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continued - Preucil School of Music
Preucil School of Music
Annual Report 2014-2015
Alumni and Parents
A Special Note to Alumni and Parents of Alumni
lums and parents, we’d like to hear from you. We are sure your
lives, like those of the students in the above photo, have
changed since your days at Preucil School of Music. Each of you is
important to our Preucil family and we want to stay in touch.
Some of you have kept us updated along your journey, but many of
you are still listed in our database as living with your parents.
Please take a moment to update us. And parents, please help us
locate your wonderful children.
Options for contacting us:
 Alumni page on our website:
 Email: [email protected]
 Follow us on Facebook
 Address:
Preucil School of Music
524 N. Johnson Street
Iowa City, IA 52245-2840
 Call us: (319) 337-4156
Looking forward to hearing from you soon!
Board President’s Letter ................................................................ 2
Mission & Vision Statements ........................................................ 3
From the Director .......................................................................... 4
Tenets of Suzuki Philosophy ......................................................... 5
Fun Facts ........................................................................................ 5
Curriculum ..................................................................................... 6
Financial Summary ........................................................................ 7
Forty Years and a Community Music School ............................... 8
Annual Campaign Donors............................................................ 12
Corporate Recognition Program ................................................. 15
Fundraisers ................................................................................... 15
Our Year in Review .................................................................... 16
How You Can Help ..................................................................... 20
Faculty & Staff ............................................................................. 23
Acknowledgements ...................................................................... 25
2015 Senior Class ........................................................................ 25
Preucil School Faculty & Staff
A n n u a l
R e p o r t
2 0 1 4 - 2 0 1 5
Board President’s Letter
Dear Friends of the Preucil School of Music,
This has been a historic and celebratory year for our school.
For 40 years, the Preucil School has offered exceptional musical educations to thousands of students living throughout eastern Iowa, and sometimes even beyond our borders.
Suzuki training is life training
Board of Trustees
Jim Hussey, President
Doris Preucil, Secretary
Jason Aird
Alison Ames Galstad
Lillian Davis
Jeff Edberg
Neil Erusha
Sheba Francis
Lisa Guttenberg
Jason Hagedorn
Brian Hunt
Priya Mezhir
Lin PIierce
William Preucil
Sandra Thorington
Sonja Zeithamel
Preucil Guild
Lillian Davis, Chair
Kiki Aanestad
Mary Anne Berg
Roxanne Boysen
Linda Cretzmeyer
Lisa Guttenberg
Sandi Heistad
Ellen Marie Lauricella
Mary Merulla
Doug Peters
Doris Preucil
William Preucil
Jeremy Richardson
Susan Riedl
Ann Siochi
Patti Walden
Jan Warren
Sonja Zeithamel
Committee Members
David Lacina, Building
Brad Langguth, Finance
In addition to its original curriculum, it also outgrew its original
facilities. To supplement the historic original building—the
former Czechoslovakian Social Hall on Johnson Street, built in
1900—it added a new “North Campus,” built shortly after the
turn of this century.
While some characteristics of the school have changed, the
most important have remained reliably the same. In the words
of Shinichi Suzuki, from whose work the school’s methods and
philosophy are based:
“I want to make good citizens. If a child hears fine music from the
day of his birth and learns to play it himself, he develops sensitivity,
discipline, and endurance. He gets a beautiful heart.”
Forty years into this labor of love, two other treasures from our
very first days remain here to guide us - Doris and William
Preucil. It was their vision that made the school possible, and
their unwavering “sensitivity, discipline, and endurance” that
have contributed to four decades of extraordinary success.
It is our privilege to continue the work the Preucils began - the
“work” of helping countless children become outstanding musicians, scholars, and citizens, and of developing an equal number of beautiful hearts.
Jim Hussey
Preucil Board of Trustees President
A n n u a l
R e p o r t
2 0 1 4 - 2 0 1 5
Mission & Vision Statements
he Preucil School of Music seeks to provide excellence in music and
early childhood education based on the Suzuki philosophy of
he Preucil School of Music is dedicated to the development of
ability in all children. We teach according to the philosophy of Shinichi Suzuki, who has proven that particular talents are not inborn and
that all children can develop their abilities in music and other areas to a
high level if they learn in the manner that they learned to speak their
“mother tongue.”
The Preucil School offers excellence in early childhood education and
musical instruction for students of all ages in a caring, nurturing
environment. It helps parents and children to share in the learning process, serves as a center for involvement in varied early childhood and
musical activities, and attempts to create a rich musical and educational
environment in the community.
The Preucil School believes music training is life training, of equal
importance to all children regardless of economic status. It aims to keep
tuition affordable and offers aid to those students in need of assistance
who demonstrate a desire to learn.
Below: Preschool students paint in the preschool art room
Right: Adult voice student, Tim Terry,
performs a solo
A n n u a l
R e p o r t
2 0 1 4 - 2 0 1 5
From the Director
Dear Friends,
This year has been a memorable one for the Preucil School of
Music. In many ways it was bittersweet as we reminisced
about the early years of the school and then marveled over its
development to date.
Forty years have passed since that first lesson was taught!
Hundreds of students have gone through our doors, taking
with them life lessons they acquired through their teachers and the many musical experiences they had while at the school. Later in this report you will find
an abbreviated timeline highlighting the school’s milestones from 1975 to the
present, “40 Years and a Community Music School.”
Today, we are blessed to be able to continue offering this outstanding music
education program to our students. Yet, as we look at the world around us, it is
ever-changing, and we are going to be challenged to change with it!
As the celebration of our 40th Anniversary comes to an end in Fall of 2015, we
are involved in writing a new Strategic Plan, one that will take us into the future and support our efforts to “bring music to life” in the lives of future generations.
