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Artists helping artists
June 2015
Shirley McIntosh / Weslake Homestead / 12” x 16” / Oil
2015 SWCA Executive
Diana Templeton
Vice President
Les Hayes
Second Vice President Barb Onyschuk
April Steen
Sharon Abbott
Past President
Rick Rogers
Message from the President
The art of courage
SWCA Committees
Programs Committee
Rick Rogers (Chair)
Valerie Burke, Lynn Romaine
Membership Committee
Arlene Bowles (Chair)
Kathy Dyck, Pat Hayes
Standards Committee
John Labots (Chair)
Carmen Gonzalez, Esther Koziol,
Rick Rogers, Leanne Schnierer
Volunteer Committee
Teresa Graham (Chair)
Workshops Committee
Meghana Gauthier (Chair)
Cathy Bible, Catherine Goddard,
Helen Richards
Exhibitions Committee
Sue Scott (Chair)
Cathy Bible, Liz Ekstrom,Teresa Graham,
Kathy Koziak, Annette Russell
Featured Artists Coordinator
Katalin Dusek
Library Committee
Lenore Dafoe (Chair)
Anne McCartney, Gail McDougall,
Marjorie Thomson
Newsletter Committee
John Labots (Chair & Editor)
Sharon Abbott, Ruth Harris
Website Committee
Rick Rogers (Chair)
John Labots, Judith Leonard,
Carleen Ross
Lynn Romaine
Audio Visual Committee
Saeed Hojjati (Chair)
Les Hayes
Kitchen Committee
Sue Scott (Chair)
Greeting Committee
Myrna Wilkinson (Chair)
Laurel Hawkswell
Set-up Committee
Peter Dusek (Chair)
Contact information is available to
membership online by logging in on the
website and accessing the Membership
Roster under Members Only. Public
inquiries can be made through the
Contact page on the website:
Cover printed courtesy of:
Elite Lithographers Co. Ltd.
2 / June 2015
ou will never do anything in
this world without courage.
It is the greatest quality of
the mind next to honor.” (Aristotle)
Be brave enough to live creatively!!
Just put a mark on the canvas and let
yourself carry on by hidden instinct.
That takes courage. As Robert Frost
said ”If you are looking for something
to be brave about consider fine arts.”
Creativity requires the courage to let
go of the certainties ... to control or
not to control.
Be brave enough to bring your life
experiences into your painting. This is
something you can give to your art.
You must have faith that when you
leap, the net will appear.
“Courage is the most important of all
virtues. You can practice any virtue
erratically, but nothing consistently,
without courage.” (Maya Angelo)
It takes great courage to be an
artist. We expose ourselves to the
core. An art show can be very
intimidating as we put our heart
and soul on display for others to
view and critique. Art is very
subjective which makes opinions
from others even more difficult.
You can tread water in the shallow
end of the pool forever, or you can
go out and swim in the ocean. We
learn courageous action by going
forward with our art, even if fear
urges us back.
The thrill of the sale of your first
painting from someone other than
a friend or family reinforces that
belief in yourself; that you had the
courage to do it and put yourself
out there. There is nothing like the
euphoria you feel ... I really am an
artist and that sale really proves it.
Courage inspires your creative
juices to flow and continue with
your painting.
“The mark of a creative person ... is
not physical courage ... it is personal
courage ... a courage of the mind
and spirit and to experience from
within and without, the courage to
imagine the impossible and to try to
achieve it.” (D W MacKinnon)
The art of courage has to do with
what you have to do even though
people don’t think you can. Courage
is when you think you can’t do
something but you do it. Courage is
what it takes to stand up and speak
...to find your visual voice and
embrace it. Remember the bravest of
individuals is the one who obeys his
or her own conscience.
“One man or woman with courage is
a majority.” (Andrew Jackson)
Ready or not, JUMP! I’ll support you.
Diana Templeton, President
Jury for Status
Congratulations to the following
members you have advanced to the
next member status level.
