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Resurrection Catholic Church
The Spirit of the Lord is upon me,
because he has anointed me to
bring glad tidings to the poor. He
has sent me to proclaim liberty to
captives and recovery of sight to the
blind, to let the oppressed go free,
and to proclaim a year acceptable
to the Lord.
He said to them, “Today this
Scripture passage is fulfilled in
your hearing.”
Luke 1:1-4
Resurrection Catholic Church
Serving Others We Are Serving God
1211 Winter Garden Vineland Road, Winter Garden, Fl 34787
Office 407-656-3113— Fax 407-654-4935
E-Mail: [email protected] 
Mass Schedule:
Saturday: 5:00pm
7:00pm Spanish
9:30am and 4:30pm Spanish
7:30pm Portuguese
Vigil of Holy Day: 7:30pm or
Weekday Mass: 8:00am
Wednesday: 7:30pm Spanish
Half hour before
all weekend Masses
Staffed by the Missionaries of
St. Charles /Scalabrinians
Fr. Carlos Anklan, c.s.
Parochial Vicar:
Fr. Vincenzo Ronchi, c.s.
Ministry Coordinator:
Kathy Molhem
Faith Formation Director & RCIA:
Sr. Pat Sipan, SND
Religious Education Coordinators:
English - Mary Ann McFerrin
Nancy Parker
Spanish - Silvia Aguilar
Religious Education Facilitator:
Terry Virgona
Assisting Priest:
Fr. Robert Kurber
Youth, Liturgy & Music:
Jon Sarta
Pre-K Director:
Denise Williams
Fernando Fred Molina:
[email protected]
Business Manager:
Bob Pautienus
Sunday, January 24, 2016
Page 2
Mass Intentions of the week
We welcome you to our Parish
Community. Please complete a registration form available at the entrance of the church and put it in the collection basket or stop by the church office Monday through
Friday 9:00am-4:30pm.
Preparation classes are required for Baptism.
Saturday, January 23
5:00 PM
7:00 PM
Sunday, January 24
8:00 AM
9:30 AM (Spanish)
11:30 AM
4:30 PM (Spanish)
7:30 PM
Monday, January 25
8:00 AM
Tuesday, January 26
8:00 AM
Wed., January 27
8:00 AM
7:30 PM (Spanish)
Thurs., January 28
8:00 AM
Friday, January 29
8:00 AM
Saturday, January 30
5:00 PM
7:00 PM
St. Vincent, Deacon & Martyr;
St. Marianne Cope, Virgin
Eleanor Werner (special intention)
Aurelia Boyce (Birthday)
+Isabel Gomez
+Fr. David Donis
Third Sunday in Ordinary Time
Caputo Family
+Maria Isabel Robles
+Jose Federico Betancour
+Moises Avellaneda
Jackie Arthur (Birthday)
+Lissette Nuñez
Iris Daliana Perez (special
Carlos Alberto Perez (special in
For all the Parishioners
The Conversion of St. Paul the
John Michael Night (health)
Saints Timothy & Titus, Bishops
Jose Rafael Batista (special
St. Angela Merici, Virgin
+Nilda Barreto
+Samuel Luis Perez
+Maria del Carmen Galvan de
Souls in Purgatory
St. Thomas Aquinas, Priest &
Doctor of the church
+Constanza Rodriguez & Jose
Albino Bracho
+Ethel & Anthony Smar
Jeanine Werner (Birthday)
Divino Niño Jesus
Josmalyn Maria Batista
Emanuel Batista
“Well done my good and faithful servant”
Families contributing by
using envelopes………………..368
Offertory 01/17/16…...……….…$12,015.52
Online Giving……………….$2,632.67
The classes are required for parents and Godparents.
Parents must be registered, participating members of
the parish for at least two months, Godparents must
be practicing Catholics who have received Baptism,
Eucharist and Confirmation, and if they are couples
must be married by the Catholic Church.
Please call the church office at least four to
six months in advance. A pre-marriage program is required. Call parish office for more information.
(Christian Initiation
for adults and children 7 years and older): For more
information please call at 407-656-3113.
Please notify us when you would like a hospital or
home visit.
We believe that life long learning and growing is
healthy for people of all ages and stages. We also
expect that we, as adults, youth or children will continue to grow and learn our faith for our entire life.
We encourage all youth; Kindergarten to Grade 12 to
participate in Religious Education. Every child should
be receiving education in their faith every year. Every adult should continue to read, study share the
Scriptures, their faith and their prayer with others.
