1st/2nd Quarter 2016 - Galveston Bay Foundation


1st/2nd Quarter 2016 - Galveston Bay Foundation
Spring 2016
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Rain barrel workshop participants
beautify their barrels
Q&A with water quality
monitors Dianne and Joe
GBF Oyster Lake
project restores lost
Thousands of crabs saved
at Abandoned Crab Trap
Also Inside:
Letter from our President
Aramco’s worldwide commitment
touches Galveston Bay
GBF welcomes new staff
Thanks to Trash Bash volunteers
GBF recognizes 2015 donors and
Students displaced by Hurricane Ike see
habitat restored, protected by GBF program
nahuac High School teacher Corena
Fitzgerald’s house floated two miles down
her street when Hurricane Ike hit in 2008. Eight
years later, her property is still damaged and
her family is still displaced, a fate many of her
students have faced as well.
Ms. Fitzgerald’s students participate in GBF’s
Get Hip to Habitat program, where they cultivate
marsh grass and maintain its health until it is
ready to be planted in the Bay.
“After the hurricane hit, 60 percent of our
students were homeless,” Ms. Fitzgerald said.
“So whenever we’re planting that cordgrass, my
students understand that this time it will hopefully
make an impact and slow down wave action, even
in just a tropical storm.”
The program gives students the opportunity to
connect with the land they grew up around and
cultivate it to become advocates for the Bay in the
Cole Edwards, a freshman in Ms. Fitzgerald’s PreAP Biology class, helped carry and pour a bucket
of saltwater into the wading pools on a hot day in
“After Ike, things were pretty bad around here,”
Edwards said. “This project is so important
because it helps keep the Bay in line and keeps
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G a l v e st o n B a y F o u n d a t i o n
Bob Stokes
President / Ext. 211
Courtney Smith
Vice President of Operations / Ext. 214
Charlene Bohanon
Water Programs Manager / Ext. 215
Haille Carter
Habitat Restoration Coordinator / Ext.
Sarah Cunningham
Water Quality Outreach Coordinator /
Ext. 217
Kat Darvishzadeh
Development Data Associate / Ext. 201
Anna Deichmann
Land Stewardship Coordinator / Ext. 224
Emily Demmeck
Bike Around the Bay Coordinator
Claire Everett
Communications & Marketing
Coordinator / Ext. 208
Emily Ford
Volunteer Programs Coordinator / Ext.
Sarah Gossett
Water Quality Volunteer Coordinator /
Ext. 217
Virginia Greb
Education Coordinator / Ext. 219
Rani Henderson
Manager of Education Programs / Ext.
Michael Neibur
Oyster Shell Recycling Assistant
Courtney Hughes
Environmental Educator
Scott Jones
Director of Advocacy / Ext. 209
Greg Loushine
Director of Development / Ext. 213
Taleen Moore
Accounting Associate/ Ext. 202
Paula Paciorek
Water Resources Coordinator / Ext. 218
Linda Roehrborn
Environmental Educator/ Oyster Shell
Recycling Assistant
Sharon Roark
Major Gifts Officer / Ext. 204
Heather Schiappa
Report Card Coordinator / Ext. 223
Matt Singer
Land Stewardship Manager / Ext. 206
Philip Smith
Director of Conservation / Ext. 210
Ron Jeffers
Director of Finance/ Ext. 202
Ashley Whitt
Environmental Educator
Lee Anne Wilde
Living Shorelines Program Manager /
Ext. 205
From Our President:
Environmental impacts must be considered
before implementing storm surge suppression
he Gulf Coast Community Protection and
Recovery District (“GCCPRD”) recently
released its phase two report, in which it reviewed
various storm surge suppression measures at three
locations on the Texas coast, including Galveston
Bay. The results of the study bring renewed
attention to an issue that has been under study and
discussion almost since Hurricane Ike hit our area in
The purpose of this study is to find a way to protect
citizens and industry surrounding Galveston Bay
from a much larger storm surge that might come
with a future hurricane. Hurricane Ike brought a big
storm surge and was catastrophic for many who live
or work near Galveston Bay, but a future hurricane
could be even bigger and do even more damage.
The vulnerability of industry along the Houston Ship
Channel to a large storm surge raises both economic
and environmental concerns and may warrant
incurring the cost of building a large, expensive
storm surge system.
would alter water
flow between the
Gulf of Mexico and
Galveston Bay. At this
point, it is not clear
how significantly the
gate structure would
permanently restrict
water flow, although
we’ve heard estimates
of anything from 10 to
40 percent.
Bob Stokes, Galveston Bay
Foundation President
Bolivar Roads is incredibly important to marine life in
Galveston Bay. Many marine organisms in Galveston
Bay spend some portion of their life cycle in the Gulf
and some portion in Galveston Bay, and they must pass
through Bolivar Roads in each direction. The impact
of a permanent constriction of the pass on marine
organisms is presently unclear. Think about the end of
a garden hose being constricted. If the end of a garden
hose is constricted by 40 percent, a
There are many, many more
couple things will likely happen. The first
questions to ask about the
GBF has been
is that not nearly as much water will pass
impacts from a large, hard
supportive of the various
through the hose. What water does pass
structure being constructed
efforts and studies on the
through, will do so at an accelerated
across the mouth of
subject. We’ve maintained
speed and force. It is imperative that we
Galveston Bay.
contact and participated
study the impacts on marine life from
in public meetings with
such a structure. Will larval and juvenile
not only the GCCPRD, but also the Rice SSPEED
shrimp and finfish be able to stand the increased force
Center and Texas A&M Galveston, both of whom
within the water column passing though Bolivar Roads?
are also studying storm surge options. We believe
Will the same number of shrimp and finfish be able to
it is important to determine the pros and cons
make the journey back and forth from the Gulf? Will the
of any proposed solution and determine its true
structure permanently impact salinity in Galveston Bay
environmental impacts. Several of the proposed
and create a less hospitable place for our marine life?
alternatives contain massive hard structural
solutions that may permanently alter Galveston Bay.
There are many, many more questions to ask about the
impacts from a large, hard structure being constructed
Several alternatives include some version of a storm
across the mouth of Galveston Bay. And our main point
surge gate stretching from Galveston Island to
is that these questions need to be asked and answered
Bolivar Peninsula at Bolivar Roads. The idea being
fully before moving forward with any one solution.
considered is that authorities could close this gate
We recognize moving forward in a timely fashion is
structure before a large storm and thereby keep
important for our community, but it is also important to
the storm surge from ever entering Galveston Bay.
ensure we understand what the real long term impacts
Because the pass between Galveston and Bolivar
will be. Only then will we be able to make an informed
is two miles wide, the parties have discussed a one
discussion on what solution makes the most sense for
thousand foot wide swinging gate in the middle
our community and our Bay.
of the pass that would be flanked by some type
of vertical sluice gate system. While these gates
would only be closed before and during a storm,
the permanent infrastructure supporting the gates
Spring 2016
Rain barrel workshop participants beautify their barrels
ain barrels don’t just serve as a
great way to conserve water —
for many GBF Rain Barrel Workshop
participants, they serve as a form of art!
She added that her barrel helps a great
deal with watering her garden. Instead of
dragging the hose out to the garden, the
barrel is already out there to do the trick.
After every workshop, GBF hosts a rain
barrel art contest that allows people to
get creative and turn their barrels, which
are recycled Coca-Cola products, into
something they can enjoy seeing in their
backyards every day.
Since our workshops began in 2013,
people like Bianca have helped conserve
a potential total of 1,943,700 gallons of
water per year with their barrels—enough
water to fill roughly three Olympic-sized
swimming pools.
I decorated the barrel in fabric
because I have a passion for
sewing. — Bianca Springer,
Pasadena TX
Bianca Springer,
workshop contest winner, added a
personal touch to her barrel.
“I decorated the barrel in fabric because
I have a passion for sewing,” Bianca said.
“I used a UV-protected outdoor fabric to
make a skirt for the barrel with spaces
to accommodate the spout and drain
Select rain barrel art
contest winners
Additionally, when
barrels are used for rain
water harvesting, they
reduce the amount of
runoff from residential
properties, which goes a
long way in reducing
bacteria inputs to Galveston Bay.
Thanks to Lyondell-Basell for sponsoring
these successful workshops and to CocaCola for donating the rain barrels to GBF.
To join in on the art and conservation
fun, visit www.galvbay.org/rainbarrel and
find an upcoming workshop near you!
Bianca Springer, Pasadena Rain Barrel Workshop contest winner
with her barrel.
G a l v e st o n B a y F o u n d a t i o n
Couple who live on Bay concerned about its health,
volunteer as water quality monitors
GBF’s Water Monitoring Team plays a vital
role in how we understand the health of the
Bay. GBF’s Water Monitoring Team is a group
of trained volunteers who conduct water
quality sampling at specific locations around
Galveston Bay on at least a monthly basis. The
test results show a unique portrait of trends
for each site. This volunteer program augments
professional data collection and fosters
stewardship, and the volunteer data compiled
through it is used for educational and decisionmaking purposes. We talked to two long-time
monitors to get a glimpse into why being a
part of the team is important to them.
Dianne Forthman and Joe Cavallaro
Water quality monitors: 3 years
Monitoring from: their backyard on Galveston Bay
Why are you interested in monitoring water quality?
DF: Living on the Bay, we do a lot on the water — we
swim in it, we sail in it — so we were concerned
about it and thought if this gives valuable data,
then it was something we should do.
JC: And conservation has always been part of what
we do. Dianne was a teacher and would take her
summers to work on conservation projects, so this
was a natural extension of that.
What is a benefit of monitoring water quality?
JC: It’s an easy way to be involved. The Bay has had
problems in the past and it’s nice to be a part of
determining whether those problems are happening
again or if the Bay is healthy.
