2015 March The Burgee



2015 March The Burgee
L-R: Tom Chiasson, Secretary; Brian Blakeney, Rear Commodore; Kellie Skelhorn, Treasurer; Sarah-Jane Raine, Vice
Commodore; Rita Karsten Ament, Social Member Chair; Dawn Bailey, Entertainment Chair; Carl Goodwin, Commodore; Don
Webster, Yard Chair; Mary Keddy, Communications Chair, David White, House & Grounds Chair
MARCH 2015
Welcome New Members . . . . . . 3
Meet the 2015 COM . . . . . . . . . 4
Polar Cruise . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . 8
Clubhouse Re-opening . . . . . . . 9
...And More!
April 18, 2015
Chinese Buffet,
Chinese Auction
& Dance!
Phone: (902) 477-4617
Fax: (902) 477-0148
[email protected]
Mailing Address:
75 Burgee Run
Halifax, Nova Scotia B3P 0C9
Web Site: www.armdaleyachtclub.ns.ca
Carl Goodwin
[email protected]
Well 2014 was quite a year! The 2014 Committee
of Management (COM) was a team who worked well
together, each contributing to the achievement of
goals based on their knowledge and/or expertise. I
won’t dwell on what we did, as I have been reporting
on all of that throughout the year in my weekly Commodore’s Corner eNews reports, as well as the four
excellent issues of “The Burgee” that were published
in 2014 thanks to our Communications Chairperson,
Mary Keddy.
Also thanks to Mary, we have a new and dynamic
website which, in the “Members Area”, contains a list
of our accomplishments (Initiatives for 2014) and almost everything else you need or want to know about
AYC and its operations including Human Resource information.
Our Treasurer, Kellie Skelhorn, did a superb job with
the management of our 2014 finances as the
“December 31st Financial Statements” clearly indicate
(posted in the Members Area of the AYC website). We
have met all of our commitments and have a stable
balance sheet.
Enough said about 2014 and any previous years
that may be in your mind! It’s what we are going to do
as a COM and a Club of Members in 2015 and beyond
that really counts now.
Our priorities for 2015 can be identified as follows
(not necessarily in this order):
 Administratively this year we intend to tackle the
AYC By-laws and governance structure in an effort
to improve both; develop formal policies, procedures and processes for our marine services operations (including safe working practices), financial
management and office administration. These
can then be archived on our website for future
reference and use.
 We will develop a long range plan for the maintenance and renewal of our marine services infrastructure which we need in order to attract and
retain new business and/or members, and to help
us plan future expenditures.
 We want to continue to improve our storefront by
ensuring the grounds and clubhouse are up to the
standards of our current members as well as appealing to any prospective member(s) who may
be ‘shopping around’ to join a yacht club. We
want our property to be in top condition compli-
mented by staff who are dedicated to “customer
service” in their dealings with members, visitors
and the general public.
 We are stable financially. But we need more
members – specifically, Senior Members with
boats – if we are to maintain future growth and
sustainability as a premiere Yacht Club, while
keeping dues and fees at affordable levels.
At the end of 1975 we had 460 total members
– 360 of which were Seniors. Today we have significantly less than that, while two of the largest
Clubs in Metro are sustaining their numbers.
We have an excellent facility; available marinas,
moorings and capacity to accommodate many
more vessels in wet or dry winter storage – all at
competitive rates - plus a staff dedicated to great
customer service. The ingredients are all there to
rise again!
Mary Keddy and her Marketing team welcome
ideas to incorporate into an aggressive plan to
attract new Members. NEW MEMBERS = TOP
PRIORITY for 2015. Please do your share to help.
Mary may be contacted at
[email protected]
Best wishes to all Members of AYC – Carl Goodwin
Safe anchorage & mooring field
Marinas and moorings, daily and seasonal
Winter wet & dry storage
Clubhouse with year round
Dining Room & Bar,
one of the best views of the
Northwest Arm
...and so much more!
You don’t have to own a boat
to be a member!
More dues, fees, and
general information about AYC at
or contact the AYC Office at
Kellie Skelhorn
[email protected]
As I reflect on my role as Treasurer, I would like to
share a few of my thoughts with you.