From General to Exhibiting
Laurena Beirnes
Tess Cunningham
Colleen Dyson Larysa Eliuk Matchak
Kathy Koziak
Judith Leonard
Keith MacPherson
Gwen McCurry
Barbara Morris
Tony Overweel
Wen Qian
Lynn Romaine
Carleen Ross
From Exhibiting to Associate
Nancy Thomas
Another Jury for Status event is
planned for the Fall 2015. Watch the
newsletter for details.
John Labots, Standards Committee
Join us for our
Laurier Heights Baptist Church
8505 - 142 Street NW, Edmonton
Lower Level / Use back entrance
Doors open at 6:00 p.m.
Library open: 6:30 to 7:00 p.m.
Meeting begins at 7:00 p.m.
People’s Choice
See page 5 for details
Featured Artist
Arlene Bowles
Exhibiting Status Level
Monday, June 8, 2015
Johanne Yakula
See Programs on page 4 for details
Next month: September 14, 2015
Misericordia Hospital Garden Café Gallery
June 30 to October 31, 2015 / 16940 - 87 Avenue, Edmonton
The definition of “to go large” is to
be outstanding … to go full out or
to the max. This non-themed juried
group show will feature large-scale
work. The gallery consists of nine
60” wide shelves. Artists are
challenged to supersize and create
large-scale 2D art in any medium.
With a four-month run, we have the
opportunity to create several shows
depending on the number of
submissions received.
Eligibility: Open to all Exhibiting,
Associate and Signature members.
Please ensure your membership
renewal is paid up by early
September if selected.
Size requirements: Artwork
(including frame if framed) should
be an area of 1200 square inches or
more (multiply HxW) and a
maximum width of 60”.
Limit: 5 entries per member.
How to submit: Please e-mail a
good quality high-resolution jpeg
(2MB-5MB) of your artwork to
[email protected]
Please include: your name, phone
number, title of work, medium,
size (including frame if framed)
and price.
Exhibition Standards apply.
Please ensure your entries meet
these standards.
June 2015 / 3
Mural Mosaic Painting Night
Forty-two members and guests painted tiles for the Mosaic Mural on April 27. These tiles will be part of the Canada 150
Birthday Celebration in 2017. Lewis Lavoie and Paul Lavoie shared the exciting plan for the Mosaic Mural which will be a
train composed of 150 communities across Canada. It was fun and very educational. Thanks to Phil Alain for helping
Diana Templeton organize this incredible chance for us to be a part of history.
June program
See the Light
Our guest this month is Johanne
Yakula, Professor at the University
of Alberta Department of Extension.
She will be speaking about the
Canadian Impressionists.
at ATB Place, 10025 Jasper Avenue
Strawberry Creek Artist
Weekend Plein Air Retreat
Now on until June 19, 2015
September 25 to 27, 2015
Scotia Place Atrium
Gallery Show
Kick back and paint at this year’s
Strawberry Creek Plein Air Artist
Retreat with an optional workshop
by Gregg Johnson (Saturday). Check
the SWCA website for details. Note:
Registration and payment must be
made by cheque/cash to Kathy Dyck
(not online as indicated in the flyer).
Kathy has put together several meal
and accommodation options to suit
your needs (e.g., workshop only or
workshop and retreat.)
Any student of art or aficionado is
familiar with French Impressionists
such as Monet, Renoir and Degas and
how their sketchy, colourful light-filled
approach to painting revolutionized
the art world during the 19th century.
How did this new direction in art
affect Canadian artists? Little is
known about the artists in our own
country who were influenced by
Impressionism. This session will
introduce some of these talented
Canadian artists.
May program review
Dawn Saunders Dahl, Public Art
Program Officer for the Edmonton
Arts Council presented an
interesting look at street art and
introduced us to the two-year
PROGRAM developed here in the
City of Edmonton which allows local
artists to legally practise their art
from in designated locations
without fear of criminal prosecution.
