S'QUILT (News and Views)
SARNIA QUILTERS' GUILD – promoting the art of quilting
Held at Redeemer Christian Reformed Church, 5834 Blackwell Sideroad (off London Line)
February 2014
February 3rd
March 3rd
Library opens at 6:00
Library opens at 6:00
Meeting begins at 7:00
Meeting begins at 7:00
50/50 Draw
Fat Quarter Draw – Hearts, anything red
50/50 Draw
Fat Quarter Draw – Anything green
Program – Karen Kole – How to get your quilt
ready for the longarm
---Sign up for National Quilting Day (March 15)
$15 which includes dinner
Program – Norah McGuire Trunk Show –
Goods to buy from Nora
Show and Tell
Show and Tell
Refreshments – 10 minutes after the meeting in
Refreshments – 10 minutes after the meeting
in the fellowship hall
the fellowship hall
Those bringing snacks are names beginning
with F through names beginning with J
Coming Up
Sat., Feb. 15th – Quillows with Wanda Philbin
New Horizons Church - $20
Because our January meeting was
canceled due to bad weather, those
signed up to bring snacks in January have
been moved to February. The
following months have been
adjusted as well. Please check
carefully to see if you should be
bringing snacks. And thank you!
Those bringing snacks are names beginning
with K through names beginning with N
Coming Up
Sat., March 15th – National Quilter's Day at
Redeemer Christian Reformed Church
Doors open for classes at 8:30. Classes
run from 9:00-3:30. Please have your
machine set up and your supplies ready
to begin class at 9:00. Unless otherwise
noted, classes will be held at New
Horizons Community Church, located at
the corner of Russell and Maxwell Streets.
From our President............
Happy FEBRUARY! I don't know about
you, but that just came way too fast! Maybe
because we didn't get together in January. I
hope you are staying safe and warm this winter!
Seems like we are getting more
"polar vortex" days lately. I left
Alberta to get away from this polar
stuff! I hope the groundhog is kind
to us this year and predicts any early
spring, although, this weather is
great to retreat to the sewing room
and dive into that quilting project.
I have been working on 3 baby quilts for
triplets! A friend at work has commissioned me
to make keepsake gifts for her new nieces. What
a blessing! It is taking me a while longer to
make 3 quilts at once. I am already thinking
about quilting retreats, spring quilt shows and
shop hops!
I have heard such wonderful feedback
from the workshop with Evelyn Evers on January
18. It was well attended and I hear the
foundation technique she taught was amazing. I
was so sad that I missed it! (that work thing
really interferes way too much!) If you missed
this workshop with Evelyn Evers, mark your
calendars for January 2015! She is coming again
to see us! More information to come from
I am definitely taking the time for
workshops and more classes. Sign me up for the
February class with Wanda Philbin and
the March National Quilt day and the
May workshop with Kathy Miller!
Come and join me!!!!
Happy sewing and stay warm!
Diana Fisher
[email protected]
From Our Secretary......
No minutes to report this month due to the
cancellation of our January meeting due to bad
Reminder - April Take It Or Leave It Table
Before and after the April meeting there will be a
table set up in the main hallway. If you have any
sewing related items you no longer have a use for
(quilting items, crocheting,
knitting, cross stitch) but which
are just too good to throw
away, bring them and put them
on the table.
Everyone is
invited to check out the table
and take anything there which would be useful everything is free! After the meeting please retrieve
any item you donated which has not been claimed
or leave it and we will take all remaining items to the
Thank you!
Pat Preudhomme
Yahoo Group
Hasn't this been a weather-regulated month we've
just been enjoying that put an end to our regular
guild meeting for January? We hope you stayed
warm and dry while working on various quilting
projects instead of navigating through the storm.
In our Yahoo Group, thanks to Kelly McGee-Bunda
and Janet Baker, I tried to set up an automatic
calendar reminder so that interested
members will receive a reminder to visit
the pattern website monthly to download
the free BOM called "Penguin Cheer".
We hope members will enjoy this cute
little winter wall hanging.
See you at the meeting.
Denise Collins and Val Johnson
because of the
canceled meeting (January) please pass on your
tote to the next person as soon as you can - before
the next meeting, if at all possible. Do not wait
til the next meeting. Let that person on your list
know what is going on with your tote. If they are
going to be away please make arrangements to
get the toter to the next person
before they go as to not disrupt the
Because the meeting was canceled in January,
the trivia questions for both January and
February are given as follows:
Here are the January questions:
1. What is the normal life span of a household
iron when used an average of 2 hours per week
4 – 5 – 6 - or 7 years?
2. In what state is Paducah located?
Kathy Schnitzler
3. Name three of the most popular manufacturers
of sewing machines?
Here are the questions for February:
1. Who is the creator of “365 Quilt Blocks A Year
Fat Quarter Helper – Linda Logan
50/50 Helpers – Sadie Sheffield
Jamie Perry
Kitchen Helpers
2. Name a snack you should always find at a
quilt retreat?
3. What do you call concentric lines of quilting
that produce a rippling effect around a design on
a quilt?
Every month a Trivia box is set up on one of the
tables just as you come in the door.
