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Mecachrome brochure
S t r i v i n g
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f o r
E x c e l l e n c e
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MecacHroMe Striving for ExcEllEncE
oF tHe Future
Quality and innovation are our mottos.
this philosophy allows us to improve our expertise
every day and thus convince the world’s greatest
industrial names.
given this priority of innovation and operational
excellence, expertise develops solutions for
further to the skills of the last generation that
made up its production facilities, Mecachrome
is developing the talents of its greatest asset:
it’s people and it is thanks to them and the team
spirit that we will guarantee our future skills and
A JoB for tHE fUtUrE
inteGratinG innoVatiVe
from 1937 to today Mecachrome didn’t stop
developing their expertise in the works of precision
engineering. Mecachrome has become a major
player in the areas of aerospace, energy, space and
medical. Each day Mecachrome instills the work
ethics of innovation and operational excellence
across all its sites worldwide.
KEY PointS
Europe, north America and north Africa are the
areas where Mecachrome has placed their strategic
production sites. With 13 production sites on
three continents specifically in france, canada and
Morocco with 2400 employees. this global positioning
guarantees the spirit and the capacity
for innovation.
1937 2400 13 500 Presence on 3 continents
Value creatinG
of crEAtion
in 2015
in tHE WorlD
MAcHinE SPinDlES in tHE
MEcAcHroME groUP
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oUr inDUStriAl PlAn
coMPetitiVe cost
Mecachrome has a single device
in competitive costing. Having set up plants
in tunisia for Aluminium sheet mental,
in Morocco for sheet metal and surface
treatment and Portugal for hard sheet
metal fabrication.
our strenGtHs
Our industrial difference: 3 countries 3 sites.
Our listening / Close proximity to customers.
Our flexibility and client awareness.
Our policy to create mirror image companies.
Our transfer cell.
Machining: mostly engine hard metal
Welding: Hard metal
Sheet: Hard metal
Surface treatment: Planned 2017
Industrial sheet
metal partner
Welding: electrical
aluminium ramp
Metal fabrication: Sheet small
and large dimension aluminium
Assembly and fabrication
Assembly: electrical cabinet
Machining: aluminium small
and medium dimension/
WP fabrication
Welding: electrical aluminium ramp
PE: large dimension light alloy
TS: lelma
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MecacHroMe Striving for ExcEllEncE
coMMitMEnt for QUAlitY
constantlY in searcH
oF PerFection
the objective of Mecachrome is the total satisfaction
of its customers. Mecachrome has undertaken
a policy of sustainable quality and development
and continuous improvement to be able to respond
to the highest requirements.
a unique eXPertise
3 major markets
thanks to its multi sector skill base Mecachrome
has developed 3 principal markets.
Aerospace. Production assemblies and sub assemblies.
Automotive. Engines and components for motor sport.
Energy Space and Medical. Machining and part
specific assemblies.
Welcome to the future.
r&d HiGH Value added
the Mecachrome r&D brings together human qualities
and technologies. these teams use their expertise
and the latest innovations taking into account proven
know how. Mecachrome anticipates the changes
in preserving natural resources by saving material
and the development of advanced technologies
thus having a minimal impact on the environment.
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of the highest level
Mecachrome has been involved in aerospace
for more than 30 years. Structural parts and
aircraft engine in both civil and military sectors
Mecahrome plays an important role.
some current products
Fan cases, rings, intermediare casings,
combustion chambers, compressor
casings, exhaust casings, hubs, front
cones, rear support rings, spinners,
compressor drums, turbine shafts
all for aircraft engines.
High precision machining and high expertise give
a complete confidence to the world leading engine
builders. from development to final assembly and
complex sub assembly, Mecachrome uses the most
advanced techniques: welding tig and plasma, surface
treatments, high precision machining of many alloys
(aluminium, inconel, titanium, tantalum and niobium)…
A leading player in the world aero structure market,
Mecachrome has contributed to the development
of major parts for civil and military applications.
Engineering, high precision machining, structural
assemblies from prototype to certification,
r&D high innovation: Mecachrome helps their
customers in all areas of a project thanks to their
expertise and professional passion.
Products of the highest
Landing gear, leading edge
structures, wing structures,
engine box structures
and nacelles, fuselages
structures, equipment.