Rick Rogers, Programs Committee
10060 Jasper Avenue
Now on until June 12, 2015
Go Large Call for Entries
See page 3 for the Call for Entries for
this series of upcoming shows from
June 30 to October 31, 2015.
Gracious Goods Café
7601 - 115 Street, Edmonton
May 4 to July 6, 2015
Visit Gracious Goods and enjoy two
experienced SWCA artists sharing
their vibrant and interesting art.
Valerie Burke’s passion for the arts
started as a child. She enjoyed
ceramics, copper enameling, quilting,
and more. Being involved in SWCA
led her to focus on painting. She
finds art a kind of meditative
practice and really couldn’t live
without it. This is her first solo show.
It’s been an exciting challenge!
Many people are awed when they
see Kathy Koziak’s coloured pencil
work ... they can’t believe it’s not
paint. Inspired by the contrast of
light and dark, Kathy enables the
richness of colour to touch the soul.
Sue Scott, Exhibitions Committee
4 / June 2015
First Annual
Feature Artist Workshop
October 16 to 18, 2015
We are piloting our Feature Artist
Workshop with Justin Ogilvie – a
talented Vancouver-based artist.
This figurative/portrait-painting
intensive in oil/acrylic will be held at
Harcourt House. SWCA Members
$325, Non-members $350.
SWCA members will have a six-week
advance registration window after
which registration will go public due
to the anticipated demand for
participation (Justin already has a
significant Edmonton following).
Check out www.justinogilvie.com
Meghana Gauthier,
Workshops Committee
This month’s cover artist
Shirley McIntosh
Shirley was born in Edmonton and
has lived in Leduc all her life. Shirley
always admired art and thought
how wonderful it would be to be
able to make such beautiful
paintings. It wasn’t until later in life
when a good friend suggested that
she take up painting and asked her
to join the Leduc Art Club for
classes, that Shirley realized that she
too could make beautiful paintings.
Shirley currently attends regular
classes at Pro’s Art School and
participates in workshops with the
Leduc Art Club. Shirley also took a
drawing class at The University of
Alberta Extension. She paints in
acrylic, watercolor, pastel and oils –
oils being her favorite. She finds
painting very relaxing and enjoys
painting a variety of subjects.
The body of work she is currently
working on is inspired by
photographs taken at the
homestead where her grandparents
lived. The painting titled “Weslake
Homestead” is of the original house
before it was knocked down in the
late 1980s. This subject matter is
near and dear to her heart as it
brings back fond memories of when
she was a child.
June 8, 2015
A Peoples’ Choice competition
will take place on June 8 to
select artwork for Artscape
newsletter covers for the next
several months.
We had a great selection of
etnries the last time, and
members are reminded and
encouraged to participate
again this time – share your
art with the rest of us!
The competition is open to all
current Exhibiting, Associate
and Signature status members.
Your membership must be
paid and up-to-date.
If your artwork has been
featured on the cover of
Artscape between September
2013 and June 2015, you are
not eligible to compete.
Artwork submitted should be
recent work (last 12 months).
Only one entry per member.
Weslake Homestead / 12” X 16” / Oil
Newsletter Submissions
The newsletter copy deadline for the September 2015 issue
of Artscape is August 20. Please send it to:
John Labots, Newsletter Editor at [email protected]
It is also helpful to have
some form of “hardware” on
the back of the artwork that
is suitable for S hooks to be
attached to for hanging. We
would prefer to hang the
artwork from the rail instead
of setting it on the floor or
on a chair.
June 2015 / 5
Do you have my book?
I loaned out a book to a member at
a SWCA meeting several years ago,
but it was never returned to me.
The book is called “Scatter Joy” by
greeting card artist Kathy Davis.
I love her cards and the book is most
inspiring – I would really like to have
it returned to me.
winners in the juried event. The early
deadline is July 31, 2015 for a
$10/entry. The later deadline is
August 15, 2015 for a $15/entry. The
maximum of five submissions per
participant. For prospectus and entry
forms visit: www.avaabonnyville.com.
supplied. To register, call 311 and ask
for course code 535275.
