A Century of Royal Doulton Character Jugs



A Century of Royal Doulton Character Jugs
& series
famous characters
from literature
A Century of Royal Doulton
Character Jugs
Collections can begin in many different ways. A surprise gift can start a
lifetime passion or it could be a legacy that creates an instant collection.
One thing is for certain: the first acquisition is rarely alone for long!
Part of the fun of collecting character jugs is finding out more about the
characters behind each one and the symbolism of their handles. For
bookworms there are many characters from literature, beginning with the
novels of Charles Dickens - a particular favorite of Royal Doulton’s original
art director, Charles Noke. Collectors interested in England’s past will find
an abundance of kings and queens, colorful London characters and military
heroes to create a historical display of jugs. The sea has been particularly
important in British history and has been the inspiration for many seafaring
characters, perfect for a nautical collection. Patriotic Americans can
collect presidents, Civil War generals, Hollywood film stars and Wild
West Cowboys. With so many exciting choices, which series will you start
collecting next?
Friar Tuck D6321
Large $375
All of us have a list of literary characters that
have touched us in some way or left an indelible
imprint on our cultural imagination. There are
so many characters from literature that have
made an impression on us long after the novel’s
plot has faded from our memory. For more than
a century, the artists and modelers at the Royal
Doulton Studios have brought some of the most
beloved characters from our favorite stories to life
in the form of a character or toby jug. Charles
Noke, Henry Fenton and David Biggs are among
some of the great Royal Doulton artists that have
produced jugs for the range.
Gulliver D6560
Large $675
A Century of Royal Doulton Character and Toby Jugs
by Stephen M. Mullens and David C. Fastenau $125
Steven M. Mullins and David C. Fastenau have written the most
comprehensive book ever published on collecting jugs and derivatives,
A Century of Royal Doulton Character and Toby Jugs. At more than 450 pages, this hardcover book is lavishly illustrated with
over 1,600 color photographs of every Royal Doulton production jug and more than 100 prototypes, many of which have
never been seen by collectors before. This book is a must-have for the serious character jug collector.
Don Quixote D6455
Large $100
Falstaff D6287
Large $100
Long John Silver D6335
Large $85
Long John Silver (Holmes)
D6799 Large $450
King Charles I D6917
Large $400
Quasimodo D7108
Large $225
Rip Van Winkle D6438
Large $100
Robin Hood (Bow Handle)
D6527 Large $100
Robin Hood (Plain Handle)
D6205 Large $150
Sir Henry Doulton D7054
Large $225
Robinson Crusoe D6532
Large $175
Sancho Panca D6456
Large $100
Scaramouche (Glass Guild)
D6774 Large $200
Scaramouche (Mask Handle)
D6814 Large $175
royal doulton double-handled character jugs
Charles Dickens D6939
Large $500
Geoffrey Chaucer D7029
Large $675
Oliver Cromwell D6968
Large $400
Robin Hood D6998
Large $575
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Henry VIII D6888
Large $900
Shakespeare D6933
Large $450
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& series
star-crossed lovers of history
the shakespearean series
Shakespeare D6689
Large $150
William Shakespeare is considered the greatest dramatist the world
has known and the first poet to write in the English language.
No other writer’s plays have been produced so many times in so
many countries and no poet’s verse has been so widely read in so
many lands. His works have been translated into more languages
than any other book in the world except the Bible. Behind his
incomparable creative power lay a wide acquaintance with men
and women of all types in bustling Elizabethan London as well
as an amazing knowledge of a wide variety of subjects from
music and law to seamanship and politics.
Hamlet D6672
Large $100
Macbeth D6667
Large $150
Othello D6673
Large $150
Antony and Cleopatra
D6728 Large $100
Napoleon and Josephine
D6750 Large $125
Samson and Delilah
D6787 Large $125
the antagonists series
Romeo D6670
Large $85
Davy Crockett and Santa Anna
D6729 Large $100
the great composers collection
George III and George Washington
D6749 Large $125
Sitting Bull and George Custer
(Brown Eyes) D6712 Large $150
Ulysses Grant and Robert Lee
D6698 Large $300
alice in wonderland
Beethoven D7021
Large $325
Chopin D7030
Large $325
Elgar D7118
Large $325
Handel D7080
Large $325
March Hare D6776
Large $225
Johann Strauss II D7097
Large $325
Mozart D7031
Large $325
Schubert D7056
Large $325
Tchaikovsky D7022
Large $325
Cook and Cheshire Cat
D6842 Large $350
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Arthur and Guinevere
D6836 Large $200
Lewis Carroll’s timeless story about a young girl who
falls down a rabbit hole and finds herself in a fantastic
world has captivated audiences for generations. His most
famous works, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (1865)
and Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found
There (1871) are filled with clever wordplay and some of
the most intriguing characters the literary world has ever
known. Some of these characters have been recreated in
the form of character jugs by Royal Doulton artists.
Red Queen
D6777 Large $125
Mad Hatter
D6598 Large $185
Ugly Duchess D6599
Large $500
Walrus and Carpenter
D6600 Large $185
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