Just as we could not have gotten to where we are today without your support,
the same can be said as we move into the future. I wish to thank you for your
support over the years and for your continued support of the school and its important mission.
I hope you enjoy reading about the school and our students in this 2014-15
Annual Report. If you ever have any questions about the school or how you
can help, I would enjoy speaking with you.
Sonja Zeithamel
“Suzuki Training is Life Training!”
Sonja Zeithamel leads Twinkle, performed by all the violinists at the
Annual String Concert and accompanied by cellists and bassists
A n n u a l
R e p o r t
2 0 1 4 - 2 0 1 5
Tenets of Suzuki Philosophy
r. Shinichi Suzuki believed, “Where love is deep, much can be
accomplished.” His approach, based upon the “mother tongue”
method, aims to develop the whole child through the following tenets:
 Create a positive environment
 Parent participation
 Begin early
 Step-by-step learning
 Review
 Set repertoire
 Ear before eye
 Daily listening to recordings
 Repetition
 Group and private lessons
William and Doris Preucil with Shinichi
and Waltraud Suzuki in the early years
Fun Facts
Did You Know?
As of October 1, 2014
475 families were part of Preucil School of Music
689 students were enrolled, 49 for more than one activity:
214 take violin
11 take voice
33 take viola
12 take harp
53 Preschool students
112 Music Together®
74 take cello
2 take flute
10 group or orchestra
8 take bass
169 take piano
22 adult students (also included in instrument numbers)
5 Velay Certificate Program students
128 Group participants
172 Orchestra participants
There were three special performing groups:
7 Cello Choir Members
18 Espressivo Strings members
8 Ensemble con Brio members
38 Faculty (1 taught both lessons and ECE)
28 Lesson and Group Faculty members
11 Early Childhood Education Faculty members
Students traveled up to 133.03 miles one way (Quincy, IL) to take lessons
Students ranged from one month to happily retired!
A n n u a l
R e p o r t
2 0 1 4 - 2 0 1 5
he curriculum at the Preucil School of Music is based on the
methodology and philosophy of Dr. Shinichi Suzuki. This comprehensive curriculum provides a variety of educational opportunities
designed to support and encourage the development of musical ability in all
of our students. In the school’s quest to broaden the horizons of our
students and deepen their musical understanding the curriculum is always
evolving. Basic program offerings include:
 Annual Events:
Student Recitals
Annual String Concert (41st)
Annual Orchestra Festival (24th)
100 Days Practice Club
 Chamber Music:
Established Ensembles Program
Winter Chamber Program
Summer Chamber Fest
 Early Childhood Education:
5/3/2–Day Preschool with
Extended Day Option
 Improvisation Classes
 Individual Lessons in Suzuki violin,
viola, cello, bass, piano, flute and harp
 Music Theory
 Music Together® Family Classes
 Orchestras: 4 Levels
 Piano Play-ins
 String Group Repertoire Classes
 Teacher Training:
Suzuki Pedagogy
 Velay Certificate Program for High
School Students
 Voice Lessons: Traditional
Special Educational Events
uring the 2014-15 year, our students’ musical experiences were enriched
through the following:
 Cello Chamber Day
 Parent Education Meetings
 Halloween Play-ins
 Piano Workshops
 Holiday Concert with Orchestra Iowa  Piano Concerto Day with a PSM
 Holiday
String Orchestra
 Holiday Mary’s Meals
 Preucil Preschool Open House
(Concert Orchestra)
 Preschool Programs
 Master Classes
 Random Acts of Kindness Project:
Food Pantry Collections
 Holiday Multiple Piano Concert,
 Senior Graduation Celebration
a Biennial Event
 String Retreat
 Music Together Demonstrations
A n n u a l
R e p o r t
2 0 1 4 - 2 0 1 5
Financial Summary
llustrated below is a representation of the financial activity of the Preucil
School of Music. As in past years, the majority of the school’s revenue was
generated from tuition, while payroll remained the major expenditure.
2014-2015 Total Revenue and Support
2014-2015 Total Expenses
A n n u a l
R e p o r t
2 0 1 4 - 2 0 1 5
Forty Years...
“To make a resolution and to act accordingly is to live with hope. Confronted with a high mountain, one cannot reach the summit in one stride,
but must climb step-by-step to approach one’s goal. There will be difficulties, hardships, but neither disappointment nor despair if one follows the
path steadily.” —S . Suzuki
In December of 1974 Doris and William Preucil purchased the historic
Czechoslovakian Hall to start a music school in Iowa City, where teachers
could be trained in the Suzuki method and families could be enrolled, not
only in violin but also in all other strings and piano.
1975 Preucil School opens. Enrollment 100 students and 14 faculty. Doris
Preucil, Director and Sonja Zeithamel, Assistant Director.
1976 Preucil Preschool founded.
Board of Trustees established.
1977 Main Campus (524 N. Johnson St.) placed on the National Historic
Preucil School becomes a non-profit tax exempt educational institution.
1978 Certified member of the National Guild of Community Schools of the
1985 “Endowment for Excellence” Campaign ran from 1985 to 1989 and led to
the establishment of the Endowment Fund during that period.
1988 Lower level of the Main Campus excavated and classrooms added.
1989 Foundation Board of Directors established (aka Guild).
Doris and William Preucil gift the school building to the Preucil School
of Music non-profit corporation.
1991 PSSO Tour to Germany, Czechoslovakia, and Hungary (first European
orchestra tour).
First Annual Campaign.
Certificate Program started.
Endowment Gift given to support educational concert tours.
Annual Report first printing.
A n n u a l
R e p o r t
2 0 1 4 - 2 0 1 5
and a Community Music School
1993 Suzuki World Convention in Seoul, South Korea. Gansdorf Quartet
1994 PSSO Tour of England.
1996 Steinway “B” grand piano purchased for the
1997 PSSO Tour to Germany, Austria.
Doris Preucil retires.