We know that a relationship with Christ is so important that we require a minimum of one or two
years of Religious Education before preparing for the
Sacraments of Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation. Religious Education is for every year that
your child is in school, not just when they are preparing for a sacrament. If your child is not participating
please call at 407-656-3113 x4 or email Maryann
McFerrin [email protected] to see how we
can assist you with Religious Education.
We light a wax candle to indicate the
presence of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. This week (January 24-30) will be
for All Souls in Purgatory.
3rd Sunday in the Ordinary Time
Page 3
In the second part of today’s Gospel reading we find Jesus in the Synagogue of Nazareth, His hometown, praying with his community and announcing the fulfillment of
God’s promises of salvation. In my 17 years of priestly ministry I have heard many people saying: “I wish I could have been there, at the Nazareth’s Synagogue”. I believe
we don’t need to regret for not having lived in Jesus’s time, because we can still listen to Him and, even more, we can be nourished by His own body and blood and filled
with the Holy Spirit every time we come together to celebrate the Memorial of His
Passion, death and Resurrection: the Eucharist. Our Sunday gathering and celebration
is not just a social and traditional reunion. It is the very encounter with the Risen Lord, who explains to us the meaning
of the Scriptures and empowers us with the Gift of the Holy Spirit so that we can continue His mission of “bringing glad
tidings to the poor, liberty to captives, freedom to the oppressed and proclaiming the acceptable time to the Lord.”
During the Jubilee of Mercy, in our Sunday’s liturgy we are particularly “called to gaze even more attentively on mercy
so that we may become a more effective signs of the Father’s action in our lives” (Pope Francis, MV, 3). By accepting
God’s forgiveness and loved we must renew our commitment of being missionaries of hope and mercy for our world,
especially for those who are pushed to the margins of our society, including the unborn, the migrants and refugees. I
would like to invite you, dear faithful of the Resurrection Parish, to live every Mass as a special moment of the time of
Grace inaugurated by Jesus at the Nazareth’s Synagogue and echoed by Pope Francis with the indiction of the extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy: A “year of the Lord’s favor” or “mercy”: this is what the Lord proclaimed and this is what we
wish to live now. This Holy Year will bring to the fore the richness of Jesus’ mission echoed in the words of the prophet: to bring a word and gesture of consolation to the poor, to proclaim liberty to those bound by new forms of slavery
in modern society, to restore sight to those who can see no more because they are caught up in themselves, to restore
dignity to all those from whom it has been robbed. The preaching of Jesus is made visible once more in the response
of faith which Christians are called to offer by their witness. May the words of the Apostle accompany us: he who
does acts of mercy, let him do them with cheerfulness (cf. Rom 12:8). As St. Paul reminds us in today’s second reading we are all parts of the same body, each one called to share his/her own talents and being attentive to each other’s
needs because “if one part suffers all parts suffer with it; if one part is honored, all the parts share its joy.”
Sunday, January 24, 2016
Page 4
Special Collection
at 7:00am followed by Mass at 8:00am
Members monthly meeting the 1st Monday of the month at
7:00pm in the parish hall. Light meal served at 6:30pm before
the meeting.
Second Sunday of the month.
Time 9:00am to 10:30am.
Thank you for your support
2016 marks the 41st year of CRS Rice Bowl – the largest
and oldest Lenten program practiced by Catholics in
the United States. Catholics have used their Lenten
sacrifice to alleviate hunger caused by poverty and improve the lives of individual and families in developing
countries as well as in their own communities. The CRS
Rice Bowl boxes will be available the weekend of January 30 & 31 after each Mass in preparation for Lent!
Resurrection Preschool
Bake Sale
Along with our Open House on Sunday, January 31st, Resurrection
Preschool will be having a Bake Sale
after the 8:00 a.m., 9:30 a.m. and
11:30 a.m. masses. Plan to stop by for some delicious treats! We will also be having a 50-50 Raffle. All proceeds from these fundraisers will
benefit the preschool.
Today, Sunday, the second collection will be destined totally for Diocese of Orlando, Special Appeal for 2015-2016
Storms. Severe weather, in the form of violent storms, tornados and floods, impacted states in the South and Midwest regions of our country. Additional major flooding is
expected over the next several weeks as rivers and tributaries
continue to rise. Please show your generosity as
you have done in the past.
We congratulate these students who received
the forgiveness of Jesus for the first time on
January 23. We would also like to thank our
Spanish Catechists: Silvia Aguilar, Belinda
Cisneros, Jose Chavez, Maricela Chavez, Ricardo Hernandez, Genoveva Hernandez.
