spring alfa day - Alfa Romeo Owners Club


spring alfa day - Alfa Romeo Owners Club
Formerly Central & East Midlands
Saturday 4 May
People from our Section are supporting this
big Italian gathering again this year at the
magnificent Brooklands Museum in
Weybridge, Surrey (KT13 0QN).
The club van will be central to the AROC
display and parking area which always fills
up incredibly quickly.
If you plan to go, do let John know so he can
keep an eye out for you, and if you do want
to park in the main Alfa Romeo area do plan
to arrive by about 9.15 at the latest. Any
time after that and you could end up in the
mixed parking, often on the old 40-degree
banking itself—photo below taken as it
began to fill.
Section Convoy Run Too!
We can only hope for a nice, warm spring day I
guess for this year’s event, just like the one we
had for the event at Burleigh House in 2010, an
event largely delivered by our Section of course.
This year the North West Section has stepped
up to the plate to stage the event at Gawsworth
Hall near Macclesfield.
Ticket price is just £10.50 per car for prebooked entry by members. Entrance on the day
for members and non-members arriving in Alfa
Romeos will be just £15 per car. All tickets
include entry to Gawsworth Hall itself too.
There will be an array of trade stands, the AROC
Club shop, Alfas from local dealership Mangoletsi
plus an Italian market and Italian food stalls all on
site to keep you busy through the day.
Book tickets at www.arocuktickets.lpl-uk.com
or by posting a cheque to Club Manager Nick
Wright, 8 Ickworth Court, Felixstowe, Suffolk,
IP11 2XL.
Our Section will meet up at the Donington Park
Services, M1 J23a, to depart at 8.30am prompt.
Please arrive sooner if you would like breakfast /
refreshments there.
The editorial bit now. It looks like our section
has bucked a trend of decline in car club’s
generally with local membership increasing ever so
slightly since the same time last year. This despite
the new Alfa range being just two mainstream
models and a noticeable decline in the number of
older Alfas on the roads.
We’re still a relatively small bunch really,
(perfectly formed of course!) - with about 170
members plus partners in the region. Of that we
have a core of around 40 true ‘activists’. We have
a great list of events and gatherings each year, a
well established regular meeting date, a website
updated constantly and this organ of course . As a
proportionate ratio of activists in the country our
Section actually does very well, but it’s never good
to rest on laurels.
So what should we do to attract more people
along? Do we need to do new things? Are some of
the things we do a bit ‘tired’ now? Do we need a
new regular meeting venue for ‘freshness’?
Suggestions by email please - all ideas welcome.
We were sad to have to postpone the
Curborough Sprint Experience in March, but
delighted its back in May. The weather has been
horrific, and not much better for the Coventry event
reported on inside, so I’m really not surprised that
we had so many no-shows on the day. Hopefully
we’ll have more along for Spring Alfa Day. I do hope
to see you there. Cheers!
Alfisti is the AROC East Midlands Section
newsletter, edited and produced by
Coventry Transport
Museum Alfa Display
Sensational Alfa 4C up close
Geneva Motor Show highlights
March Meeting Night
A new big Alfa? . . . and more
John Griffiths
Tickets are available at discounted rate in
advance via www.brooklandsmuseum.com.
Again, if you plan to go please get in touch
with John, it maybe that a (very) early
convoy run can be arranged.
Inside this edition:
Brooklands has both a car museum and
historic aircraft park and sections of the
incredible old banked race track that have to
be seen to be believed. Highlight of the day
is the runs up the steep test hill - see photo
below featuring a Ferrari 458 Italia. Also
during the day, various special cars will be
lapping the adjacent Mercedes Benz World
track. The event famously attracts a host of
Italian Supercars and fascinating classics
too, as well as all the major Italian car clubs.
The trade area is always well supported too.