Monitors collect samples at least once a month.
Can you describe a typical collection day for you?
DF: I go out to the end of the pier and collect the
sample water and do the external observations
before Joe gets home. Then we bring it inside and
use different chemicals to test for the salinity and
also the dissolved oxygen and pH.
Have you found any interesting trends since you’ve
been monitoring over the past three years?
JC: It’s kind of interesting to see the correlation
between the temperature — the colder days there
tends to be more dissolved oxygen. And of course if
it rains, it really affects the salinity and you can see
that in the data.
Would you recommend water quality monitoring to
a friend?
JC: Yes, definitely. I think it’s a great volunteer
opportunity. It’s easy and really takes no experience
in chemistry. I think anybody who has some decent
hand-eye coordination could do it.
DF: It’s a lot of fun. You don’t need to know
chemistry, but it was a lot of fun for me to learn
because I don’t have that kind of background
whatsoever. And I think a lot of people would be
interested just like us—we care about the Bay and
we’re interested in what’s happening to it.
The more GBF water quality monitors we have
collecting data from various locations around
the Bay, the more we will understand about its
water quality. Data is currently collected from 48
observation points and is used to help us better
understand the health of Galveston Bay. With it, we
screen for potential problems, create the ability to
understand long-term water quality patterns and
trends, and help influence community behavior and
management practices around the Bay.
For more information about the team and to
download all of our water quality data,
visit www.galvbay.org/watermonitors. For
questions, email us at [email protected]
Joe and Dianne’s dog plays in the grass
as they conduct water quality tests.
Spring 2016
Students see habitat restored (continued from cover...)
everything from eroding away from the hurricane.”
A lot of the Anahuac High School students live in
the Oak Island area where their class plants the
grass, so they can watch it grow.
In the past four years, three of Ms. Fitzgerald’s
students who have gone through the program
and shared Kate’s attitude about it were
inspired to pursue degrees in marine biology
in college.
“Last year’s kids came back and showed me a
picture and said, ‘Look, this is by our houses, it
actually reached the bank!’” Ms. Fitzgerald said.
“Since we’ve started this project, I’ve definitely
wondered what we all can do career-wise for
the environment,” Hamkaner said.
We are the next generation and if we Last year, GBF’s Get
don’t help the environment now, then Hip to Habitat program
A sense of
there won’t be anything left for us to served 1,949 students
and togetherness
experience. — Kate Hamkaner, Anahuac from 22 schools in Harris,
has reached her
Galveston and Chambers
High School Student
students this year as
they connect with the
Bay and cultivate a sense of responsibility and
Through grants and support from generous
ownership of it during Get Hip to Habitat.
sponsors, we are currently able to offer this
meaningful program at no cost to schools. Ms.
“When I do this project, I know that I’m helping
Fitzgerald appreciates the program is free as
the community,” Pre-AP Biology student Kyle Lake
she doesn’t have much of a budget to work
said. “And when I do that, it makes me feel like a
with. In fact, she only has 8 microscopes for
better person.”
her 100 students, so being able to participate
in a hands-on program like Get Hip to Habitat
Ms. Fitzgerald’s student Kate Hamkaner sees
is incredibly beneficial for the students.
the program as her generation’s introduction
to environmental responsibility and says she
To help our program continue to grow
has gained a new understanding of what the
and make a difference in the lives of
environment does for us.
the students and teachers throughout
“We are the next generation and if we don’t
help the environment now, then there won’t be
anything left for us to experience,” Hamkaner
said. “Helping now preserves it for the future.”
Ms. Fitzgerald’s Pre-AP Biology students
monitor the growth of marsh grass as part
of GBF’s Get Hip to Habitat program.
the Houston-Galveston area, visit
www.galvbay.org/donate to make a
contribution today.
Big Give Houston
May 3, 2016
Show your GBF love by making a donation
during Big Give Houston, a day of giving for
select Houston-area nonprofits!
Visit www.galvbay.org for more information
Kids enjoy Bay-themed activities at the
Bay Day Festival!
Bay Day Festival
Saturday, May 14, 2016
Kemah Boardwalk, Kemah, TX
Join us for a Bay-themed celebration!
Bay Day includes: Bay-themed arts and
crafts, live animal demonstrations and
touch tanks, a scavenger hunt, science
and marine exhibits, and more.
Ladies Casting for Conservation
Saturday, July 23, 2016
Bolivar Peninsula
Come out and enjoy a day of competitive
fishing that benefits GBF! The tournament is
for lady anglers of all levels.
Register at www.galvbay.org/
Members of the DESCO Darlins
team show off their catch at last
year’s fishing tournament!
G a l v e st o n B a y F o u n d a t i o n
New Oyster Lake breakwaters protect lost habitat
for marine life
horeline on West Bay has been
eroding away for years, leading
to habitat and soil loss. But a recently
completed GBF project helped change
the fate for the sensitive estuarine marsh
The project protects public land owned
by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Brazoria
National Wildlife Refuge.
“These small back bay systems, that’s
where a lot of the early stages of your
shrimp, crabs and other species live, so
it’s important to protect those areas,”
said John Blaha, Assistant Director of CCA
Texas, a partner on the project.
of eroding into the Bay, and phase two
secured a larger portion of shoreline from
the same potential threat.
“It takes a lot of effort from a lot of
different people to make these projects
happen,” said Philip Smith, Director of
Conservation at GBF. “This project is
funded on the state and federal levels, and
by private entities — it’s a well-rounded
project and we really couldn’t do it without
all our partnerships.”
Workers installed the hard structure
breakwaters, including rocks and domeshaped concrete objects called “reef
balls,” just off of the shorelines to protect
more than 5,600 feet of shoreline in West
We hope to establish 10 acres of Bay and 475 feet in
Oyster Lake.
wetland habitat that we’ve lost over
“It’s an important
estuary system
and that shoreline
time through this erosion process. Community
between west Galveston
members have
Bay and Oyster Lake was
— Philip Smith, GBF Director
helped by
eroded to very small widths
of Conservation
planting marsh
in a few spots,” he said.
grass on one
of our habitat restoration days, and there
Prior to the project, GBF estimated that
will be another planting this spring.
since 1944, 650 feet of shoreline was lost
from erosion on the West Bay side and
Additionally, the new breakwaters will help
150 feet on the Oyster Lake side. That’s a
cultivate the nursery habitats for marine
loss of more than two football fields worth
of shoreline.
GBF’s Oyster Lake Shoreline Protection
Project was completed in two phases.
Phase one was an emergency response
to a strip of shoreline that was in danger
“Habitat and fisheries go hand in hand,”
Smith said. “We hope to establish 10
acres of wetland habitat that we’ve lost
over time through this erosion process.”
A reddish egret stands on the Oyster Lake
Shoreline Protection Project Phase 1 sign.
The shoreline is already beginning to
replenish itself with sand building up
behind the breakwaters, and he said he
has already seen shrimp and blue crabs in
the marsh.
To find out more about our habitat
restoration initiatives, visit www.galvbay.org.
GBF would like to thank the following
project partners for making the Oyster Lake
Shoreline Protection Project possible:
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Brazoria
National Wildlife Refuge and Coastal
Program, National Fish and Wildlife
Foundation, CCA Texas, NOAA, Texas
General Land Office, Ducks Unlimited,
Restore America’s Estuaries, Galveston Bay
Estuary Program, a program of the TCEQ,
NRG, and Cheniere Energy.
Spring 2016
Hundreds of traps removed, thousands of crabs
saved at Abandoned Crab Trap Removal
t was a pleasantly warm and sunny day as the sounds of
roaring airboat engines and crunched crab traps filled the
air at Fort Anahuac Park on Saturday, February 20.
Eighty-five volunteers and eleven airboats helped remove 283
traps, potentially saving the lives of more than 4,000 blue
Volunteers also scoured the park for trash and tangles of
recyclable fishing line, filling bags with over 200 pounds of
In 2010, the Galveston Bay Foundation joined forces with the
Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) to promote their
Abandoned Crab Trap Removal Program, creating an event to
draw volunteers and good Samaritans to help with the trap
removal effort.
“Having the Galveston Bay Foundation partner with us in the
Texas Abandoned Crab Trap Program is and remains to be
incredibly valuable,”
said Zack Thomas,
[Abandoned Crab Trap Removal] Project Coordinator
became a mandatory family event and Fisheries
after the first time. — Lanny
Outreach Specialist
Ripple, long-time volunteer
for TPWD. “It’s
obvious to me that
they have a very
motivated and
passionate staff and membership base who truly care about the
health of their Bay”.
This TPWD-managed program started in 2002 as a way to
better regulate crab trap debris and over-crabbing in Texas
waters. Abandoned and derelict traps are known to “ghost fish,”
meaning that they continue to capture and kill organisms when
A volunteer takes a break from smashing a crab trap at
Abandoned Crap Trap Removal in Fort Anahuac Park.
Photo: TPWD
left in the water.
The traps also damage delicate seagrass ecosystems and are
a nuisance to boaters when they become entangled in their
engines. Permitting for crab trapping has been on a moratorium
in Texas since 1998 to allow blue crab populations to recover.
As part of the effort to help the crabs recover, members of the
community are legally allowed to remove any crab traps that
they see in Texas waters during the declared trap closure period
(typically a 10-day window at the end of February).
Active members of the community like the Ripple family have
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G a l v e st o n B a y F o u n d a t i o n
Aramco’s worldwide commitment touches Galveston Bay
ramco looks for initiatives that truly
make a difference.
The Oyster Shell Recycling & Reef
Restoration Program is a way to
demonstrate commitment to preservation
and protection of the environment.