Please look at the trivia questions
(above), write your answers on a slip of
paper, sign it (so we know whom to
credit), then drop it in the box. At the
end of the year the person with the most
correct answers wins a prize!
Leader: Linda Early
Helpers: Rose Huggett
Joanne Avery
Sandy Downie
Bernadette Grift
Yvonne Tranter (Clean up)
Brenda Oliphant
Betty Johnson (Floater)
See the Bulletin Board in the
Fellowship Room
From the Library.........
What is a Dessert Roll?
Use your voice,
Have your say.
Pin a notice that's the way!
Want to swap, sell or show?
Pin it on the board you know!
The board is yours,
so come and peruse
The board is yours,
So come......and use!
Check it out while having a treat
Check it out at the next guild meet!
P.S. Pins and cards provided!
Sue Ross
It’s a bundle of twenty 5 inch strips cut width of
fabric. We have a new book in our library with 12
quilt patterns using dessert rolls written by Pam
& Nicky Lintott. Another new book is ‘Another
Bite of Schnibbles’ with 24 quilts from 5” or 10”
squares. Visit our library to see these and other
books you can borrow to keep you sewing during
this cold winter.
Library Helpers this month are Adeline Smit and
Patsy Krpan. Try to arrive by 6:45 to help set up.
Dawna Joy Lapeare
Pfaff Creative vision sewing
embroidery unit and software to create
and stitch out amazing designs. All original
accessories including 10 feet, manuals, cd
has 50 bonus designs and more. 5D suite
software is included with all the manuals,
sample books and tablet for sketching. 3
standard hoops included with the unit,
(Size 240 x 150 mm, 120 x 120, 360 x
200mm). My machine is 4 years old and
has been regularly serviced by Pfaff
Please contact Nell at 519-542-1146 or at
[email protected] for more detailed
information package.
From the Comfort Quilt Committee......
The comfort quilt committee has been been
very busy getting quilt kits together for this
year's comfort quilts. We have a few kits ready
to go, but we are still collecting fabric
donations. Suggestions for where to donate the
completed quilts would be much appreciated. If
anyone would like to quilt some completed quilt
tops, there were a few left over from previous
years that need quilting! Please contact
Christina if you would like to help with quilting!
Christina Adams
[email protected]
If you know of an illness or a
death in the family
of someone in the guild, please
Indulge your creative passion...
Mark your 2014 calendar now!
pass that on to
Alice King at 519-542-9616 or e-mail at
Creativ Festival is back for its 27th year...
[email protected]
April 25 & 26
- International Centre, 6900 Airport Rd, Mississauga
ON Canada
Where all seminars and mini workshops are free with
October 24, 25 & 26
- Metro Toronto Convention Centre, South Building
Here's a quick and easy project to keep your iron cord
under control, especially nice when transporting your
iron to classes or work days. The directions can be
found at:
Industry and celebrity experts share insider tips at
hands-on workshops starting October 22nd.
Quilts of Great Britain
A Fiber Art Exhibition
Ailsa Craig Community Quilt Festival
May 19-24th, 2014
Ailsa Craig Community Centre
155 Anna Ada Shipley St.
Ailsa Craig, Ontario
The February Executive meeting will
be February 17th, 7:00 pm at the
home of Diana Fisher. Everyone is
Mon - Tues - Wed- Fri - 9:30am-5:00pm
Thursday - 9:30am-8:00pm
Saturday – 9:30am-4:00pm
The Quilts of Renske Helmuth
on display until June 1
Come meet Renske Helmuth on Family Day,
February 17 – 1:00 to 4:00 pm
At Wellington County Museum and Archives
0536 Wellington Rd. 18, R.R.1
Fergus, ON N1M 2W3
January 18 class with Evelyn Evers. Learning a
new way to do paper piecing. Must have been a
successful class, everyone looks like they're having
For more information contact Amy Dunlop,
Curatorial Assistant
T 519.846.0916 x 5232 | E [email protected]
Here's an interesting website. Lots of quilts to
look at, tutorials, and many, many free motion
quilting designs.
1.800.663.0750 x 5232
Check it out.
The deadline for the March
newsletter will be February 20th
Send all your news and items to Lyn Griffin at
[email protected]
Please send all correspondence either in an e-mail or in
WORD. Any clip art or graphics must be sent as a jpeg. Please
do not send anything in a table. As always, when I receive your
e-mail I will send a return e-mail to you to let you know I have
received your note. If you send something and don't hear
from me, please resend. If you don't hear from me the
second time, please give me a call at 519-337-4436 and we'll
figure out what happened.
Oh, Baby....... it's COLD
Sarnia Quilters Guild Presents
National Quilters Day
Saturday March 15th
(5834 Blackwell Side Road)
9 AM – 7 PM
Choose the project you would like to do
• Work on your own project
• Mystery Quilt – Supplies needed and cutting instructions will be available at
the March meeting
• Various Projects -We will supply patterns for a variety of projects.
A supply sheet for projects will be available at when you sign up.
Dinner will be provided.
Please bring your own lunch
Members will be put on teams for games
Cost is $15.00 Payable at the meetings

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