AROC East Midlands Section Secretary
Tel: 0774 8881317
e-mail: [email protected]
Our website for the latest news and more:
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■ Alfisti Issue 152 ■ April 2013
Alfa Romeo 4C - It’s official:
Alfisti have be praying that this one
would be right - the Alfa to truly
demonstrate the style, performance and
technology of the marque. Me, Leigh,
Martin and Simon just had to find out
and our trip to the Geneva Motor Show
was organised early in the year, with
stand hospitality including full access to
the 4C provided via Damian Dally, Alfa
Romeo UK’s Brand manager. The 3am
wake up to get to the airport proved to
be well worthwhile. . .
After being first shown in Geneva as a concept in
2011, the 4C now enters production at Maserati’s
factory in Modena. It’s a lithe, 2 seat, mid-engined
coupe; I think of it as a 4/5ths scale Ferrari.
Perfectly proportioned, at 850kg dry (that’s half a
Nissan 370Z!!) its 1750cc, turbocharged, all
aluminium engine with twin-clutch ‘box will let it fly
to 100km/h in 4.5 seconds and on to a top speed
of around 160mph. The special limited number
Launch Edition’s Interior is beautifully functional
with really superb seats, a digital tft instrument
panel, multi-function DAB entertainment unit, nononsense switches from the Giulietta, swathes of
carbon fibre (carpeted, unlike a Lotus Elise ), with
leather and aluminium just where you need it - and
a gorgeous, tiny sports steering wheel. It’s a special
place to sit; not minimalist Lotus, not luxury cruiser
- it’s just right.
Before the full annual production of 3,500 units
commences, (approx 1,000 pa destined for
Europe) the Launch Edition features, complete
with carbon fibre mirrors, boot spoiler and
headlamp surrounds, plus additional air ducts in
the front wings. Two colours are available, Alfa
Rosso or a very special Carrara Bianco, a very
attractive semi-matt metallic white. Both look
superb, the white one is the most ‘show car’ for
sure, but it’s hard to beat red on an Alfa Romeo.
100 RHD Launch Editions are coming to the UK
from October priced at £52,000. If you want one,
it’s £16K deposit - quick!
Overall, the 4C is a fantastic way of showing off
the “essence of Alfa” - or as per the advertising
material, PURE ALFA ROMEO. John
Above: “Standard” version of the 4C will appear
in early 2014. Expected to be priced from around
£42,000 and with a very long option list.
ALFISTI - April 2013 - No. 152
AROC East Midlands Section Newsletter
Elsewhere at the
Geneva Motor Show
After the 4C there was still plenty to see. Clever work
from Martin Lindus firstly got us into the Maserati stand,
then, having befriended Natasha, our host, we got onto
the hallowed ground of the Ferrari stand. Martin had
also secured la very nice hot lunch on the Saturday
courtesy of Mercedes Benz (he’s bought a E-Class Coupe
for work). ‘Blag of the Weekend’ however came via
Simon who befriended the driver of our taxi who gave us
contacts with Rolls-Royce and Aston Martin. This got us
the other side of the barriers on the Saturday too. We
were massively impressed by the quality and features of
the Rolls Phantom Coupe and new Wraith in particular,
the Astons generally looked terrific too, though some
were in questionable colour combinations.
The Maserati coupes still look terrific 6 years on, but
the HUGE new Quattroporte is definitely aimed at rich
Chinese businessmen; the old one’s sporty mojo has
gone, hopefully to return in the new, smaller, Ghibli
Ferrari. Where do you start? LaFerrari, the £1M+
950bhp Enzo successor is breath-taking. If it was a
boxing match, the McLaren P1, its prime competitor,
would be knocked spark-out at the first punch. An
awesome car. California, FF, 458, 458 Spider, all
beautiful, but we all fell for the magnificent new F12
Berlinetta, in subtle ‘Grigio Silverstone’ with fantastic
interior in sumptuous tan hide. Very special, and we can
only imagine its performance from the 730bhp 6.3L
V12. It’s only £239,000, before the long list of extras!
All the supercars were there of course; Pagani Huayra,
Lamborghini, the bonkers Gumpert Apollo (love it!); and
some very special Alfas of a sorts too.
