Prayer for The Year of Mercy
▪ Dar de comer al hambriento
▪ Dar de beber al sediento
▪ Dar posada al necesitado
▪Vestir al desnudo
▪ Visitar al enfermo
▪ Socorrer a los presos
▪ Enterrar a los muertos
Lord Jesus Christ, you have taught us to be merciful like the
heavenly Father, and have told us that whoever sees you sees
Him. Show us your face and we will be saved. Your loving gaze
freed Zacchaeus and Matthew from being enslaved by money;
the adulteress and Magdalene from seeking happiness only in
created things; made Peter weep after his betrayal, and
assured Paradise to the repentant thief. Let us hear, as if
addressed to each one of us, the words that you spoke to the
Samaritan woman: "If you knew the gift of God!"
You are the visible face of the invisible Father, of the God who
manifests his power above all by forgiveness and mercy: let
the Church be your visible face in the world, its Lord risen and
glorified. You willed that your ministers would also be clothed
in weakness in order that they may feel compassion for those
in ignorance and error: let everyone who approaches them
feel sought after, loved, and forgiven by God.
▪ Enseñar al que no sabe
▪ Dar buen consejo al que
lo necesita
▪ Corregir al que se equivoca
▪ Perdonar las injurias
▪ Consolar al triste
▪ Sufrir con paciencia los
defectos de los demás
▪ Rezar a Dios por vivos y
Pope Francis
Send your Spirit and consecrate every one of us with its
anointing, so that the Jubilee of Mercy may be a year of grace
from the Lord, and your Church, with renewed enthusiasm,
may bring good news to the poor, proclaim liberty to captives
and the oppressed, and restore sight to the blind.
We ask this through the intercession of Mary, Mother of
Mercy, you who live and reign with the Father and the Holy
Spirit for ever and ever. Amen.
Feed the hungry
Give drink to the thirsty
Clothe the naked
Shelter the homeless
Visit the sick
Ransom the captive
Bury the dead
Instruct the ignorant
Counsel the doubtful
Admonish sinners
Bear wrongs patiently
Forgive offences willingly
Comfort the afflicted
Pray for the living and
the dead
Page 2
Cathedral Parish  Madison, Wisconsin
/CathedralParishMadison 
Most Reverend Robert C. Morlino
Bishop of Madison
Reverend Monsignor Kevin D. Holmes
[email protected]
(608) 257-5000 · office
(608) 960-0921 · residence
Reverend José Luis Vázquez
Parochial Vicar
(608) 255-1658
Deacon Raymond Lukesic
On Friday evening, June 24th, the Rev. Mr. Joseph Baker will be ordained a priest for the Diocese of Madison at St. Maria Goretti Church
by Bishop Morlino. The Ordination Mass begins at 7:30 pm. All are
invited and encouraged to attend the ordination ceremony. Since we
have only one man being ordained this year, there should be room for
all who want to attend.
Fr. Baker is a native of Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, but discerned his vocation while a student at the University of Wisconsin and
a member of St. Paul’s University Catholic Center. Since St. Paul’s is
currently without a building, he plans to celebrate his First Mass at
Holy Redeemer Church the following morning, Saturday, June 25th,
at 9:00 am. Again, all are invited and encouraged to attend!
Please note that there will be no 8:00 am Mass next Saturday,
June 25th. Please come an hour later to attend the First Mass. The
Stations of the Cross normally held at 9:00 am will also be cancelled
this week to enable everyone to attend the First Mass.