My first year was certainly a busy year. And by all
accounts, it has been a busy start to my second year
on the COM! I wanted to stay on for a second year in
my role as Treasurer in order to finish up things that I
felt were still needed, specifically in the areas of finance, procedures, and controls. 2014 was a year of
change and much clean up. 2015 will be a year of
policies and documented procedures.
By now, we will have had the AGM. You will have
been presented with three new policies: Collections
and Receivables, Capital Assets, and Investment Strategy. You will also have been presented with the YearEnd Financial Statements.
Overall, we are heading in the right direction. Collection of member accounts remains an issue and we
will be working towards more procedures to mitigate
these challenges.
It hasn’t all been hard work. I have learned a lot
about our Club. I have met many new people and
forged many friendships. I have also had great fun
along the way.
On behalf of all AYC members and staff,
greetings to new Members
recently approved
by the Committee of Management!
Mark Kane & Associate Susan Dirani,
Campion 543 Explorer (Power)
Peter Herron & Associate Sue Hurshman
Bob Book & Associate Cathy Kalil
Your fellow Members look forward to
meeting you!
Please note: Information above is as of February 24, 2015.
If you joined within the past few weeks and don’t see your
name here, it’s likely your application process was not
complete at that time and you’ll be listed in the next issue!
AYC Bylaws, Yard Rules, and more...
Online in the Members Area of the AYC
web site
COMMODORE - Carl Goodwin
VICE COMMODORE – Sarah Jane Raine
Duties (per AYC By Laws) - It shall be the duty of the Commodore to take command of the club, preside at all
meetings, to enforce the By-laws, Regulations and Policies
and generally to carry on the work of the Club and promote
its interests.
Duties (per AYC By Laws) - It shall be the duty of the Vice
Commodore to assist the Commodore in the discharge of his/
her duties, and in his/her absence to act in his/her
About Me - I served on the COM and
other committees for about 10 years
and was Commodore in 1976, 1980
and 2014.
I worked in the Private Sector in
Retail Grocery, Finance, Pharmaceutical and Medical
Sales for 15 years – 8 of which were at the Managerial
level. I then worked for the Federal Government –
Department of Fisheries and Oceans and Canadian
Coast Guard for 29 years – 25 as a senior Manager
responsible for the front line delivery of programs
directly impacting on service to stakeholders and the
general public.
I had a successful career in the private sector where
I learned the meaning of performance, accountability
and the “bottom line”. These values I took with me to
government where I was proud to deliver services in
the most cost effective manner to our clients – the
I’ve owned several yachts, both power and sail,
which I kept at AYC over a 38 year period. I currently
own a C&C 29. My favorite was a Nonsuch 30. I have
also made several long distance cruises aboard both
power and sailing vessels over the years in addition to
sea time with the DFO.
To the job of Commodore of AYC, I bring the
knowledge of the history of the Club and my operational and managerial experience. Being retired, I
have the necessary time to devote to maintaining AYC
as a happy place to spend our time away from work, in
an environment that is open, welcoming, communicative and respectful. Service to members and the long
term viability of our Club are my highest priorities.
Vessel: Rosali II (Sail)
AYC Member Since: 1999
About Me – I have been around
AYC since about 1950 with my
family. I moved to Fredericton in
1966 due to my husband’s employment and after retirement in 1999 we moved back to our family home in
Halifax and re-joined AYC as this was what we always
referred to as our Club. While boating in Fredericton I
served on the Board of Directors in several positions at
the Fredericton Yacht Club. I am a Life Member of the
Fredericton Yacht Club.
I have been boating on the Northwest Arm since I
was 5 years old, first in a rowboat and now graduated
to a C&C 30, ROSALI II, which we keep on Marina B or
on a mooring out in front of our property at the head
of the Arm.
My working career consisted of 38 years in the insurance industry working with a company and an agency. During this career I was the first women to become
President of a Brokers Association in Canada, that being the NB Insurance Brokers Association. I was also
the first women to be on the national board of the
Insurance Brokers Association of Canada. While there I
was the Atlantic Representative on the committee
which put in place the insurance broker’s trademark
“the Bipper” which is still used today.