“It was a natural step for us to be a part
of the oyster reef restoration initiative,”
said Alma Kombargi, Branding & CSR
Advisor, Public Affairs, ASC. “The fact that
the program directly impacts the health
of critical marine habitat in Galveston Bay
was important to us.”
Prior to 2008, Galveston Bay accounted
for 80 percent of all oysters harvested
in Texas. However, as a result of
Hurricane Ike in 2008, nearly 60 percent
of Galveston Bay’s oyster reefs were
destroyed as sediments from the storm
deposited on reefs and smothered oysters.
Since then, Aramco has supported GBF in
its efforts to restore these oyster reefs.
Last year, 27 Aramco employees teamed
up with GBF to build an oyster reef along
the shore of GBF’s Sweetwater Preserve
in Galveston. Volunteers assembled 176
bags of oyster shells—equal to three tons
of material—that formed the basis for the
reef. The shells were collected from local
seafood restaurants to be used for the
reef restoration projects. To help in the
establishment of marsh landward of the
oyster reef, an additional 900 individual
marsh grasses were also planted.
“The event was amazing,” said Savannah
Ober-Mawed, Support Services Assistant,
Industrial Relations, ASC. As the shells
were bagged, Ober-Mawed’s group
organized the bags and transported them
out to the reef using a kayak.
She said total teamwork was the key to a
successful event.
“One bag of oysters by itself doesn’t seem
like a lot, but when you add them all up,
it really creates a tremendous difference
for the marine life and ecosystem in the
Bay,” she said. “That resonated with me
because, as people, one person may not
be able to do it all, but when we all come
together and work as a team, we can
make a big impact on each other and on
the world around us.”
When Aramco began its support for the
Oyster Shell Recycling Program, Tommy’s
Restaurant Oyster Bar was the only
Oyster shells are recycled from local seafood restaurants. Aramco is a project partner for the
GBF Oyster Shell Recycling Program which has collected more than 442 tons of oyster shells
since the program began in order to revitalize the health of Galveston Bay.
participating restaurant. Today, seven
area restaurants contribute to this unique
Since 2011, more than 442 tons of oyster
shells have been collected and cured so
they can be reintroduced into the Bay and
become part of the estuarine ecosystem to
support future generations of oysters.
Aramco’s involvement with GBF dates
back more than a decade to 2002, with
involvement in a number of activities
designed to contribute to the Foundation’s
objective of restoring Galveston Bay’s
wetlands. Aramco volunteers have
participated in the past in GBF’s nationally
recognized “Marsh Mania” events to
accomplish hands-on wetlands restoration
by planting marsh grass. They have also
participated in “Get Hip to Habitat” which
gives Aramco a chance to contribute
to GBF’s science-based environmental
education program for school children.
According to Arin Morris, Community
Affairs Advisor, ASC, there is a very active
employee volunteer group at Aramco, and
the Aramco Citizenship Program provides
opportunities to participate in a wide
variety of volunteer activities to support
the local community.
“Volunteering is in our DNA at Aramco,”
said Morris.
She added that GBF is special to many of
the employees because it combines
volunteerism with environmental
protection, both important to the company.
Aramco volunteers are gearing up again
for this year’s oyster reef building at the
Sweetwater Preserve in April and hoping
for beautiful weather again this year.
GBF looks forward to a continued
Aramco employee volunteers place bags
of oyster shells in the water to stimulate
formation of a new reef.
partnership with Aramco as we work
together for the benefit of Galveston
Bay. You can learn more about ASC’s
involvement within the community and
how they team with nonprofits dedicated
to a range of environmental initiatives by
visiting the “In the Community” section of
their website at www.aramcoservices.com.
We are always looking for new sponsors
at GBF. If you are interested in sponsoring
one of the many programs that help
enhance Galveston Bay, contact Sharon
Roark at [email protected]
Spring 2016
GBF welcomes new staff
Crab Trap
(Continued from pg.6)
come out to the GBF-facilitated crab
trap removal event for years to help with
the effort.
“We looked around for some way to
teach our kids about giving back, [and]
the Crab Trap Removal day seemed
like a perfect fit,” said Lanny Ripple.
“Outdoors, near the water, and tasks
that are good for kids and adults…it
became a mandatory family event after
the first time.”
This effort is also important to local
Chambers County representatives like
Sheriff Brian Hawthorne. He feels that
crab trap removal is beneficial for the
Chambers County ecosystem, and he
is happy to partner with TPWD and
Galveston Bay Foundation on continued
projects that benefit the public and the
We thank our many partners and
supporters for their help with this
event, including The Sea World Busch
Gardens Conservation Fund, TPWD,
Chambers County and its local Sheriff’s
Department, the Houston Zoo, Texas
Game Wardens, U.S. Fish and Wildlife,
and all of the community volunteers.
Sarah Cunningham joined
the Galveston Bay Foundation
in January 2016 as the Water
Quality Outreach Coordinator.
She is a recent graduate of
the University of Alabama
with a B.S. in Environmental Science, as well
as minors in Business and Liberal Arts. Sarah
is a Houston native, and grew up boating and
fishing on Galveston Bay. In her free time, she
enjoys creating coastal-themed artwork and
spending time with her family. After interning
with Galveston Bay Foundation for two summers,
Sarah is excited to begin her career with a more
permanent role in the conservation of Galveston
Virginia (Virgie) Greb joined
the Galveston Bay Foundation as
Education Coordinator in January
2016. She graduated from the
University of North Texas with a
degree in Photojournalism and
is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Marine
Resource Management at Texas A&M Galveston. She
has been an environmental educator for the past
four years in California and Texas and completed her
aquarist training at Heal the Bay’s Santa Monica Pier
Aquarium. She is excited to join the GBF team teaching
science-based environmental education focused on
Galveston Bay. Virgie is a Galveston native and enjoys
kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding in her spare
Ron Jeffers joined the
Galveston Bay Foundation as
Director of Finance in February
2016. As Director of Finance,
Ron oversees all of GBF’s
financial operations. Prior to
joining GBF, Ron served in
financial leadership positions in several other
Houston area non-profit organizations. He also
holds a law license and practiced tax and estate
planning law in the Houston area for twenty
years before turning his attention to non-profit
organizations. He is originally from Kokomo,
Indiana, and holds a B.S. in Business from
Indiana University – Bloomington and a J.D.
from Indiana University – Indianapolis.
Heather Schiappa joined the
Galveston Bay Foundation as the
Report Card Coordinator in April
2016. She graduated from Texas
A&M University at Galveston in 2012
with a M.S. in Marine Resource
Management and obtained a B.S.
in Ocean and Coastal Resources in 2010. While
working towards her M.S., she was awarded a Graduate
Assistantship to pursue research regarding the current
and future state of the Texas coastline. Heather
also has experience working for multiple non-profit
organizations in various capacities and with the Army
Corps of Engineers Galveston District as a Regulatory
Specialist. She has an undeniable passion for the
environment and looks forward to engaging the
community in meaningful discussion about the state of
Galveston Bay.
Thanks to the 500-plus volunteers who came to
our Armand Bayou site for Trash Bash, the biggest
waterway cleanup day in Texas! You picked up more
than 2,000 pounds of trash and recyclable materials.
G a l v e st o n B a y F o u n d a t i o n
GBF Recognizes 2015 Donors and Sponsors
Marsh Mania
$10,000 and above
NRG Energy
$2,500 - $4,999
Apache Ecological Service, Inc.
CenterPoint Energy
John P. McGovern Foundation
Maverick Technologies, LLC
Samson Energy Company
$1,000 - $2,499
ExxonMobil Foundation
Gulf Coast Waste Disposal Authority
Odfjell Terminals (Houston) Inc.
Port of Houston Authority
TPC Group
$100 - $999
Afton Chemical Corporation
Houston Pilots
Guardian of the Bay
Award Luncheon
$25,000 and above
Kathrine G. McGovern/McGovern Foundation
Kirby Corporation
Martin Marine
Madeleine and Raul Montes
Padgett Shoreline Construction, Inc. & Deep South Marine
Kelly and Steve Provenzano
SeaRiver Maritime, Inc.
Texas Corinthian Yacht Club YP
Texas Waterway Operators Association
Waste Management
$1 - $99
$1,000 - $2,499
$2,500 - $9,999
ACT Pipe and Supply, Inc.
Carey and Mike Blake
Nancy and Bob Block
Mark Burroughs
Dianne and John B. Brock, III
City of Nassau Bay
Dannenbaum Engineering Corporation
Sandy and H. Lee Godfrey
Guy Robert Jackson
Ann and Tom Kelsey
Melinda and Wade Kilpatrick
Helen Lane and Roger Rowe
Janiece Longoria
Judy and Peter Meyer
Winkie and Jerry Mohn
Michele and Clayton Moliver
Michaela and Taylor Norris
Prestige Oysters Inc.
Mary and Brad Robbins
Samson Energy Co.
Katherine and Frank Smith
TechTrans International, Inc.
Betsy and Jim Winn
$100 - $999
Othelia and Bobby Alford
Gary Anderson
Christopher Artzer
NRG Energy
Satterfield & Pontikes Construction, Inc. Avalon Management Co.
Cynthia and Don Stevenson/Madlin
Philip Bowman
Rosalind and David Clayton
Stevenson Foundation
Stacie and Scott Covington
John Cryer and Edna Ramos
Jim Dannenbaum
$5,000 - $9,999
Jane and Michael Downs
Betsy and Don Berkemeyer
Nan Duhon
Bailey and Greg Binion
East Harris County Manufacturers Bud Light/Silver Eagle Distributors
Buffalo Marine Service, Inc.
Elmore Public Relations, Inc.
Cecilia and James Dismukes/Phase Gene Fisseler
Engineering, Inc.
