nr.17 - February ‘12
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sales & service network
• Atos website updating and KT12 master catalog
The new release of Atos website is already running on and contains updated
NEWS page and catalog on-line plus additional marketing tools and information.
Moreover, the new KT12-0/E paper master catalogue in English version has been recently
printed: it includes several updated technical tables and new components, and it is available
on request. Interesting news: DHE(R) directional valves, AES digital driver with improved
features, AEG and AEZ cycle generators and -TEZ, Z-ME-KZ axis controllers. The catalog
has been integrated with specific information about compatibility of valve’s drivers, electronics
and transducers to EMC, climate and mechanical load (tab. G004) and about the MTTFd
reliability data (tab. P007)
Atos spa
Via alla Piana, 57 - I - 21018 Sesto Calende - Va
Fax +39 0331 920005 - Tel +39 0331 922078 - [email protected]
Atos branches:
Agents and service
Atos NL Branch - Amsterdam
Fax +31 226 411672 - [email protected]
Atos Czech Republic Branch - Brno
Fax +420 537 039 672 - [email protected]
Atos Finland Branch - Vantaa
Fax +35 892 765 200 - [email protected]
Atos France Branch - Lyon
Fax +33 475 498915 - [email protected]
Atos Germany Branch - Dresden
Fax +49 35 208 30734 - [email protected]
Atos UK Branch - Portsmouth
Fax +44 23 92 265881 - [email protected]
Atos Spain Branch - Madrid
Fax +34 949 361644 - [email protected]
Atos Poland Branch - Gdańsk
Fax +48 58 719 90 21 - [email protected]
Atos Russia Branch - Moscow
Fax +7 495 5448641 - [email protected]
Atos Systems Inc. - York PA - USA
Fax +1 519 843 8350 - [email protected]
Atos Argentina Branch - Cordoba
Fax +54 351 52 30 830 - [email protected]
Atos Brasil Branch - S. Paulo
Fax +55 11 2227 2005 - [email protected]
Atos China Branch - Shanghai
Fax +86 21 63533310 - [email protected]
Atos Korea Branch - Hwasung
Fax +82 31 8015 2420 - [email protected]
Atos India Branch - Bangalore
Fax +91 80 41328167 - [email protected]
Atos Singapore Branch - Bukit Batok
Fax +65 65606148 - [email protected]
Electrohydraulics Elektrohydraulik
in the following countries, addresses on request:
Algeria - Australia - Austria - Belgium - Bulgaria - Canada - Chile - Colombia Croatia - Cyprus - Denmark - Ecuador - Egypt - Greece - Hong Kong - Hungary Iceland - Indonesia - Iran - Ireland - Israel - Japan - Jordan - Kazakistan - Latvia Lithuania - Malaysia - Mexico - Morocco - Netherlands - New Zealand - Norway Pakistan - Peru - Philippines - Portugal - Romania - Saudi Arabia - Slovenia South Africa - Sweden - Switzerland - Syria - Taiwan - Thailand - Tunisia - Turkey Ukraine - United Arab Emirates - Uruguay - Venezuela - Vietnam
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KT master catalog
english edition
New KT12 master catalog
• Availability of new DHE(R), DP2, DP-3 directional valves
The new solenoid valves DHE and DHER are already available for pre-series supply; the
serial production is forecasted starting from June. DP-2 with new body casting are also
immediately available for pre-series, while the series is expected starting from May. DP-3 are
still in prototyping phase. The pre-series will be available around June/July and the series
from September.
Technical documentation: tech. tables E015 (DHE and DHER) and E085 (DPH*-2 and -3)
available in Atos on-line catalog & KT12
Prices: already included in 2012 Price list
• ISO 7790 standard for clamping dimensions
In reference to the new issue of standard ISO 7790 defining the installation dimensions of
fixing bolts for directional valves, we confirm you that DHE, DHER, DKE, DKER, DP-1, and
the new execution of DP-2, DP-3 and DP-6 are in compliance with the specification
requirements. DHI and DHU cannot be modified due to technical reasons, so they cannot be
aligned to the new ISO standard.
Fixing bolts dimension
• News about ex-proof valves
IECEx international certification for ex-proof integral electronics
The worldwide recognized certification IECEx has now been extended to ex-proof proportional
valves with integral digital electronics. In the next step the IECEx certification will be introduced
also for the ex-proof proportional valves for mining.