Superleggera had their Disco Volante based on an 8C
donor they strip to bits (I’d keep my 8C), and the IED
Gloria, a seriously big Berlina concept, looked very
attractive in the metal (and carbon etc.) I wasn’t a big fan
of it in photos, but it was mighty impressive up close.
On the Alfa stand we had two MiTos in SBK trim and
four Giuliettas; a Cloverleaf in 8C red with carbon addons was to the fore and was one of my overall favourites,
especially with the optional rear ‘diffuser’ panel fitted.
We also enjoyed looking at the more prosaic stuff from
Mercedes, BMW and Audi to Kia, Opel and Dacia… well,
did the lot really. If you ever plan to go look for weekdays
as crowds double at the weekend. A great trip anyway
with a lot of laughs, but boy-oh-boy that 4C - what a
machine. John
LOTS more photos on our website.
From top - Hypercars, supercars and concepts… the more normal
feature below. Top row: IED Gloria, stunning Alfa concept. Second
row; Ferrari F12 hugely impressive. (Pics by Simon. That’s John
grinning at the wheel!)
Row 3: - Touring’s Disco Volante and bonkers Gumpert Apollo;
Row 4: Sublime LaFerrari and Lamborghini Aventador.
Bottom row; Simon, Martin and Leigh - gottta try ‘em out!
Think of a new car and it was
there. New cars from many
manufacturers of course, but I’ve
picked on half a dozen here.
Images clockwise from top left;
Massive Rolls Royce Wraith was
an amazing place to sit, suicide
doors and twinkly star-effect
headlining and world’s deepest
carpets. New 500L is a very
practical family motor. Lacks
sportiness though. Aston
Vanquish, one heck of a car.
New Abarth 695 has huge spec
and 180bhp. MiTo ‘SBK’ has
plenty of kit. Jazzy red and black
cloth interior in new Spec Giulietta
to be called Collezione in the UK.
ALFISTI - April 2013 - No. 152
AROC East Midlands Section Newsletter
ALFA ROMEO DISPLAY - Coventry Transport Museum
31 March 2013
Easter Sunday 2013 dawned freezing cold, but
mercifully dry and bright. Temperatures were to
climb during the day to a dizzy 4 degrees in
Coventry (not taking into account the wind chill!), a
far cry from last year’s event in March that saw 22
degrees! This no doubt deterred a few on the day,
along with losing an hour’s sleep, but we were all
still pleased to see 35 Alfas along during the day.
Sadly however many of the Classic Alfas were left
indoors with the roads being simply caked in salt.
Still, there were plenty of interesting cars to see.
Redvers Arnold’s Bertone 2000 GTV looked
superb, parked fairly close to two classic saloons
in the shape of Mike Scarf’s 75 Twin Spark and
Dave Atkins’ Giulietta TurboDelta, the latter having
its first outing since October. Mike had driven
down all the way from near Grimsby, his car very
dusty with salt on arrival!
Viv Stephens’ immaculate GTV Cup was looking
stunning as always. It’s really hard to find any
fault at all on the car. He is looking to bring it as
close to standard as possible now, and is looking
into replacing its twin-exit stainless steel exhaust
with a standard rear box. I’d be very happy with it
as it stands!
Paul Jones from Chris Variava Alfa Romeo
Nottingham brought along their 8C Competizione
last year of course which stole the show. Owing
to the road grit and salt and the car currently
being in the window of Graypaul Ferrari, Paul
took the opportunity to bring along his wife Liz
and the two kids in a brand new white Giulietta
Sportiva TCT which looked fantastic with its dark
grey wheels and red leather seats.
Getting there extra early to sort things out, me
in my red Giulietta, Alan in his white one and
Duncan in his Etna black one parked them
together in a line to later add Steve Sembay with
his white one and Paul’s. It made an interesting
line in its own right, all 5 being spotlessly turned
out. Well spotless ‘til they were bombed by some
pigeons! Autoglym wipes to the rescue there!
