France`s Social Security agency trains its


France`s Social Security agency trains its
France’s Social Security agency trains
its managers to prepare for the future
As part of its extensive manager
To this end, Ucanss asked
presents fifteen courses which
support project (SAM), Ucanss
CrossKnowledge and Altedia
combine classroom training with
(the association of social-security
to come up with a new system
online modules.
offices) is counting on blended
for developing the skills of the
learning courses to fulfil its
agency’s managers. In the first
With subjects including
network’s requirements and
phase, aimed at Operational
management, business
complete its transformation.
Managers, the new system
administration and change
management, the training tools
The SAM project allows us to respond
efficiently to organisational developments
by adapting managerial practices to the
challenges the agency faces and by supporting managers throughout their careers.”
Sandrine Abadie,
SAM project Manager
have truly put the emphasis on
exchanges and sharing between
managers and tutors, internal
and external participants. Wholly
customised, the programmes,
which provide a tutor for each
participant, have been fully
subscribed, with almost 100% of
managers at the Social Security
agency signing up.
Develop managers’ skills in
order to prepare them for
strategic developments in
the future
CrossKnowledge Training
on Demand
Courses tailored to the
individual, responding to
the managers’ needs and
aligned with organisational
Training time optimised