Technical documentation: tech. table F600 available in Atos on-line catalog & KT12
Availability: running
Prices: already included in 2012 Price list
DHA with ex-proof proximity sensor
Ex-proof directional solenoid valve code 042124 DHA, equipped with ex-proof proximity
sensor for spool position detection, has been developed for safety applications in oil & gas
and potential hazardous areas. The valve is certified according to ATEX Ex II 2GD Ex d IIC
T6/T4/T3 and it is available in selected configurations.
Technical documentation: tech. table TE120 will be available in new issue of TAK12 on line &
paper catalog
Availability: running
Prices: on request
042124 DHA
Ex-proof solenoids with suppressor diode
The directional ex-proof solenoid valves type DHA are available in special execution 002290
DHA-** with a suppressor diode installed inside the solenoid to eliminate the electric
disturbances at the valve de-energizing.
This version is certified according to ATEX Ex II 2GD Ex d IIC T6/T4/T3 and it is available with
all configurations and spools provided by the standard DHA range.
Technical documentation: tech. table TE130 will be available in new issue of TAK12 on line &
paper catalog
Availability: running
Prices: on request
002290 DHA
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nr.17 - February ‘12
• Hand lever valves for marine application (Winch control)
Special hand lever valves designed for winch controls in marine applications.
Thanks to the spool shape derived from proportional execution and to the wide lever working
stroke, they permit a fine and sensible control of the regulated flow.
These valves are also predisposed to be remotely operated through ports X and Y by means
of a proportional pressure reducing valve, operating in the range 0 to 20 bar.
This special version is available in ISO size 10, 16 and 25
Technical documentation: tech. table TE140 will be available in new issue of TAK12 on line &
paper catalog
Availability: running
Prices: on request
092105 DP-3113-L5/B
• Proportional relief valves with pressure regulation up to 500 bar
The proportional pressure relief valve type RZMO-A*-010/500 controls the pressure in the range
from 30 to 500 bar and it is designed for mobile sector and high tons presses in which the high
working pressure permits a significant reduction of weights, dimensions and costs of the
machinery. It is available without (-A) or with integral analogue (-AE) or digital (-AES) electronics
Technical documentation: tech. table TF035 will be available in new issue of TAK12 on line &
paper catalog
Availability: running
Prices: on request
• Proportional valves with command signal +/- 10mA
The proportional directional valves type 040261 DHZO, DKZOR and DPZO are equipped with
special integral analogue electronics -AE, -TE, -LE suitable to receive command signal +/- 10
mA ( instead of 4-20 mA of standard option /I).
They have been developed to permit the electrical interchangeability with Moog and Parker
valves. We remind you that for standard digital integral drivers with option /I, the current
command signal is software selectable by the end user in any value within the range +/-20 mA
Technical documentation: tech. table TF330 will be available in the new issue of TAK12 on line
& paper catalog
Availability: running
Prices: on request
• New climatic chamber for temperature and humidity tests
The environmental test s are of primary importance to verify the components resistance to
particulars ambient conditions. At this purpose a climatic test chamber has been recently
purchased by Atos to verify the resistance of components like solenoid coils, integral
electronics and transducers to high humidity conditions and strong temperature excursion.
This new instrument, in addition to the already existing facilities for thermal, salt fog, vibration/
shock and rain tests, improves the capability to verify the behavior of complete valves and
single parts when exposed to heavy environmental conditions in order to improve the overall
component’s quality and performances.
Climatic chamber
• Instrumentation for contamination level control
Improved component’s cleaning project
The project for the improvement of the whole production cycle according to ISO16232 (see
INFOTEC Valves n.14) is quickly proceeding with the recent introduction of new specific
equipments for the contamination control. These instruments (filtering cabinet, microscope
and gravimetric balance) permit to verify the cleanliness degree of the valve’s components
during all phases of the production cycle and then through the constant monitoring of the
complete cycle, ensure high cleanliness standards.
New test equipment for contamination control
New portable particles laser counter performs the real time analysis of the fluid contamination
level according to ISO4406, NAS1638 and SAE4059 standards. This instrumentation permits
to Atos service personnel to verify the contamination degree of the fluid present in customer’s
systems and providing them a useful support to identify the actions to improve the efficiency
of their fluid cleaning equipments. The portable laser counter can be used both with mineral
oils and phosphate esters fluids.
Particles laser counter
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