Gliding Centre Day National Alfa Day


Gliding Centre Day National Alfa Day
Alfa Romeo Owners Club UK
East Midlands
Formerly Central & East Midlands
Gliding Centre Day
Husbands Bosworth, Leics
Sunday 7 June
Inc. AROC East Mids Alfa Display
The Leicester Aero Club have invited us to
support the day, similar to the popular event
we attend at Leicester Airport in September.
There will be opportunity to enjoy a pleasure
flight in one of the spectacular gliders for a small
charitable donation. FREE Admission
Sorry, if you’ve not already let John know to
book your space you will not be able to attend.
National Alfa Day
Gawsworth Hall
Near Macclesfield
Sunday 21 June
Wednesday 10 June
Our Fun Concours at The George & Dragon in
Thringstone (meeting from 7pm), is one of our
most popular gatherings of the year. Regular
members will be familiar with the format: every
Alfa present is automatically entered into the
competition and everybody who come along gets
to vote. There will be a host of prize categories,
some more serious than others (I’m dreaming up
a few new ones this time too so be warned!). Each
category will have a prize supplied primarily via
our Section’s supporters, notably Chris Variava
Alfa Romeo, Engine Services in Leicester (Dave
French), and B&W AutoCare (Autoglym) - some of
them being really quite valuable too. The bottom
line though is it’s meant to be fun and the more
cars the better it is, so do please come along and
join in. By all means polish up your Alfa, but we
just want to have a laugh really
Our July meeting at the G&D (8th) will feature a
‘Summertime Spin’ around the local lanes—well,
that’s the plan, but if in rains in June we will defer
the Concours Night to this one. August’s meeting
will be a Barbecue Night, with chef Josh putting on
a spread for us for a very reasonable cost. There’s
outdoor cover there too in case we get showers.
(Blimey I’m talking about August already! Where is
the time going!)
Back to activities in June. The new event we’ve
been invited to at Husbands Bosworth in south
Leicestershire promises to be very interesting.
Gliders are amazing machines. Sadly I learnt in
mid May that our display space was limited to just
15 Alfas so I’ve had to let a few people down.
Happily we have no such limits at other outdoor
events this year, other than the second
Curborough Sprint Experience day of the year on
30 September with its usual 10 car maximum.
The North West AROC Section have been very
busy planning National Alfa Day this year. It’s
being held at Gawsworth Hall, scene of Spring Alfa
Day 2013, and this year the generous open
parkland space will feature extensive model
parking and AROC’s National Concours which has
a stack of categories for awards. An Italian food
market will also be there, so there should be
plenty to do and see. We will be enjoying another
convoy run there, and on far more pleasant roads
than we had for the run to Duxford. We will make
sure people have simple maps this time too as
trying to keep cars together on the route for that
time could be a challenge.
All in all 2015 is shaping up to be another
tremendously busy year, I guess we wouldn't want
it any other way. I’m sure people won’t be able to
attend everything, but I do look
forward to seeing you whenever you
can make it along. Cheers!
Stanford Hall (Lutterworth)
Sunday 28 June
Auto Italia’s popular event is centred this year
on special Italian car Concours. Alfa Romeo
Parking will again be by the beautiful River Avon.
Admission costs £13 a head. Stanford Hall is an
ideal place for a picnic.
Alfisti is edited and produced by
John Griffiths
 Spring Alfa Day
AROC East Midlands Section Secretary
Tel: 0774 8881317
 Classic Car Night, Beedles Lake
e-mail: [email protected]
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Summertime Classics
 May Meeting
The big AROC event this year returns to a
beautiful spot in the North West. The day will
feature an Italian Food Market as well as a
special Concours contest.
Our CONVOY RUN meets at the Donington Park
Services ready to depart at 8.30am. Please
arrive in good time if you plan to have breakfast
at the Services. (Harvester, Costa and more).
Section Meet Up at the Alfa Hospitality unit
at 12pm.
Alex Pope on track
in his MiTo
■ Alfisti Issue 176 ■ June 2015
Alfisti’s production sponsored by
A Sunday in Hallaton
Section visit to
The Bottle Kicking Cider Company, 17 May.