Director of Pastoral Care
[email protected]
Marc Laudonio
Director of Evangelization and Catechesis
[email protected]
Amber Cerrato
Director of Religious Education
[email protected]
Leona Rane
Alice Buechner
Maria Culligan
Parish Secretaries
[email protected]
Parish Office
404 East Main Street
Madison, Wisconsin 53703
(608) 257-5000 – fax 257-5565
Holy Redeemer Church
West Johnson Street
(one half block off State Street)
Saint Patrick Church
East Main Street
(three blocks east of the Capitol Square)
All Summer Blong
This week’s Moment of Truth blog features Marc Laudonio, Director of Evangelization and Catechesis, writing on
the topic, “Fatherhood: The First and
Greatest Truth.” A second blog, the eighth of the series, focuses on
“Revelation: Truth Unfolding in Time.” Don’t be bashful! After reading any of these eight blogs, make a comment, enter into a dialogue with
fellow parishioners. This summer, pull out the dandelions and cultivate
Go to: (Category: A Moment of Truth)
St. Thomas More Society Annual Meeting
Following in the footsteps of St. Thomas More, all attorneys are invited
to an evening honoring him and his ideals. Starting with Mass at 5:30
pm Wednesday, June 22nnd, at St. Patrick Church, we celebrate his
strong faith. Following, we celebrate his hospitality with heavy hors
d’oeuvres. A brief annual meeting gives a nod to his leadership and finally, we celebrate his wit with entertainment provided by Joe Thompson and his Prom Committee of improv comedians. Please RSVP by
sending a $60 check for membership and the event ($50 + 10) or $15 for
the event only, made payable to St. Thomas More Society to Deb O’Brien, DeWitt, Ross and Stevens, 2 East Mifflin Street, Suite 600, Madison,
WI 53703-2865. Questions? Contact President Susanna Herro at 608-2552020 or [email protected]
Happy Father’s Day!
¡Feliz Día del Padre!
Page 3
Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary Time
June 19, 2016
Dear Friends in Christ:
A week ago Thursday, the Parish Pastoral Council had a very important
meeting. The topic of that meeting was our identity as a bi-lingual parish, and how the Parish Pastoral Council should be organized to support the mission of our bilingual parish most effectively.
Monday, June 20
12:10 pm at St. Patrick
Special Intention: Joyce Unger
5:15 pm at Holy Redeemer
† Fr. David Runde
Tuesday, June 21 – St. Aloysius Gonzaga
We are a parish with two languages. We
don’t need to work at that . . . it is a fact of
life for us. Each Sunday, we have four
Masses in English and three Masses in
Spanish. People go to confession, get married, and have babies baptized in both languages with great regularity. We have
long worked hard to provide opportunities
for faith formation in English, and there are
an increasing number of such opportunities in Spanish as well.
12:10 pm at St. Patrick
Poor Souls in Purgatory
5:15 pm at Holy Redeemer
† Warren Schroeckenthaler
I believe that, in many ways, Englishspeaking and Spanish-speaking people are being well served here at
our parish. Our challenge, though, is to fulfill our mission ever more
effectively while strengthening our identity as a single parish.
Thursday, June 23
12:10 pm at St. Patrick
Special Intention: Meagan Mueller
It is a complicated matter! Our diversity is not just a matter of using
two languages. The work of the parish in the two language groups is
quite different as well.
In regard to our Spanish-speaking population, this is very much a family parish. Very few people come to the Spanish Masses alone! Many
families, many children. Providing for the education and sacramental
needs of our Spanish-speaking families is a full-time job. As I commented at the meeting, the Spanish-speaking part of our parish reminds me
of my own home parish in Janesville in the 1960s.
The English-speaking members of the parish are much more likely to be
single or couples – many young, some middle-aged, a fair number of
empty-nesters. Those with children at home are likely either to homeschool or to use Catholic schools in the city. The work of the parish is
more directed to the formation of adults than the education of children.
And there is another difference as well. The vast majority of Hispanics
have a Catholic background; in English, we deal with a great variety of
people . . . many not of Catholic background, but inquiring into the
Catholic Faith.
The Parish Pastoral Council is supposed to promote the pastoral work
of the parish – evaluating the life of the parish, tweaking existing programs to help the parish to accomplish its mission more effectively, and
developing new initiatives. The challenge is how to do this in both our
English and Spanish language offerings, while advancing our identity
as a single and unified parish.