Sonja Zeithamel appointed Director.
Christie Felsing appointed Assistant Director.
1998 Retirement Gala for the Preucils.
PSSO concert during
tour of Germany
1999 Suzuki World Convention in Matsumoto, Japan.
Espressivo Strings and Gansdorf Quartet performed.
2000 Auditorium at 524 N. Johnson St. named in honor of Herbert and Janice
2001 PSSO Tour of Italy
Groundbreaking Ceremony for the North Campus.
“Variations on a Theme” Capital Campaign unveiled.
2002 Preucil School of Music North Campus and Morris Early Childhood
Education Center opens.
2005 PSSO Tour of Germany, Hungary, Austria.
“Variations on a Theme” Capital Campaign reaches 98.93% of its goal of
$2.7 million dollars (October 6, 2005).
Total enrollment is 712 students, with 33 faculty.
2006 “Variation on a Theme” Campaign officially concludes.
2008 UI/Iowa City/Coralville suffers significant losses of property in flood.
Stock Market crashes.
Endowment suffers significant loss.
2009 PSSO Tour of Austria
Digital improvements: Preucil creates new website and joins Facebook.
“A Night in Vienna” Gala Fundraiser #1—Fall 2009.
Annual String Concert (aka the Hancher Concert) moves to the Iowa
Memorial Union.
Annual Orchestra Festival moves to City High Opstad Auditorium.
A n n u a l
R e p o r t
2 0 1 4 - 2 0 1 5
Forty Years... - continued
2010 Final Year for the ACMP Chamber Grant, after 16 years.
2011 “A Night in Prague” Gala Fundraiser #2—Fall 2011.
2013 PSSO Tour of China.
Preucil School celebrates Doris Preucil and 50 years of Suzuki teaching!
Mayor Matt Hayek declares Sunday, February 24th, as Doris Preucil Day in
Iowa City.
The Doug and Linda Paul Playground resurfacing and expansion project
“A Night in Iowa” Gala Fundraiser #3—Fall 2013.
2014 Christie Felsing leaves the Preucil School after 17 years and joins the staff of
the Suzuki Association of the Americas.
Lisa Guttenberg, new Assistant Director and violin teacher, joins the school.
40th Anniversary of the Preucil School of Music – recognition begins in
the fall.
2015 “Harvest Hoedown” Gala Fundraiser #4—Fall 2015.
New Strategic Plan being created to move the school into the future.
40th Anniversary celebration concludes at the end of the year.
Far Left: Vivien Ho and teacher
Jennifer Wagaman perform at
Cedar Rapids Farmers’ Market
Left: Mara Maas and teacher Pam
Weest-Carrasco perform at US Bank
Below: Flash mob plays Pachelbel
Canon at Coral Ridge Mall
A n n u a l
R e p o r t
2 0 1 4 - 2 0 1 5
A n n u a l
R e p o r t
2 0 1 4 - 2 0 1 5
Annual Campaign Donors
Special funding:
■ Educational Programming and our most prominent concerts were supported in
part by Corporate Diamond, Platinum, Gold and Silver Sponsors (page 15)
* Cumulative Annual Campaign contributions total $1,000 or more
“H” or “M” indicates all or part of the donation was given in
H: In honor of
honor or memory of the person(s) listed.
M: In memory of
Founders’ Circle ($100,000 and above)
Director’s Circle ($20,000-$99, 999)
* Charlotte Wilson (H: Piano Teachers
Harry Elmendorf and Lyndon Croxford)
Silver Circle ($5,000-$19,999)
* Michael & Judy Thompson
(M: Stacy Thompson)
* Zach & Kelli Thompson
(M: Stacy Thompson)
Golden Melodies ($1,000-$4,999)
* Anjana Aggarwal
* Mary Anders Morris (M: Woody Morris)
* Christine Boge-Hubbard & Karamoko
* Community Foundation of Johnson
County (From donations to the Preucil Fund
in the Foundations)
* Brian Cretzmeyer Trust for Young
* Eye Physicians & Surgeons, LLP
(M: Stacy Thompson)
* Jacinta Hart Kehoe
(M: Raymond Daniel Richardson-Hart)
* James McCoy & Diane Dahl-McCoy
* Anne Helene Skinstad & Peter E.
A n n u a l
* Douglas & Linda Paul
* Dick & Ann Ramsey
* Rod Tondreau (H: The Yamada Family)
* Herb & Janice Wilson
Silver Notes ($500-$999)
* Addison & Janet Ault
* Richard & Ellen Caplan
* Jeff Edberg, Edberg, Inc.
* Tom Nelson
* James & Jean Neumann
* Doug Peters & Martha Schut
* William & Doris Preucil
Susan Riedl
* P. & Sharadha Vijay
Patti Walden
Joseph A. Walder
Aaron & Heather Warner
* Rod & Deborah Zeitler
Key Contributors ($250-$499)
* A.W. Welt Ambrisco Insurance, Inc.