I have been involved with the Canadian Power and
Sail Squadrons since 1991 at the National and Provincial level. At present I am the Commander for the
Halifax Power and Sail Squadron and also a
Director on the National Board. I have also
served as the District Commander for Atlantic
I have been involved with Skate Canada for
over 42 years as an administrator in the sport
and as an Official. I was fortunate to be elected
Board of Directors for a period of 16 years
and still work as an Official for figure skating
competitions. I have done training across Canada
for Data Specialists Officials.
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Vessel: C & C (Sail)
Member Since: 1970; Life Member
REAR COMMODORE – Brian Blakeney
Duties (per AYC By Laws) - It shall be the duty of the Rear
Commodore to assist the Commodore and Vice Commodore
in the performance of their duties.
Vessel: L’Hirondelle (Sail)
Member Since: 2011
About Me - I am currently in my
21st year with Oracle Canada as a
Field Support Specialist. I have
been in computer hardware maintenance for the last
36 years and looking forward to retirement when I will
be able to spend more time on the water with the
boat my wife, Teresa, and I purchased last June. Teresa and I joined AYC as Social members in 2011. Since
then we had an opportunity to purchase a C&C 27
L’Hirondelle just slightly ahead of when we had originally planned to and not one bit sorry for doing so. It
was a fantastic first season and we’re looking forward
to more adventures in 2015.
In 2014, I served on the COM as the Social Chair,
and also participated on other committees (Food and
Beverage, Entertainment, Membership, Marketing,
Strategic Planning). I’ve had the opportunity to work
with many great people and that is what makes it all
worthwhile. Becoming a Senior Member meant that I
was unable to continue as the Social Chair, so this year
I am serving as the Rear Commodore. In 2015, I am
looking forward to working with the Race and Cruise
Committees as well as the Learn to Sail Program, to
make it another fun filled year.
SECRETARY - Tom Chiasson
Duties (per AYC By Laws) - The Secretary is responsible for
the following:
(a) Keeping the minutes of the Committee of Management
and the minutes of Club Meetings;
(b) The safe keeping of the books, records, and papers of
the Club, and the minutes of Sub-Committees of Management;
(c) Other duties as required from time to time by the Commodore and the Committee of Management
Vessel: Gran Time (Power)
Member Since: 1992
About Me - I began my working career in the Auto Industry
with the Ford Motor Company
of Canada in Oakville, ON. After 3 years of clerical at
Head Office, I was transferred to Midwest Region
(Winnipeg) where I travelled as a District Sales and
District Service Manager in Manitoba, Saskatchewan,
and Northwestern Ontario for a period of 12 years.
After this, I held a partnership at a Ford-Mercury Auto
dealership in Elie, MB for 3 years. An opportunity
came available to return to Atlantic Canada and for
the next 13 years I was Director of Operations for a
National Automotive Appearance and Protection Franchise, as well as Area Franchisor for Atlantic Canada.
For the past 19 years I have owned and managed my
own local Auto Detailing and Protection business in
Halifax, NS where I employ 6 full time and 1 part time
My volunteer history includes; President, Kinsmen
Club's of Canada, Winnipeg and Elie, MB (Community
Service Clubs - 10 years); Burgee Editor - AYC (1992 1999); Board Member - Secretary/Treasurer/current
President - Halifax County Condominium Corporation
#1 - (Condo Financial and Business Affairs -7years).
Boating in NS: Sail 20 years—Power 11 years.
TREASURER - Kellie Skelhorn
Duties (per AYC By Laws) - The Treasurer, who may
be bonded by the Club, is responsible for the following:
(a) Preparation and presentation of the Annual
(b) The maintenance of a proper bank account for
the Club;
(c) The maintenance of a proper book of accounts;
(d) The payment of bills contracted by the Club;
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I have always been involved with my church both in
Fredericton and Halifax. I have been the church Treasurer for 11 years and serve on several committees.