Did I mention that this is a complicated topic? Next week, more on our
bilingual identity and the way forward for our Parish Pastoral Council.
Msgr. Kevin D. Holmes
Wednesday, June 22 – SS. John Fisher and
Thomas More
12:10 pm at St. Patrick
Special Intention: Thomas Unger
5:15 pm at Holy Redeemer
Special Intention: Holly Murphy
5:15 pm at Holy Redeemer
Special Intention: Camden McBain
Friday, June 24 – Nativity of St. John the
12:10 pm at St. Patrick
Special Intention: Mecum Anniversary
5:15 pm at Holy Redeemer
Special Intention: Paige Lightner
Saturday, June 25
9:00 am at Holy Redeemer
First Mass of Fr. Joseph Baker
5:00 pm at St. Patrick (Vigil)
† Members of the John Wisnieski Family
6:30 pm in Spanish at Holy Redeemer (Vigil)
† Francisca de Velazco
Sunday, June 26
Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time
9:00 am at Holy Redeemer
† Bob Hennessey
11:00 am at St. Patrick
† Madeline Manning
11:00 am in Spanish at Holy Redeemer
Spec. Intention: Lazaro Sanchez y Yahir
5:00 pm at Holy Redeemer
People of the Cathedral Parish
6:45 pm in Spanish at Holy Redeemer
Intention of the Celebrant
Page 4
Cathedral Parish  Madison, Wisconsin
/CathedralParishMadison 
This Week at St. Raphael
Tuesday, June 22
10:30 am Mass at Capitol Lakes
7:00 pm Book Study (Love & Responsibility)
This Week at St. Patrick
For the last several years, the bishops of our country have invited us to
observe a “Fortnight for Freedom” in the two weeks leading up to Independence Day. That period begins on June 21st, the vigil of the feast of
SS. Thomas More and John Fisher, English martyrs under the tyrannical
Henry VIII.
Thursday, June 23
7:00 pm Choir Rehearsal
Sadly, in the rhetoric of recent years, we have seen the attempt to reduce
our “freedom of religion” to a “freedom of worship” – you can do what
you like inside the walls of your church so long as it doesn’t affect what
you do in daily life. Such “freedom of worship” was guaranteed in the
Soviet Constitution of 1936; in the United States, we have traditionally
enjoyed a far broader liberty to act in accord with our religious convictions.
Friday, June 24
5:00 pm McDonough/Sanderson Rehearsal
Again sadly, we see many threats to religious liberty in the contemporary life of our country:
Saturday, June 25
2:00 pm Andrew McDonough & Lauren
Sanderson Wedding
•Department of Health and Human Services mandate that employers
(including the Little Sisters of the Poor) provide coverage for contraception, sterilization, and abortion-inducing drugs against their religious
Monday, June 20
7:00 pm Communion & Liberation Meeting
Wednesday, June 22
5:30 pm St. Thomas More Society
This Week at Holy Redeemer
Monday, June 20
6:00 pm Choir Practice (Spanish)
Tuesday, June 21
6:00-8:30 pm Confessions in Spanish
6:30 pm Prayer Group (Spanish)
Wednesday, June 22
9:00 am Exposition in Church
5:00 pm Benediction in Church
6:00-8:00 pm Confessions (English)
7:00 pm Baptism Classes (in Spanish)
Thursday, June 23
6:00 pm Book Study (Library)
6:00 pm Spanish Ceremony Rehearsal
Friday, June 24
6:00 pm Spanish Ceremony Rehearsal
Saturday, June 25
9:00 am First Mass of Fr. Joseph Baker
11:00 am Francisca Avila Quinceañera
1:00 pm Jennifer Ceaca Quinceañera
3:00 pm Daisy Abad First Communion
Banns of Marriage
The names of parishioners planning to marry are
published three times prior to the ceremony. Anyone knowing of any impediment to the proposed
marriage must make that known to the Rector.