Bob Woodward brought along his 166 V6 in
place of his ‘mint’ 164 V6, Simon and Clare
Addison brought their V6 Brera and GT
respectively (the Spider S4 being in the body
repair shop). On the Spider front people could
enjoy seeing Brian Smith’s white S4, hood down
as always! Three 916 Spiders were along too
belonging to Paul Mayes, Stuart O’Donnell and
Phil Gotts who’d come all the way over from
Suffolk. Mandy Nethercot’s Brera Spider LE
looked great there too. Andrew McInerney drove
up from Silverstone in his SZ which we plonked
near the main entrance where it drew much
attention as these unusual machines do, with
Martin Bourne’s Silver Brera and Brian Austin’s
silver GTV close by, plus Bob and Gill Human’s
159 and Keith Millard’s similar black machine. All
in all a good selection of Alfas anyway.
I could list the classics we were missing, from
GTV6 to Junior Zagato, but hopefully they will all be
along at Spring Alfa Day instead.
I must mention Liz Jones’ cup cakes - she
brought a big pack of these all topped with an
edible Alfa badge - they looked (and tasted)
The museum proved as fascinating as ever,
though there was not a huge amount of change in
exhibits from last year though I was delighted to
spy a 6-wheel P34 Tyrrell this time, a personal
favourite of old. Oh, inside the warm coffee shop
was extremely welcome during the day too!
So, suffice to say it was a very enjoyable day.
Thanks to Simon for co-ordinating the passes and
hanks to everyone who came along. We’ll be
doing something similar in the spring next year.
The day started wonderfully bright… but freezing cold!
Giulietta line-up
Simon and Clare’s Brera and GT
Redvers Arnold’s delightful 2000 GTV
Dave Akins’ Giulietta Turbodelta
Mandy’s Spider LE looks terrific
ALFISTI - April 2013 - No. 152
AROC East Midlands Section Newsletter
More photos from Coventry
Brian Smith’s Spider S4
Viv Stephen’s GTV Cup
Stuart O’Donnell’s 916 Spider
Triumph Stag - Italian designed of course
Liam Jones liked Viv’s GTV...
Liz Jones’ fantastic Alfa cakes!
Bob Woodward got the Autoglym out!
Talbot and Peugeot rally cars - Coventry links
Andrew MacInerney’s ES30 SZ drew attention...
The day was a good advert for Giuliettas
Mike Scarf’s 75 next to Phil Gotts’ 916 Spider
Barbie’s XJS!
Fantastic Tyrrell P34 six-wheeler
This is a bit of an unusual one as it is from the
AutoGlym Trade Range only, but available through
our Section. It is simply called Autoglym Car
Shampoo which has been re-formulated - not the ‘trad
green Shampoo and Conditioner, it’s a deep red
colour. I bought 5 litres on recommendation from Carl
from our local AG franchise and after a few washes,
I’m really impressed with it.
Quoting from the
manufacturer blurb; ‘Car Shampoo is a concentrated,
wild cherry fragranced detergent designed to remove
traffic film and other contaminants from vehicle
bodywork. It has a neutral,
biodegradable formulation, is
easy rinsing and is silicone
Basically it works
really well and smells terrific,
and our local guys sell it at a
bit less than the well known
(and excellent) ‘green one’
too! We’ll see them a few
times this summer if you
fancy some. John
Thrust SSC - mighty impressive
ALFISTI - April 2013 - No. 152
AROC East Midlands Section Newsletter
New Maserati Ghibli basis for a new ‘big’
RWD Alfa saloon?
It’s no secret that Alfa Romeo is working more
closely with Maserati and Ferrari, the new Alfa
4C being actually produced at Maserati’s plant in
March Meeting Night
3 of the 6 Giuliettas there!
We had a really good attendance at our
meeting at the George & Dragon in
March despite it being sub-Arctic again.
Our friends Carl and Fred from the local
AutoGlym franchise brought their huge
van along and many of us took
advantage of
some really
good deals.