I have worked on several committees over the
years at AYC and have met many wonderful members
which make up this great Club. As your ViceCommodore I look forward to working together to
maintain and improve the facilities and the operation
of the Club for its members.
Vessel: Skelly II (Sail)
Member Since: 2007
About Me — I am the Chief
Operating Officer at the College
of Physicians and Surgeons of
Nova Scotia. I am a Certified Management
accountant (CMA), and hold a Masters in Business
Administration (MBA) and a Masters Certificate in
Project Management, both from Saint Mary’s
University. Before joining the College, I held executive and operational positions in the service (hotel)
industry for more than 20 years.
I spent many years volunteering for the
Canadian Power & Sail Squadrons - a non-profit organization dedicated to safe boating - at the local,
district, and national levels.
I live in Halifax and enjoy cooking, entertaining,
spending time with my family and friends, and of
course sailing.
Duties (per AYC By Laws) - (a) There shall be a sub‐
committee of the Committee of Management composed of
the Communications Chair and not less than two (2) other
Members approved by the Committee of Management. (b)
This Committee shall be responsible for the operation and
administration of AYC’s communication publications (The
Burgee, weekly e-News and web site). There will be at least
four (4) editions yearly of The Burgee. The Communications
Chair shall also be responsible for advising the Committee
of Management on matters of communications and public
Vessel: Miquelon (Power)
Member Since: 2008
About Me - I served on the AYC
COM in 2009, 2010 and 2014 as
Communications Chair. In 2011
I served as the Rear Commodore.
My career has been in the Human Resources field,
and I hold a Certified Human Resources Professional
(CHRP) designation. Over the years, I’ve also been an
active volunteer with a number of associations having
held numerous Executive, Board, Chair and Committee positions and worked in those capacities at the
local, regional and national/international levels.
My background combined with my commitment to
AYC drives my motivation to contribute in a meaningful manner toward developing and achieving goals and
objectives that will make AYC members proud of their
Club and enhance AYC’s profile in our community.
Duties (per AYC By Laws)- There shall be a sub-committee of
the Committee of Management composed of the Entertainment Chair and not less than two (2) other Members approved by the Committee of Management. This committee
shall be responsible to provide entertainment for the social
activities of AYC.
Member Since: 2012 (Social)
About Me – I joined AYC in 2012
to play darts and much to my
delight I was introduced to the
world of boating (both sail and
power) and met an incredible group of people. In
addition to discovering a love for sailing, I have been
attending and volunteering at events since I joined the
club. I was also happy to participate as part of the
Caterer Selection Committee in 2013.
To the role of Chair of the Entertainment Committee I bring 20 years’ experience in event planning
through various work positions, a sense of humour
which helps with the blips along the way and a desire
to enjoy well attended and fun events like I did when I
first joined the Club. In addition to the work experience I have previous volunteer experience as a member of the Board of Directors for the Canadian Mental
Health Association.
Duties (per AYC By Laws) - (a) There shall be a subcommittee of the Committee of Management composed of the House and Grounds Chair and not less
than two (2) other Members approved by the COM.
Cont’d. on next page
(e) The Annual Financial Statement and other financial
statements, when required;
(f) Other financially related duties as required from time
to time by the Commodore and the Committee of Management.
(b) This committee shall be responsible for advising management on the maintenance and operation of the clubhouse
and immediate grounds.
Vessel: Time Out (Power)
Member Since: 2006
About Me - I've been a member
at Armdale Yacht Club for more
than six years and I was pleased
to be part of the Catering Review Committee in the
spring of 2013. This provided an opportunity to get
involved, meet other members and contribute to the
improvement of the club.
Having 20 years of experience owning and managing my own charter transportation business, I have
worked through challenging situations and have the
passion and commitment for getting things done.
Beyond my business I have also been very involved
in SKAL, an international hospitality organization committed to promoting growth in tourism in the world
market. Serving a term as the local chapter President
reinforced the importance of collaboration to achieve
I look forward to working with the Committee of
Management over the next year to fulfil the role of
House and Grounds Chair.
