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Sanje profile - Documenta series Sanje profile
Založba Sanje / Sanje publishers
Alešovčeva ulica 37 * 1000 Ljubljana
T +386.1.5141628 F +386.1.5141629
Sanje | profile
Sanje is a distinguished Slovenian publisher enjoying the reputation of being one of the best
publishers in the field of literature in Slovenia both among critics and readers. Sanje is a publisher with a clear vision and ability to act. It is one of the key promoters of reading in Slovenia.
It clearly has a role of not only publishing but also educating readers towards added value. Our
key rule is excellence - both in the choice of texts, translators and the final product - the book
- where we pay most careful attention to the text, typesetting, cover design and promotion of
each individual book.
Sanje has won numerous national awards for quality of its publication and design.
In 2010, it was awarded the title of the Publisher of the Year.
Sanje | A selection of national awards
Most Beautiful Original Slovenian Children’s Book of 2010 (Fran Milčinski – Ježek, Tina
Volarič: Zgodba o zamorčku Bambuleju in vrtoglavi žirafi)
Slovenian Publisher of the Year 2010 (awarded to Rok Zavrtanik at Sanje publishers)
Zlata Hruška - special award for picture books: Zamorček Bambulej, Princeske, Rumo
Nomination for Best Children’s Book of 2009 (Fran Milčinski - Ana Razpotnik Donati: Laž in
njen ženin)
Special Prize for Best Illustrated Book of 2009 (Fran Milčinski - Ana Razpotnik Donati: Laž in
njen ženin)
Best Young Translator of 2008: Katja Zakrajšek for The Book of Salt by Monique Truong (Sanje,
Sovre Award – highest national translation prize for Nives Vidrih (the following translation was
mentioned in the explanation of the jury: Sestra by Jachym Topol, Sanje 2008)
Praise for best bookcover at Brumen, Biennale of Visual Messages, 2007 (Sestra, design by
Matej Koren)
Best Debut Novel of 2006 ( Ime tvoje zvezde je Bilhadi by Magda Reja)
Most Beautiful Book of 2006 (Marjana by Katarina Lavš)
Most Beautiful Book of 2005 (Faust by J.W.Goethe, first complete translation)
Most Beautiful Book of 2004 (Idiot by F.M.Dostoevsky)
Most Beautiful Book of 2001 (s series of audiobooks, France Prešeren)
Sanje | A selection of recent achievements
* publisher of #1 bestselling authors in Slovenia, such as Vladimir Bartol (over 50.000 copies of a single title - ALAMUT - sold), Frane Milčinski - Ježek (over 20.000 copies sold) and,
recently, Desa Muck, Vesna Milek, Breda Smolnikar,
* very successful national and international promotion of the highly acclaimed Slovenian author Vladimir Bartol (now a bestselling Slovene writer),
* publisher of Nobel prize winner Orhan Pamuk’s work in Slovenia (Snow, White Castle,
Istanbul...), including the first ever translation of a novel directly from Turkish into Slovenian
(Kara Kitap / Black Book, translated by Erna Pačnik and Katja Zakrajšek),
* first ever translation of a literary work from Japanese language into Slovenian: Haruki Murakami’s Norwegian Wood,
* first complete translation of J.W. Goethe’s FAUST by one of the finest Slovenian translators,
Janko Moder, supported also by Goethe-Institut,
* successful organisation of nine consecutive music and literary festivals called FESTIVAL
SANJE (one-month, open-air, non profit festival of non-mainstream music and literature with
growing potentials in the city and in other venues in Slovenia and abroad), featuring over
1.400 events since its foundation; in 2010 it took place at five different venues across the country, including a week in Goriška Brda in Medana and Šmartno,
* international series of audiobooks of the greatest Slovenian poet France Prešeren – world
famous artists, such as Vanessa Redgrave, Simon Callow, Katrin Cartildge, Blixa Bargeld, Marjana Lipovšek et al., participated in the project,
* numerous contemporary writers from all over the world (Kurt Vonnegut, Michal Viewegh,
Orhan Pamuk, Colum McCann, Nelson Mandela, Ian McEwan, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie,
Roald Dahl, Vladimir Nabokov, F.M.Dostoevsky, H. Murakami, Noam Chomsky, Tiziano Terzani, Anna Politkovskaya, Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara, Greg Mortenson, Florence Hartmann, ...)