Blackhawk Partners/John Rummelhart
* David Bowlin
* Thomas & Roxanne Boysen
* Bruce & Mary Gantz
* Rachel Goldstein & Stephen Lester
(M: Jonathan Goldstein)
R e p o r t
2 0 1 4 - 2 0 1 5
Key Contributors ($250-$499)
* Becky & Jim Hegeman
* Drs. Mike & Theresa Holt
Nancy Sprince
* Lyse Strnad & Tom Leavenworth
Ksenia Nosikova & Thomas Moeller
* Ingrid Philibert
* Art & Harriet Rinderknecht
Rotary District 6000
* University of Iowa Community Credit
Union (H: Sandra Thorington)
The Video Center
* Steve & Victoria West
* Candace Wiebener
(H: Doris & Bill Preucil)
* Bill & Madeline Windauer
Principal Patrons ($100-$249)
* Aanestad Construction
* Ed & Ethel Barker
* Esther Benedetti & Luciano Marrero
* Linda & Scott Bengfort
* Robert & Suzanne Benson
* David & Constance Berman
Richard & Ethel Bloesch
Randy & Brenda Bounds
* Willard & Susan Boyd
Joe Boysen
Mike & Judy Cilek
Alejandro P. Comellas
* Claudia Corwin & Tony Otoadese
* Jay & Jane Crawford (M: Diane Fleshin)
Miho & John Cromwell
* Kevin & Rebekah Durham
Jon & Judith Engberg
* Christie Felsing
Rick Fleshin (M: Diane Fleshin)
Amit & Sheba Francis
* Helen Goldstein (M: Jonathan Goldstein)
Nelson & Margaret Gurll
Hans & Holly Habenicht
Jason & Lori Hagedorn
* Debbie & Ted Hatmaker
Joe Henderson
Hisazaku & Kana Hoshi
James & Jean Hussey
A n n u a l
R e p o r t
* Michael Hovland & Nancy Jones
* Brad & Nancy Langguth
* Lenoch & Cilek True Value
* Holly Martin
* Yannick Meurice & Mary Hall Reno
(M: Emma Meurice)
Dwight & Pauline Miller
Richard K. & Beth Miller
Rex Montgomery
Mary Neumann
Joyce E. Osborn
* Cecile & Ron Owings
* Scott Palmberg
* Steve & Jeanne Preucil Rose
Jon & Nancy Rinderknecht
Andrew & Maureen Russo
* Cyndie & Russ Schmeiser
* Victor L. Schuster
* Alan & Nancy Sherburne
Short's Burgers - Eastside
Jennifer, Jon, Juliann Skarda
Jane H. Skinner
* Helene Jolas Soper
Barbara Stay
* W. Richard & Joyce Summerwill
Kristin Summerwill
Tom & Joan Tephly
* Christie & Sarah Thomas
* Gary & La Donna Wicklund
* Dr. Patti Pope & Thoru Yamada
* Ekhard & Wendy Ziegler
Twinklers ($50-$99)
Laird & Patricia Addis
Martin Andersen
Janice Baumback
Larry & Margaret Bruner
Lauree Christman (M: Diane Fleshin)
Yi Chu & Michelle Yu
* Judith Doorenbos
Nona France (H: Pam Weest-Carrasco)
James & Donna Johnson
Gun Hee Kim
Catherine Koh
Matthew Krasowski & Erica Reschly
Ruedi & Cecile Kuenzli
2 0 1 4 - 2 0 1 5
Annual Campaign Donors - continued
Twinklers ($50-$99)
Patricia Lilienthal
Jeff & Anna Moyers Stone
Katherine & John Moyers
Ken & Barb Owen
Sylvia Phillips
Suzanne Stock
Troy & Sue Stutzel
John & Carol Taylor (M: Emma Meurice)
Robert & Eunice Welsh
Laura Wong Burnett
* Bob & Mary Ann Woodburn
* Doug & Sonja Zeithamel
(M: Rebecca Bixler)
Pre-Twinklers ($1-$49)
Carey Bostian & Miera Kim
Mark & Gretchen Brown
Arthur & Miriam Canter
Gary & Rebecca Curtis
JJ & Toni DeRyke (H: Doris & Bill Preucil)
Alan Ellis & Tess Judge-Ellis
Carroll & Barbara Hanson
Donald & Beth Henning
Dorothy J. Hillis
* Houseworks & Kidworks
(M: Stacy Thompson)
Nicholas Johnson
Ruth & David Johnson
Robert & Sharon Kesselring
Lucy Lewis
Erika & Brett Lord-Castillo
* Edward & Dordana Mason
Lin & Charles Pierce
Catie Rinderknecht
Neil Rud & Lisa Janssens-Rud
Pam Weest-Carrasco
In-Kind Gifts
Rebekah Kowal & David Bullwinkle
Catherine Castle
Every Bloomin' Thing
Goodfellow Printing, Inc.
Karl & Elizabeth Kahler
Erin Kaufman
Nancy Sprince
Thomas Wolle
A n n u a l
Paula Altmaier
Jenni Bounds
Mark Brown Family
Chris Burns
Lan Samantha Chang
L’Engle Charis-Carlson
Francis & Linda Cretzmeyer
Helen Donta & Family
Eye Associates of Iowa City
Eye Level Learning Center
Genkinger Family
Beth Henning
Leslie Hollis
Iverson Family
Stephanie Javaux
Jim & Pam Joslyn
Julia Langin
Ann McClenathan
Ann McKinney
Ted & Becky Nagy
Sue Orhon
Dianna Penny
Pesce & Comellas Family
Preucil School Music Together®
Sarah Prineas
Michele & David Prostine
Puderbaugh Family
Cindy Riley
Rippentrop Family
Rummelhart Family
Rumours Salon
Shweta Sarin
Scott & Carla Seele Family
Sharon Sonnleitner
Sue Stutzel
Kristina Swanson
Dalena Tran
Winans Chocolates & Coffees
Deb Zeitler
Rod Zeitler
R e p o r t
2 0 1 4 - 2 0 1 5
Corporate Sponsors for 2014-2015
e gratefully acknowledge the following businesses whose support helps
underwrite our educational program and our most prominent concerts.
Gold Sponsors ($500) - continue
Iowa City Landscaping & Garden Center
McGladrey, Inc.
Platinum Sponsors ($1000)
Mercy Iowa City
University of Iowa Community Credit Union
Reck Violin Shop
Diamond Sponsors ($1500)
West Music
Gold Sponsors ($500)
Jeff Edberg, Edberg Inc.
Hills Bank & Trust Co.