SOCIAL MEMBER CHAIR – Rita Karsten Ament
Duties (per AYC By Laws) - It shall be the duty of the Social
Member Chair to communicate to the Committee of Management the interests and viewpoints on behalf of the Social
Membership of the Armdale Yacht Club.
Vessel: Scrimshaw (Sail)
Member Since: 2010
About Me – I have been a member of AYC for five years, and passionately loved learning to sail and
cruise! I have been a Nurse for 33
years, and still work in an intensive care role at the
Halifax Infirmary. I have recently changed my membership to Social, but love to sail if anyone has need of
crew! Please come and see me if you have any issues
or suggestions for any social concerns here at the
YARD CHAIR – Donald (Don) Webster
Duties (per AYC By Laws) - (a) There shall be a subcommittee of the Committee of Management composed of
the Yard Chair and not less than two (2) other Members
approved by the COM. (b) This committee shall be responsible for advising on the maintenance and the operation of the
boatyard and marina facilities including the lockers and spar
shed including the multi-purpose building. The maintenance
will include all power driven boats and motors owned by
Vessel: Blues Breaker (Power)
Member Since: 1990
About Me – I first descended
upon AYC in 1959 with my
schooner and became a member. I served in the military reserve with the RCEME
(Corps of Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical
Engineers) which is a branch of the Canadian military
that provides engineering maintenance support. Then
the company I worked for sent me to Melville Air Station in Labrador (Goose Air Base) - which is quite a
distance from Melville Island - where I worked on
some of the Due Line sites. I then spent time in Thule
Air Base (BMEWS) in Greenland off and on for several
years during the Cold War. When the sites started to
close down, I returned to Halifax.
I became active at AYC and on the COM, having
served a term as Fleet Captain Cruise in the early
1970’s (some AYC members may recall the trip we
made to Baddeck that year), and in subsequent years
at least five terms as Yard Chair and one year as House
and Yard Chair together. In the 1970’s I also formed
my company called “Nauticus Marine” which did everything with boats except build them.
I’m now semi-retired and enjoying my current boat,
Blues Breaker. I enjoy cruising - since 1990 I’ve made
thirteen trips to the Magdalen Islands. Other experiences include the delivery of a Rosborough boat
through the Panama Canal, and I have also been quite
involved with Rosborough Privateer Ketches. In addition I have a pilot’s license, multi-engine rating, and
flew a number of aircraft. I joined BASRA (Bahamas
Air Sea Rescue Association) in 1977 and used my airplane for air sea rescue in the Bahamas when I was
there. I look forward to the coming year serving once
again as Yard Chair.
POLAR CRUISE on January 1, 2015
Anna Burke
On New Year’s Eve, several AYC members enjoyed
cocktails, dinner and dancing with music by the
“George Carter Jr Band”. At midnight, they rung in
the new year with a champagne toast.
For the last ten (10)
years Lloyd Blagdon has
been taking his vessel,
the “Morning Glory”, out to
the local Yacht Club Levees
on New Year’s
Day. It started out with just
a few friends and each year
it has grown with more
friends wanting to go on the first cruise of the year.
January 1, 2015 was a beautiful morning. The
“Morning Glory” was tied to the marina at AYC. At
9:30 AM "START THE ENGINES", Lloyd, was getting
ready for the 14 crew members to arrive for a fun
filled day. By 10:00 AM, everyone was there and we
were ready to go. Everyone brought some snacks
which were enjoyed during the trip—especially by our
two little Shih Tzu's, Boxer and Sumo.
A little bit of ice was in the Arm but we had no
problem getting through.
mingling on
New Years
of Tom
L-R: Kellie
Sarah Jane
Raine, Jim
Blakeney and
Anna Chow
enjoying the
Hosted By AYC
Our first stop was at the Shearwater Yacht Club,
where we were well received. We all enjoyed our
lunch with some Moose Milk and friendly chat with
members of their club. By Noon we were ready to
head back to the boat.
Moose Milk
and Fish
visitors in
(Photos courtesy of Anna Burke)
Cont’d. on next page
of the COM
New Year’s
with AYC
and guests
as they
POLAR CRUISE on January 1, 2015 (Cont’d.)