A suggestion from Alan Lathwell brought a group of us along for a super lunchtime out
on the beautiful village of Hallaton in south east Leicestershire. The village is famed as
being the home of the Easter Monday ‘Bottle Kicking’ competition between Hallaton and
neighbours Medbourne, a ‘game’ which dates back to the 18th Century - with the roots
well before that.
The ancient custom would see a church service, followed by a procession to Hare Pie
Hill (where the Bottle Kicking starts to day) for a scramble for Hare Pie and two bottles of
ale. There was no contest back in the 1700s, but it developed from this. 100 years ago,
hundreds people would travel by train to Hallaton station to watch and take part in the
contest where hoards of people would scrum to get the bottle (a small keg) back across
their village stream to claim victory. No referee - no rules! Today it still attracts hundreds,
with the event having a great ‘village fair’ feel to it.
Rob Morton, proprietor and Cider maker of ‘The Bottle Kicking Cider Company’ kindly
opened his doors for us, explaining how a hobby turned into a family business. Unlike
some micro-breweries, it takes many months to make saleable cider. Apples are sourced
locally and ‘imported’ from the west country to make distinct types. The man being
Rambler and Scrambler, though some fruit-flavoured varieties are also made. This is ‘still’
cider with no artificial carbonation, and tastes just out of this world! The weaker variety,
Rambler is 6% proof, Scrambler 7.5!
We enjoyed plenty of sampling (drivers being most careful of course!!!), And a super
‘Leicestershire Lunch’ with terrific Pork Pie, Stilton, Red Leicester and cheddars, all
washed down with the beautiful cider. A real treat. Of course it would have been rude not
to buy some to take home too!
After that Rob took us along to the charming village museum that contained some
fascinating artefacts, some dating from Roman times, plus some great features related to
the history of the Bottle Kicking, as you’d expect.
All in all it was a super visit, something that you can only really do as part of a club.
From an Alfa perspective, it helped that there are some brilliant driving roads leading to
Hallaton, so even the journeys were fun too!
Many thanks go to Rob and family for their great hospitality, and to Alan for suggesting
and organising it. And everyone for coming of course. Spot on! John
Paul Balchin’s Giulietta near the War Memorial
Rob explains the cider making process
Bob Woodward’s 166 outside The Bewicke Arms (about to re-open), immediately
adjacent to Cross Farm home of the Morton’s Cider making company.
Jill Sullivan starts the sampling!
Photo of Bottle Kicking victors in 1900
Alfa Romeo History - The GT Junior Zagato
The GT 1300 Junior Zagato was a limited production two seater coupé with aerodynamic bodywork
by Zagato (Ercole Spada). The model evoked the earlier, race-oriented Giulietta Sprint Zagatos
which featured aluminium bodywork and had a very active competition history. However, the Junior
Zagato featured a steel body shell with an aluminium bonnet door skins and was not specifically
intended for racing. The car was introduced at the Turin Motor Show of 1969 and in total 1,117
units were constructed. It was based on the floorpan, driveline and suspension of the 1300cc 105series Spider, shortened behind the rear wheels. The last 1300 was produced in 1972 although in
1974 2 more cars were built according to the records.
Above, a foreign-registered Junior Z spotted at Spring Alfa Day.
Its design belies its roots based in the 1960s. Note the Perspex
headlamp covers and smooth ‘fastback’ design.
ALFISTI - June 2015 - Issue 176
The broadly similar 1600 Zagato appeared in 1972 and 402 units were produced. Its floorpan was
unaltered from the then current 1600 Spider, so that the normal fuel tank could be left in place.
There are minor rear bodywork differences that are interesting to compare side by side with a 1300
if you ever get chance! The last 1600 Zagato was built in 1973 though the cars were sold until ‘75.
There are only a handful of GT Junior Zagatos remaining in the UK. It’s a very attractive car, and one
like all 105 series Alfas is great to drive. The cars are increasing in value like so many Classics now,
and that is surely set to continue.