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MecacHroMe Striving for ExcEllEncE
in the race
with the best
Mecachrome for more than four decades has been
working with the largest players in the automotive
world. An exceptional co pilot.
Helping to achieve sporting records.
current parts
Cylinder heads, blocks, crank
shafts, cam shafts, pneumatic
distribution, water / oil / pressure
pumps, pistons, gear trains and
complete gear boxes, turbos,
hubs and anti roll bars.
co development, expertise in engineering and innovation.
Supply chain expertise, quality management and
machining and assembly of mechanical parts and
components: Mecachrome is a supplier for industrial
automobiles and heavy goods.
Present in the motor sport market for forty years
Mecachrome has acquired its own “savoir-faire”
at the heart of the industry supplying engines and engine
parts and high technology chassis parts. Programme
management, engine assembly, test beds, race track
assistance: Mecachrome is involved in the race.
results: 12 world f1 titles with renault Sport.
core Products
Engine block line, lower crank
case, engine block, arbour,
Industrial and Agricultural:
engine block 4 and 6 cylinder,
cylinder head 4, 6, 11 litres brake
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enerGY sPace and Medical
High precision
Engineering partner to the industrial giants in the
energy, space and medical sectors. Mecachrome is
an intermediary for R&D providing solutions of the
highest precision.
ENERGY - Mecachrome has developed large scientific sub
assemblies (laser Mega Joule particle accelerators) and some
emblematic projects such as itEr and is expert in aero engine
proposing dedicated products for land based turbines.
SPACE - Mecachrome has a unique knowledge of how to
machine and assembly of high precision parts, such
as satellite fuel tanks and satellite mirrors and has helped the
giants of the space industry over decades as Mt Aerospace
and Airbus Space and Defence.
MEDICAL - Mecachrome responds to the latest technical
requirements proposing innovative solutions.
thus helping the assembly of portable x-ray booths
in magnesium for customers like trixell.
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Tel: +33 (0)2 47 30 67 40
Sites in France
Mecachrome / Amboise
Rue de Saint-Règle
ZI de la Boitardière
37400 Amboise
Tel : +33 (0)2 47 23 36 36
Mecachrome / Aubigny-sur-Nère
27 – 49 Avenue Eugène Casella
18700 Aubigny-sur-Nère
Tel: +33 (0)2 48 81 22 00
Mecachrome / Vibraye
Rue de l’Artisanat
72320 Vibraye
Tel: +33 (0)2 43 93 61 74
MK Automotive / Sablé-sur-Sarthe
Avenue Jean Monnet
ZI Des Vignes
72300 Solesmes
Tel: +33 (0)2 43 62 03 03
Mecachrome Atlantique
102 rue du Moulin des Landes
44980 Sainte-Luce-sur-Loire
Tel: +33 (0)2 40 95 72 00
- RCS client 429 853 351 - May 2015
Rue de Saint-Règle
ZI de la Boitardière
37400 Amboise - France
Mecachrome Atlantique
Rue Nungesser et Coli
44860 Saint Aignan de Grand Lieu
Tel: +33 (0)2 40 75 43 42
Mecahers Group
2 rue Saint-Exupéry
ZI de la Saudrune
31140 Launaguet
Tel: +33 (0)5 62 79 87 87
MK Services
20 Rue des Marchais
45140 Saint-Jean-de-la-Ruelle
Tel: +33 (0)2 38 72 19 56
5 rue Voltaire - BP 27
62160 Bully-les-Mines
Tel: +33 (0)3 21 45 63 63
International Production sites
Canada / Mecachrome Canada
11 100, Rue Julien-Audette
Mirabel (Québec) - CANADA J7N 3L3
Tel: + 1 4500 476-3939
Maroc / MK AERO
Zone Franche de Tanger – lot 25B
Route de Rabat
90100 Tanger – MAROC
Tel: + 212 5 39 39 38 13
Tunisie / Mecahers Aerospace
2082 Fouchana – TUNISIE
Tel: + 216 71 409 898
Portugal / Mecachrome Aeronautica
Unipessoal LDA
AICEP Global Parques, BlueBiz Parque
Empresarial da Península de Setúbal
Estrada do Vale da Rosa, 2910 845
Setúbal – PORTUGAL
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