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NFL Champions Football Trivia
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September issue
12, 1892,
The adatedaywasthatNovember
would forever be
etched in sports history. It was the day
that the Allegheny Athletic Association
football team defeated the Pittsburgh
Athletic Club. The game in itself was
not a momentous event. But one of the
circumstances of the game did make it a
never-to-be-forgotten moment in sports
history – one of the AAA players,
William (Pudge) Heffelfinger, was
openly paid $500 to play the game. Thus
pro football made its debut more than
100 years ago.
The sport of American football was
relatively new in 1892. Its roots
stemmed from soccer and rugby. On
November 6, 1869, Rutgers and
Princeton played what was billed as the
first college football game. However, it
wasn't until the 1880s
that a great rugby
player from Yale,
pioneered rule changes
transformed rugby into
the new game of American Football.
The first 3 players known to have
been openly paid to play football were
William "Pudge" Heffelfinger, AAA,
Pittsburgh, $500 for one game on
November 12, 1892.
Ben "Sport" Donnelly, AAA,
Pittsburgh, $250 for one game on
Peter Wright, AAA, Pittsburgh, $50
per game (under contract) for the
entire 1893 season.
NFL Champions
From 1920-1931 the NFL championship
was determined by a team's won-loss
percentage. In 1932, a playoff game was
arranged following the season to
determine the championship.
1933 was the first year that the NFL
played a championship game.
The American Football League operated
from 1960 through 1969.
The AFL and NFL announced that the
two leagues would merge in 1970. The
Super Bowl started to determine the world
champions. The game featured the
champion of each league.
Beginning in 1970, the AFL and NFL
played as 1 league with 2 conferences, the
American Football Conference and the
National Football Conference. The 2
conference champions meet in the Super
Bowl to determine the champion.
Football Trivia
1. Which NFL team was the first in
history to win 3 consecutive world
2. From 1933 to 1959 which team won
more world championships then any
3. In 1900 who became the first known
individual club owner?
4. A touchdown was increased from five
point to six in what year?
5. What teams played in the first
televised game in 1939
6. The Dallas Cowboys won their 3rd
Super Bowl in four seasons with a 2717 win over the Pittsburgh Steelers in
what Super Bowl?
Armstrong Creations (916) 686-6231
2. The Chicago Bears wining in 1933,
1940, 1941, 1943 & 1946.
1. The 1931 Green Bay Packers won in
1929, 1930 & 1931
Football Trivia Answers
You can still help support the families of
September 11: Call your local American
Red Cross, Salvation Army, United Way,
or your local church.
Just to name a few other places to donate:
• September 11th Fund: 1-866-689-help,
• Twin Towers Fund, 575 5th Avenue
2nd Floor Atrium, New York, NY
10017, (Include name & address so they
will mail you an acknowledgement. For
credit card donations call 1-530-633469, Federal Tax I.D. 31-1811573).
• American Liberty Partnership:
• New York State World Trade Center
Relief Fund:
Outdoor Items:
Inspect and repair gutters and shingles
Here is a checklist of some things you
Apply an extra coating of washould do before the cold weather sets in:
terproofing to decks
Warm Air Furnace:
• Prune shrubs
• Change or clean air filters
• Apply an extra layer of
• Lubricate blower motor and draftmulch to flower beds
induced motor, if applicable
• Take time to clean and
• Remove all combustible materials from
store garden tools correctly.
areas near the furnace and flue pipes
Apply light film of oil to
• Check the flue or chimney for proper
exposed metal of tools to prevent rusting
drafting. Clean them or hire
Swimming Pool:
someone to do it
• Balance the water
Hot Water Boiler:
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• Oil the circulator
pump, circulator motor • Vacuum and brush pool
and draft induced motor
• Clean out skimmer baskets and traps
• Check flue and chimney
• Cap skimmer and plug return end
for drafting Remove combusti- • Cover pool
ble materials
Steam Boiler:
• Make sure water is at the proper level, if
not, add water
• Remove combustible materials and
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Other Indoor Jobs:
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• Clean window treatments
3. William C. Temple took over the team
payments for the Duquesne Country and
Athletic Club, becoming the first known
individual club owner.
Donations are still needed!
It may still be warm outside but it is time to think about
4. 1912.
What makes a hero? A hero takes action
in the real world even in the face of real
sacrifice. Qualifying as a hero may not
depend so much on what we do, but on the
intent behind our actions. After all, not
everyone encounters history-making opportunities. But when we faithfully do
what we need to do and still find time and
courage to care for someone else--put another's needs first without regard for reward--isn't that the true measure of heroism? When faced with the choice of personal glory or someone's life, life always
wins out!
Teacher: Billy, name two pronouns. Billy: Who, me? Teacher: Very good!
5 NBC broadcast the Brooklyn DodgersPhiladelphia Eagles game from Ebbets
Field to the approximately 1,000 sets
then in New York.
On September 11, 2001, a new set of heroes stepped into focus. We know them by
title of Fireman, Policeman, Office
worker, Stockbroker, computer consultant.
To our collection of sports figures, famous
people and saintly historical images, we've
now added flesh-and-blood heroes. People
taking action in a dangerous world. We
know them by context: TV images of
burning and collapsing towers, and onceelegant people covered head to foot in crematorium dust. We know them by stories:
running up scores of staircases loaded with
gear, waiting to let others get on elevators
first, storming cockpits, donating blood.
In some cases, we know them personally.
Pedagogy: Help Them Feel Good - Children need encouragement. If a student gets
an answer right, tell him it was a lucky guess. that way he develops a healthy lucky
guess feeling.
6 Super Bowl XXX.
The Sacrifice of Heroism - Remember
your childhood heroes? Hank Aaron,
Mother Teresa, Nadia Comenici, maybe
even Mom or Dad. Their names come so
easily to mind: Princess Diana, Michael
Jordan, John Glenn, Martin Luther King
Jr., Wayne Gretzky.
"If there are any idiots in the room, will they please stand up,"
said the sarcastic teacher. After a long silence, one freshman
rose to his feet. "Now then mister, why do you consider yourself an idiot?!" inquired the teacher with a sneer. "Well actually
I don't," said the student, "but I hate to see you standing up there
all by yourself."
Sacramento Area Statistics for last month compared to last year same month.
Escrow’s Closed
Median Sales
Last Month
Last Year
Issued by the Sac. Assoc. of Realtors. The report is based on data from the Regional MLS. It traces activity in Sacramento County and the City of West Sacramento.
All Statistics based on residential, condominium, residential land, and residential income properties.
This information has been furnished by sources deemed reliable and has not been verified by the broker or agent. All persons should independently verify the accuracy of the reported information..

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