AROC East Midlands Section Newsletter
Classic Car Night
at Beedles Lake Golf Centre, 19 May
The Jaguar Enthusiasts Club invited us over for their
Classic Night at Beedles Lake on 19 May - always an
enjoyable thing to attend.
Seemingly as ever with this one, the day had seen heavy showers and
though they dried up for 7pm, it was absolutely freezing! Happily that did
not deter some people with some fabulous cars from attending, though the
likes of Roger Smith and Neil Fairhurst from our Section brought their
modern Alfas over instead of their Spiders. Can’t blame ‘em! Credit to Rob
Statham though who brought his 916 Spider over though - hood down!
This is always a good chance for our members to bring their interesting
non-Alfas along, and we had some crackers this year. Mike Swinfen (Jag
club committee member too) had his newly acquired 2009 Jaguar XJ-R - a
stunning beast with 400bhp rolling on 20” rims… then two Italians, Martin
Lindus with his just acquired Ferrari F430 Spider - an ABSOLUTE beauty, in
Ferrari Rosso with black ‘Daytona’ interior (what a lucky chap!), and Mark
Gunston with a jewel of a Fiat (Bertone) X1/9 ‘Gran Finale’. Both midengined Italian exotica of sorts, just slightly different!
Around the car park there were some stunning Jaguars and a number of
very smart other cars to enjoy looking at and to discuss things about with
their owners. An enjoyable evening again, if flippin’ cold! Thanks again to
Nike and the JEC Leicester Region for inviting us over. John
Two above: Mike Swinfen’s newly acquired Jaguar XJ-R
Below - Alfa corner!
ALFISTI - June 2015 - Issue 176
Two above - Mark Gunston’s X1/9 Gran Finale
Below - some superb Jaguars
Two above - Martin Lindus’s Ferrari F430 Spider
Below - Rob Statham’s Spider at dusk
AROC East Midlands Section Newsletter
May Meeting Night
At The George & Dragon, Thringstone
Our meetings at the G&D so far this year have been blessed
with decent weather, and another 30+ car turn-out in May was
much enjoyed by all with plenty of sunshine early on.
The planned Giulietta line up worked out well, though we
were lacking three ‘regulars’ who own them too for various
reasons. That said it was great to have Patrick Coleman down
from Chesterfield in his QV LE in red (see back page) and Tom
Leary in his similar car in matt Magnesio Grey. That’s another
Chris Variava car, and Elliot bought over Kerry Variava’s own
similar car from the Nottingham dealership too. So 3 of them—
a right skirts n spoilers fest! The line up of different versions
worked well anyway for the photos I needed or the item I’ve got
for June’s club magazine.
Side from the Giuliettas (odd we had no white ones—at one
point they seemed omni-present), we had the usually grand
variety. Special mention to the classics; Peter Farley with his
1957 Giulietta Spider, Mark Gunston with his 1974 Alfetta GT,
Dave Atkins with his 1970 Giulia 1300 Ti, and Phil Level with
his 1967 Giulia Sprint GT. Phil calls it ’Trigger’s Broom’ as its
got a fair few newer bits, but that’s being a bit unfair!
Great to see several new people along;,the aforesaid Tom,
plus Ian Wilson-Hart with his MiTo (see back page). My son
Dave brought his GT 3.2 over for the first time, the car being a
continuous ‘project’, he was proud of his newly painted brake
callipers this time in particular. (His girlfriend Abbie is getting
used to all this Alfa-madness, and is looking for one herself
now!) Anyway, the ‘Bussoisti ‘present; Graeme, Roger, Salv,
Darren, Wayne and more, thoroughly enjoyed swapping ideas
whilst gazing under Dave’s bonnet.
As well as the spins in Viv’s stunning 4C various others
enjoyed rides in one another’s cars. Notably Phil with his
Bertone, Mark in the Alfetta, Colin in his S4 Spider and Steve
Weston in his 156 2.4. I enjoyed a spin in that too—boy it can
shift! We surmise it may have been remapped at some point
as it seem like it has considerably more than its stock 175bhp.