Houseworks & Kidworks
Iowa Audiology and Hearing Aid Centers
Silver Sponsors ($250)
A.W. Welt Ambrisco Insurance, Inc.
John Raley Insurance/American Family
Smith & Wood Construction
Piano Donation
e are very grateful for Nancy Sprince’s
donation by of a Steinway “M” grand piano
for Lauree Christman’s studio.
Ben Otoadese,
pictured at right with Lauree, was one of the first
students to play it.
ach year fundraisers supplement the Preucil School budget, raising money for
financial aid, the student travel fund and school programs in general. We thank
everyone who supported the fundraisers listed below, which help ensure the continued
success of students at Preucil School.
 Financial Aid Fundraisers
All-State Mock Auditions
Basket Auction
Espressivo CD On W ings of Song
Stacy’s Chain of Caring
Short’s Burgers
 Travel Fundraisers
CDs from Previous PSSO Tours
Coral Ridge Holiday Gift Wrap
Poinsettias Sale
Tote Bags
World’s Finest Chocolate Sale
A n n u a l
Cello students performed at UI Hospital
atrium during the holidays
R e p o r t
2 0 1 4 - 2 0 1 5
Our Year In Review
Preucil School Faculty Reaches Out Professionally
ll Preucil faculty are members of the Suzuki Association of the Americas and
the International Suzuki Association. Many faculty also teach and administrate at numerous workshops and institutes throughout the United States and internationally each year.
The following acknowledges additional professional representation:
Albany Records Recording Artist: Scott Conklin
Alfred Music Arranger, Meditative Moments for V iolin and Piano: Doris Preucil
Amateur Chamber Music Players Foundation Member: Doris Preucil
American Federation of Musicians Member: Linda Judiesch, William Preucil,
Jeanette Welch
American Harp Society: Pam Weest-Carrasco
American String Teachers Association:
American Music Teacher Editorial Committee: Scott Conklin
Members: Anthony Arnone, Scott Conklin, Linda Judiesch, Doris Preucil,
William Preucil, Tabitha Rasmussen, Laura Shaw, Sonja Zeithamel
American Viola Society Member: William Preucil
Federated Music Contest Judge: Lauree Christman
International Society of Bassists Member: Jeanette Welch
International Suzuki Association Viola Committee Chair: William Preucil
Iowa Cello Society Founder: Anthony Arnone
Iowa Music Teachers Association:
Members: Lauree Christman, Scott Conklin, Deb Hernstrom, Ruth Johnson, Chiaki
Kubota, Barb Michaelson, Hikari Nakamura, William Preucil
Iowa String Teachers Association Members: Anthony Arnone, Scott Conklin, Linda
Judiesch, Doris Preucil, William Preucil, Tabitha Rasmussen, Laura Shaw, Sonja
Iowa Viola Society Member: William Preucil
Music Teachers National Association Members: Lauree Christman, Scott Conklin,
Deb Hernstrom, Ruth Johnson, Barb Michaelson, Hikari Nakamura, Laura Shaw,
Aura Strohschein
National Association for the Education of Young Children Member:
Tricia Windschitl
■ Orchestra Iowa Flute Camp Director: Jennifer Wagaman
■ Orchestra Iowa Members: Diane Dahl-McCoy, Linda Judiesch, Pam WeestCarrasco, Jeanette Welch
■ Preucil School Faculty Quartet: Marit Hervig, Linda Judiesch, Kate Vos
■ Private Music Teachers Association Member: Lauree Christman
■ Quad City Symphony Orchestra Members: Laura Shaw (Associate Principal), Kate
Vos, Pam Weest-Carrasco
■ Registered MusicLink Teacher: Linda Judiesch, Pam Weest-Carrasco
■ Suzuki Institute of the Americas Leadership Conference Presenters: Doris Preucil,
William Preucil
A n n u a l
R e p o r t
2 0 1 4 - 2 0 1 5
■ Suzuki Violin School, Editor and Arranger of Piano Accompaniment Book 8:
Doris Preucil
■ The College Music Society Members: Scott Conklin, Hikari Nakamura, Aura
■ University of Iowa:
Faculty Members: Anthony Arnone, Scott Conklin
Adjunct Faculty: Pam Weest-Carrasco
■ University Women Piano Study Group Members: Deb Hernstrom, Ruth Johnson
■ University of New England, Australia, Ph.D. Thesis Committee/Examiner:
Hikari Nakamura
■ Waterloo/Cedar Falls Symphony Orchestra Member: Ute Brandenburg, Jeanette
Faculty Participation in Workshop, Institutes & Summer Camps
■ American String Teachers Association, Albuquerque, New Mexico, University of
New Mexico Pedagogy Program Clinicians: Doris Preucil, William Preucil
■ American Suzuki Institute, Stevens Point, Wisconsin: Scott Conklin
■ Chicago Suzuki Institute Teachers: Doris Preuicl,William Preucil
■ Lone Star Young Artist Program Teacher, Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas: Scott
■ Sound Encounter Teacher, Ottawa, Kansas: Scott Conklin
Professional Board Representation by Faculty
■ American Music Teacher Magazine Editorial Board: Scott Conklin
■ Associated Chamber Music Players Advisory Board: Doris Preucil
■ Eastman School Honorary Advisory Board: Doris Preucil
Left: Deb Hernstrom conducts at the Five Piano Festival, with her seeing-eye dog, Wade,
patiently waiting at her feet.
Right: Faculty Orchestra performs at the 40th Anniversary potluck and concert.