I. Tamayo Bartolome & Petra Morales
I. Daniel Ortega & Claribel Garcia
III. Oswaldo Aca & Alejandra Ramirez
•Some State immigration laws that would limit the Church’s ability to
care for immigrants — most notably in Alabama, where it would be illegal for priests to administer the Sacraments to the undocumented.
•Discrimination against Christian student groups on college campuses.
•Discrimination against Catholic foster care and adoption services because they place childen only with married heterosexual couples. Boston, San Francisco, the District of Columbia, and the state of Illinois have
done this.
•Discrimination against small church congregations which are not allowed to rent public buildings that are available for rental to all other
kinds of groups.
•Discrimination against Catholic humanitarian services for refugees because they would not provide contraception and abortion.
During this fortnight, the bishops of our country urge prayer and fasting
for a new birth of freedom in our nation. The following prayer is taken
from their statement on this issue, Our First, Most Cherished Liberty.
Almighty God, Father of all nations,
For freedom you have set us free in Christ Jesus.
We praise and bless you for the gift of religious liberty,
the foundation of human rights, justice, and the common good.
Grant to our leaders the wisdom to protect and promote our liberties;
By your grace may we have the courage to defend them, for ourselves
and for all those who live in this blessed land.
We ask this through the intercession of Mary Immaculate, our patroness,
and in the name of your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, in the unity of the
Holy Spirit, with whom you live and reign, one God, for ever and ever.
Page 5
Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary Time
June 19, 2016
 CATHEDRAL 20S&30S 
Theology on Tap—This Thursday, June 23rd
Join us for our next TOT on Thursday, June 23rd, 7:00 pm at the Brink
Lounge when seminarian Tim Mergen will present From Pilot to Priest:
How the Discovery of Virtue Transformed My Life. Tim graduated from the
United States Air Force Academy in 2010 with a BS in Political Science.
Following the Academy he spent the next four years flying with the Air
Force, eventually being assigned as a special operations pilot in the 524th
Special Operations Squadron at Cannon Air Force base in Clovis, NM.
After several years of flying, including one overseas deployment, Tim
discerned in 2014 that God was calling him to seminary to pursue a
priestly vocation. He recently finished his seminary philosophy studies
in Mount St. Mary’s Seminary in Emmitsburg, MD and will be heading
to Rome in July to continue his priestly formation at the Pontifical North
American College in Rome.
Theology on Tap is a monthly speaker series where 20s & 30s are
invited to join us for engaging talks on various contemporary issues facing young adults today. Whether you are a Catholic or non-Catholic, a
beer enthusiast or a fan of the Shirley Temple, we hope to see you there.
Monday, June 20
2 Kgs 17:5-8, 13-15a, 18/Mt 7:1-5
Tuesday, June 21
2 Kgs 19:9b-11, 14-21, 31-35a, 36/Mt 7:6, 12-14
Wednesday, June 22 – SS. John Fisher and
Thomas More
2 Kgs 22:8-13; 23:1-3/Mt 7:15-20
Thursday, June 23 – Weekday
2 Kgs 24:8-17/Mt 7:21-29
Friday, June 24 – Nativity of St. John the
Is 49:1-6/Acts 13:22-26/Lk 1:57-66, 80
Saturday, June 25
Lam 2:2, 10-14, 18-19/Mt 8:5-17
Sunday, June 26
Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time
1 Kgs 19:16b, 19-21/Gal 5:1, 13-18/Lk 9:51-62
Young Adult Brunch
We have a brunch for young adults (in their 20s and 30s) after the 11:00
am Mass at St. Patrick on the first Sunday of each month. Join us for our
next brunch on Sunday, July 3rd.