Anyway a very enjoyable evening again, I hope we are as
lucky with the weather for the Fun Concours there on 10 June.
Cheers! John
Our Alfas filled the grass
paddock are quite nicely in
May. A super mix of old
and new. You can see lots
more from the evening on
our website in the Gallery
Above top - Phil Levell in his Giulia Sprint GT
Above - Mark Gunston’s Alfetta GTV and Darren Richards; 147 GTA
ALFISTI - June 2015 - Issue 176
Above top - Two grey Giulietta QV LE models head the ‘G’ Line up
Above - Steve Weston’s 156 2.4 JTDm at twilight.
AROC East Midlands Section Newsletter
Alfa 4C meets Porsche Cayman
The motoring press would have us believe that these two two-seater sports cars are direct
competitors, primarily owing to their pricing proximity. Both are low-slung coupes, but to
drive and experience, oh-boy, they are just SO different.
Our section regular Viv Stephens bought his red 4C Launch Edition from Chris Variava in
June last year, Well—that’s not entirely true, as he actually got his name down for one in
2012! It was ‘slightly delayed’ Anyway, well worth the wait.
Leigh Nethercott—a similar Section Stalwart has become Alfa-less, as after a GT Selespeed
and Brera Auto, the demise of a suitable Alfa Coupe, with auto, meant he was stuck—so he
strayed to the Dark Side with a VW Scirocco R, then a BMW M3 V8, a 2.7 Boxster and now
a very handsome silver Porsche Cayman 2.7 with lots of ‘extras’, like sports exhaust, 20”
‘S’ alloys and carbon trim. (The good news is he’s after a Brera Spider again too—so back
to the fold, properly!)
Anyway, it being blag-a-ride night at the G&D (like I needed an excuse!) I was delighted to
get to have a passenger spin in both. Happily Viv and Leigh are quite handy drivers, so I
didn’t have to grp the grab-handles too hard—but it was terrific in each.
Firstly – Cayman. No doubting, it is superb car. Recent winner in a EVo magazine group
test , up against more expensive and faster opposition. It oozes quality, its sports exhaust
gives a great sound – the flat-6 engine sings, more high-revving 4cyl in nature than a ‘big’
6 cyl. Red line is 7,500 rpm or so, and it loves being ‘up their’. On 20” rims, it has a ‘firm’
but not unpleasant ride. Excellent twin-clutch ‘box, it seems to glide around bends. It is
plenty quick, I imagine the 3.4 takes it up another notch but doubt you’d ever feel shortchanged. Much better looking than the original Cayman IMHO too.
Now – 4C. WHY you would ever compare them god alone knows. Like comparing a
Yamaha R1 with a Bentley Continental. The 4C is a true miniature supercar. It’s hard to
get into, climbing over the broadest of carbon sills, and super low. But the noise. THE
NOISE!! Utter cacophony from around your ears, just from start up!! It’s like you are sat in
a stripped out Group A rally car. The acceleration is a significant step on from the Porsche
– in ‘D’, stamp on the gas and it is utterly VISCIOUS – with instant shifts. Brutal! And did I
mention the noise?? Outrageous! Sucks whirs and bangs right in your ears/ And
braking??? This super-light thing clearly pulls over 1G in braking. It’s a nose on the
windscreen job. I was watching Viv’s hands on the wheel too – I didn’t detect kick-back or
the car tramlining, it just ‘goes round’ bends. No roll, nothing. Stuck down – whang, you
are round. Sensational. (Viv’s record is a 3 hour trip. I imagine he was shouting when he
got out!)
The Porsche is a refined and extremely, extremely good machine, absolutely no question.
But the 4C is a thriller of the most extreme. And utterly bloody brilliant. John
Auto Italia at Brooklands
Auto Italia Magazine’s first big event of the year brings out a host of Italian
machinery. A number of our Section members went down to enjoy it, fitting in
with AROCs massed rows of Alfa Romeos. The event certainly attracts some
great Italian exotica. As the old joke goes, the Lamborghini owners don’t have to
get the injections to travel outside the M25.