Emily and Clayton Forswall
Elaine and Marvy Finger/The Finger Jacko Garrett
Lisa and Tom Gossett
The Friedkin Group
Janet and James Greenlee
Hildebrand Fund
Gulf Coast Limestone Inc.
Jackson Gilmour & Dobbs, PC
Randy King
Bill King
David Knox
Marilyn and Harry Kirk
Cary Kottler
Port of Houston Authority
Becky and Sean McDevitt
Sandra and Fred Pounds
Laura and Daniel Parfimowicz
Kathy and Mike Sutton
Fred Prelle
Texas Corinthian Yacht Club
Prometheus Charitable Trust
Vinson & Elkins, LLP
Mary and Samuel Pyne
Ranco Industries, Inc.
$2,500 - $4,999
Lawrence Rearick
Edna Rice
Regina Rogers
April and Kevin Bailey/Claudette and Roxann and Tim Neumann Charitable Chris Toomey, Realtors
Baker Botts L.L.P.
Larry Smith
CenterPoint Energy
Claire Snavely
Chambers County
Sharron Stewart
Hilda and Greg Curran
Bob Stokes
Dow Chemical Company
Richard Vaughan
Doyle, Restrepo, Harvin & Robbins, LLP
Robin and David Walstad
ExxonMobil Foundation
Virginia Seale Watt
Gulf Coast Waste Disposal Authority
Joan and Chris Wilems
Houston Yacht Club/Lou Rosenfeld
Judie Williams
Jennings Interests
Wallace Wilson
Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP
Melanie Worthington
Kirksey Architecture
Melinda and John Wycoff
Lakewood Yacht Club
Charles Zajaczkowski
Mimi and Jerry Langdon
Kim and Scott Martin
$10,000 - $24,999
Louise and Robert Bell
Dennis Hansell
Anne Lee
Joy Rogers
Bay Day
$10,000 and above
NRG Retail Charitable Foundation
City of Kemah
John P. McGovern Foundation
Port of Houston Authority
Samson Energy Company
$1,000 - $2,499
BASF Corporation
ExxonMobil Foundation
Gulf Coast Waste Disposal Authority
Houston Pilots
Landry’s Restaurants, Inc.
NRG Energy
Odfjell Terminals (Houston) Inc.
TPC Group
Eddie Beltran
Keith Brown
Kristina and George Busceme
Cunningham Family Giving Fund
Easy Lift
Fishing Tackle Unlimited
Gabourel Insurance Agency
Danna Henry
Ramon Herrera
Kinsel Ford
Marine Fueling Services, Inc.
Claudia Perkins
Elizabeth and Mike Petit
Steve’s Landing
Stingaree Restaurant and Marina
Sun Coast Resources, Inc.
Rebecca Vinson
Circle of Friends
$250 and above
Merry and Gary Bell
Jodie and Jim Bevill
Martha and John Braniff
Marla and Monty Briscoe
Marvin Conrad
$100 - $999
Maureen and Michael Cramer
Afton Chemical Corporation
Denise DuBard
Harris County Soil & Water Conservation Edee Harvey and Jim Elskes
Dist. #442
Naida Garcia
George Guirgis
Lisa Bohneer and Brandon Heiberger
Betty and Rob Heverly
$75,000 and above
Celia and Charles Holmsten
Shell Oil Company
Norma Lowrey
John McBrine
$20,000 - $74,999
Becky and Sean McDevitt
The Moody Foundation
Suzanne and Charles Milby
David Popken
$10,000 - $19,999
Sandra and Fred Pounds
Bike Barn
Mary and Brad Robbins
Peggy Kostial/Accenture
Joseph Shuey
Port of Houston Authority
Christy and Bill Wade
Texas Solar Outfitters
Anne and Vincent Ward
UTMB Health
Patricia and Wendell Wilson
Bike Around the Bay
$5,000 - $9,999
Burns & McDonnell
CenterPoint Energy
Kuraray America, Inc.
The Mitsui USA Foundation
Waste Management
$2,500 - $4,999
Audi Central Houston
Intercontinental Terminals Co. LLC
Odfjell Terminals (Houston) Inc.
Samson Energy Co.
$1,000 - $2,499
Jennifer and Stephen Jankowski
Mary and Brad Robbins
Saint Arnold Brewing Company
Ladies Casting for
$2,500 and above
Samson Energy Company
$1,000 - $2,499
Classic Auto Group Galveston
Raul Flores
Mustang Cat
Steve Purcell
Swede’s Real Estate
Texas Marine & Brokerage, Inc.
Texas Sportfishing Yacht Sales
$500 - $999
Curtis Anderson
Peggy Armstrong
Bass Pro Shops
$100,000 and above
Houston Endowment Inc.
Jamail Galveston Foundation
Knobloch Family Foundation
$20,000 - $999,999
Clara Bulanek
Coca-Cola Refreshments, Inc. - Gulfgate
James Doyle
EarthShare of Texas
George and Mary Josephine Hamman Foundation
Harris County Flood Control
John P. McGovern Foundation
Kirby Corporation
Kathrine McGovern
NRG Energy
Restore America’s Estuaries
The Brown Foundation, Inc.
Sea World Busch Gardens Conservation Fund
$10,000 - $19,999
Albert and Ethel Herzstein Charitable Foundation
Aramco Services Company
Elizabeth Blair-Redfield
Land Trust Alliance
Port of Houston Authority
Samson Energy Company
Shell Oil Company Foundation Matching Gifts
Kathy and Mike Sutton
The Clayton Fund
Spring 2016
The Trull Foundation
$5,000 - $9,999
BP America
Burns & McDonnell Foundation
CenterPoint Energy
Cruise Industry Charitable Foundation
Del Papa Distributing Company
Denise DuBard
ERM Group Foundation, Inc.
Marion Hargrove
Houston Distributing Co., Inc.
iOffice, Inc.
Jacob and Terese Hershey Foundation
Keith and Mattie Stevenson Foundation
National Audubon Society, Inc.
Jackie and Matthew Pistner
Rutherford Oil Corporation
JJ and Gerry Spedale
$2,500 - $4,999
BKD Foundation
CK Productions
Stephen Howard
Sonya and Deforester Jones
Peggy Kostial
Kelly and Steve Provenzano
Ralph and Genevieve B. Horween Foundation
Tina and Joe Pyne Family Fund
Tommy’s Restaurant & Oyster Bar
$1,000 - $2,499
Apache Ecological Service, Inc.
Anna Armitage and Justin Chan
Beltway Anesthesia Group, P.A.
Bike Barn
Marla and Monty Briscoe
John B. Brock III
Greg Brown
Buffalo Marine Service, Inc.
Church Family Charitable Fund
City of Friendswood
City of Pasadena
Sabrina and Patrick Dean
Carolyn Fay
Lisa and George Francisco
Mike Garver
Randy Golden
Thomas Gruenert
Gulf Coast Limestone Inc.
Gulf Coast Waste Disposal Authority
Lynn and Joe Hanson
Mark Hausknecht
Edwin Jennings
Nancy and Tony Jennings
Keep Dickinson Beautiful
Johnny Kilpatrick
Helen Lane and Roger Rowe
Tommy Lott
Mary and Timothy Love
Lubrizol Corporation
Judy and Peter Meyer
Mariloli and Marvin Odum
James Pipe
Pot Licker Poker Run LLC
Sandra and Fred Pounds
Maury Rubenstein
Sierra Club Lone Star Chapter
Teri and Daniel Smallwood
Valerie and Richard Stewart
Kathy and Robert Stokes
Straughan Environmental, Inc.
Suzanne Suter and William Snypes
Aaron Swerdlin
Texas A&M
Paula and Nathan Ticatch
Melissa and Ajay Vargheese
Inta and Doug Walker
Sandra Ward
Wells Fargo
Cheryl and Steven Widen
Beth Williams
YourCause Chevron Matching Employee Funds
$100 - $999
A&M Wetland Consulting Services LLC
ACHE-SETC Board Members ACHE-South East Texas Chapter
Sandra Adams
Shirley Adams
Carolyn Adams-Polumbo
Aegis Health Group, Inc.
Jody Ainbinder
Air Alliance Houston
George Aldrich
Natalie Alikhan
Chinhui Juhn and Edward Allen
Robert Allen
American Medical Response
Darrell Anderson
Amy Ardington
Laurance Armour
Nicolas Arnao
Christine Arnold
Steele Arthur
Harvey Balthaser
Adam Bangs
Bank of America Matching Gifts
Thomas Barrow
Cindy and John Bartos
Bayshore Medical Center
Scott Bean
William Becker
Leonard Bedell
Vicki and Brad Beitler
Ian Beliveaux
Merry and Gary Bell
Louella Bensabat
Annie Benzon
Mark Berlinger
Sara and Mark Bettencourt
Jodie and Jim Bevill
Vasdev Bhagia
Arlys Bing
D. Scott Bird
Blackburn & Carter
Christina Blackwell
Rima Blanc
Larry Blankenhagen
Laura and Jerry Blevins
Boeing Company
Donna and Warren Bracewell
Deborah Brady
Sarah Brady
Aaron Brandenberger
Betty Brantner
Eric Branton
Marian Briscoe
Roxanna Brom
Monica and James Broussard
Jean and Angus Brown
Keith Brown
Sara Brown
Evelyn Bryson
Margaret and James Buescher
Todd Caliva
Cameron International Corporation
Omer Campbell
Rosebud Caradec
Chambers County Abstract Co., Inc.
