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Cold Drink Vendor
A Leader in Vending Machine Manufacturing Since 1931
Built in the USA, the CB300 Stand Alone and Satellite can & bottle drink vending
machines offer variety by vending 12oz cans as well as 16.9 through 24oz
bottles. Machines deliver ready to plug-in, price & operate. More individuals own
Selectivend vending equipment than any other manufacturer. Our unmatched
factory support, generous warranty program, exclusive 100% factory financing
and product promotions are tailored for you & your vending success.
CB300 Satellite
CB300 Stand Alone
Americans With Disabilities Act Compliant (ADA)
Simple to set up and maintain
6 can/bottle selections
Standard capacity: 312 12oz cans, 144 bottles or combination
Product Sizes-12 oz can through 24 oz bottle including water & energy drinks
100% financing available
Product promotion available-Call Selectivend for current promo
Delivers plug-in ready - Just set prices and operate
Innovative high capacity product stacks makes loading simple & convenient
Large easy access product delivery area
Premium electronic coin changer accepts $.05 to $1.00 coins and tokens
Automatic bill acceptor/stacker accepts $1 & $5 bills
and coupons on optional systems
Credit/Debit & mobile payment system option
Individual electronic pricing of product from $0 through $99.95 – no price labels needed!
Delivery sensor mechanism ensures product or money back
Free-vend capable
Multi-vend mode (buy multiple items with one credit)
Cash/sales accountability by selection
Energy efficient LED lighting
All steel construction; welded seams provide durability
Illuminated product display enhances impulse sales
Environmentally friendly refrigeration
Industry leading warranty & support
Vending machine accepts coupons & tokens
Dollar bill acceptor also acts as coin changer
Customized fronts available
CB300 Can & Bottle Cold Drink Vendor
Energy Saving LED Lighting
Enhances product presentation
promoting more sales. No bulb servicing for 5 years. Energy efficient and eco-friendly.
CB300 Stand Alone
CB300 Satellite Shown with
GF12 Snack Vendor
Vends up to 138 - 16.9, 20 or 24oz plastic bottles, 312 -12oz cans or a mix of bottles and cans
Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliant
Space saving design of only 21” wide
Double depth high capacity bottle & can system
First-in first-out for all selections
Quick in-field conversion of container size
Money back impact sensor delivery system
Individual product pricing from free Machine Footprint
vend ($0.00) to $99.95
Cash and vend accountability
MDB coin mechanism and bill acceptor interface
Secondary peripheral opening for card reader or other payment systems
Bright “live” product display
Energy saving LED lighting
Environmentally friendly R-134a refrigeration system
Large keypad with Braille identification
Ultra high intensity LED credit display
CB300 Bottle & Can Cold Drink Merchandiser
CB300 Stand Alone
Net Weight
Standard Features
capacity. Built-in case support
rack helps speed loading.
Keeps customers satisfied and
reduces service calls for misloaded product.
Lighted Live Product Display
Bright LED Display
is easily accessable and allows quick product changes.
With point of sale message and
credit display options.
Premium Currency Acceptors
Large Braille
Identified Keypad
Includes standard electronic coin
acceptor and $1 & $5 bill acceptor.
CB300 Satellite
6 Items
Individual from $0 to $99.95
Premium Electronic Coin Acceptor; $1 & $5 Bill Acceptor
Guaranteed Delivery
Sensor System
12 Oz. Cans – 213; 20 Oz.& 24 Oz. Bottles - 138; or combination of containers
Selection Pricing
Payment Systems
Easy Loading Product
Stacks Double deep for high
Payment through host snack machine
Credit/Debit & mobile
reader options.
120 VAC, 8 Amps; (230 VAC, 4 Amps)
Vends All Popular
Brand Beverages
Environmentally Friendly 1/3+ HP Sealed System with R-134a Refrigerant
72”(183 cm)
21” (53 cm)
491 lbs. (222.7 kg)
35-7/16” (90 cm)
467 lbs. (211.8 kg)
LED Lighting, Money Back Vend Sensor System
Credit/Debit Card Reader
In order to bring you the best products possible, we continue to improve product design and performance and as such specifications are subject to change
without notice. The manufacturer makes no warrantees or representations of compliance with any local, state, national or international requirements for the
operation of the equipment in any application for which it is capable of being used beyond approvals listed on the product. Any purchaser is required to make
an independent analysis of the fitness and legality of the product’s usage before it is deployed and must continue to monitor the potential changing nature of
compliance requirements. The manufacturer expressly disclaims responsibility for compliance with any laws and affirmatively requires any buyer to make an
independent analysis of the fitness and legal basis of any use or application of the subject unit.
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