Thanks to Declan Gray and Simon Addison for the photographs here.
ALFISTI - June 2015 - Issue 176
AROC East Midlands Section Newsletter
Bugs! Get some
As we progress through
spring the number of insects
flying about just goes up and
up. If you drive, er, briskly, in your Alfa then the front of
your car and your windscreen can look like an insects’
Valhalla. Mine certainly did after 500 miles in a weekend.
Now with this build up you really need to be careful not to
scrub your paintwork too much as it risks marking the
clearcoat. A strong detergent is best, and one I used
successfully late on last year and have now started again
is this one from Angelwax. To use, just spray on neat,
liberally, and leave it to dwell for 3– 5 minutes. (Best not
to use in strong sunshine or when the paintwork is very hot
as it will evaporate too quickly.) Then, using a wash-mitt
and you usual car shampoo, gently wash away the mess,
rinsing as usual
Angelwax state that it’s
safe on wax finishes, but
I still like to use a coat of
quick detailer once the
car is dried off.
From experience I can
say that it last very well,
with the spray applicator
working very well - you
don’t need to apply
gallons of the stuff.
You can buy Revenge
through various eBay
outlets and a local
supplier to us in the East
Mids, Bears Wax
Factory. (Give them a
ALFISTI - June 2015 - Issue 176
Casa Atkins - Barga, Toscana, Italia
Dave Atkins brings us up to date on his property in Tuscany
I can't believe we have owned Casa Atkins now for 12 years, now home to all Alfisti. I have
been going through my guest book and it is truly home to many Alfa-mad friends. It all
started in 2006 with our Alfa trip; the KK family in a (147) Tony C and his father in a (147)
George and Bryan (Sud) Chris and me (GT) Alan in (155) and Brian Smith in his new Brera,
a last minute substitute for his Spider, George's Sud was going great guns apart from
venting now and again! After that we had the annual October boys trip to the classic car
show in Padova and in 2013 the trip to Ferrari, Pagani, Maserati and the Lamborghini
factory tour. Other highlights include our stop over on our return from our ’Home 2 Rome’
Banger Rally trip in our trusty 164 TS with Andy and Alan. Ray and Marc from the Cotswold
section have also visited.
The big highlight was the trip to Milan in 2010 for the Alfa Centenary celebrations. Two
days spent in Milan with our Alfa and car mad friend Leonardo who also lives in Barga, also
using Casa Atkins as our base. There was no boys trip in 2014 as I had other expenses with
my daughter Rachael getting married but the trip should be on again this year.
This year will see another Alfisti visiting, Bob & Gill Human along with friends will visit for
the first time, and Andy and Debs Wallington will be there again in August.
As some of you may know we have had an offer to buy our Casa so who knows if we will
still have a base in Barga, we have been out with Leonardo to view some more houses so
we will see if we still have Casa Atkins, next year we will be driving to Barga in July in the
Spider you are more than welcome to join us but we need to know well in advance .
So thanks to
the KK family,
JG and family,
Alan, Brian,
Simon, Leigh,
Ray and Marc,
Andy, Kev,
Bryan A, and
last but not
least Danielle
for visiting our
home from
home in
(Barga), Italia.
Dave and
Old town Barga at dusk. Beautiful.
AROC East Midlands Section Newsletter
AROC East Midlands Section Events 2015
Sun 31 May
AutoKarna car show - Wollaton Park, Nottingham. Park in general
parking area - head for Chris Variava Alfa/Chrysler/Jeep at around 1pm
where all members will be made welcome.
Sun 7 June
Glider Club Day - at Husbands Bosworth Glider Club.
Display space limitation means the event is now FULL. If you’ve not let John know you’re
attending, sadly we can’t fit you in.
Weds 10 June
from 7pm
Fun Concours Night at the George & Dragon, Thringstone, from 7pm. Our ever popular event where all Alfas present are automatically entered and everyone gets to vote!
Lots of great prizes for a host of categories, serious and not so. (See cover.)