A n n u a l
R e p o r t
2 0 1 4 - 2 0 1 5
Our Year in Review - continued
Preucil Notes in and around the Community
 Cello Choir
 Con Brio
 Espressivo Strings
 Faculty Ensembles
 Faculty Solo Recitals
 Faculty Talk/Demonstration
 Group Classes
 Junior Cello Choir
 Solos and Duos
 String Quartets
Above: The Brandenburg family
performs seasonal music at the
Johnson County Administration
Building in December 2014
Right: Irene Samuelson practices
conducting during Summer
Chamber Fest
Collaborations and Outreach
Bethany Lutheran Church, West Branch
Brian Fest
Cedar Rapids Farmer’s Market
Cello Daze, University of Iowa
Ecumenical Towers/Senior Center
First United Methodist Church
Gallery Walk
Gloria Dei Lutheran Church
Iowa Arts Festival
Iowa City City High School
Iowa City Community String Orchestra
Iowa City Public Library
Johnson County Administration
 Legacy Senior Living Community
 Lepic-Kroeger Realtors
 Levitt Center, University of Iowa
 Market Music Series by Iowa City
Parks & Recreation Department and the
University of Iowa Community Credit
 Mary’s Meals
 M.C. Ginsberg
 Melrose Meadows
 Mercy Hospital
 Oaknoll Retirement Residence
 Old Capitol Mall
 Orchestra Iowa
 Ronald McDonald House
 Rotary District Conference
 St. Mary’s Church
 Sycamore Mall
 Unitarian Universalist Church
 University of Iowa Hospital
 University of Iowa String Quartet
Residency Program
 Wellman Rotary
*List includes 40 for 40 performances
A n n u a l
R e p o r t
2 0 1 4 - 2 0 1 5
Workshops, Master Classes, Guest Artists
 Master Classes:
Jonathan Moerschel, Calder Quartet
violist, Asuza, California
Jeremy Kittel, Scottish fiddler, Ann
Arbor, Michigan
Melissa Kraut, cello, Cleveland, Ohio
 Workshops:
Piano Books 1 and 2 Workshop
Guest Clinician: Dr. Bret Serrin,
Suzuki Music Institute of Dallas,
Dallas, Texas
Piano Concerto Day
Guest Conductor: Carey Bostian,
Iowa City, Iowa
Summer Chamber Fest
Guest Clinician: Elizabeth Oakes,
University of Iowa
Coach: Barb Michaelson, PSM Faculty
Clinician/Coach/Instructor: Carey
Bostian, Iowa City
Students Honored
 Guest Artists:
Jasper Quartet, Philadelphia,
Ken Kubota, cello, New York, New
 String Retreat Guest Clinicians:
Carol Dallinger, Evanston, Illinois
Sally Gross, Aurora, Illinois
Michele Horner, Cos Cob, Connecticut
Janse Vincent, Madison, Wisconsin
Jeremy Kittel leads a Scottish
fiddling demonstration and workshop
■ Iowa All-State Music Festival: 22 students participated
■ Iowa Junior Honors String Orchestra Festival: 17 students participated
■ Iowa Music Teachers Association District Piano Competition
Winners: Damien Kim, Lisa Kawasaki, Anna Ramsey, Natalie Katz
Alternates: Callista Robertson, Alice Meng, Nina Bernat
Honorable Mention: Isaac Kowal Bullwinkle, Amira Qidwai, Nina Meng, Meleah
Chang, Andrew Adamec, Casey McClenathan
■ Iowa Music Teachers Association State Piano Competition
Honorable Mention: Damien Kim, Lisa
Kawasaki, Anna Ramsey, Natalie Katz
■ Muscatine Symphony Young Artist’s
Competition Winner and Central Iowa
Symphony Young Artists Competition
Winner: Hannah Duncan, violin
■ Fort Dodge Symphony Concerto
Competition Winner: Nina Bernat, bass
■ Cedar Rapids Beethoven Club Tribute
Award: Ben Garner-Prouty, viola
■ Bach Suite Marathon Concert, Most
Inspirational Performance of the Day:
Group of Preucil School students at the
Adam Zeithamel
Iowa All-State Festival
A n n u a l
R e p o r t
2 0 1 4 - 2 0 1 5
How You Can Help
ou can support the Preucil School of Music in several ways. Be it financial or
through your words and actions, your assistance is sincerely appreciated. It is an
investment in the future of our youth, musical heritage and community.
Endowment Fund (Established in 1985)
his fund is established in perpetuity with only a portion of the produced income being
used to help offset the gap between tuition and operating expenses. This includes
bringing faculty salaries to a level more commensurate with their expertise and providing
financial aid for deserving children.
Endowed Financial Aid Fund
ifts to the Financial Aid Fund totaling $1,000 or more can be invested in perpetuity,
with the interest used annually to help students who need financial assistance. Gifts
may also be designated for any of the established financial aid funds listed below, including “Stacy’s Fund,” an endowed fund to aid students who are new to the school. This
fund has grown to $71,250 in its first year and has a goal of $100,000.