Anna Burke
Friday, January 16, 2014
Outside there was a snow storm. Needless to say,
that didn’t stop us. We boarded the boat and headed
for the Dartmouth Yacht Club (DYC). As we headed
in, there was a lot of ice covered in snow. No problem
for us, though, as Captain Lloyd took the “Morning
Glory” through it with little effort. At the DYC we enjoyed more Moose Milk, drinks, chili, fish chowder and
friendly chat.
Then, once again, we all boarded the boat and
headed back to the AYC.
To say the event was well attended is an understatement because a Clubhouse full of people came out to
celebrate the Clubhouse re-opening!
room was
overflowing with
tables set
up in the
The entertainment that followed dinner put just the right
mood on this special occasion.
(Photos courtesy of Mary Keddy and Kellie Skelhorn)
There we joined our friends and met the new members of our Committee of Management—and had yet
more Moose Milk, drinks, fish chowder and friendly
A good time was had by all. Planning for the next
cruise is underway!
Not even crutches would stop Rita Karsten Ament from dancing with others to the music of entertainer, Tristan Legg!
"We cannot change the winds
but we can adjust our sails."
Saturday, February 14, 2015
We’re not sure whether Dawn Bailey, AYC Entertainment Chair, and her Committee knew something
we didn’t when they planned the “Beat the Winter
Blues Dance” but they were right on with that event
for this frigid February! As evidenced by the huge
turnout who enjoyed the music of “Metro”, even
though there may have been lots of blue (attire) in the
AYC Clubhouse, there were no winter blues in the
building this past Valentine’s Night!
Several members invited non-member guests to
join in the fun, and for that both member and guest
had a chance to win prizes—a new Burgee for a member, and an Honourary Social Membership for 2015 for
a guest! The lucky winners were Grant Smith (AYC
member) and— quite by coincidence— his guest
Elaine Hatfield!
...we can’t go without noting the surprise birthday
celebration held at the
Club on the same night
(February 14) for a very
special lady. Friends and
family gathered to surprise Anna Burke, and she
tells us she had no idea!
That speaks to Teresa
Blakeney’s creative thinking about how to get Anna to the Club without
suspecting a thing! Many
happy returns, Anna!
Above: The birthday girl is led by Teresa Blakeney to the big
“SURPRISE!”; Flowers, Balloons, even ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’
glasses were just some of the gifts received by Anna; and, of
course, there was cake! (Photos courtesy of Anna Chow )
MARCH 14, 2015
1:00 PM—6:00 PM
NOON—5:00 PM
(Photos courtesy of Teresa Blakeney)
Feature Article and Photos by Norman Raine, Model Ship Builder
We caught up with AYC member, Norman Raine,
who is also a Past President of the Modeler's Guild.
“...interest in building models started in the early
‘60’s with building model trucks and trailers from kits.
Upon retiring I started building model boats ‘from
scratch’. My first one started from finding a 1940
book on boat building and an article on how to build
an International Snipe. My interest in the snipe came
from owning
and doing major repairs to
one so we
could sail and
race it out of
AYC in 1956. I
raced this boat
at the National
Snipe Champi12
North Sydney,
NS in 1959. I
placed 10th out
of 36 boats.
I took these
plans and reduced them to
a scale of 1” to
the foot.
sawed my own planks and timbers. I made all components of the snipe by hand. It is complete as the
original snipe would be.
While working on this boat I became aware of a
group called the Maritime Ship Modelers Guild and
joined them. There I had lots of encouragement from
the members to continue building boats as they felt I
had the skills to do so. I became the President of the
Guild for two terms and am still involved with them.
From the snipe I became interested in a Rosborough RF246 and, with some help from Kevin Rosborough, I developed a set of plans and taking measurements of Kevin’s boat I was able to complete the
plans and build the RF246. It was done to a scale of
1” to the foot. In my old age I may have to go from
sail to power and this would be my boat of choice.
I then decided to build
models of various
boats in Nova
Scotia and New
Brunswick that I
worked on or
installed new
engines in.
