Week 5 Term 2 2016 - Trundle Central School



Week 5 Term 2 2016 - Trundle Central School
A school that provides a
professional, stimulating and
challenging learning
Mr John Southon
Trundle Central School
Term 2 Week 5
23rd May 2016
Head Teacher Secondary
Mr Gerry Capell
Assistant Principal
Mrs Fiona Sanderson
Tuesday 23/5/16
CSU Future Moves
Wednesday 24/5/16
Simultaneous Storytime Library
Thursday 26/5/16
Central Schools’ Touch
Under 16s football
Friday 27/5/16
Cross Country
Trundle Central School
Touch Football Opens
Mitchell House Captains
Maddie Coster and Brad Watt
Proudly holding the P&C Perpetual House Shield
Congratulations for the good sportsmanship by all participants
Mrs Joanne Coster
Ms Elysse Coomes
Mrs Kelly-Lee Dunn
2016 Athletic Overall Age Champions
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Term 2 Week 5
Page 2
This week simultaneous story time for Primary on
Wednesday, Central schools under 16 years touch
Thursday, Opens girls touch and Gobondery/Narraf
cross-country on Friday. This school prides itself on
the amount of extra-curricular activities offered to
students. These activities I believe enhance the
classroom content not detract from the quality of
learning. However, these extra-curricular events place
extra workload on staff as lessons need to be covered
and events organised. I am yet to have a staff member
decline or complain about an extra duty when asked,
an indication of the quality of staff and culture of this
school. It could also be an indication that they have a
grumpy Principal but I will go with the former.
On Thursday last week I had the pleasure of
accompanying a group of students to a public speaking
and debating workshop. Once again, our students set
the example to others in terms of behaviour and effort.
Public speaking skills are essential for students as now
they compete in a global market in terms of
employment. For example, in China 45 million teachers
mostly working on performance contracts are
preparing students to compete with our children by
utilising an education system that is rapidly catching our
Australian system in terms of resources and
innovation. The days of western dominance of the
world economy and educational outcomes are over.
Our children need extra skills such as public speaking
and debating just to remain competitive. I laughed
when our students said they have limited debating
experience to the presenter. Try asking a teenager to
do the washing up especially if an important world
event such as who planted the tenth bomb or caused the
fifth serious car accident on Home & Away is on the
television. Not only debating but Drama as well is a
teenage necessity.
Our Athletics Carnival was on Wednesday and Friday
last week as well. Many schools have moved to
carnivals that only cater for ‘serious competitors’ and
as a result a high percentage of students stay at school.
Thankfully Trundle Central School still embraces the
social experience as well as the competitive aspects of
the carnival. Unfortunately the hour glass is broken so
the over 49 event was cancelled so I could not display
my considerable athletic ability or go jump as it has
been suggested to me in the past. I’m sure that person
meant long jump. I laughed during the K/1/2 races
when children stopped right on the line and turned
around to see where they have come from. Well done
to all students who competed on the day.
Last week I also attended the Rural and Remote
Schools Conference in Bathurst. I am not a big fan of
these large conferences as they are often a forum for
big egos to shine and the minister misses me
desperately which is understandable. Also some
presenters are channelling the Hillsong Church with
their presentation style which goes down like a lead
balloon with me. If another presenter fakes a voice
tremble or a little tear wells up in the eye when talking
about a passion for teaching whilst holding their new
book for $29.95, I will be sick. Whilst there was
certainly some of that at the conference, keynote
speaker, Dan Haesler, did make some statements that
resonated with me and validated the school plan and
direction. Examples include:
Technology when used in lessons for
augmentation, modification or re-defining
curriculum produces better results in at least
70 percent of children. This was pleasing to
hear as the school has just spent 60 thousand
dollars on new computer hardware and
software. I expected it to be delivered in a
fleet of B double trucks with a marching band
of computer nerds playing the national
Anthem but unfortunately was not that
impressive. My parents purchased their first
house for 15 thousand dollars. I guess the
world has changed.
Play is the first step in the learning process for
children. This validates our partnership with
Centacare Forbes in providing a fortnightly
playgroup at the school. Children need
interactive play to not only develop physically
but to improve the connections between the
brains hemispheres as the centre line is
crossed through movement and imaginative
play. Crossing the centre line between the
left and right hemispheres is essential for
cognitive development.
Overly praising students for every achievement
could be counterproductive for self esteem.
Mr Haesler believes if we praise children for
every small achievement we give our children
a false inflated impression of their abilities.
This is ultimately detrimental to their self
esteem as eventually they realise they are
not as special as they first believed. For
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Page 3
Term 2 Week 5
example, a child scores a try in the local
football competition. Excessive praise creates
the impression in the child’s mind that they
are more talented than they actually are in
relation to the whole league playing cohort
across the state. When the child is exposed
to a bigger pool of children they quickly
realise that they are average at best. This is
often shattering to self esteem resulting in the
child not playing the sport in the future
because of the fear of failure. The presenter
believes parents should praise aspects of a
child’s performance not make blanket
statements. For example, instead of praising
the scoring of the try mention the side step
or the improvement in positional play.
outcomes. For example, I was criticised in the
community when I sold the larger school bus. When
the decision was explained most people understood
that this school cannot afford large financial losses on a
bus. Communication was the key for most people.
