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mother`s day - Martha Stewart
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This Mother’s Day
guide is just for kids—
no peeking, moms!
h hhh...
mother’s day special
What’s the best way to treat your mom?
Follow the arrows for a plan that fits her personality.
My mom...
lov e s t o
lou nge
adores being
pam pe r e d
i s a m ajor
m ov i e b u f f
Make her French toast
for breakfast in bed. If she...
Indulge her with a spa-style
foot soak. Make it...
Plan a film screening in
her living room. If she...
is a chocoholic,
garnish with Nutella
and bananas.
soothing with green
tea and Epsom salts.
is a gourmet, make
pesto popcorn.
hydrating with
milk and honey.
savors salty and sweet
snacks, try popcorn
with sugar and spice.
goes for nuts, top
with toasted walnuts.
flips for fruit, try
berries and cream.
invigorating with
fresh rosemary and
mint leaves.
has a mean sweet tooth,
mix in some s’mores.
And don’t forget...
And don’t forget...
And don’t forget...
( handmade )
mother’s day special
1. Breakfast in Bed
Let Mom sleep
in—room service
awaits! Young
chefs can choose
the toppings for
the French toast.
Mom will swoon for f r e n c h t o a s t w i t h ta s t y t o p p i n g s delivered
to her bedside by a charming server. The finishing touches to this
breakfast tray? A sunny arrangement of t i s s u e p a p e r f l o w e r s and
a custom n e w s p a p e r bringing her some very good news.
mother’s day special
Dressed-Up French Toast
make the french toast
Whisk together 4 large eggs, 1 cup milk, 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract, and a pinch
of salt. Soak 4 slices thick bread in egg mixture, turning once, about 20 minutes.
Heat 1½ tablespoons unsalted butter and 1 tablespoon vegetable oil in a skillet over
medium heat. Fry 2 slices of bread until golden, 3 to 4 minutes per side. Repeat.
add a topping
Bananas for
n ut s a n d
sliced bananas
warmed chocolate-hazelnut
spread, such as Nutella
( 30 seconds in a microwave )
toasted hazelnuts
BlueBerryMaple Bliss
sliced strawberries
chopped toasted
sugar (let stand
20 minutes)
maple syrup
whipped cream
Mother’s Day is big news! Instead of
any old card, give Mom a personalized
newspaper, hot off the press.
gutter credit
mother’s day special
mother’s day special
Extra, Extra!
Read All About
Publish your own Mother’s Day
newspaper. Click here for the
clip art. Print on ivory paper,
and add a drawing or a photo.
Make Mom a pretty bouquet
that will stay fresh forever.
Layer 5-by-15-inch sheets
of tissue paper, alternating
colors. Make 1-inch-wide
accordion folds. Wrap 1 end
of a pipe cleaner around
the center of the folded
paper, and twist to secure.
Round the edges of the
folded paper with scissors.
Fan out folds, and gently
pull apart each layer of tissue
paper to create petals.
mother’s day special
2. Spa Retreat
Give Mom some
R&R right at home.
She’ll enjoy the
spaaaaaah time.
Bring the spa to Mom. Pamper her tired tootsies with a s k i n - s o f t e n i n g
S o a k . Our footbaths are a cinch to make with pantry staples and a
few fun add-ins. She’ll feel renewed after a healthy snack of F r e s h F r u i t
a n d Y o g u r t and a catnap—compliments of your s l e e p m a s k .
mother’s day special
Refreshing Soaks
Whip up a footbath by mixing simple ingredients in a basin of warm
water. (These were developed by Mindy Terry of Creative Spa Concepts.)
After a 15-minute soak, Mom will feel as if she’s walking on air.
choose a soak
h y d r at i n g
i n v i g o r at i n g
1 cup
Epsom salts
1 cup
whole milk
10 mint
½ cup
whole milk
¼ cup
¼ cup
Epsom salts
2 green
tea bags
rose petals
4 rosemary
mother’s day special
Prepare healthy
nibbles for Mom to
snack on while she
soaks. Fruit and
yogurt have never
been so much fun.
mother’s day special
Bedazzle Her Beauty Sleep
Print this dreamy sleep mask, write a message on the back, and decorate
if desired (we used glitter and pipe cleaners). Add ribbon ties.
Spa-tacular Snacks
Fruit skewers
Shape melons ( honeydew and
cantaloupe) and pine­a pple
into rounds using a melon baller.
Thread onto wooden skewers.
Cocon ut ty M an go e s
Y ogu r t - h on e y d i p
Roll mango wedges in toasted
ground coconut. (For coconut:
Bake at 350˚ until golden, 8 to
10 min­u tes. Let cool. Pulse in a
blender or food processor.)
Stir together 1 cup plain yogurt
and ½ cup honey. Swirl in more
honey if desired. Serve with
fresh berries on the side.
mother’s day special
3. Movie Night
Who says you have
to go with the
same old buttered
popcorn? Spice
things up with
fun flavors, such as
chocolate, marsh­
mallows, and
graham crackers.
Mom has the starring role tonight. V IP t i c k e t s will ensure she has a
front-row seat to this red-carpet event—a marathon of her favorite
m o v i e s . Don’t forget the snacks! Assorted candies and handmade bags
of f l a v o r e d p o p c o r n are guaranteed to be blockbuster hits.
mother’s day special
Flavored Popcorns
You don’t need a store-bought package for microwave popcorn!
Place ¼ cup popcorn kernels in a brown paper lunch bag. Fold down the
top of the bag, and crimp to seal. Microwave on high until popped
(making about 6 cups), 2 to 2½ minutes. Season popcorn with ¼ teaspoon
salt; transfer to a bowl, and add toppings as suggested below.
Add a topping
2 tablespoons
melted unsalted
sugar and
3 tablespoons unsalted
butter melted with
2½ cups mini
marshmallows melted with
2 tablespoons unsalted
butter ( toss with popcorn )
1 tablespoon
plus 1½ teaspoons
jarred pesto
2 tablespoons lightbrown sugar
( toss with popcorn )
¼ teaspoon
pumpkin-pie spice
2 chopped graham crackers
1½ ounces chopped
semisweet chocolate
mother’s day special
Tickets celebrating
Mom go great with
candy. What film to
watch? One of her
favorites, of course.
mother’s day special
Just the Ticket
Help Mom snag the best seat in the house with tickets that double
as a cute card. Print the clip art, cut out, and fold. Slip it into a small
envelope addressed to the guest of honor.
Set the scene for a night
at the movies with custom
popcorn containers. Trim
the tops of white paper bags
with scallop scissors, and
then draw stripes with a red
marker. Print our label on
adhesive paper, or attach
with glue.
C r e a t e d b y Blake Ramsey,
Charlotte March, Michelle Wong,
and Erin Jang
Kristen Flanagan
p h o t o g r a p h s b y Jonny Valiant
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