Paul Chapman
Jie Cheng
Cheniere Energy
City of Houston
City of La Porte
Elinor and Martin Colman
Jeannette Colvin
Stan Conley
Conoco Phillips
Marvin Conrad
Marcy Cowan
Elizabeth and Eugene Cowell
Maureen and Michael Cramer
Jerome Crooks
Pat Crowder
Gene Cupples
Han Dang
Linda and Martin Debrovner
Dig N’ Design Garden Club
Dock Line Magazine
Marsha and Sam Dodson
Elisa Donovan
Michael Dooley
Anita Doyle
Eric Drake
Judith Duke
Don Dykstra
Susan and James Eades
East Houston Regional Medical Center- Adult Auxiliary
Jim Eberle
Sandra and Buck Eckels
Electronic Supply Company
Paula J. and Kenneth Ellis
Edee and Jim Elskes
Elizabeth and J.D. Epstein
Jay Eshbach
Marie and Steve Evnochides
Exelon Generation Company,LLC
ExxonMobil Foundation
Robert Fairey
Sara Farris
David Firth
Beverly and Scott Flechsig
Malcolm Fletcher
Helen and Jose Flores
Charlotte and James Fontenot
Helen Fosdick
Martha Foxworth
Paul Francis
Thomas Frank
Melissa and Bob Frazier
Marvin Freudensprung
Robert Fry
Dana Gainer
Naida Garcia
Loretta Gardner
William Gay
Cynthia Gersch
Barbara and Andy Gessner
Linda and Scott Geyer
Barbara Gibbs
Don Gibson
John Gibson
Elizabeth Glass
Lisa Gonzalez
Rolando Gonzalez
Meg Goodman
Lisa and Tom Gossett
Milton Gray
Rhonda Gregg
Sharon Greiff
Patricia and John A. Grimes
GRITS Foundation
Gerard Guderian
George Guirgis
James Gunther
Suzanne Halamicek
Denise and Rod Hall
Randal Hall
Sharon and Jimmy Hall
Marsha and Hal Haltom
Sharon Harberer
Sharon Hardaway
Jeff Harmon
Harris and Eliza Kempner Fund
Harris County Precinct 2
Valarie Hawley
Katy Hays
Theresa Hazelton
Lisa Hedge
David Hedges
Brandon Heiberger
Brenda Hellyer
Karin Henry
Elizabeth and Daniel Herink
Terese Hershey
Betty and Rob Heverly
Julia and Dexter Hill
Steve Hill
John Hincks
Jeremy Hodges
James Hogan
Mary Ann and Ray Holbrook
Sharon Holdorff
M. Laure and Henry Holle
Celia and Charles Holmsten
Julie Hooks
Carrie Horne
Marcia and Richard Houck
Houston Canoe Club
Houston Conchology Society
Houston Safe Boating Council
Cindy Howard
Mary and Ken Hucherson
Jill Hughes
Teresa Hull
Michelle Hundley
Darlene and Jim Hutchison
Karen and Dallas Ives
Ives Family Fund
Shawn and Bill Jackson
Rick Jenkins
Jerry & Nanette Finger Foundation
Phillip Johnson
John Ken
Ken Phelps Insurance
Candace and Stewart Kepper
Ronald Killam
Mary Killinger
Wesley Klaus
Bob Klein
Judy and Michael Koehl
John Koloen
Gladys Koontz
Cary Kottler
Lindsay Kovar
John Krasnick
Sara and Tom Kruft
Jason Kutinac
Helen and Glenn Laird
Michael Leared
Carol Lee
Ronald Leschak
Roberta Lofgren
Susan and Tim Long
Elizabeth and Jason Love
Norma Lowrey
Kristin Lucas
Marilyn Lummis
Meghan and Kenneth Lutschg
Robert MacLean
Jean Mahavier
Mainland Medical Center
Anne Mangas Smith
Mary Mann
Marathon Petroleum Corporation PAC-Matching
Darren Martin
Carl Masterson
Lucinda and William Matthews
John McBrine
Linda Ann and Rod McCrary
Becky and Sean McDevitt
Robert McMahan
Linda Meyer
Jeff Miers
Suzanne Baldwin and Charles Milby
Christine and Jacob Miller
Joe Miller
Lindy Milner
Lou Mintzer
Minuteman Press
Harriet Mitchell
Mark Mitchell
Sherri and Jim Moffa
Tim Molloy
Moody Gardens
Moody Gardens Golf Course
Rodney Mooney
Kathleen and Allan Mueller
Martin Murdock
National Parks Conservation Association
Demetrius Navarro
LaNell and Jim Neel
Lindy and Larry Neuhaus
Jeanne and Paul Newman
Ena Niemand
Noble Energy, Inc.
Odfjell Terminals (Houston) Inc.
Alice Anne O’Donell
Katharine Orgain
Andrew Palmer
Jo and Peter Papadakis
Ray Parker
Patco Machine & Fab. Inc.
Ramesh Patel
Richard Patience
Michael Payne
Debra Pence
Judith and David Perrigin
Larry Peterson
Jett and William Petit
Edwina Peyton
Phase Engineering, Inc.
Dana Philibert
Alice Phillips
Carol Pickering
George Platt
Leona and Neal Pleasant
Glenn Poche
Kirk Pogue
William Pohlchuck
Frank Ponce
David Popken
Carol and Daniel Price
Ben Quinton
Macey and Harry Reasoner
Susan and Barrett Reasoner
River Network
Jack Roach
Jo Anna and Michael Robbins
J.W. Roberts
Susan Robey
Carolyn and Michael Robinson
Ricky Rodriguez
Patricia and Ronald Rogers
Kelly and David Rose
Jill and Michael Ross
Joel Ruby
Susie and Mel Russell
Carla Salazar
Lisa and David Sambrooks
Gilbert Santana
Jane Sarosdy
Nathan Schadler
Diane and Richard Schenke
Jacoby Scher
William Schleuse
Cherry and John Schwarz
Jeanette and Joe Schwarz
Stuart Shapiro
John Sharman
Tiernan Shea
Diane Sheridan
Ken Sherman
Francis and Wen-Kung Sherrill
Joseph Shuey
Julia and William Sias
Ramona Singleton
Laura and Lee Slataper
Mary Slazer
Janet and Howard Smith
Lynn Smith
Michael Smith
Kathryn Smyth
Star Fleet Yachts
Erin Steele
Steven Stelwagen
Charlotte and S.T. Stirling
Frederick Stow
David Stryk
Warren Sullivan
Louise Sutton
Terri and Greg Tate
Susan and Leonard Teich
Laurie Terry
Texas Mutual Insurance Company
Marise and Roy Textor
The Christine E Wood Living Trust
The Hatcher Group
Barbara and Vincent Thielen
G a l v e st o n B a y F o u n d a t i o n
Gaylynn Thomas
Jean and J. Douglas Thomas
Nancy and Peter Thompson
David Tritter
Nelda Tuthill
UBS Financial Services Inc.
Elizabeth and Walter Ulrich
UnitedHealth Group
University of Houston Clear Lake
University of Texas at Dallas
Claudette Van Ravenstein
Beverly Van Zandt
Emi and Louis Vest
Gary Vossler
Michelle Vryn
Christy and Bill Wade
John Wallace
Anne and Vincent C. Ward
Mary Waters
Michael Watson
Nancy and Larry Watson
Peter Watson
Brenda Weiser
Anne and Joseph Westrich
Michael Wheeler
Cody Widmeyer
Dave Wilcox
George Wilkinson
Dorothy Willis
John Wilson
Patricia Wilson
Wallace Wilson
Betsy and James Winn
John Wollen
Cristina Womack
Kenneth Womack
Michael Wood
Margaret and Matt Woodruff
Lynn and John Wright
Ellen Yarrell
Horacio Zea
Edith and Robert Zinn
Zinn Petroleum Company
Michael Zlebis
Todd Zucker
Pamela and Michael Zuteck
$1 - $99
Albertsons Safeway
Reshard Alexander
Jim Alexander
Matthew Allen
Amazon Smile Foundation
Elizabeth Anderson
Karl Anderson
Shayla Andreas
G Joanne Ashland
Thomas Atkinson
John Augelli
Ed Ayres
Kathy and Thomas Bacon
Jeffrey Bailey
Diane and Burt Bailey
Lawrence Balsam
Mary Barnes
Glenda and Hugh Barrett
Leta and David Barry
Trey Bartsch
Carol and Howard Beaman
Kathleen Beeler
James Bell
Suzanna and Thomas Bennett
Spencer Berglund
Bob (Bernie) Bernardin
Paul Boor
Laurie Borski
Tuppen Bourianoff
Jan Bowers
Richard Braastad
Peter Bradley
Dorli Bradshaw
Adrianne Brancato
Holly and Dan Braverman
Annette Brewster
Terry Bridges
Joan Broadfoot
Heather Brown
Walter Brown
Brian Buckley
Susan and Glenn Buckley
Kyle Buese
Homoiselle and Carlos Bujosa
Peter Bujosa
Catherine and David Bulliner
Simonette Burgos
Karyn Cabana
Helen and Boyd Carr
Loretta Carter
Mary Carter
Marilyn Chapman
Seburn Chappell
Henri Childers
City of Baytown
Emily Claassen
Becky and Eugene Cluck
Angela and Jerome Coggins
Patty Collette
Combined Federal Campaign (CFC)
Terry Cooper
Elizabeth Copeland
Donna and Daniel Cossey
Daniel Cote
Karin and Glenn Cover
Joann Crassas
Adrienne and Michael Culpepper
Mylana Davis
Mark Denman
Freida and John Depe
Zaida Diaz
Robin Dickehuth
Cecilia and James Dismukes
Larry Dittlinger
Kristin Donaldson
Erin Donato
Ellen and Frank Donnelly
John Donovan
Ruth and Jerry Dryden
Dianna Dryer
Mary Dunn
Linda Easto
Daniel Edmundson
Mary Edwards
Wade Egmon
Elizabeth and Steve Emmett-
EOG Resources, Inc.