Sunday 21
AROC National Alfa Day - Gawsworth Hall nr Macclesfield. Section convoy drive meets at
Donington Park Services departing at 8.30 am sharp for a scenic drive to the event.
Please arrive early if you plan to have breakfast.
Sunday 28
Summertime Classics. Auto Italia event at Stanford Hall near Lutterworth. This year ’s
event promises a special Concours contest too with some terrific cars displayed.
Our Alfas park together near the beautiful River Avon - ideal for a picnic.
Weds 8 July
from 7pm
Summertime Spin at our monthly meeting night the George & Dragon, Thringstone.
(We will defer the Fun Concours night to this date in event of rain on the June night.)
Friday 31 July
Classic Car Night - Melton Mowbray. Around 50 Classic Cars gather in the town
centre from 5pm ‘til Dusk. We will have an AROC area in the centre, More info in next
Weds 12 Aug
from 7pm
Barbecue Night at the George & Dragon, Thringstone. Josh, Paul and the team will
be putting on a special BBQ for us at a very fair price. There’s a covered outdoor area too
in case of summer showers! More details in the summer.
Sunday 16
MITCAR (Midlands Italian Car Day). Our Section’s BIG event…
Deene Park, Northants, NN17 3EE. The 15th edition is at a new venue again! Admission
just £10 per car. See our website for more.
Sunday 6
Leicester Aero Club Open Day - at Leicester Airport, Gartree Road. Including special Alfa
Romeo parking, aircraft displays, chance for free pleasure flights. Free admission. (There
should be no limit on numbers for this one.)
Weds 9 Sep
from 7pm
Twilight Drive at the George & Dragon, Thringstone. Our last outdoor evening of
the season will take in a scenic drive in convoy at dusk.
Karting Night - Exciting outdoor racing event. Details to be confirmed this summer.
Weds 30
Sprint Experience at Curborough Circuit. A second chance for our members to
enjoy driving at this brilliant track. Space for 10 cars, cost will be around £65 a head. A
deposit of £25 will be required in advance. Please contact John to reserve a spot.
Sat 10 Oct
AROC Track Day at Blyton Park in Lincolnshire. Organised by Javelin Track Days,
our Club’s big track action day of the year promises a wide variety of Alfas on track and
expert instruction available. Cost is low at £129 for a full day of open pit lane action.
Weds 14 Oct
form 7.30pm
AGM & Alfa Quiz at The George & Dragon in Thringstone - starting at 7.30pm
We will be electing our committee, reviewing the year’s events and looking forward to
2016, all followed by a fun multiple choice quiz with nice prizes.
TBC Oct/Nov
Rolling Road Night - A chance to do power runs in your Alfa to see exactly what power
and torque its producing at a very special price of around £30. It is great fun just to watch
and listen to too! Followed by a trip to the pub of course! You will need to book your spot
with John in advance. More details soon.
Weds 11 Nov
Meeting night at the George & Dragon, Thringstone from 7.30pm
13-15 Nov
Classic Motor Show - NEC Birmingham. AROC stand featuring historic Alfa Romeos and
something new. Our Section members will be helping on the stand as normal and
discount admission will be available too.
Weds 9 Dec
Meeting night at the George & Dragon, Thringstone from 7.30pm
News Snippets
We are delighted to announce that Paul
Jones, Alfa and Jeep Brand Manager at
Chris Variava, has organised for the smart
Alfa Romeo Hospitality Unit to be provided
at our big event of the year, Midlands
Italian Car Day. It will provide some shelter
should it be needed plus a great base for
our activities. (Free coffee too!) Don’t miss
MITCAR, 16 August at Deene Park near
El Presidenté George Cole has booked the
fabulous Curborough Circuit for us again on
30 September. It will be absolutely ideal
as a warm up if you fancy taking part in
AROCs big track day at Blyton Park in
October. 10 car limit as usual, so please
book your slot with John asap. Circuit hire
cost will be divided by the number of
drivers, so around £65 a head.
FCA boss Sergio Marchionne has held
several talks with both Apple and Tesla,
some simultaneously—Tesla being the
makers of probably the best electric cars in
the world. It’s know Apple wants to get a
foothold in the automotive world, and Tesla
know to grow they will need help.