In fact their van struggled to get in the car park as there were so many
people in at the pub - mainly our lot! Excuse Mark Sangster’s megareflective Alfa jacket, the shot on the left is supposed to show him colleting
a whopping 25-litre pack of car wash. We think it’s being shared, or else
he’s buying 5 years’ worth!
Inside, as usual, lots of friendly banter, some discussion around Coventry,
Geneva Show, various Alfa projects underway, the Mallory Park saga, El
Presidenté’s race car … I could go on. Good fun as ever. Do join us all
next time, when it might even get above zero! John
Impression of a ‘Big’ Alfa Saloon
FIAT Group boss, Sig. Marchionne, has openly
stated that the co-operation will extend beyond
the exciting coupé and that, where logical,
various sharing between brands will take place.
With the huge new Quattroporte aimed at the
growing Limousine market, Maserati will very
soon be launching the Ghibli, a true ‘drivers’
Berlina in the fold of the old ‘QP’. With some
clever work on differentiation, (panel styling,
interior) it would make a superb rear drive Alfa
Romeo, particularly suitable to the huge market
of America. For Europe a selection of
turbodiesels will be essential of course. It looks
very probable to be before the Giulia... John
ALFISTI - April 2013 - No. 152
Just one AROC race meeting this year, but back at one of the circuits in our region; Mallory Park near
Earl Shilton in Leicestershire. This will be a very well promoted event (organised again by the Classic
Touring Car Racing Club), just like the terrific day we had in 2011. Our Section is being called upon
to organise special Alfa display parking again, but we do hope that this will be rewarded with the
opportunity of a track parade or parades during the day. More later in the year...
Part of our Alfa display at Mallory Park in 2011
AROC East Midlands Section Newsletter
AROC East Midlands Section Events 2013
10 April ‘13
Regular Monthly Meeting at The George & Dragon in Thringstone
- starting at 7pm. (See Gazetta opposite)
21 April ‘13
Spring Alfa Day at Gawsworth Hall, Macclesfield, Cheshire. Our Section CONVOY RUN
meets at the Castle Donington Services, M1 J23A, ready to depart for 8.30am.
4 May ‘13
Auto Italia Spring Italian Car Day - Brooklands, Surrey. See cover.
8 May ‘13
Regular Monthly Meeting at The George & Dragon in Thringstone - starting at 7pm
29 May ‘13
Curborough Sprint Experience - Event now rearranged after postponement from
March. People who had booked spots have first call, but please contact John G if
interested. (Event will be mid week 9.45—5pm, cost for all drivers is @£60).
NEW 2 June
AUTOKARNA at Wollaton Park, Nottingham. A very easy going Classic Car show; our
Alfas park in mixed general parking, but Section meets at the Chris Variava hospitality
area at 12noon. (Free drinks and nibbles!) Great day out in 2012 repeated again,
12 June ‘13
Fun Concours Night at The George & Dragon in Thringstone - starting at 7pm.
All Alfa Romeos automatically entered and all present do the voting! Stacks of
categories and terrific prizes from our Section’s supporters.
23 June ‘13
Cotswold Alfa Day - Including the Giro Panoramico run that will finish at Stanway House
which has the highest gravity-fed fountain in the world. More details nearer the time.
7 July ‘13
Auto Italia Italian Car Concours and ’Summertime Classics’ - Stanford Hall near
Lutterworth. Includes special Section parking area and picnic.
NEW 11 July
‘Summertime Spin’ at the George & Dragon in Thringstone. from 7pm.
4 Aug ‘13
AROC Racing at Mallory Park – Lots of Alfa racing as part of the Classic Touring Car
Racing Club’s event. Special Alfa parking area and track parades!!
11 Aug ‘13
National Alfa Day – Chatham Historic Dockyard, Kent. We will again have a convoy run
to the event. It’s a nice run down on a Sunday, especially after a good breakfast.
14 Aug ‘13
Spider Night – at our regular Monthly Meeting at The George & Dragon in Thringstone starting at 7pm. (All Alfas welcome of course!)