Erik Eriksson
Emily Evans
Evolve Recycling
JoElla and James Exley
Jill and Steve Farmer
Kristi Fazioli
Dennis Fegan
Debbie and Christopher Fishbeck
Frank Fisher
Robert Forster
Billy Foster
Philip Francis
Karen and Joseph Frankie
Carol and Bill French
Jean Frey
Marion Friedman
Grady Galloway
Mary E Garcia
Jennifer Garey
Kathleen Garland
Michael Garofalo
Rebecca and Charles Gary
Dustin and Bryan Gaskill
Dawn Gibler
Elizabeth and Paul Gimmler
Clemence and Betty Graef
Gulf Coasts Sports
Helen Gullion
Beth Hackworth
Jalil Hakim
Elizabeth and Michael Hall
Ann Hamilton
Ruby and William Hand
Kenneth Harrell
Lydia Harrington
June Harris
Harris County Mayors and Councils Association
Helen and Adrian Havens
Noma and Eva Leona Haverkorn
Randy Hays
Michael Henderson
Ann and Howard Hendrix
Gail and Mike Hendryx
Heather Hill
Jill and Danny Hlavinka
Edith and Michael Holloway
Jenny Holzaepfel
Angela Howard
Howard A. and Jean F. Katz Trust
Mary Huffman
Sonya Hunnicutt
Robert Hurlbert
Donald Hutchings
Roberta Hutchins
Betty Irwin
J. Diamond and Associates, PLLC
Barbara and Josh Johnson
Elizabeth Johnson
Kimberly Johnson
Linda and Scott Johnson
Melissa and Johnny Johnson
Robert Johnston
Cynthia Jordy
Ashley Judith
Kadence International
Ernest Kanak
Mary Kast
Barton Kelly
Bob and Gail Kenny
Betty and James Key
Jan Kilpatrick
Barbara and Marek Kimmel
George King
Sylvia and Jack Kinzler
Amber and Jesse Koch
Cindy Koenig
Charlotte Kohrs
Wesley Koonce
Gene Kostka
Elayne and Demo Kouzounis
Philip Kropf
Sylvia and Jim Krzmarzick
Pamela and Albert LaCasse
Robert Lamb
Kevin Lang
Ann Langford
Jeanne and Robert Langley
Mike Lansford
Jackey Lasater
John Lawler
Frances and Frederick Lazare
Walton Leavell
Meade and Jim LeBlanc
Carol Letot
Maria and Gunter Liebel
Claire Lober
Luz Locke
Debbie Lopez
Jessie Lopez
Katherine and Gregory Loushine
Scott Lowery
Terri and Ken Luce
Dorothy Maczali
Melissa Maldonado
Brandt Mannchen
Kim Marak
Julie and Doug Markee
Carol and Byron Marshall
David Mathis
Teresa Matlock
Mary and Geoffrey Matthews
Hunter McClain
Scott McDaniel
Glenda McDonald
Lisa and Dick McGonigle
Wilma McGrenera
Doug McKee
Cindy and David Meeh
Andrea and Thomas Meyer
Donna and Mark Meyer
Deborah and John Mikolaitis
Joyce Miller
Martin Miller
Pat Milner
Timothy Molloy
Shirley and Raymond Mondshine
Roger Moore
Ron Moore
LeeAnn and Richard Morris
Dee and Chad Muir
Vickie Murphy
Frank Nadolney
Bert Nash
Joel Nash
Russell Neel
Hanadi and Charles Newell
Mary and Mark Niles
Dennis Noh
Sarah O’Bryan
William Ohsie
Rebecca Olson
Kara Osborne
Amy Osburn-Torres
Howard B. Ostmann
Barbara and Mike O’Sullivan
David Paschal
Virginia and Rabun Patrick
Lance Pawlik
PayPal Giving Fund
Dane Pearson
Rob Peterson
Diann Phillips
Ann Philpot
Scott Pickett
Margaret and Michael Pierce
Jon Pippert
Carol and James Plagg
Potpourri Club
Harvey Potts
Julia Powell
Joan Pratka
Susan Puls
Randalls Good Neighbor Program
Kirby Rapstein
William Ray
Barbara Redman
Marsha and Victor Reed
Nancy Reeder
Di Ann Reid
Kathleen Restrepo
Maria Reyes
Emil Reznicek, Jr.
Margie and Keith Richardson
Winnora Richbourg
Stephen Rife
Sylvia Robbins
Sally Robinson
Ryan Robol
Manuel Rocha
Robert N Romero
Gloria and Michael Rooney
Christine Roper
Leslie Rosenblatt
Cheryl Rothell
Carla Ruffins
Kimberly Runge
Brooke Russell
Veronica Saenz
Safeway Share Program
Dyan Salazar
Linda and Bruce Salomon
Rebecca Sappenfield
Kimberly and John Saxon
Carolyn and Henry Schmidt
A.R. Schwartz
Stephen Scott
Melanie Scruggs
Woodrow Sebesta
William Shepler
Barbara Sherman
Elizabeth and William Sherwood
Jean Short
Taylor Short
Arthur Simpson
Jacqueline Smith
Malcolm Smith
Martha and Stephen Smith
Mary Ellen Smith
Kay Snider
Joyce and Charles Snyder
Bob Sokol
William Spiller
Kenneth Square
Diane Starnes
Richard Steele
David Stein
Cheryl and James Steller
Lanell and Mike Stephens
Cynthia and Donald Stevenson
Robert Stevenson
Glenna Steward
Sharron Stewart
Csilla Stiles
Lourdes Stranahan
Teresa Sturrock
Cindy Sumrall
Ann Sweeney
Clay Swisher
Fran and Ray Taft
Renee Tappe
Ellen and Jeffrey Tave
Theta Zeta Chapter
Marcella Thomas
Bill Thompson
Lynn and E. Brad Thompson
Diane and Allan Treiman
Frank Turner
Daniel Urbanczyk
Elizabeth and David Vanorstrand
Shelton Vaughan
Ellen and Douglas Verret
Karen Vogel
Paul Voinis
Morton Voller
James von Suskil
M.T. Waddell
Linda and Fred Walker
Diane Wardell
Steven Waters
Jacqueline and Kirk Weaver
Johnny White
White Hole, Inc. - Bolivar Peninsula RV Park
Lettalou Whittington
Heather Wied
Judy Williams
Deborah and John Willis
Michael Willis
Randolph Willoby
Michelle and Jim Wilson
Sylvia and Will Wingfield
Jill and David Wiprut
Terry Wizig
Dale Wolck
Robert Woods
Ron Wylie
Rebecca Yorke
Jill and Jeff Young
Jessica and Paul Zado
D. Kay Zahn
Amanda and David Zuniga
Fishing Tournament
Participants and
23rd + Madison
Janet Abbitt
Academy Sports & Outdoors
All Pro Sprinklers
Curtis Anderson
Larry Anderson
Rhonda Anderson
Anna Armitage and Justin Chan
Peggy Armstrong
Erik Baker
Rachel Barski
Roman Barski
Beach Glass Jewelry
Eldon Beard
Toni Beck
Marilyn Bell
Eddie Beltran
Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices
Anderson Properties
Clifford Blinkhorn
Jen Bohner
Nancy Bouse
Keith Brown
Errin Bryner
Spring 2016
Kristina and George Busceme
Janifer Carrens
Janet Chamberlin
Scott Chenoweth
Shelley Chesser
Melody Clark
Brenna Clendaniel
Becky and Eugene Cluck
Cobb Real Estate
Carmen and Delino Comeaux
Sylvia Coney
Construction Investments, LLC
David Corddry
Craftsman Cabinet Shop
Cunningham Family Giving Fund
Sarah Cunningham
Raymah Davis
Cindy Derby
Diamond Jim’s Country Saloon
Terri Donzello
Lisa Doughty
Lavada Edwards
Savannah Eichelberger
Blake Felton
Leslie Fernandez
Sondra Fikes
Raul Flores
FOE 3719 Auxilary Inc.
Melissa Gallien
Annette George
Faye and Victor Gibson
Jackie Gilliam
Gayle Goodridge
Vivian Granger
Luz Gray
Rhonda Gregg
Keith Hansen
Claire Harrigan
Theresa Harrigan
Tom Harrigan
Rani Henderson
Danna Henry
Karen Henry
Ramon Herrera
Chris Hickman
Martha Hicks
Tina Hillger
Chad Hood
Sheri Horn
Stephanie Hurst
Jeffery Jewell
James Kay
KEC Incorporated
Kent Moore Cabinets, LTD.
Cindy Kersh
Elizabeth Kinsey
Linda Knockaert
Caitlyn Knop
Teresa Knop
Erika Kriger
Dianne Ledet
Steven Lee
Michelle Lenker
Jasper Leone
Carol Letot
Jaton Liner
Terri Long
Katherine and Gregory Loushine
Shawn Lyons
Tanya Matcek
MaxCon Construction LLC
Phyllis and Dallas McNitt
William Merten
Dixie Meynier
Janette Micelli
Howell Mitchell
Mary Moffitt
Ted Moffitt
Dana Mondey
Sharon Neusel
Joe Nixon
Jeffery Nolan
NRG Energy
Ernest Oelze
Joan Oelze
Ellen Ohmstede
Orsak’s Cafe
Georgia Osten
Patricia Parker
Melody Parsons
Bradey Paschal
Dana Passmore
Tammi Pearson
Claudia Perkins
Elizabeth and Mike Petit
Stoney Petit
Debbie Ploeger
Kurt Ploeger
David Popken
Gregg Pratka
Steve Purcell
Randy Reese
Karen Rezai
Cheryl and Tillman Richey
Richard Riley
Charles Rivette
Dorothy Rodriguez
Blanca Rodriguez
Pamela Romero
Sue Rose
Melissa and Melissa Salazar
Samson Energy Company
Cathy Scheck
Doris and Donald Schulin
Jenny and Rusty Senac
Mary Ellen Smith
David Stallings
Shelley Stenius
Macey and Bob Stokes
Renee Stricklen
Warren Sullivan
Robert Sweat
Texas First Bank
Acen Thomas
Pennie Tilton
Barbara and Jimmy Trahan
Cynthia Trahan
Lori and Donald Traweek
Margie Tucker
Harmony Tulloch
Dana Turner
Andrew Vance
Daniel VanDeventer
Rebecca Vinson
Debby and Craig Ward
Gwendolyn Wason
Jeff Wegner
Patricia Weiss
Carol and Gordon Wheeler
Lee Anne Wilde
Sandra and Charles Williamson
Donald Woest
Hillary Woest
Jean Woest
Laura Wood
Emily Zarcaro
Bike Around the Bay
Participants and
$100 and above
Visit galvbay.org/BAB for the full
list of donors
Laura Abbott
Merie Abercrombie
Accuchem Controls, Inc.