Catholicism 101—Next Session Begins June 28th
We offer a monthly 3-session overview of the Catholic Faith for adults at
St. Patrick Church that occurs every other month. The series is intended
especially for (1) those seeking a basic introduction to Christianity and/
or the Catholic Church, (2) parents with a child to be baptized, and (3)
couples preparing to be married in the Church. Session I will next be
offered Tuesday, June 28th, with sessions II and III on the following two
Tuesday evenings. Sessions begin at 6:30 pm.
For further information on any of these programs, visit our website at, or contact Marc Laudonio at 257-5000 or
[email protected]
At Holy Redeemer Church:
Monday – Wednesday, 4:15 – 5:00 pm
Wednesday, 6:00 – 8:00 pm
Saturday, 7:30 – 8:00 am
At Saint Patrick Church:
Saturday, 3:30 – 4:30 pm
At Holy Redeemer Church: Perpetual Adoration. Eucharistic Chapel is located on the
ground floor of the church, and may be
reached through the side door from the parking lot. On Wednesday only, adoration is in
the upper church from 9:00 am until Benediction at 5:00 pm.
For more information or to sign up for a
regularly scheduled hour of adoration, visit, call 608-833-0554
or email [email protected]
Deepen Your Faith with the Catholic Herald
Issue of June 16, 2016
This week, the Catholic Herald highlights Father’s Day, which is celebrated on June 19. This week’s issue also features a County Connection section focused on news and events in Jefferson County. Learn more about
your Catholic faith by reading the Catholic Herald. If you do not subscribe but wish to receive the Catholic Herald in your home, contact our
parish office.
Reitz Internet Technologies
279-5251 • email [email protected]
Thanks to our advertisers for their support!
Page 6
Parroquia de la Catedral  Madison, Wisconsin
/ParroquiadelaCatedralMadison 
El Reverendísimo Robert C. Morlino
Te amo—¡pero no lo manifiesto!
Obispo de Madison
Reverendo Mons. Kevin D. Holmes
Reverendo Padre José Luis Vázquez
Vicario Parroquial
[email protected]
(608) 255-1658
Amber Cerrato
Directora de Educación Religiosa
[email protected] 257-5000 ext. 12
María Culligan
Secretaria Bilingüe
(Martes a Viernes)
[email protected]
(608) 257-5000
Horario de las Misas en español:
Sábados 6:30 pm
Domingos 11:00 am y 6:45 pm
Sacramento de Reconciliación:
Sábados 5:30-6:15 pm
Domingos 10:15-10:45 am
6:00-8:00 pm
Ministerios Litúrgicos
Sábado, 25 de junio - 6:30 pm
Acólitos: Víctor Ortega, Víctor Ortega, Jr.
Lectores: S. Ortega, P. Guzmán
Monitor: A. Paiz
Hospitalidad: Eloy Farfán, Guadalupe Hernández,
David Ortega
Domingo, 26 de junio - 11:00 am
Acólitos: Armando Pérez, Armando Pérez, Jr.
Lectores: V. Guerra, G. Soberanes
Salmista: C. Medina
Monitor: L. Paulino
Eucaristía: E. Martinic
Hospitalidad: Carolina Analco, Daniel Vazquez,
L. Alarcón, J. Zumba, P. Mena
Domingo, 26 de junio - 6:45 pm
Acólitos: Domínguez Jr.
Lectores: M. Méndez, M. López
Monitor: M. Domínguez
Hospitalidad: Reina González, Cesar y Christofer
Domínguez, Juan Ávila
Yo te amo, Señor, pero a veces siento que soy avaro de ese amor, que
no pienso, que no reparo, que si he conocido lo que es amarte, ¡sea posible que no lo grite a los "cuatro vientos"! Y no solo
que no lo grite sino que guarde silencio a veces por
respeto humano, porque no se sonrían burlonamente, por no entrar en discusión. ¡Qué gran cobardía! ¡Perdón, mi amado Jesús !.