18 Aug ‘13
MITCAR 2013 - Midlands Italian Car Day at Hardwick Hall in Derbyshire. The 13th
edition of our Section's flagship event will be one not to miss. Incredibly, admission is still
just £5 per Italian Car!!
8 Sep ‘13
Leicester Aeroclub Open Day - at Leicester Airport (aka Stoughton Aerodrome),
including air displays, special Alfa display and potential free pleasure flights too! Starts
at 10.30am.
11 Sep ‘13
Twilight Drive at our regular Monthly Meeting at The George & Dragon in Thringstone starting at 7pm. Drive at 7.45pm followed by optional pub meal.
TBC Sep ‘13
KARTING NIGHT at Sutton Circuit, Broughton Astley. Fantastic outdoor track,
Endurance style mini-team event. Racing followed by drinks and supper.
9 Oct ‘13
AGM & Alfa Quiz at The George & Dragon in Thringstone - starting at 7.30pm
13 Nov ‘13
Regular Monthly Meeting at The George & Dragon in Thringstone - starting at 7.30pm.
15 -17 Nov ‘13
Classic Motor Show, NEC Birmingham, AROC display featuring historic Alfa Romeos
11 Dec ‘13
Regular Monthly Meeting at The George & Dragon in Thringstone - starting at 7.30pm.
Please keep an eye on our website as things can change!!
News Snippets
It’s the fist light evening of the year of
course, so hopefully we can start off
outside around our cars. An earlier start
too - we meet from 7pm. NB, if you
want to eat it is recommended to get
your order in early. (Please remember
that the G&D is a friendly, family run
pub that do not charge us for using the
place - it is not a Harvester/Beefeater
‘fast food’ type joint.)
We’re going
to make the
July meeting
a bit different this
Parking in
the paddock
area at the
G&D, we will organise a 30 minute drive
around the countryside as part of things.
That will also be a good opportunity to
‘blag a ride’ in another person’s Alfa if
you fancy too.
Owing to the threat of more snow and
freezing temperatures the planned event
in March had
to be postponed.
George Cole
has now
rearranged it
for 29 May
when hopefully we’ll have spring!
Rear Parking
Sensors = £450
Cruise Control =
Hi-Fi = £305
Suitcase = £350
Interior bag =
£175 (The front ‘boot’ doesn’t open incidentally.)
Battery Maintenance = £175
Vehicle cover = £260
Cigarette lighter = £0
(Hmm, might order a Cigarette Lighter.)
The KIA Provo. A deeply ugly ‘concept car’
presumably not aimed at the Irish market.
We are uncertain of reports that it will be
followed by the KIA Black September, The
KIA PLO and the KIA ‘L’ Qaeda.
Polo shirts with full colour embroidered logo.
All sizes - Just £15 each.
PLUS Fleeces from £25 and Soft-Shell waterproof jackets from £30
TO ORDER contact our man Brian Smith at [email protected]
The Small Print: ‘Alfisti’ is published primarily for the enjoyment of members of the Alfa Romeo Owners’ Club East Midlands Section.
Chris Variava Alfa Romeo Nottingham supports the cost of Alfisti’s printed production carried out at cost rate by a Section Member’s company.
Alfa Romeo Owners’ Club UK ltd cannot endorse or recommend services or products advertised in its publications. Any opinions published in
‘Alfisti’ or its sister website are personal ones. Alfa Romeo Owners’ Club Ltd registered Number 01106134. Please contact John Griffiths if you
have any queries about the club or our active local area Section. See cover for contact details.
ALFISTI - April 2013 - No. 152
AROC East Midlands Section Newsletter
Giulietta Veloce 2.0 JTDm2 /170 - John Griffiths
Our Alfas
Mark’s long term project
continues, but Mark only
has a certain amount of
time for it. Turbocharger is
installed - but the clutch
packed up. Race-spec one
now installed and it’s back
to the rolling road for more
tuning. We are talking
360bhp plus… Will be
fantastic when complete!
A February day trip emphasised the superb capabilities of this Giulietta.
