •• DDt correct. I vould be mora than happy
1 .. int.r•• t.d io findinl out if you have .olvad
to di.cus. it witb tb. . . . va have .pent a lot at time and
your low-pow.r probl_ on your "probl.. aircraft." It
.ffort on this .y.tem aDd ar. fairly faa1l1ar vith the
would appear that the .olution. vb.n found. vould b.
co..on probl.... My tal.phon. numbar i. (916)483-6676.
v.ll-d.fin.d aad. thar.for•• u..ful for future ABS
I .ur. can't thank you aooulh for the h.lp. I am only
.. inten.nce di.cu.a1OD... Wh.. J'Ot.I have tiM. pI .... let
sorry that Air l .... rch or ".chcratt could Dot siva us
.. kDov the re.ults of the corr.cti.e action you have
tbi. inlor.ation over a y.. r ala vhen v. . . ked for i t
..v.ral t1aa.. Alia. I would hava b.en ov.r $3.000 rich.r
Harold E. 0. •• Jr.
not countinl &11 the haaal. and trouble 1t cauled.
t.chnical Dir.ctor
D.ar Sir:
What both.ra me b that appu.ntly your information
Here'. what happen.d to ay V-3'A turbo Ionanza •• a
cam. fro. I •• chcraft. yet v. have tried to ,alVa this
r •• ult of the aUlle.tion. that you ..d. on· my lonl-term
probl.m with thaa for ov.r a y••r. I hope th.y viII find
turbo probl.... My problema w.r •• t.tad in .y lattar in
the probl~ with th.ir or,anization that caua.d us not to
the October i,.u. of tb. Bon&n%a Soci.ty Nev.letter.
,.t the riaht anav.r. I vould b. nor. than happy to di.cual
If you viII r_emb.r. I could S.t 75 perc.nt power to
the problem with th.m if th.y ara intere.ted ••nd I am
approximat.ly 16.'00 feat d.pendins on the t.mp.rature.
.ur. th.y ar.. Thank you.
Thi. really ..d. the c.ilinl about the ..... as 1 .. not
Tal Denn.y, ASS '1186
auppo ••d to run at 1••• than 75 p.rc.nt power. In ord.r
2324 Sharevood Driv.
to try to .. k. a lonl .tory .hort. vhen I r.movad the intake
Carmichael. CA 95608
filter and flaw the airplan•• I rec.iv.d 11 inch•• mora
Dear Hr. Dee:
I receiv.d your lettar, .nd in reply to your question
manifold pr ••• ur. (no that i. not. milprint. it i • • l.vea
(11) inch•• ). I had 75 p.rc.nt pov.r all the way to 27.500
about the air filter. it i. the two·stud dry filt.r
'35-380035-5. Pl •••• nota that the dry filter that ha.
f •• t, aad I had 100 percent paver to a littl. ov.r 21.000
f •• t. I d.cid.d tbat whil. I va. th.ra, I would 10 up to
four Itud. i. a difterant mod.l numb.r. and I do not h.ve
the .ervic. c.ilinl of the plan. to .e. if it would r~ach
that .vailable at this tim••
what it va. de.ilnad for. At 30,500 f •• t. I had 23 inche.
Th.nk you vary much for your help in this matter.
of manifold pr.a.ur. laft. I would .ay the cailinl would
Tal Denney, ABS ' 1186
ba .omewhar. naar 35.000 f •• t und.r the •• condition., and
2324 Sh.r.wood Drive
the t.mperatur. wa. warmer than norm.l. Th.r. are • couple
Carmichael. CA
of thiDI. tbat ar. r.ally crazy. You •••• I had just
raplac.d the bad .tand.rd filter •• part of the thin,. ve
tDITOI'S NOTE: The followinS auss •• tion a.nt to Hr. Denney
chanl.d to try to correct the probl... Th. old filter
wa' not the .olution for hil problem. How.ver, it may be
wa. only. fev months old. We r.c.ived the new paper
u•• ful for aom. other turbocharged 80nanza owners.
filtar •• and v. have • 10" of .pproxLaat.ly 1 1/2 inches
De.r Mr. Denney:
For. numb.r of year., I own.d a V-35 Turbocharged
aft.r in't.llin, the n.v pap.r filter. a. compar.d to 11
Bonanze N2267A. Like you, I b.lieve this to be the fine.t
inch •• with .tandard filter.. In othar word., the airplane
p.rforml b.ttar tha~ the .pacification. a. stated in the
aircraft built. Maintenance on the power plant b.came
own.r·. manual. vith the papar filter.
a bucket of worma. so the .hip wa. resreefully sold last
y.ar. We war. abl. to cope with mo.t of the problema
I let 75 percent power to approximataly 26.000 f.et,
which i. fine. Howev.r, there i. on. thina tbat 1 cannot
locally. but I loat confidence 1n the reli.bility of the
fi,ure out. I would hava .aid that tha •• ttin,s for
turbo .nd other component •.