Publisher Sanje Pushing Ahead with High-Quality Titles
26. januar 2011
| Interview - Published at Slovene Press Agency website
Sanje is a middling book publisher, essentially a two-person endeavour, but it has made an
outsized name for itself with an eclectic selection of titles that do not necessarily appeal to the
masses. “We want readers to be very picky, to reach for titles that require their full attention,”
editor Tjasa Koprivec has told the STA.
Sanje released 40 new titles last year, two music albums and 11 reprints. Koprivec said this was
a handful considering that only two editors, herself and editor-in-chief Rok Zavrtanik, handle
all the work.
But the publishing house’s great strength “compared to a behemoth like [market leader] Mladinska knjiga” is its selection of titles from around the world.
Koprivec made special mention of the African novel series. “Sanje was bold enough to offer a
selection of African novels, one of several precious moves that we can be very proud of,” she
Asked how Sanje reached out to readers, Koprivec said that the path to readers was “incredibly enigmatic”. For her, the best way to reach readers is through personal contact.
“I’m convinced that the easiest and most reliable way to promote ‘more demanding literature’
is with personal touch with the translator or an expert, who bring the title to life in an honestly enthusiastic literary chat.”
“Demanding literature requires a reader who is willing and able to contemplate, a reader who
has the time to reach for the depths,” she added.
Sanje positioned itself as a niche outfit early on, but in the 13 years of its existence it also
started publishing more popular titles. But Koprivec noted that there were several ways of
interpreting success.
“We always want our books to be bestsellers, but what does that really mean?…If we chose
Terry Pratchett or Neil Gaiman, who sell very well internationally but not so much in Slovenia, we know why we’ve chosen precisely ‘Neverwhere’ or ‘Good Omens’,” she said.
“I’m convinced that by expanding the programme we are not profanizing it. I believe we are
preserving the noble nature, even though we occasionally succeed with a so-called bestseller.”
The publisher’s biggest success to date was Alamut, the 1938 novel by Slovenian author
Vladimir Bartol which gained broad attention after 9/11 for dealing with Islamic suicide warriors.
Sanje has recently won the international copyright for the novel, along with the film rights,
which it wants to sell, but not at any price.
Koprivec says that the first task is to promote high-quality translations (Alamut is already the
most widely translated Slovenian novel). “There is great interest, but the selection of the right
publisher is no small feat,” she said.
A renowned European director has also expressed interest in adapting the novel for the big
screen, but Sanje is threading cautiously, eager to keep the story as true to the novel as possible.
“Alamut is a tissue that needs to be handled carefully and sensibly…in order to prevent its
messages from being blown out of proportion or reinterpreted in a way that would inadmissably stray away from Bartol’s intention,” Koprivec said.
Hollywood studios are also interested, but “they leave preciously little space to copyright holders: they see film reality in their own way and want to be totally independent.”
Sanje is the first Slovenian publisher to get serious about audio books and it has been at the
forefront of publishers’ efforts to repeal the 8.5% value added tax on books.
“I believe this is a step that is absolutely necessary…The book tax is a cultural crime which
Slovenians support.”
Sanje publishers presents
ISBN 978-961-6767-64-4
Sven Lindqvist, doktor zgodovine literarnih ved, avtor
preko tridesetih knjig, v katerih razsodno in poglobljeno plete sile zgodovinopisja, potopisa, avtobiografije,
reportaže in eseja, je eden najpomembnejših sodobnih
švedskih piscev.
Na oseben, izviren naèin, ki se odpira širokemu krogu
bralstva, razgrinja grozote èloveškega in jih ostri z
glasom kritiènega angažmaja, celo ognjevite polemike. Brezkompromisnim zavojevalskim strategijam in
arogantni ravnodušnosti zgodovinskih zablod izroèa
sodbo èloveka, ki snuje sozvoèen jezik samopresoje na
brvi življenja.