The journey was Leicester to London (O2); London to central Birmingham,
then Brum back to Leicester. 300 miles, averaging 55mph overall including
city crawls and M11 speed restrictions. It took a true no-holds-barred charge
round M25/M1/M6 to get to the evening show in Brum, averaging a
motorway speed of, er, a lot! After all that tanking along the overall MPG
fell to 41.5, still
using just half a
The ‘G’
tremendously secure on
icy roads, gave
a really smooth
ride and was ‘3
-up’ too. 29K on
the clock now,
it’s better than
ever. A fantastic
all-rounder; hard
to replace.
Giulietta MultiAir TCT Veloce - Duncan Langford
V6 Special - Andy Wallington
All the latest on our local members’ cars...
GTV 2.0 JTS TURBO - Mark Wood
You may remember Dunk’s car from last month’s back page . Here though
you’ll see he’s
done a swap to
the 5-hole 18”
alloys from his
swap organised
by Paul Jones
Variava. Dunk
really likes their
style and how it
displays the red
Brembo brakes.
Looking good...
Here’s a teaser photo of Andy’s V6
Busso-powered ‘special’ very soon to
be transported from preparer to his
new home ‘Darn’Sarf. It’s going to have
areal ’50’s vibe to it, I mean, just look at
the Borranis! Quoting from his email to
“Now that the suspension
geometry is resolved, and all welding
complete, the chassis has been
dismantled and sent for shot blasting
before painting and reassembly.
Hoping to source Bilsteins this week,
and maybe the exhaust manifold (CSC
now available in stainless from EB
spares). He’ll keep us in the picture.
Alfasud Sprint Trofeo - Bryan Alexander
Spider Series 4 - Simon Addison
From an email to John: My Trofeo has been to Lincoln Hospital to undergo
surgery under the care of Dr Shrubb.
Symptoms were serious loss of
hydraulic fluid and iffy clutch disengage-ment. Diagnosis: shot clutch slave
cylinder and minor leak from brake hose. The former, relatively easy with the
engine out but diabolical with it
in situ.
Skilled surgeon
definitely required. So it was
another hairy drive to Lincoln,
pumping) the clutch - it still
needed several lay-bye stops
on the A46 to top up the
fluid. What fun! Clean bill of
health - AKA - an MoT
certificate, was happily soon
received! Bryan
Slippery, just-gritted road, cold tyres, traffic island, skid, crash barrier prang! Simon was gutted. The repair is being trusted to Mike Spencely at
MGS coachworks, the
classic Alfa Romeo
specialists in Surrey.
Happily Simon was
totally unharmed - it
really could have been
a great deal worse.
decided to have the
car fully re-sprayed
whilst in, plus new
door handles etc., so it
should emerge looking
164 Twin Spark - To IntaServices!
Andy Wallington has finally handed over his beloved 164 to Dave
Knott at IntaServices in Leicester. Dave intends to remove certain
parts and the remainder will be sent to Alfa Heaven. Many will recall
that the car was originally purchased for £100 and, with some
preparation work from IntaServices, it was entered in the 2009 ‘Home
2 Rome’ Banger Rally to raise funds for charity. Initial plans were to
leave the car in Italy but it was driven back to the UK and Andy
bought the car for his own use. The H2R 164 has made many
Section and AROC
event app-earances
over the years and
not so long ago I
had the pleasure of
taking it for a few
'Curburgring'. It is
sad to see it gone
for good but let us
hope that the parts
removed will assist
remain on the road.
RIP. Brian Smith
- SCOOP! Unusual news from the world of motoring
Martin Lindus is the New ‘Face of Panda’
Martin Lindus, fresh from
his modelling success for
the AROC SHOP, has
now been signed by FIAT
Group to promote the
new Panda 4x4 across
Martin, himself a Panda
100 HP owner, says he
will continue his career
as a model unless the
pressure of fame
becomes too much.
Alfisti’s production is kindly sponsored by Chris Variava Alfa Romeo Nottingham
Alfisti no.153 will be out in May

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