Marchionne has not been the biggest fan
of battery cars, but could he be on the path
to working with thee big players and
leaping to the head of the market in a form
of partnership? Fascinating stuff...
Alfa Watch
Great to see The Polizia placing bulk
orders for Alfa Romeos again.
Please always check our website before attending an event for latest news.
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ALFISTI - June 2015 - Issue 176
AROC East Midlands Section Newsletter
MiTo 16v Veloce - Ian Wilson-Hart
166 3.2 V6
Wayne Bell
Wayne’s had
his Q2-equipped 166 for a few years
now, and he says it is going better
than ever. With its 18” Ti wheels it
still looks bang up to date—these
were such well-built cars, exuding a
real sense of quality. And with
240bhp from the legendary Busso
V6 it has a great turn of speed too.
Giulietta Quadrifoglio Verde ‘LE’ - Rev Patrick Coleman
We were delighted that Patrick visited us from Chesterfield for our May meeting,
bringing down his stunning QV LE to join our line up of Giuliettas for the photo
shoot. Patrick also
owns a very smart
75 V6 which he
says he’ll bring on
another occasion.
This 240bhp TCT
QV replaced his
previous Giulietta
Cloverleaf. This
one looks
absolutely superb
with the carbon
parts and deep
black spoilers and
GTV Cup - Dave Heathcote
Dave from Sutton-in-Ashfled joined AROC about a year ago. His GTV Cup is an
absolute beauty, and he demonstrated its performance at Curborough at the
end of April. The car
has some subtle
upgrades in the for of
a Quaiffe limited slip
differential, an
AlfaTune re-map and
and MJI 4-pipe
exhaust. Like all
‘Cups’ it looks superb
and with the car
probably now
producing over
240nhp its go is just
Ian has only recently joined AROC, but we were delighted to see him and his
wife over from Burton-on-Trent at our May meeting night. Their black MiTo
was shone up like a shilling. From Ian’s email to John: “It takes plenty of
care to keep it like it is
and after 3 years in my
custody - am still
continuing to put right
previous owner neglect.
It now sports a well
made stainless exhaust
and a K&N panel filter
which has added to the
sound from such a
small engine”. It
certainly looks the
business Ian.
Giulietta Veloce 2.0 JTDm/140 - Nicki Weston
Nicki’s hubby Steve is a real Alfista. His first car was - get this - a 166!!
After a succession of others he has a 156 2.4 JTDm in lovely ‘nick. Anyway,
After a
succession of
Fo**s, Nicki
has been
converted to
an Alfa too in
the form of
this lovely
Giulietta, with
the crackin’
Turbine alloys.
delighted with
it too!
MiT0 1.6 JTDm Sportiva - Mark Gunston
Mark’s business miles have been going up and up so a few months ago he
swapped his Giulietta Cloverleaf for this lovely example of a MiTo. In
Anthracite with all
the standard
Sportiva features
it’s a very attractive
car. Well—as luck
would have it he’s
now landed a
company car so this
one will be going.
(It’s a BMW 1Series.
Mark, we know it
was not your fault!)
- SCOOP! -
Giulietta Veloce 2.0 JTDm2/170 - Paul Balchin
Paul’s Giulietta, purchased via Chris Variava, has featured on the back page
before, but this is such a nice shot against a n ancient wall in Hallaton it had to
go in again! Paul’s really pleased with the car which has a host of ‘extras’ as
ex Alfa Romeo UK management. Those guys really know how to tick the boxes
- this one boasting the 5-hole 18” alloys and Brembo brake upgrade among
many others!
Like several
cars, its Start/
Stop facility
doesn’t always
want to work,
as in ‘kick in’.
It’s not a huge
Maybe a
update will
help. Looks
Unusual news from the world of motoring
Not a lot to add to that...
Other than—
We wonder
how long it
took for the
policemen to
stop laughing?
Alfisti’s production is kindly sponsored by Chris Variava Alfa Romeo Nottingham
Alfisti no.177 will be out in July

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