Predsednik Združenih držav Amerike
in Nobelov lavreat za mir (2009) se podpisuje tudi
pod prvovrstno uspešnico New York Timesa,
Pogum za upanje: Misli o vrnitvi k ameriškemu snu
(Založba Sanje, 2008).
em. Videl sem obup in nered revnih. Videl sem,
kako se življenje otrok na ulicah Džakarte ali
Nairobija obrne enako, kot se obrne življenje otrok
v južnih četrtih Chicaga, in kako ozka je zanje steza
med ponižanjem in nebrzdanim besom, in kako lahko
zdrsnejo v nasilje in brezup.
Vem, da odgovor oblastnikov na ta nered ne ustreza
nalogi, saj je ta odgovor topa brezbrižnost ali pa – ko
se nered razlije čez določene meje – trda, nepremišljena
uporaba sile, daljše zaporne kazni in še bolj dognana
vojaška tehnika. Vem, da smo zaradi utrjevanja bojnih
črt, sprejemanja fundamentalizma in plemenskega
združevanja obsojeni vsi.
������������ Sanje mojega očeta
Sentimentalno neobteženi in z očarljivo potezo
sukani spomini moža, ki je pognal iz rasnega
talilnega lonca Havajev, trejo sol spoznanj in mirijo
v rogovilje razcepljeno dediščino po črnem očetu in
beli materi. Nekoč vitalen ameriški senator, kasneje
živi odlomek svoje zgodovine, Barack Obama
premišlja težiščne vrednote življenja, ki se ne zboji
strmine …
Beseda Evropa izhaja iz semitske besede, ki pomeni
preprosto "tema". Stavek, ki se sveti na zaslonu, je
resnièno evropski. Misel je nastajala dolgo, dokler je ob
prelomu stoletja (1898–1899) ni konèno ubesedil
poljski pisatelj, ki je pogosto razmišljal v francošèini,
vendar pisal v anglešèini: Joseph Conrad.
Kurtz, vodilni lik v Conradovem Srcu teme, svoj esej o
nalogi belega èloveka, da civilizira afriške divjake, zakljuèi s pripisom, ki povzema resnièno vsebino njegove
visokoleteèe retorike.
In ta stavek sedaj z zaslona žari proti meni:
"Iztrebite vse divjake."
Sven Lindqvist je eden najbolj izvirnih in ustvarjalnih
avtorjev s konca dvajsetega stoletja. Skupaj z angleškim pisateljem Brucom Chatwinom in italijanskim pisateljem Claudiem Magrisom (Donava) je osnoval žanr, v
katerem potovanje v prostoru hkrati pomeni potovanje
v èasu ... Vse, kar Lindqvist zapiše, so težko pridobljena
dejstva, ki temeljijo na ostrem opazovanju in prizadevnem raziskovanju. Njegove knjige so obogatene z
analitiènimi sposobnostmi filozofa.
In tako se je moj notranji, osebni napor, da bi razumel
ta boj in v njem našel svoje mesto, združil s širšo javno
razpravo, v kateri sem udeležen poklicno in ki bo
oblikovala naše življenje in življenje naših otrok
še mnogo let v prihodnosti.
Richard Gott, The Guardian
ISBN 978-961-6767-25-5
789616 767644
Ta knjiga je pomembna ... morali bi jo prebrati mi, naši
voditelji in vsi, ki jim slepo sledijo ... vsebuje sporoèilo za našo
The Guardian
Navsezadnje so dejstva le pricurljala na plan. Seveda so izobraženi Francozi
približno ali celo zelo natanèno vedeli, na kakšne naèine se je zavzemalo in
vodilo njihove kolonije.
mojega očeta
Ravno tako kot so izobraženi Francozi v 50. in 60. letih 20. stoletja vedeli,
kaj so naklepale njihove èete v Vietnamu in v Alžiriji.