I got plans for a 45 foot Cape Island boat from the
Ship Modelers Guild Library. I then got plans for an
83 foot Sardine Carrier which is used in the Bay of
Fundy and the coast of Maine. I was able to obtain
the original plans from A.F. Theriault & Son
Shipyards in Meteghan River, NS of a 65 foot
Stern Dragger named Lady Rosanna. I installed
the 700 HP Cummins engine in the Lady Rosanna
when she was new and did sea trials and went
fishing on her one night to do engine
adjustments. Hence, my interest in building
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The weather may have been frightful, but that didn’t
stop members of the Maritime Ship Modellers Guild
from setting up an impressive display for the enjoyment of those who showed up at the AYC Clubhouse
on a cold and wet Sunday afternoon in February.
Far Left in the
Norman Raine
at the Modellers Guild Boat
Show, where a
models were
set up in the
Upper Wardroom of the
Police Patrol
boat, run by
AYC Life Member, Captain
George Perry,
would bring
memories of
boaters and long term members who boated in the
50’s, 60’s & 70’s.
...Norman Raine, Model Ship Builder
this model to complete scale.
Presently, I am building a 44 foot dragger based
on the MV Robin Dale which I worked on out of
Little River, NS in 1960. I had to develop plans for
this vessel from a picture and knowledge as there
are no plans for her. I also have underway a model
of my own C&C 30 sailing sloop. I have for further
work the plans for a 93 foot Longliner out of Sambro, the Beverley Fay and 1938 20 foot Garwood
Speed Boat, which was my father-in-law’s, Captain
George Perry, Police patrol boat on the North West
Arm named the Dragonette.
These boats take me anywhere from 1 ½ years to
3 years to complete. They are radio controlled for
the most part. I find this hobby a great past time for
the winter months as there are no dead lines or rush
to complete a boat. No customer demands, just the
enjoyment of working along, sawing lumber, making
small parts and pieces as required. There are no
instructions so you have to think about what and
how you are going to go about doing the various
components and assembly.
Saturday April 18, 2015
Mark this date
on your calendar,
for that evening
we will be conducting an
AYC Fundraiser!
The event is the first being conducted to
raise funds for the purchase of yard equipment.
There will be a:
 Chinese Buffet;
 Chinese Auction;
 Dance to the music of “Shaker”
You know this will be a delicious meal and
fun evening brought to you by our band of
tireless volunteers.
Last year’s fundraiser for sail training sold
out, and left a number of people disappointed, so get your tickets early once they come
on sale. Ticket sales will be advertised in the
eNews and in posters displayed at the Club.
In the summer the Guild have regattas in which you
can run your radio controlled boats and is most enjoyable.
Anna Chow, Fundraiser Chair
Chinese Nautical Proverbs
 Big ships often sail on big debts.
 No matter how big the sea may be, sometimes
two ships meet.
 The water that a ship sails on is the same water
that swallows it up.
 Water can do without fishes, fishes cannot do
without water.
Source: http://gallantnavigator.blogspot.ca/2005/11/nauticalproverbs.html
February 19—22, 2015
This year’s boat show saw four days of mostly notso-nice weather which did result in reduced numbers
attending the Show. However, reports indicate that
many who visited seemed to be more seriously considering becoming boaters or were already avid boaters.
For a second consecutive year, AYC participated as
an exhibitor. We received an excellent response to
our call for
AYC member volunteers
attend our
during Boat
hours. The
combination of a
continuously running
slide show,
a number
loaded with
about AYC,
and a draw
for a free 2015 AYC Adult Learn to Sail Program
attracted a number of visitors to our display. Thanks
to all the AYC members who donated their time to
ensure our exhibit had coverage for the entire show,
as well as to those who visited us during the show in
the Prospect Room.
Carl Goodwin
and Vice
Commodore Sarah
Jane Raine tending
the AYC display.
(Photos courtesy of Tom Chiasson)
Below: Volunteers doing shifts tending the AYC Display
Sean Smith
Raine and
Jeff Larsen
Rob Field
and Mary
You can help with AYC’s efforts to attract new business and/or members by informing any potential
leads that we have marinas, moorings, and storage
space available, and we are welcoming new members
in all of our membership categories!