El Papa Francisco nos lo pide. La Iglesia nos lo
pide y Tú, mi Jesús Sacramentado, nos lo pediste
desde hace muchos siglos, pero no nos animamos a
dar la respuesta con decisión, con una postura radical y valiente. La respuesta tiene que ser ahora y
desde este momento. Tenemos un serio y grave
compromiso, como hijos de Dios, de ser verdaderos
apóstoles. Este compromiso me enfrenta primero,
con los más cercanos, con los seres que me rodean, con las personas que
forman mi familia y mi entorno. En todo momento, tú nos pides, Señor,
que estemos "en pie de lucha", que quiere decir que no deje pasar la ocasión para acercarme a quién pudiera sentir o pensar que me necesita.
Solemos decir: " No, yo no me meto, yo no digo nada, cada quién su
vida". Es cierto que a veces no es fácil abordar o penetrar en la forma de
vivir de las personas, pero si están muy cerca de nosotros, tal vez no sea
tan difícil buscar la ocasión para poder brindarle, a esa persona, nuestro
apoyo y consuelo, hablándole de Dios, del Amor que nos tiene, de que
trate de encontrar o recuperar esa fe que no se sabe en qué momento se
perdió y orar, orar mucho por esa persona, ante Ti, ante este misterio de
Amor que nos brindas diariamente ¡Tú, mi Jesús Sacramentado!. Tú nos
oyes siempre y la oración puede no cambiar las cosas, pero sí cambia los
corazones y la forma de ver las cosas. Ya no podemos decir: "Eso hay que
dejárselo a los sacerdotes". Los sacerdotes son pocos y la mies es mucha.
No dejes que lo olvidemos, ha llegado nuestro momento.
Si estamos convencidos de que tenemos la VERDAD, en nuestra religión
católica, es indispensable que esa VERDAD, la trasmitamos con el mismo
ardor, con muchísimo más ardor que invitamos y casi empujamos a los amigos animándolos para que vayan a ver una obra de teatro o película, que
nos pareció excelente o que no se pierdan un paseo o lugar sensacional porque los queremos y deseamos que disfruten tanto como nosotros lo disfrutamos. Seguirte a Ti, mi Jesús, es una aventura tan maravillosa para el ser
humano que en ello hemos de poner toda la fuerza de nuestra existencia.
Seguirte a Ti, mi Jesús, es participar de la verdad sublime de sabernos hijos
de Dios y herederos del Cielo, pero no para nosotros solos.
No tengo que tener miedo de hablar de Dios, de Ti, Jesús, de la Santísima Virgen, a los demás. Hay tanta ansia en el corazón de los hombres y
mujeres de encontrar un camino. Y nosotros les podemos hablar te ti, del
único Camino, del que dijo: "Yo soy la luz, el camino, la verdad y la vida,
quién cree en mí no morirá". ¡Qué triste no compartir, no participar a los
demás de esa grandeza de Amor que ciega la vista por ser más luminosa
que el mismo sol!. Hemos de ser valientes con nuestra fe y proclamarla.
Ayúdanos, Jesús para hablar con los que nos rodean, de esta "gran experiencia" que aún en medio de los sufrimientos, nos traerá la paz en
nuestro diario caminar por la vida.
Padre José Luis Vázquez
Page 7
12° domingo del Tiempo Ordinario
19 de junio de 2016
Hora Santa de Adoración
El viernes 24 a las 6:00 pm es la Hora Santa de Adoración Eucarística.
Están todos invitados a dedicarle una Hora de Adoración al Señor.
Recordemos que la Adoración Eucarística es el secreto de los Frutos de
la Iglesia y Fuente de grandes Gracias para quienes participan Adorando al Señor.
Máximas de Santa Margarita al Corazón de Jesús
"Dios es mi todo, y todo, fuera de Él, es nada para mí".
"El Corazón de Jesús tanto cuidado tendrá de vosotros cuanto os confiéis y abandonéis a Él".
