recommendations - Inteligente Site



recommendations - Inteligente Site
Aimex recommends the following procedures for the purchases of logs, sawn wood and finished products:
1) Regarding the seller:
- Request the company’s Articles of Association, including the most recent amendment;
* Check to make sure the company’s capital is consistent with their volume of business
* location
- name, address and telephone numbers for the partners
* this enables verification that partners in the company are not stooges.
2) Regarding the product:
- product verification "in situ" and its consistency with documentation
* this enables verification that what is being received is what was actually bought and described in official documents
3) Regarding logistics:
- request the chain of custody from the source.
* this enables verification that the chain of custody from the origin of the product is achievable.
* When monitoring the chain of custody, special attention should be given to the feasibility of the operation, for example:
- Is the supplier in a region or municipality where they can physically deliver what is being registered in the system?
- Is it possible to transport by road or river between the place of sale and the place of purchase?
- Are the logistics of the operation financially viable?
4) Regarding the documentation: Legalization by the environmental agency of the document accompanying the product.
1st Step: Check if the supplier is legalized with the environmental agencies.
a) Access the site and then the menu item “Consultas”, “Consulta sobre a regularidade no Cadastro Técnico
b) A window will appear where you should click on "CONSULTA PÚBLICA"
c) The CNPJ or CPF of the supplier should be filled in, then click on “Consultar”
d) If the company is in order, a window appears with all the company information.
e) If the company is not registered with IBAMA a window will appear informing that the company has no registration with
f) Or that their status is not in order
a) Access the site e then the option “Simlam/PA”, followed by “Emprendimentos Cadastrados”.
b) A window will appear where you must click on "Busca Avançada", enter the CNPJ / MF and click "Filtrar Busca".
c) If the company is registered, the records for the CNPJ / MF head office or subsidiaries will appear. Click on "Ações" and the
company's data will appear.
2nd Step: Insist that the product is accompanied by a Guia Florestal (GF), or Document of Forest Origin (DOF), and confirm that the
information on these documents corresponds to that of the product being delivered
1. SEMAS: Upon receiving the GF, the buyer should check whether the document in hand corresponds to that registered with SEMAS,
observing the following steps:
a) Access the site and then after selecting “SISFLORA/PA”, click on “Busca Guia Pa”
b) A window will appear where you should enter the largest bar code found on the GF. The same GF that you have in hand
should appear on the site.
c) If not, a screen will appear stating "Código de Barras Inválido" (Invalid Bar Code)
2. IBAMA: If, instead of a GF issued by “Secretaria de Estado de Meio Ambiente e Sustentabilidade – SEMAS/PA”, the product is
accompanied by a Documento de Origem Florestal (DOF), the verification should be made as follows:
a) The buyer should enter the site and access “Consultas”, “Consulta do Documento de Origem Florestal (DOF)”.
b) A screen will appear where the control code present on the DOF should be entered.
c) You should see the same DOF that you have on hand, otherwise, a screen will appear stating "DOF 6495777967073917
(hypothetical number) invalid"
1) Note: In addition to the above recommendations, we suggest greater attention be paid to the:
1- Sustainable Forest Management Projects (PMFS) with single Annual Operating Plans (POA),
2- Wood coming from other states.
3- Volume per specie/hectare. Is the volume consistent with information supplied by reliable research forest institution?