Endowed Financial Aid Funds of $1,000 or more as of July 31, 2015
Ben Alexander
Robert & Suzanne Benson
Homer Berven Memorial
Nettie Berven Memorial
Francoise Blanc
Adele & Walter Bogen Memorial
Abram Boone Memorial
Thomas Richard Boysen Memorial
Claude Burrill Memorial
Valerie & Kyra Carmichael
Jacob Christman Memorial
Lauree Christman
Lauree Christman & ECE Faculty
Diana Cruden Memorial
Donald Crum Memorial
Barney & Leanna Crutchfield
Alan Evenchick Memorial
Helen Finken Memorial
Loraine Frost Memorial
Annette Hult Ginsberg Memorial
Jonathan Goldstein Memorial
Joe Henderson
John Howell Memorial
Richard & Martha Jaynes Memorial
Mrs. Jacques Jolas Memorial
Giles Joslyn Memorial
Tess Kalhorn Memorial
Alex H. Kanack Memorial
J. Arlene Lewis-Beck Memorial
Gwyn Macfarlane Memorial
Emma Meurice Memorial
Inabelle Morris Memorial
Woodrow Morris Music
Constanza Cuccaro & Edwin Penhorwood
John Pelton Memorial
Alexandra Preucil Benefit Recital
Doris Preucil
Frank & Marjorie Preucil Memorial
Mildred Preucil Memorial
William Preucil
Robert K. Reinsager Memorial
Raymond Richardson-Hart Memorial
Joseph & Selma Rose Memorial
Christopher Rossi
David Rust & Joy Smith
Cyndie Schmeiser
Joy Strausbaugh Memorial
Shinichi & Waltraud Suzuki Memorial
Stacy L. Thompson, M.D., Memorial Fund for
First-Year Students
Bill Weber Memorial
Stella Wei Memorial
Herbert & Janice Wilson
Yamada Family
Dorothy Zeithamel Ponto Memorial
Robert Zeithamel Memorial
Endowed Financial Aid Funds Climbing to $1,000
Diane Fleshin Memorial
A n n u a l
R e p o r t
2 0 1 4 - 2 0 1 5
onations for use in the current year’s operation may be directed to:
 Where needed most
Music Lessons and Preschool
*Stacy's Fund
orporate sponsorship helps underwrite education programming and our most
prominent public performances, which are critical to the artistic development
of our students. When you become a corporate sponsor, your organization will
receive public recognition in our publications and concert programs. We offer four
levels of support for your consideration:
 Diamond ($1,500)
 Gold ($500)
 Platinum ($1,000)
 Silver ($250)
Please contact Director Sonja Zeithamel at (319) 337-4156 x103 for details.
The Gift of Music through Planned Giving
hen you include the Preucil School in your will, trust, or general estate plans,
you make a substantial contribution to our future and continuing success. As
with all long-term financial measures, you will benefit from consulting with your
tax advisor regarding a tax-deductible gift.
Please contact Director Sonja Zeithamel at (319) 337-4156 x103 for confidential
help in planning your gift.
The Community Foundation of Johnson County
he Global Outreach Fund is maintained by The Community Foundation of
Johnson County and provides a means to contribute to specific organizations.
Launched in 2000, the Community Foundation of Johnson County is a 501(c)(3)
nonprofit organization that builds resources, manages those resources, and pays it
forward through grants to local nonprofit organizations. The Preucil School’s Global Outreach Funds are restricted to program-related scholarships and as a supplement, if required, to the Trip Endowment Fund. We are grateful to the following for
a donation to the Preucil Endowment in the Foundation in 2014-15:
 Ed & Ethyl Barker
 Marge Hoppin
 Dr. & Mrs. William Stanford
Office Depot 5% Back to Schools
his unique cash-back program will help earn free supplies for Preucil School.
When you shop at Office Depot, ask the clerk at check-out to apply your purchase to Preucil School of Music. Office Depot will award Preucil School 5% of the
qualifying purchases in merchandise credit that can be used towards FREE supplies!
A n n u a l
R e p o r t
2 0 1 4 - 2 0 1 5
How You Can Help - continued
Support the Financial Aid Fund
while you shop at Amazon
mazonSmile is a simple and automatic way for you to support Preucil
School of Music every time you shop, at no cost to you. When you shop at
AmazonSmile, you’ll find the exact same low prices, vast selection, and convenient shopping experience as, with the added bonus that Amazon will
donate a portion of the purchase price to Preucil School of Music or your other
favorite charitable organization. To shop at AmazonSmile, simply go to from the web browser on your computer or portable device.
Recycle your used clothing and household items
at Stuff Etc to raise financial aid dollars!
reucil School & Stuff Etc have teamed up to provide an easy solution to help you
recycle your gently used, unwanted clothing and household items and help us
RAISE MONEY at the same time! Preucil School has a charitable account at all three
Stuff Etc locations, making it convenient for you to drop off your items at any time,
without an appointment, to be credited to our account. They will be able to give you a
tax donation receipt at the time of your drop-off. If you have any questions, please
don't hesitate to call us at (319) 337-4156 or any of the three Stuff Etc locations:
1027 Hwy 6E, Iowa City 2818 Commerce Dr, Coralville
252 Blairs Ferry Rd NE, Cedar Rapids
Purchase an Espressivo Strings CD
njoy this amazing CD of well-loved salon-type music of the
past. Recorded by the Espressivo Strings of the Preucil School
of Music, On Wings of Song will leave a lasting impression.
Available at either Preucil School office for $17. Proceeds benefit
the Preucil School of Music Student Financial Aid Fund.
