Also Drummer of “Alias” the Japanese virtual



Also Drummer of “Alias” the Japanese virtual
Was born on March 16th. Blood type : O
KiYO is a Musician, Producer, Composer, Creator, Radio personarity and Drummer
from Osaka, Japan.
Also Drummer of “Alias” the Japanese virtual rock band, and rep of general creators
group called “i2 Creative Japan”.
After graduating from High School, he studied desktop music in a school
specializing in music. And he was active the front line of the music scene
in Osaka, Japan as a rock drummer.
KiYO started his career as a IT Developer and a Sound Creator at 2004. Moreover, he got to briefly experience working
in A&R, promotion, management, and production at a record company established by a Japanese TV station since
2008. Thereafter he earned his living through global entertainment & IT, mainly do everything. He is involved in all kinds
of services focused on creative pursuits, under the tagline 'Intention to Innovation (the concept he hold dear to him)'.
2008 :
He started support and production work for Korean and Chinese artists and talent.
2009-2010 : He formed virtual rock band called “Alias”, from Japanese different from the norm in terms of career, genre,
and activity base, comes a Japanese rock/pop band that breaks all boundaries, traverses any distance.
With everything from production to release taking place over the web, all of our published works have topped the SNS music rankings.
Official :
1st EP "evermore" is pleced to No.1 in Myspace Japan download ranking (2009)
2nd EP "Cold Tears" is pleced to No.1 in Myspace Mobile access ranking (2010)
1st download album "evermore" is pleced to No.2 in Amazon music Rock Bestseller (2011)
They played their first concert on April 6, 2012 at the largest rock festival in Asia, "Spring Scream (Taiwan)",
and in May of the same year launched their debut CD album "Alias" in Taiwan.
2011 :
2012 :
2013 :
2014 :
2015 :
Begun his work producing and supporting artist, models and cosplayers in eastern Asia area.
KiYO started a production company that offers creative services called 'i2 Creative Japan(i2C)'. They're
involved in all kinds of services focused on creative pursuits. They deal with artist production and label
affairs as well as things like music production, TV show production,
event planning, and web development. Moreover, producing prominent Japanese talent, to radio personalities, to costume production and exports, the work he do is really diverse.
KiYO made an agreement with an agent in Hong Kong as a musician, and took office as an advisor for
a unified label in eastern Asia called FREE PLANET MUSIC LEAGUE. He also started produce Japanese
artist's concert in eastern Asian countries this year.
He begun compose works for local film music in eastern Asian areas.
...Since then, and up to the present.
Alias (The KiYO's band)
THE STAR CLUB (The one of the greatest Punk band in Japan)
Yoko Yazawa (Daughter of Eikichi Yazawa the most famous rock musician in Japan)
KiRiKo (The erhu player from Tokyo, Japan)
Sky (The female vocal duo by sisters)
Sayuri Nakano (The Japanese singer produced by KiYO & Asahi broadcast station)
Yurika (The Japanese famous reader model)
Yukari Onishi (The prominent female singer in Japan)
Hidekazu Akai (ex. Boxer and prominent actor in Japan)
Noriko Shina (The popular TV personality)
Cosmillica (The game creators group for Windows) ... and more
Go to KOBE Collection! (by MBS)
KWANSEI MUSIC DOME (as an editor-in-chief)
Mu-Para Tokku (music program by ABC)
Asahi newspaper (as a commentator)
Nettou Koushien (news report of high-school baseball tournament by ABC)
Aho Suki Band-doujou (by NHK)
MySpace From JP. (Tokyo News Service, Ltd.)
Kaze ni mukatte hashire! (TV drama by Kazuki Omori *GODZILLA's director*)
LOVE JAPAN (Web TV program)
VISUALZINE (Raku Music the publisher in Taiwan)
Tobikkiri Sunday (as a personality in FM-HANAKO)
music up's (as a writer) ... and more
MBS Radio Festival (Music & Entertainment event at Osaka, Japan)
KOBE Collection (Fashion show at Kobe/Yokohama, Japan)
ORC200 Vocal Queen Contest (Female singer's contest at Osaka, Japan)
a-nation (Major artist's festival on Power Stage at Osaka/Kobe, Japan)
ABC Radio festival (Music & Entertainment event at Osaka, Japan)
SUMMER SONIC (The biggest rock festival at Osaka, Japan)
Nakanoshima Music Paradice (Major artist's festival at Osaka, Japan)
MIDI AWARD (CD seller's award at Beijing, China)
Rock in Taichung (The biggest rock festival at Taichung, Taiwan)
Spring Scream (The biggest event in Asia at Pingtung, Taiwan)
KISAKI ADVENT IN TAIPEI ~Obscure Extra Show~ (at Taipei, Taiwan)
Hong Kong FILMART (The film market at Hong Kong)
Wake Up Festival (Rock festival at Jiayi, Taiwan)
HEART-TOWN FESTIVAL (Music festival at Taichung, Taiwan) ... and more
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