"Cuando no miramos más que a Dios, ni buscamos otra cosa que su
divina gloria, no hay nada que temer".
"En la Voluntad de Dios encuentra su paz nuestro corazón y el alma su
alegría y su descanso".
"Todas las más amargas amarguras no son más que dulzura en este
adorable Corazón, donde todo se trueca en Amor".
"Es preciso darlo todo para tenerlo todo; el amor divino no sufre mezcla de cosa alguna".
"Es bueno caminar por la fuerza de su Amor en sentido contrario a
nuestras inclinaciones, sin Otro placer ni contento sino el de no tener
"Las cruces, desprecios, dolores y aflicciones son los verdaderos tesoros de los amantes de Jesucristo crucificado".
"El mayor bien que podemos tener en esta vida es la conformidad con
Jesucristo en sus padecimientos".
"El Corazón de Jesús es un tesoro oculto e infinito que no desea más
que manifestarse a nosotros".
Matrimonios 2017
Las parejas que piensan casarse dentro de los primeros seis (6) meses
de 2017—entre enero y junio—comuníquense a la oficina parroquial.
La Diócesis de Madison requiere de tres (3) platicas obligatorias, las
cuales son entre los meses de Septiembre y Enero. Sin haber tomado
esas clases, no se puede separar fecha de matrimonio aunque tengan
todos sus documentos correctos. También deben inscribirse con tiempo porque los cupos son limitados.
Adoración Eucarística
La Capilla de Adoración Perpetua esta ubicada en el primer piso del
edificio de la iglesia. Para tener una hora a la semana de adoración programada, llame al (608) 833-0554, visite, o
envíe un correo electrónico a: [email protected]
¡Feliz Día del Padre!
Happy Father’s Day!
Requisitos para Bautismo
 Padres y padrinos deben asistir a una
platica pre-bautismal por lo menos un
mes antes del Bautismo. Llamar a María
a la oficina para anotarse en las clases.
 Los padres, si es la primera vez que
bautizan en la Parroquia de la Catedral,
o ha pasado mas de 3 años desde la
ultima vez que bautizaron, deben recibir
las clases pre-bautismales.
 Los padrinos, si son pareja, deberán presentar copia del acta de su matrimonio católico. Recuerden que las personas que no
estén casadas por la Iglesia y vivan juntas
como pareja o familia no pueden ser padrinos de Bautismo. Si los padrinos no son
pareja, pero tienen sus respectivas parejas
y no son casadas por la iglesia, tampoco
pueden ser padrinos.
 Las personas que piensan ser padrinos,
deben ser católicos practicantes: Bautizados
católico, Confirmados, asistir frecuentemente a Misa, acudir al Sacramento de la Confesión y poder recibir la Sagrada Comunión.
 Después de haber recibido la charla, deben ir a la oficina parroquial llevando los
siguientes documentos: Copia del acta de
nacimiento del niño(a), Copia del acta de
Matrimonio Católico de los padrinos,
constancia que los padrinos han recibido
las charlas pre bautismales. Copia de
documento de identidad con foto de padres y padrinos.
 Los padrinos deben ser miembros inscritos de alguna parroquia católica, y hacer
firmar un formato, que se les entregará
el primer día de clases, por su párroco.
Requisitos para Matrimonio
 Los novios deben presentar: A) Acta de
bautismo actualizada para matrimonio;
B) Copia del acta de nacimiento. D) Si
están casados por lo civil, presentar copia del acta; E) Acta de confirmación.
 En caso de que a alguno de los contrayentes le faltara algún sacramento, por favor
llame a la oficina parroquial para mayor
información o inscribirse en el programa
de educación religiosa para adultos.
Asistir a 3 platicas dadas por la diócesis: A)
Amor Real. B) Plan de Dios. C) Tomar una
clase de Planificación Familiar Natural. La
clase se puede tomar también por internet.
Mayor información de las clases en:

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