Music Together class with teacher Whitney Allen Giller (left facing, with arms raised)
A n n u a l
R e p o r t
2 0 1 4 - 2 0 1 5
Faculty & Staff
Whitney Allen Giller (ECE Faculty)
B.M. - University of Louisville
M.M. - DePaul University
Registered Music Together® Teacher
Level I Orff Certification
Anthony Arnone
(PSM Adjunct Faculty-Cello, Conductor;
University of Iowa Faculty)
B.M. - New England Conservatory of Music
M.M. - Wichita State University
Janet Ault (Violin, Viola)
B.A. - Grinnell College
B.M. Ed. - Cornell College
Sara May Bellizzi (ECE Faculty)
B.S. - University of Notre Dame
Registered Music Together® Teacher
Ute Brandenburg (Violin, Viola)
B.A. - Hochschule für Musik und Theater
Lauree Christman (Piano)
B.S. - Dickinson State College
M.A. - University of Iowa
Scott Conklin (PSM Adjunct Faculty Violin; University of Iowa Faculty)
B.M. - Cleveland Institute of Music
M.M. & D.M.A. - University of Michigan
Diane Dahl-McCoy (Violin)
B.M. - St. Olaf College
M.A. - University of Iowa
Lisa Guttenberg
(Assistant Director, Violin)
B.M. & M.M.- Cleveland Institute of Music
Gloria Galask (Voice)
A.A. - Sacramento City College
B.A. & M.M. - University of Iowa
Lori Hagedorn (ECE Faculty)
B.A. - Weber State University
B.A. - University of Iowa
Sloane Henry (ECE Faculty)
B.S. - University of Georgia
M.A. - Lesley University
Debra Hernstrom (Piano)
B.M. - Millikin University
M.A. - University of Iowa
A n n u a l
R e p o r t
Marit Hervig (Violin, Viola, ECE
B.M. - Western Illinois University
M.M. - Arizona State University
Ruth Gambs Johnson (Piano)
B.M. & B.M.E. - Drake University
Linda Judiesch (Violin)
B.M. & M.M. - Chicago Musical
College, Roosevelt University
Graduate of Talent Education
Institute, Matsumoto, Japan
Chiaki Kubota (Piano)
B.M. - Kobe -Yamate University
Kathryn Langguth (Cello)
B.M. - University of Iowa
M.M. - University of Denver
Joshua Marquez (Certificate Program
B.A. - Campbell University
Lisa McDonough (ECE Faculty)
B.A. & M.S. - University of Iowa
Barbara Michaelson (Piano)
B.A. & M.A. - University of Iowa
Hikari Nakamura (Piano)
B.M. - Sydney Conservatorium
M.M. D.M.A. - University of Iowa
Helen Neumann (ECE Faculty)
B.A. - Grinnell College
M.A. & M.F.A. - University of Iowa
Mary Neumann (Violin)
B.A. - Grinnell College
M.A. - Western Illinois University
Elizabeth Oakes (Chamber Music)
B.M. - Oberlin Conservatory
M.M. - Cleveland Institute of Music
Graduate Performance Diploma Peabody Conservatory of Music
Doris Preucil (
B.M. - Eastman School of Music
M.A. - University of Iowa
2 0 1 4 - 2 0 1 5
Faculty & Staff - continued
William Preucil (
B.M. & M.M. - Eastman School of Music
Tabitha Rasmussen (Violin, Viola)
B.M. & M.A. - University of Iowa
John Schultz (Violin, Viola)
B.M. & M.M. - University of
Chris Sharp (ECE Faculty)
B.S - Iowa State University
Laura Shaw (Cello)
B.A. - Luther College
M.M. - Hartt School of Music
Aura Strohschein (Piano)
B.M. & B.A. - Ball State University
M.M. - University of Toledo
Kate Vos (Cello)
B.M. - Western Illinois University
M.M. - University of Michigan
Jennifer Wagaman (Flute)
B.A. - Luther College
M.M. - University of Northern Iowa
Pam Weest-Carrasco (Harp)
B.M. & M.M. - Indiana University
Jeanette Welch (Bass)
B.A. - University of California
M.A. - University of Iowa
Lauren Willberg (ECE Faculty)
Music Together® - Registered Teacher
Kirsten Williamson (ECE Faculty)
B.A. - Luther College
Tricia Windschitl (ECE Faculty)
B.S. & M.S. - Iowa State University
Sonja Zeithamel
(Director, Teacher Trainer, Violin, Viola)
B.M. - University of Iowa
A n n u a l
Ann Dotson (Financial Assistant)
Cande Helmuth (Program A ssistant)
Mary Ann Hendrickson
(Administrative Manager)
B.S. - Iowa State University
Alina Levin
(Administrative Assistant)
B.A - College of St. Benedict
Kelsey Morrison
(Administrative Assistant)
B.A. - University of Iowa
Sharon Sonnleitner
(Administrative Assistant)
B.S. - Edgewood College
Pam Weest-Carrasco
Administrative Assistant)
B.M. & M.M. - Indiana University
Rosie Wessinger (Office Assistant)
A.A. - Chamberlayne Junior College
Left: Faculty Quartet, featuring John
Schultz, Linda Judiesch, Marit Hervig,
and Kate Vos, performs at the 40th
Anniversary potluck and concert
Right: ECE Faculty Lauren Willberg,
Tricia Winschitl, Lisa McDonough,
Chris Sharp, Kirsten Williamson and
Helen Neumann
R e p o r t
2 0 1 4 - 2 0 1 5
reucil School of Music Foundation Annual Report is published for
donors, parents, and friends of the School by the administrative office.
 The Main Campus (MC) is located at 524 N. Johnson Street, Iowa City,
IA 52245. Our MC telephone number is (319)337-4156, fax number is
(319)337-9502 and voice mail line is (319)337-7422. The North Campus (NC) is located at 2916 Northgate Drive, Iowa City, IA 52245. Our
NC telephone number is (319)248-1248, fax number is (319)248-1250,
and voice mail line is (319)248-1251. Our website is
Links to our Facebook page and Twitter can be found on our website.
 Please send address changes to the Main Campus address listed above.
 Misspellings and omissions in this report are accidental. Please notify
us if an error has been made.
 The Preucil School does not discriminate as to race, sex, color, creed,
national origin, or ethnic background. A non-profit, tax-exempt educational institution, it is a member of the Suzuki A ssociation of the
Americas, the International Suzuki Association and the National Guild
for Community Arts Education.
 The photographs used in this report were provided to the school by
various sources. Copyright 2015, The Preucil School of Music.
2015 Senior Class
Front: Giulietta Meraz, Arielle Soemadi, Maria McCoy, Lucy Conroy, David Ryu,
Megumi Kitamoto, Winter Philibert, Yair Abramoff
Standing: Naftalia Flatte, Ben Garner-Prouty, Peter Seele, Samuel Fleshin, Tristan
Rud, Nikolas Donta, Maxam Donta
Not Pictured: Emma Lyons-Macatee
524 N. Johnson St.
Iowa City, IA 52245-2840