Submitted by Shirley Kinneberg
Thursday, August 6 to
Thursday, August 13, 2015
Friday Night Out,
Degas and Pastels:
Marilyn Hodysh 780.455.0957
Heidi Smith
For more information contact:
Catharine at [email protected]
Pincher Creek
Painting Retreat
You are invited to join fellow artists
for a week, or a few days, of painting
and drawing in Pincher Creek, AB,
near Waterton Lakes National Park.
There is no instruction or fee – you
simply pay your own expenses,
which can be as little as $22 per
night for a tenting spot in our chosen
campground. Hotel accommodation
is also available.
Visual artists of all abilities and
mediums are welcome. How you
spend your time is entirely up to you.
You can find other artists to paint
with or head out on your own. We
try to gather starting in the late
afternoon to socialize and share the
day’s creations.
The Best of Big and Small
A solo show
May 1 to June 30, 2015
Catharine Compston will be teaching
a soft pastel workshop at the City
Arts Centre on Friday, June 5, 2015.
This is an opportunity to try soft
pastels while working on a study of
an Impressionist pastel master, Edgar
Degas. Cost: $40 with all materials
For full details, contact:
Terry Elrod in Edmonton
[email protected]
Pete Jacobs in Drayton Valley
[email protected]
Blue Curve Gallery
Glenrose Rehab Hospital
10230 - 111 Avenue, Edmonton
Demonstrations will be held on
Saturday, June 6 at 1:00 p.m.
and Tuesday, June 16 at 12:00 noon.
For more information, please contact
Heidi at: [email protected] or
AVAA Call to Artists
Articulated Art Show
Aurora Visual Arts Association
(AVAA) is excited to announce a call
to participate in it’s First Annual Art
Show in Bonnyville, Alberta, October
3 to 4, 2015. This event is open to all
artists 18 years and over from Alberta
and Saskatchewan. You may enter as
a juried or a non-juried participant.
Cash prizes will be awarded to the
6 / June 2015
11116 - 120 Street NW
Edmonton AB T5G 2X8
Phone: 780-455-7983
Toll Free: 1-888-455-1606
Email: [email protected]
Store Hours: Monday - Friday 9:30 am - 6:00 pm
Saturday 9:30 am - 5:00 pm
Last month’s featured artist
Membership meeting
May 11, 2015
Shirley Adams
Chair: Diana Templeton
Secretary: Sharon Abbott
Attendance: 57
Call to Order: 7:03 pm
n Welcome to members, new
members and guests
n Directions on how to stack chairs
n Allergy reminder
n Cover Artist: Marilyn Hodysh
n Feature Artist: Shirley Adams
n Acceptance of the April 13, 2015
General Meeting Minutes
n Welcome to new Executive
Treasurer: Arlene Steen
n Welcome to new Historian,
Lynn Romaine
n Committee Reports:
• Exhibitions: Sue Scott
• Standards: John Labots
π Norway Tromso / Soft Pastel
• Workshops: Meghana Gauthier
• Membership: Arlene Bowles
• Audio Visual: Les Hayes
n Member Announcements
n Tile painting event report:
Diana Templeton
n Door Prize Draw: John Labots.
Winners of the two Delta gift
certificates: Les Hayes and Joyce
n Adjournment
π Fall Landscape / Soft Pastel
n Motion to accept the minutes of
the April 13, 2015 general meeting:
Moved by Diana Templeton,
seconded by Les Hayes. Passed.
n Motion to adjourn the meeting:
Arlene Bowles. Passed
π Into The Light / Soft Pastel
π Sketches of Cuba / Soft Pastel
June 2015 / 7
Corner Store Junkie – Carmen Gonzalez
Sunset Paddle – Leanne Schnierer
Stand in the Light – John Labots
Daisy – Kathy Prosser
16515 - 116 Street NW, Edmonton, AB T5M 3V1
T: 780.486.0576 E: [email protected]
www.elite litho.com

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