The Burgee - published a minimum of 4
times/year by the AYC Communications
Chair ; posted on AYC’s website at
[email protected];
AYC eNews - weekly electronic bulletin to
AYC members. Subscribers are notified
through AYC eNews when a new issue of
The Burgee becomes available.
Members may subscribe to AYC eNews
by sending an e-mail with the word
‘SUBSCRIBE’ in the subject line to:
[email protected]
Please provide name, member # (found on
your membership card), and e-mail address
to which you’d like the AYC eNews sent.
Submissions for eNews (deadline Mondays at Midnight) & The Burgee to
[email protected]:
- Articles, photos & illustrations are considered subject to space/topic and may be
edited for length and readability. Articles
with photos should have the photos
attached separately. Photos should be JPG
with content/subject labelled. Announcements for AYC Events appear in AYC
eNews, and The Burgee free of charge.
Billing Schedule 2015
Membership dues
Sail Canada membership
dues (Seniors only)
Food and Beverage credit (Senior & Social)
Payment Plan invoices
Capital Reserve Fund
(Seniors only)
Second installment of
Entrance fee for new
Senior members in 2014
Launching begins; consult with
Marine Services Manager
summer storage
Spar storage
May 15 - tender service starts &
gas dock opens
Winter power (for wet
winter storage
Promote your products/services in AYC’s
The Burgee (per issue):
1/8 pg $50;
1/4 pg $70;
1/2 pg $125;
Full pg $225.
eNews (min. 4 issues): 1/8 pg $120
Web Site: Front pg (size as seen on web
site) or Sidebar Ad (468 pixels w x 120 pixels h)$225 (Full Page is approx. 6.5 x 9 inches. Photos accompanying ads should be in
JPEG format.)
To promote an event or place an ad, e-mail
Mary at
[email protected] .
Yard Schedule 2015
By September 30 - advise of winter
storage intentions wet or dry
Winter storage
Haul outs
Summer power (2015)
October 16 - Tender Service ends
& Gas Dock hours are reduced to
Mon - Fri 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
All additional services will be
billed on a per use basis
November 2 - first day of
winter storage; Gas Dock
closes for winter season
November 16 – last day for
haul out; power wash available only until “freeze up”.
Resignation – notify by
February 15
Sign up for payment plan
by Feb 15
Vessels that remain in storage after one full year are charged the regular storage rates, plus an additional 25%.
For each additional year in storage, the previous year’s rate will be charged plus an additional 25%.
Please note: All requests for continued land storage must be approved by the COM as outlined in the Yard
Rules. Please refer to the Armdale Yacht Club Rules Respecting Grounds, Moorings, Marinas and other Facilities, under the subtitle General, Subsection 16.
COMMODORE - Carl Goodwin
[email protected]
VICE COMMODORE - Sarah Jane Raine
[email protected]
REAR COMMODORE - Brian Blakeney
[email protected]
902-477-4617; [email protected]
[email protected]
902-477-4617, Ext. 2, then 2 or 902-476-2064;
[email protected]
SECRETARY - Tom Chiasson
[email protected]
TREASURER - Kellie Skelhorn
[email protected]
Dinner Reservations
902-477-4617 (Ext. 3, then 1) or e-mail
[email protected]
Catering & Special Events at AYC
Cristina, Event Coordinator
902-477-4617 (Ext. 3, then 3)
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
SOCIAL MEMBER CHAIR - Rita Karsten Ament
[email protected]
YARD CHAIR - Don Webster
[email protected]
(Off Boating Season October, 2014—May 15, 2015)
0830 – 1630
0830 – 1630
0830 – 1630
1600 – 2000
0830 – 1630
1600 - 2100
1700 – 2100
0830 – 1630
1100 – 2100
1500 – 1800
1100 – 1400
1700 – 2100
1100 – 1800
1100 – 1400 Brunch Menu
*Hours are monitored and adjustments made, as required
Access to shower & washroom - Side entrance is open 24/7.
Washroom is joint use in overnight hours. You can also buzz in at the front door during
office hours.

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