Shantal Alvarez
Janeli Hernandez
Carlos Anzo-Castillo Jovanny Hernandez
Vividiana Anzo-Castillo
Joel Barboza
Ideth Barragan
Jaslene Barragan
Michelle Bianco
Lizett Castro
Leonardo Castro
Judit Carrasco
Alexis Chavez
Valerie Delgado
Victoria Farias
Jose Farias
Alexa Galvan
Daniela Galvan
Esmeralda Garcia
Celeste Gomez
Allison Hernandez
Miguelangel Hernandez
Ramiro Hernandez
Samuel Hernandez
Alex Jaimes
Dulce Jaimes
Melanie Jara
Luis Laborico
Jorge Lopez, Jr
Jaquelin Manzano
Yamiledt Martinez
Jaquelin Medina
Cinthia Mena
Cristian Mena
Daniel Mendez
Alexa Nava
Carmarys Ocasio
Alan Palencia-Solano
Camila Pinto
Juan Perez
Mia Rangel
Bruno Rodriguez
Maria V. Rodriguez Leon
Adriana Romero
Mariana Rosas
Sujelli Rosas
Rosaura Rosales
Oscar Rubio
Luis Omar Tapia
Andrea Torres
Jesus Velazco
Perla Velazquez-Rangel
Alexander Velazquez
Paola Zepeda
Genesis Zuniga
Marielys Ocasio-Gonzalez
Ashley Ortiz
What is the theology of Eucharist? How can I understand the
Gathering Rite. Come and update your appreciation for this
sacrament. Parents who wish to prepare their child for the Sacrament of Eucharist will be attending this meeting in the
church on Tuesday, January 26. We begin at 6:45 and conclude
by 8:00.
The ashes we use on Ash Wednesday come from
the blessed palms of last year’s Palm Sunday. If
you have blessed palms in your home could you,
please bring them to church and place them In the basket in the
back of church before Ash Wednesday (which is just three weeks
away) These will be burned for our ashes on Ash Wednesday.
3rd Sunday in the Ordinary Time
Page 5
Obrigado por ser
O dízimo de 17
de janeiro foi
Em 2016, a iniciativa “Prato de Arroz” da Agência
Católica de Assistência (Catholic Relief Services –
CRS) marca 41 anos de existência. Este é o maior e
mais antigo programa de quaresma entre os Católicos
nos Estados Unidos.
A quaresma nos convida oferecer nossos
sacrifícios e penitências para aliviar a fome e para
socorrer as pessoas e famílias dos países mais pobres.
Caixinhas para usar como cofrinhos para o
seu “Prato de Arroz” estarão disponíveis no
domingo 31 de janeiro, após a Missa, em
preparação para o começo da quaresma.
Sunday, January 24, 2016
Page 6
En la segunda parte del Evangelio de este domingo encontramos a Jesús en la Sinagoga de Nazaret, su ciudad Natal, orando con su comunidad y anunciando el complimiento de las promesas de Salvación. En mis 17 años de ministerio sacerdotal he
encontrado muchas personas que dicen: “me hubiese gustado estar ahí, en la Sinagoga de Nazaret”. Creo que como Cristianos no tenemos porque lamentarnos por no
haber vivido en el tiempo de Jesús, porque aún ahora podemos escucharlos y, mejor aún, ser alimentados con Su cuerpo y sangre y colmados con su Santo Espíritu
cada vez que nos reunimos para celebrar el Memorial de su pasión, muerte y resurrección. Nuestra celebración dominical no es simplemente un evento social y tradicional. Es un verdadero encuentro con el Cristo resucitado, quien nos explica el sentido de las escrituras y nos fortalece con el don del Espíritu Santo para que podamos continuar Su misión de “anunciar el Evangelio a los pobres, la libertad a los cautivos, la libertad a los oprimidos y proclamar el año de gracia del Señor”. Durante este año de la Misericordia, en la liturgia dominical, de un modo más intenso “estamos llamados a tener la mirada fija en la misericordia
para poder ser también nosotros mismos signo eficaz del obrar del Padre.” (Papa Francisco, MV, 3). Aceptando el
amor y el perdón de Dios sentimos el deber de renovar nuestro compromiso de ser misioneros de esperanza y misericordia para nuestro mundo, especialmente para quienes viven en las periferias de nuestra sociedad, incluyendo los no
nacidos, los migrantes y los refugiados. Quisiera invitarles, queridos fieles de la parroquia de la Resurrección, a vivir
cada Eucaristía como un momento especial de este tiempo de gracia inaugurado por Jesús en Nazaret y recordado por
el Papa Francisco al convocar el Jubileo Extraordinario de la Misericordia: “Un año de gracia”: es esto lo que el Señor
anuncia y lo que deseamos vivir. Este Año Santo lleva consigo la riqueza de la misión de Jesús que resuena en las palabras del Profeta: llevar una palabra y un gesto de consolación a los pobres, anunciar la liberación a cuantos están prisioneros de las nuevas esclavitudes de la sociedad moderna, restituir la vista a quien no puede ver más porque se ha
replegado sobre sí mismo, y volver a dar dignidad a cuantos han sido privados de ella. La predicación de Jesús se hace
de nuevo visible en las respuestas de fe que el testimonio de los cristianos está llamado a ofrecer. Nos acompañen las
palabras del Apóstol: « El que practica misericordia, que lo haga con alegría » (Rm 12,8). Como nos recuerda San Pablo en la segunda lectura de este domingo, todos somos miembros del mismo cuerpo y cada quien está llamado a compartir sus propios talentos y a estar siempre atento a las necesidades de los demás porque “cuando un miembro sufre,
todos sufren con él; cuando un miembro es honrado, todos se alegran con él.”