75 p.rc.nt power vith or without a filt.r would produc. the
One of my problem. involv.d the fuel pump, and the
aame true .ir .peed al lon& a. you could s.t 75 percent
Pac. 572
January 29, li7G
.olution ailht b. applicable to your .hip. At about 300
hour., thlra VI•• marked reduction 1n fuel pre •• ura
(flow) at take-off and climb powar, and performance above
1'.000' va. inadequate. Naither t~. Continental raprl••ntativ. nor Norm Colvin and Larry Ball. with thair
con_idlrabl. experti •• , could recomm.nd • fix. On, day
I va. talkins to a e •• ana distributor who put the finSlr
on thl full puap, which 1. aarkedly diffarlnt froa thl
~ual ptap on thl noraal 28' hp InJlctd aaline.
I talked to the .hop .uplrvl.or at AirDOtivI Carburetor,
Co •• BurbaDk. CA. who r..arlted, "WI havI that probl . .
.11 thl tu., The fud pt..ap _rely naed. I repair kit."
Thl happy Indlnl to thl .tory 1. that thl rebuilt
fuel pump ,IVI ma no further trouble of thi • • ort. Thl
name of thl rapair .hop 1. Airmotive Carburetor, Co. ,
47 5-9 Riverlide Drive , Burbank , CA 91506.
Jack Coy la, ABS 12067
1035 No. "E" Straet
San Barnardino. CA 92410
P.S. To =y knovled,a, N2267A atill hold. the .pe.d racord
fro. Denvar to Chicalo. On. cold r.bruary, I cauaht tha
jlt atr... at 19,000', aakinl a taat letdown throuah ic.
and fa, to aa inatruMftt ludin, at aill1aml at Palvault••
Airport. 1 hated to I.e tut ahip 101
DUr Ralph:
I havI read .evlral artie 11. ia the Nev.llttlr plrt.inin, to thl frlecin l ot the 011 cooler vhill oparatinl
out of airport. at belov zlro templraturl"
t wonder if
othlr pilot. h.vI tried I. hard .. I hav. with a. little
auccl•• a. I havI had in eop!n& vith the problem.
I fly an N-35 loD&n&a with an I0-470-N .nline. AI you
know , the oil cooler i. forvard of the In,iDe aad i. 10eated in the riaht air intake. WI livl in Wichita lalla ,
TX. but '0 to Gunn!aoD, CO, two to three tt... p.r Ylar in
tbe vinter tta. aDd a&G&rally .tay for a w..k at a tt.. .
Th. fir. t experiencI va. about thrle y.. ra a,o juat at the
critical poi.at of c11llbin.. to dur ..:tuataina (attu
havin, thl anaine prah.. ted prior to taka-off). I nOticad
that thl oil t ..perature v.. nlar the rad 1inl on the hot
• ida. the oil pr ••• ure va. naar the rad lin. On the lov
.ide •• nd the cylindlr h.. d t"plraturl va. nllr noraal
but on tha cool .idl. Neldla •• to .ay. I blaIn to look
for a place to land. but a. 1 pulled the power back
(2.300 r pa ) Ind picked up _ir 'Pled. tha oil t .. parature
aDd oil pra ••url bl,.n to co rr.ct th ... alv... While thlY
did not return Intirlly to normal until aftlr I had cllarld
the mount.in. (it takl' 12,500 f.lt). thlY did .ove avay
froa thl rId linl anouah to lnab11 =a to Ilovly climb out
u.inl a lonl valllY .nd ,01nl off cour,1 fro. 20 to 30
aile • • SincI thl airport at Gunni.on. CO, i. 7,668 flet
in allv.tion and I naed 12 ,500 f.at to lIt out ovar thl
..:tuntatu. .nd .. u.ually f ully loaded, 1 can do without
thb oil probl ...
Sine. that fir.t experi.nc. thr.a y.ar ••,0. I have
flown out of Cunni.on .bout five or six morl times aftlr
leavinl thl airplanl on tha ramp in teaplratur.. up to
-25 dllree. for a v.lk to tIn day. and alvay. havI .om.
trouble with oil prll.url and/or templr.ture . I hlva
tllkad to ••varal Inalnl .achanic. both hlra and in the
"Ulh country ." I ha"l "b.fflld oft" 65 to 75% of tha all
radiator .ftar prlhe.tina tor up to 45 minute. vith haat
dirlctly on thl oil cool.r. I have tri.d cl1mbina with t he
ASI at .round 90 to 95 mph and al.o have triod clImbinl
out at around 110 to 120 mph . nd varyina . pe.d. in-bltween.
Without exc.ption. I h.v. encountered . oal problem.
Thl la.t time ou t of Cunn1&on v•• Dlcemblr 29. 1975.