Ravno tako kot so izobraženi Rusi v 80. letih 20. stoletja vedeli, kaj so poèele
njihove èete v Afganistanu, in kot so izobraženi Južnoafrièani in Amerièani v
istem obdobju vedeli, kaj so poèele njihove "rezervne sile" v Mozambiku in
Srednji Ameriki.
Tako kot izobraženi Evropejci danes vedo, kako otroci umirajo, ko po revnih
državah udari biè dolgov.
Tisto, kar manjka, ni védenje. Izobražena splošna javnost je veèinoma vedno
vedela, kakšne grozote so se izvajale in se izvajajo v imenu Napredka, Civilizacije, Socializma, Demokracije in Trga.
Odlomek iz knjige
Osvajalski pohod evropskega fašizma se ni konèal s posnetki kupov mrlièev
v nemških nacistiènih taborišèih; nadaljuje se pod pretvezo vojne proti terorizmu in spopada civilizacij, ki naj se mu ne bi bilo mogoèe izogniti.
Najbolj znano delo švedskega pisatelja Svena Lindqvista Iztrebite vse
divjake! ni akademsko delo, namenjeno zgolj izbrancem. Z najveèjim zanimanjem ga bodo sprejeli vsi, ki jih resnièno zanimajo korenine najveèjega
svetovnega konflikta in ki še zaupajo v možnost kulturnega dialoga.
Tomo Križnar
18,95 €
Odiseja nekega moža v srce teme in izvori genocida v Evropi
V pustinji resniènosti temine izbrisanih življenj, ne
posveèenih v službo ošabno kodirane civilizacije; pre
treseni kriki teles, ki se upirajo lomu surove mo
imperialistiènih ideologij. Pesek v kolesju.
Zgodovina ljubi ponavljanje. Na ozemlju dolgih sen
poeti kolonializma znova zakrižarijo med upornišk
pesimistiènimi etikami, cinièno strmeè v obraze nespre
obrnjenih, ki jim bodo, izdih za izdihom, krèili vredno
– vse tja do brezsramnega unièenja. Pesek v kolesju
Vse polno peska v kolesju.
Sven Lindqvist s strunami in bobni živega spomin
izstradanih ras reže èrne valove usodno preprost
stavkov, ki v kostumih humanizma in blaginje pišej
naèrt popolne sreèe – in z nezaslišano predrznostj
iztrebljajo življenjske poganjke, ki zanesljivo zmotij
hrupno orgijo gina in orožja.
Tjaša Koprivec
Kot pušèavski popotnik, ki uporablja paradigmo podob
nosti, ugotavljam, da je unièevanje "manjvrednih ras",
ga je Evropa izvajala na štirih celinah, pripravljal
temelj za Hitlerjevo unièenje šestih milijonov Judov
Evropi. …
Povsod po svetu, kjer se zatira védenje, ki bi, èe bi bil
splošno znano, sesulo našo podobo o svetu in na
prisililo v spraševanje o samih sebi – povsod tam s
uprizarja srce teme.
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»This book is a testimony to the Afghan poor, vulnerable and excluded. … While myths perpetuate of Afghans as war-mongering or ungovernable, these photographs serve to shatter those perceptions, shed light on the lives of those devastated
by the path and consequences of thirty years of conflict at the crossroads of three continents. These are the lives of people
yearning for participation in a just order, to earn a decent living and access the most basic of services.«
- Clare Lockhart, Co-Founder and Director of the Institute for State Effectiveness, and co-author of the book Fixing Failed States
»The purpose of this assemblage is not to shock readers into action, as much as to bring those suffering such predicaments
into a light of their own, to be accepted and greeted with dignity, with mutual support, and embraced.«
- Karim Merchant, freelance international Consultant on Rural
Development and Senior Advisor on strategy, policy and programmes
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Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels
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Workers of the world,
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vereinigt euch!
Proletari di tutti i paesi,
Proletariusze wszystkich krajów,
łączcie się!
Prolétaires de tous les pays,
¡Proletarios de todos los países,
Bütün ülkelerin işçileri,
����������� ����� ��������,
Пролетарии всех стран,
Duniya bhar ke majdoor ek ho jao!