Michael Adame
Carlos Aguiluz
Juuhi Ahuja
AIG Matching Grants Program
Sandra Alford
Jermaine Alfred
Jacqueline Allen
Mary Allen
Kathy Alyea
Jeffrey Angelovich
Hugo Arana
Matt Arceneaux
Fernando Arellano
Cesar Argueta
Isabel Arjona
Robert Armstrong
Nicolas Arnao
Judy Aronson
Roland Arriaga
Jutas Arthasarnprasit
Stephanie Atkins
Keith Aulson
Cody Avants
Roberta Avery
Tracy Aycock
M. Ayoroa
Faiza Baameur
Steven Baca
Michael Bain
Craig Baker
Clem and Ted Banaglorioso
Richard Banke
Hugh Barclay
Philippe Barker
Bonner Barnes
Carlos Barrios
Rachel Barski
Todd Barth
BASF Corporation
Eric Bass
Thomas Bass
Marjorie Batista
Angela Batt
Nick Battaglino
Don Baulch
Alexandra Beaverhausen
Vanessa Becerra
Smajo Beckanovic
Mike Beckwith
Christopher Bell
Joe Bera
Terri and Douglas Bercich
Miguel Berlanga
Jeff Berlat
Yvonne Berry
CoSandra Beverly
Shirley Bianchi
George Black
Gerod Black
Shirley Blankenship
Eleanor Blitzer
John and Renee Blitzer
Adeli Block
Emily Blomberg
John Bludworth
Bradley Blume
George Blytas
Boardwalk Pipeline
Mary Bock
Richard Bohan
Boles Properties LLC
Mark Bolt
Kevin Bonifant
Christopher Bonner
Kathy and Barry Boulte
Hugues Bourgogne
Doug Boyle
BP Fabric of America Fund
Mary Bratton
Lisa Brenskelle
Ivan Bright
Gary Brooks
William Brooks
Dennis Brown
Justin Brown
Daniel Bruyn
Rhett Bryner
Zedrick Buhay
Karen Bulow
Lindsay Burck
Richard Burgard
Stephen Burke
Jonathan Burkhardt
Carol Burnett
David Burns
Summer Bursnall
William Burton
Jose Cabalse
Oscar Caban
Angie Cabrera
Minnie Cadena
Francis Caldwell
Cameron International Corporation
Charles Campbell
Christie and John Campbell
Eugenia Campbell
Carrie Campbell
Douglas Candler
Craig Carnes
Ben Carsten
Cheryl Casey
Lori Cavallaro
Angela Cave
Michael Celaya
Sylvia Celaya
Charles Chandler
Tarun Chandrasekhar
David Chaney
Cathy Chapman
Charles Chapman
Gene Chauvin
Rachel Chesmore
Jonathan Cheung
Emad Choudhury
L Christensen
Myron Clemence
Gina and David Clewis
Courtenay Clifford
Steven Clifford
John Cloonan
Betsy Clough
Steven Clough
Matthew Clugston
Donna Coggins
Keith Cohrs
Tracy Collins
Benjamin Collins
Helen Collins
Andrew Collyer
Connie Collyer
Merrilee Conway
Patrick Cook
Sarah Cooke
Anastacia Cooper
Anita Corbello
Marco Corpuz
Frederic Corsiglia
Gregorio Cortez
Janet Coy
Elizabeth Crabtree
Jamie Crawford
Bob Crites
Antony Croston
Bernice Cruikshank
Kenneth Culotta
Joe Dally
Ronald Dang
Marko Dasigenis
Doug Davidson
Robert Davis
Garnett Davis
Abigail De Los Reyes
Jose De Los Reyes
Debra Dees
Duane DeGeer
Dylan Degeer
Daniel Dellar
Eric DeMeo
Suzen Dent
Merle Diaz
Giovanni DiBartolo
Craig Dietz
Stephen Dillon
Ria and Alfred Dimacali
Diep Dinh
Hai Dinh
Angela Dion
Tom Doan
Sara Dobbs
Jade Dobbs
Geoffrey Donnelly
Susie Doucet
Benjamin Doucet
Ralph Dougharty
Dr. V.D. Gupta & Mrs. Kanta K. Gupta Charitable Trust Fund
Nikki Drews
Charles Drobny
Eric Drury
Brian Duff
Elizabeth Dumbrill
Mark Dumbrill
John Dunlap
James Duplechian
Daniel Durdin
Larry Duvall
Joyce and Everett Dye
Susan and Kim Dyson
Eagle Realty Services
Michael Ebers
David Edgar
Barbara Edmonds
Billy Edmonson
Andy Edwards
Michelle Edwards
Patricia Edwards
William Ehrenstrom
Hugh Eichelman
Marilyn Eiland
Bob Elder
Cornelis Elferink
Marilyn Elias
Enterprise Products
Jay Eshbach
Rafael Espinal
Julio Espinola
David Evans
Karl Fancher
Emily and Eric Fancher
Stuart Fearon
Steven Feldman
Karla Fenton
J. Ferry
Joshua Fetner
Tami Fincher
Fit Tri Run
Danny Flack
Jose Flores
Edward Flores
John Flores
Fredeaux Fogarty
Sonya and Jonathan Fogg
Jessica and Ian Fontenot
Forest Lake Animal Clinic
Dianne Forthman
Brittany Fox
John Fox
Thomas Frank
Katharine Fraser
Paul Frederickson
David Freeman
Suzanne Freeman
Timothy French
Ani and Ed Frisa
Laura Fuentes
Elaine Fuqua
Mark Gagnon
Andre Gaines
Philip Gallaway
Kirtan Gandhi
Gabriel Garcia
Lenerd Garcia
Alma Garcia
Regina Garcia
Salvador Garcia
Christopher Gaughan
Jason Gause
Lisa Gauthreaux
Vicki Gee
Thomas Geehan
Jesse Gelsomini
Bret George
Joseph George
Susan and Daniel Gillane
Roland Gilliam
Elizabeth and Paul Gimmler
Adriaan Gisolf
Jane Gladfelter
Greg Glover
Bob Glover
Kristin Glywasky
Sebastian Goebel
Brandi Gomez
David Gomez
Mateo Gomez
Manuel Gonzalez
John Gonzalez
Kevin Goode
Patty and Bobby Gordon
Monika Graczyk
Norm Grady
Tina Gray
Karyn Green
Rhonda Gregg
Vivian Grigsby
Luis Pablo Grijalva
Philip Grosman
Gerard Guderian
Kelly Gulledge
G a l v e st o n B a y F o u n d a t i o n
Joshua Gulledge
Lei Guo
Elizabeth Guy
Sarah Guzzetta
Judy and Robert Hall
Anthony Hamlet
Raymond Hammond
William Haneberg
Charles Hardy
Robert Harmon
Lyndall Harrison
Jeffrey Hartnett
Kimberly Hartnett
Nathan Hartwell
Matthew Hartzell
Chris Haycraft
Tyler Hays
Teresa Hays
Theresa Hazelton
William Hebert
Mary Hecksel
Richard Hecksel
Kathy Hefele
Anne Hendrex
Karen Hendricks
Terrina Hendry
George Henningsen
Andrew Henry
Elizabeth and Daniel Herink
Nelly Hernandez
Ruben Hernandez
Miriam Herrera
Paul Herrera
Stephen Herrmann
John Herron
Megan Hersh
Dean Hextell
Judy and Ronald Hickey
Brandon Hicks
Heather Hill
Angela Hill
Karen Hill
Paul Herrera
Stephen Herrmann
John Herron
Megan Hersh
Dean Hextell
Judy and Ronald Hickey
Brandon Hicks
Heather Hill
Angela Hill
Karen Hill
Mark Hilliard
Ken Hillner
Wilmo Hinguillo
Billie Hinkle
Conrad Hirsch
Duane Hirsch
Laura Hirsch
Po Yan Ho
Glen Holender
Ronald Holley
Dee Holmes
George N Holmes
Diane Holton
Kira Hoover
Curt Horne
Wendy Houghton
Mary and Ben Hulsey
Stacy and Scott Humphries
Bill Hunt
Jonathan Hunt
Henry Ibekwe
Jose Iglesias
Santiago Inchaurregui Rivera
Intercontinental Terminals Co. LLC
Bradford Irelan
Peter Ireland
Mario Irigoyen
Benjamin Isgur
Kanae Ishihara
Michael Iversen
Burgess Jackson
Alejandro Jaimes
Bruce K Jamison
Jennifer and Stephen
David Jenkins
Laura Jewett
Tony Jimenez
Estela Jimenez
Colleen Johnson
Amy Johnson
Jennifer Johnson
Kathleen Johnson
Alicia Johnston
Sarah Jones
Matthew Jones
Cary Jones
Elizabeth Jones
Rebekah Jones
Manoj Joshi
David M. Kadjar
Christopher Kapraun
Kuldip Kaul
Sam Kee
Elizabeth Keig
Vicki Keiser
Douglas Kelly
Frederick Kelly
Richard Kelly
Andrew Kerschbaum
Smith Ketterer
Kirk King
John King
Dean Kinkel
Kae Kinley
Michael Kinney
James Kitchens
John Knapp
Robert Knoll
Karen Knoll
Patricia Knox
Richard Koenig
Kim Kolanowski
Michael Kolat
David Koran
William Koran
Robert Krenz
Andrea Krulewitz
Jung (Peter) Kuo