The tampar.turl had baln down to - 20· F. tha aight before
and v•• around 10 to 15· F. a t tak.-off. Att.r prahl.tina
vith he.t directly oa thl oil radiator , I taped off .bout
two-third. of the oil radiator vith .11v.r duct tapa
doubled. t let t~e engine run until the oil temperature
.nd CHT ware each 3/16" off the pIg. At thb t!llle I
noticed th.t the oil pre •• ure v •• low, but aa I continu.d
to let the en,ine run idla. the pr ••• ure g.usa slowl y
.av.d over to aora.l. I took off to thl I •• t and took up
a normal climb attitud.--ADI 110 mph vith rpm •• ttina 00
2,500 and full throttll . which only produce •• round 17 mp
.t this altituda. Aft.r about 5 to 10 minut • • , the oil
pr ••• ur. g.uge st.rted to move from normal toward the r.d
lin. . The oil templrature wa•• till .p proximately normal,
and CHt wa. normal but on thl cool .ide. My covl ll.p.
wara opan; hovav.r. I have tried it with covl fl.pa cloald
vithout altlrinl thl r •• ult . Aa the oil prl •• ur. ne.red
thl _ed lin., I pulled the rpm back to 2,300. llv.led off.
cloa~ the covl flapa, and picked. vall.y to crui •• down
until I could .lowl y aain my .ltitude. Thi. time thl oil
tamper.tura never did ae t .bnormally hilh •• nd •• I pulled
b.ck on the rpm and picked up air . p•• d to 145 mph with
cowl flap. c losed, the oil pre •• ure slowly returned to
I h.d .y .ach.nic inve.tigate changing out the oil
cool.r but find th.t thi. cannot ba done on thi. enline.
I will welcoma any .uIga. tion.. 1 have flown oue of
Taxa •• Oklahoma, and Kan•••• a. vIll a. Danvar , in rather
loy te.plr.ture. without Incounterina thi. problem.
Eldon W. D.v •• , ABS '308E
1000 City N.tional Blda.
Da.ar Eldon :
Wkhiu Falla. TX 763 01
Thana. for .Indiaa in your intare.tina qua.tion and
what the r •• ult. h.va bIen alta r the v.riou. thina. you
have dona to obt.in a . olution to your oil problem . Wa
bav. livan this much thoulht, and I lpoke vith Dick
Schlftner at Continantal Motor •• pac ifical ly about your
proble.. He mentioned lirat th.t one po •• lbl1ity (which you
•• y you hava dona) i. to chack into chanaine out tha oil
cool.r. The IQ-470-N V.I put back into produc tion for tha
G-33 modll, and it hal •• lilbtly largar coolar in thi.
modll . How,ver, att.r di.cullion I think hi•••cond
.olution .erit. a try fir.t .
You .ay that you cov.rad about two-third. of thl oil
radiator witb .~var tape &ad had ...enti.Uy the 'l1li.1
iDdic.t1ona on your oil t ..peraturl .Dd 011 pra •• ure a.uII••
What probably happeaad 1.a that you went frOll one extreaa
to tba otber. (WI are •••ua1aa that you .re ulina 20-30 wt .
oil durinl tbl.a trip. to Cunni.on.) In thl fir.t In.tanc ••
the 011 i. not v.ra Inoulh .nd 11 conae.lioa to .o=e Ixt.nt .
In thl .Ieond c •••• you =ay have block.d off too much of
tha vatar . Dick .. id lor you to chlDg. your t.p. b.fflinl
tlchniqua two v.y.--only block tha middll at thl cool er and
oaly block ana-third of the coollr . Tha vay he rlcoam.nd.
do inK lt is to run your tape the lonl way .cro.. tha middll
of the coola r usial .bou t • two-inch wida . trip . If tha
rast at your .y.t .. i. ¥Orkina WIll, this .hould help .01vI
your problem. When you take off from Gunni.on. U'I you r
cowl in the most loaical w.y. If the Inaina i. hot, open
thl cowl; if it's cold, clo.e tha cowl. In f.ct. t.ke off
vith your cowl ~ if you tbink it would help the an,in.
to oper.te in thl b.st t .. per.tura r.nll •
Ona other it .. to quastion 1&, Doe. your Vernathlrm
temperature control v.lva operata normall y? !hl. 1. thl
.prinl-lo.dad valve th.t op.ns up with l ow temperature and
clo •• s with high temper.turl, and it .odulate. according
to the t"plratur. ch.n,e • •
I di.cu•• ed the .ubJ.ct of oil dilution with Dick a.
I va. f ..iliar with the lact that •• t one t1me. it w•••
. tandard . tarting rrocldur. to diluta the oil by insertina
a ••all .mount of ia.oline in vith it . Dic k •• id that
while th.rl ha. bIen an oil dilution kit availabl. for tha.e
.nain •• , hI doe. not rlcommend thi. practicl. The rea sons
are that the only pl.c . you c.n .ffectively u.e diluted
oil i. on the mein be.rin,s when they are cold. However,
if you h.ve cllutad allan the cylinder walli. this thin
oil vill not prevant the po •• ibility of .coring and .arly
ve.r. So. wh.t halp. the bl.rina' might hurt the cylinde r. ,
and ther.forl it i. not rlco... nded to dilute the oil with
any .dditivI in a hortiontally oppo ••d cylind.r enaine.
I hop. thi. i . u•• ful information for you. and I will
ba int. rl.tad in h•• rina any comment •• nd ra.ult l you may
H.rold E. Dea, J r .
technIcal Diractor