7:00 PM – 9:00 PM.
3rd Sunday in the Ordinary Time
Somos un grupo de jóvenes, de 18 años en adelante, no casados, y nos reunimos todos los miércoles, después de la
Misa, para:
· formar buenas amistades,
· compartir nuestra fe,
· buscar juntos las respuestas importantes de la vida,
· formar líderes,
· estudiar los asuntos apremiantes y polémicos de nuestra
· formar una red de apoyo y de servicio a los demás
· y mucho más...
Te invitamos a visitarnos, a hacer parte de esta aventura de
fe y de iglesia. Todos los miércoles, en las salas 10 y 11 del
centro parroquial, alrededor de las 8:00 pm. Para más información comuníquense con Joanna Escobedo al (321) 2259180 o hablen con el Padre Vincenzo.
Estas se llevan a cabo el último sábado de cada mes de 9:00
AM a 1:00 PM, en los salones 10 y 11. Todos están cordialmente invitados. “Lo que buscáis leyendo lo encontrareis
meditando” San Juan De la Cruz. Para más information llamar a Juan Carlos Hernández al 407-592-3625.”
El grupo de oración carismático se reúne todos los lunes a
las 7:30pm en la Iglesia. Todos están cordialmente invitados. Para más información favor llamar la Sr. Helton Blanco
al 407-936-8655.
Invitamos a aquellas personas interesadas en
aprender sobre la humildad y servicio de Nuestra Madre la Virgen María a que asistan a las
reuniones que se llevan a cabo los miércoles de
5:30pm a 7:00pm en el salón numero 2. Para
más información favor de comunicarse con la
Sra. Adriangela Esposito al 407-288-0620.
El movimiento Juan XXIII se reúne todos los martes a las
7:00pm en el Centro Parroquial. Para más información pueden llamar a Ramiro Valdez al teléfono 772-418-2965.
Los devotos de la Devoción a la Divina Misericordia se reúnen en la iglesia todos los lunes a la 6:30pm para rezar el
rosario de la Divina Misericordia. Para más información favor
de comunicarse con Hilda Pérez al 407-296-4304.
La Unidad Medica Movible proveerá exámenes
físicos, tratamientos de síntomas, y evaluaciones para adultos (18 años hacia arriba).
Para hacer citas favor de llamar a la Unidad Medica Movible al teléfono 407-245-7341. Deje su nombre y numero
de teléfono donde usted pueda ser contactado y una persona de habla hispana le regresara su llamada.
Page 7
Exposición al Santísimo Sacramento
Todos están cordialmente
Primer Encuentro Parroquial de Parejas
“Misericordiosos como el Padre.”
20 de febrero del 2016
Habra charlas y dinámicas de como
se puede vivir la Misericordia
como parejas.
Lugar: Resurrection Catholic Church
Winter Garden, Fl
Cuido de niños 4-8 años $5.00 cada uno
El año 2016 marca los 41 años del Plato de Arroz de CRS – el programa de Cuaresma más grande y más antiguo practicado por los
Católicos en los Estados Unidos. Católicos han utilizado sus sacrificios de Cuaresma para aliviar el hambre causada por la pobreza y
mejorar la vida de personas y familias en países en desarrollo, así
como en sus propias comunidades. La cajeta del Plato de Arroz se
va a repartir el fin de semana de Enero 30 y 31 después de cada
Misa en preparación para la Cuaresma!

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