Scott Kurzawski
Bernard Kwan
Dorothy and Joe Lance
Marie Laplante
Julie Lawrence
David Le
Nam Le
David Leach
Gina and Donald Learner
Elmer Ledesma
Melba Lefebvre
Michael Leister
Alex Lemuz
Melissa Lent
Mark Leuck
Antoinette Levine
Regina Lewis
David Libiez
Karen Liedtke
Kristy Liedtke
Laurinda Lin
Louis Litten
Scott Livanec
Al Lodge
Larkin Logette
Philip Long
Justin Lopez
Alberto Lopez
Shawn Loring
Katherine and Gregory
Patti and Bill Loushine
Micah Love
Barron Lozano
Thanh Ly
Vicki Lynn
George Macke
Suzanne Magee
Carmelo Maglasang
Michelle Maixner
Victoria Maixner
Pedro Maldonado
Jonathan Manzala
Etienne Marc
Kristin Marczak
Harry Marks
Stephen Marquardt
Clayton Marshall
Sarah Marshall
Alma and Dewey Martin
Felipe Martinez
Clemente Martinez
Althea Mason
John Mason
Dianne and Henry Massie
David Massin
Wylie Masterson
Kelly Masterson
Harris Masterson
Edmundo Mateo
Richard Mattix
Kimberly May
Charles Mayea
David McAtee
Krystal McBride
Steve McConathy
Branden McCormick
John McCutchen
Noreen McGary
Chris McGininis
Mark McGinn
Michael McGovern
Skip McGrady
Lynn McGrew
Steve McIntosh
Deanna McLean
Betty McLeod
Judson McLeod
Scot McLeod
Kenneth McNease
Arnoldo Medina
C. Meehan
Jose Mejia
Armando Mejia
Juan Mendez
Mary Mercado
Louis Mestier
Wally Meyer
Jerry Meyerson
John Middleton
Kathryn Miesner
Thomas Miesner
Rose Mikulski
Marissa Miles
Curtis Miller
Brandon Miller
Jim Miller
John Mills
Kenneth Moelhoff
Rowena and Jerry Mohn
Alejandro Molina
Margaret and Andrew Molina
Tim Molloy
Aryani Montes
Ricardo Montiel
Rachel and John Moody
Pete Morawiec
Victor Moreno
Cherie Morgan
Glenn Morgan
Nell Morris
Lori Murray
Scott Murray
Marc Musick
Tammy Mutina
Egidio Narvaez
Christine Natividad
Alejo Navarro
Cesar Navarro
Loren Nelson
Michelle Nesmith
Danny Nguyen
Tanya Nguyen
Thanh-Long Nguyen
Jennifer Nicholas
John Nichols
Cynthia Nicolini
Noisemaker Communications LLC
Richard Norman
Susan Norris
Michael Novelli
Barry Novy
NRG Energy Inc. Employee Engagement Fund
MJ OHair
Leslie Olsen
Roy Olsen
Eric Olson
Wendy O’Neill
Brigido Ornelas
Cindy Orr
Jaime Ortiz
Elizabeth Ortiz
Kevin Pack
Drew Paige
Michael Palmer
Sharon and Kenneth Pantin
Hiran Parra
Alexander Parsons
Marty Partida
Thomas Pash
Kevin Pearce
Pearland Cycling Club
Melodyabel Pedro
Randall Peltier
Bob Pennacchi
Judy Peplinski
Luisana Peraza Marquez
Lucinda and Timothy Perkins
Ed Perks
Guido Persiani
Mark Peterson
Richard Petronella
Khoa Phan
Charles Philpott
Bryan Philpott
Map Piamonte
Randy Pickerill
Melbourne Pinks
Jim Pirnik
Earl Pittman
Derrick Pitts
Donna Plewa-Allen
Janet Plocek
Iouri Pochoumenski
Harold Pontez
Lythia and Rod Powell
Richard Powell
Kate Prather
Suzette Prechter
John Preston
Judy Price
Robert Pruessner
Michael Przytula
Amy Puelz
Matthew Pyles
Richard Quick
Michael Quigley
Patrick Quinn
Crecencio Ramos
Vilma Ramos
John Ramsey
Scott Ramsey
Gary Ranos
Lucy Rascon
Khurram Rattani
Eric Rausa
Joan Ravenswaay
Monique Raymond
Macey and Harry Reasoner
Amber Reed
Donald Reed
Cindy Reeves
Jennifer Reeves
Jonas Referente
Robin Reimschissel
Marvin Reinartz
Flo Renfro
Justin Renshaw
Rentech Nitrogen Pasadena, LLC
Todd Reppert
Shannon Reyes
Aaron Reyna
Roderick Reynera
Peggy Rice
Mark Richard
Luis Rico
Dorothy Riehl
Deborah Riherd
James Rine
Juan Rivera
Paul Roark
Mary and Brad Robbins
Sharon Robinette
Dennis Robinson
Mark Robinson
Kelly Robinson
Lelia Rodgers
Ruth Roesler
Selwyn Rogers
Brian Rollins
Oscar Romero
Francisco Romero
Geir Rorstad
Antonio Rosales
Ann Ross
Malcolm Ross
Michael Ross
Gary Roy
Patrick Rozum
Laura Rubio
John Rupp
Gary Russell
James Russell
Louis Russo
Christopher Rutan
Axel Saborio
Alvin Saenz
Susan Salch
Anjy Salinas
Jose Sanchez
Steven Sarfaty
Christopher Saunders
Andrew Sawadichai
W. Lee Schexnaider
Randy Schleisman
Sara Schleisman
William Schmidt
William Schmidt Jr.
Rafael Schnell
Alan Schroit
Sandy and Scott Schultz
John Scott
Stuart Scott
Allan Scott
Christopher Seiber
Amanda Selcer
Cheryl Sellers
Max Sens
Rafael Serrano
Sandeep Seth
Stephen Sexton
Thomas Shaffer
Kari Shearer
Shell Oil Company
Patrick Shields
Nick Shields
Alan Shimshock
Shilpa Shinde
Kelly Showalter
Patrick Shrimpton
Juan Carlos Sierra
David Silarski
Silicon Labs Matching Gift
Glenn Simon
Sally Sims
Becki Lyn Skidmore
Loren Skinner
Sallie Smith
Jason Smith
Lillian Smith
Sheri Smith
Pamela Smith
Robert Smith
Sonia Smith
David Smith
Katherine and Frank Smith
Mary Smits
Kristal Snider
Bonnie Snyder
Sandra Sorensen
Gerard Soto
Thomas Sowers
Specialties Company
Spectra Energy
Adam Spieker
Keith Spielman
Alexis Stahl
Donald Stahl
Rita Standridge
Kathleen Staten
Jerry Steen
Eric Steenson
Elizabeth Stein
David Steinberg
Spring 2016
Lorna Stevens
Cynthia and Donald Stevenson
Kathy and Robert Stokes
J Stout
Ann Stout
Sabrina Straussfeld
Laura Stroy
David Stryk
David Stuhlmiller
Jason Suchecki
Sulzer Turbo Services
Lawrence Susnow
Don Sutton
Antonio Szabo
Thaddeus Sze
Renat Takhtaganov
Todd Taylor
Teamco Inc
Brian Teel
Tjalling Terpstra
The Doherty Family Fund
Maria Thomas
Andrea Thompson
Tim Tietjens
Jeff Todd
Mladen Tomic
John Toubassi
Neal Toward
Minh Tran
Tam Tran
Transcanada Pipelines, Ltd.
James Trent
Cheryl Trimbur
Rex Tunze
Mark Turner
Per Tviberg
Andrew Tweedie
Jeremy Underwood
Gerry van Bakel
Julie Vande Hei
Mark Vande Hei
Michael Vang
Rimas Vebeliunas
David Velandia
John Velasquez
Sharon Veley
Christopher Ventimeglia
Kevin Villalobos
Miriam Villalobos
Madeline Villarreal
Pieter Vismans
Reynold Vivares
Maria Vivona
Julievy Vo
Dan Vo
D. Nicole Volek
Craig Vollmers
Robert Vuong
Edward Wade
Janet Wahrlich
Richie Walker
Inta and Doug Walker
Walter Machine Company, Inc.
Carol Watson
Bryan Wazbinski
W Michael Weaber
Scott Weaver
Jennifer Webster
Dennis Weibling
Mary Weiman
Klaus Weispfennig
Bill Wendes
David West
Terry Westbrook
Nicholas Wharton
Jeffrey Whitley
Catherine Wilde
Carl Williams
Eric Williams
Cyril Williams
Page Williams
Scott Williamson
Beth Wing
Bryan Wirwicz
Gary Wise
Dwight Wolf
John Wolfe
Scott Wollam
Madeline Woods
Carolyn and Todd Wyborney
Jared Wylie
Ellen Yarrell
Andrew Young
Marybeth Young
Sharon Young
YourCause Chevron Matching Employee Funds
Bin Yu
Jodi Zajac
John Zavala
Laura Zavala
Visit galvbay.org/BAB for the full
list of donors
17330 Highway 3
Webster, TX 77598
p: 281.332.3381
f: 281.332.3153
[email protected]
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