Some people require a letter from the Pope, a strand of
hair from Elvis and a moon rock to convince them to
change thought processes but mindset theory I believe
has considerable merit.
In previous newsletters I have mentioned the value of
sleep for children. A presentation by Charles Sturt
University indicated that lack of quality sleep is a major
detrimental factor in poor behaviour or disrupted
learning for some students. An adolescent body and
brain requires at least nine hours uninterrupted sleep to
function well. The study revealed on average adolescent
children are not falling into deep sleep until 11:30pm to
midnight every night. This does not give them the
required amount of quality sleep. In addition, many
rooms have flickering blue light caused by electronic
devices not allowing the brain to rest completely. Poor
quality sleep has also been linked to obesity and other
childhood conditions.
The school Ag. plot at the moment has a good crop of
oats. We only have four Dorper sheep to take
advantage of this bounty. In the interest of combatting
childhood obesity please consider donating Dorper
lambs that have been cooking for themselves. These
sheep are to be use in our agriculture program and
donating parents will have full visitation rights. Cheaper
than boarding school and I can guarantee a quality
education with a sizzling outcome out the end.
A very proud Suellen Taylor told me that her daughter
Pip recently was first in a subject at Monash University.
Pip attended Trundle Central School in the most
important years for developing a passion for learning,
primary and early High School. Well done to Pip and
another big tick for public education.
Finally the mighty Sharks are at the top of the NRL
table. I told people at the start of the year it was the
year of the Shark with little agreement. After nearly fifty
years in the competition I believe there is only one
Amco Cup mid week trophy in the cabinet so there
should still be plenty of room. The only worry is vertigo
as some sharks are bottom feeders.
Another surprising fact revealed by the study is many
children are not fully awake before attending school.
The brain requires approximately one hour to be
completely functioning after sleep. If children are waking Another great week it Trundle
John Southon
late and rushing to get to school there is a period
where the human brain is not receptive to new learning.
This is especially critical because most schools schedule
literacy and numeracy instruction in the morning. All
this information confirms to me parenting is the most
difficult task.
I have been researching the value of a positive growth
mind set in staff and students. No, I have not traded my
Ford for a Kombi Van and I certainly do not have
enough hair for dread locks. A positive growth mindset
embraces change, accepts criticism as mechanism for
positive improvement and works systematically to solve
complex problems. I believe it is impossible to always
have this mindset but it should be your dominant
thought process. The challenge is how you move people
whose most natural reaction is to boo Santa Clause
towards a move positive mindset to embrace change. I
do not have the answer to this issue but feel it lies in
how change is communicated and the expected
If you have any Dorper lambs
who require some fresh green oats and a
good education please consider donating
one or two to the school to graze on
school oat crops
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Term 2 Week 5
Page 4
Our school photos will be taken on Thursday the 30th of June
For the convenience of our school community, school photos can be ordered and paid for online
using a secure online platform. Orders placed online DO NOT require an envelope, cash/cheques or
paperwork returned to school.
Envelope Orders: photos can also be purchased in the traditional manner using an envelope, with
cash/cheque enclosed.
The preference of our school is that orders and payments be made online, as this reduces the
administration and associated security issues related to the return of cash & envelopes on photo
To place your order visit www.advancedlife.com.au and enter the code- [PXP WMT QQK]. This
code can also be found printed on your envelope. Please be aware thatSibling/Family Photos can be ordered online or via envelope. To ensure a smoothly run photo
day, online orders for Sibling/Family Photos will be cut off at 12.00 a.m. the night before our
photo day to allow a list of students that require Sibling/Family Photographs taken to be
compiled. Sibling photos can still be ordered after the online cut off date by collecting an
envelope from the office and returning the envelope on photo day with your payment enclosed.
All online orders should be placed on or before our day of photography.
The online code above may also be used to order sports and other group photos.
All orders placed online will be delivered to the school for collection
TRUNDLE GOLF CLUB -27th May 2016
P&C will be catering for this event the following items will be available on the day
Bacon & Egg Roll $5.00
Sausage Sandwich $3.00
Steak Sandwich $6.00
Pies $4.00
Sausage Rolls $4.00
Soup & Roll $4.00
Spaghetti Bolognaise $5.00
Nachos $5.00
Variety of cakes & slices from $2.00
Cold Drinks / Water $2.00
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Page 5
Term 2 Week 5
Students of the week
K/1/2 - Cooper Charlton-Little
3/4 - Nicholas Taylor
5/6 - Raymi Howarth
Mrs Jones - Riley Randall
What a fantastic week last
week was! Mrs Morgan once
again provided us with a
superbly organised Athletics
carnival, Musica Viva entertained our students with Athletics Carnival
live music and the students are hard at work in the Last week was our Athletics carnival. It was a
fantastic day. All the students did their very best
and entered as many events as they could. They
cheered for their team mates and thoroughly
enjoyed a great day out.
The students would like to thank Mrs Morgan for
organising such a great day and those parents who
came along to watch or help. It is very much
WHEN: 9:30AM WEDNESDAY 25th MAY 2016
BRING: A CRAZY HAT to wear!!
Gobondery/NARRAF Cross Country
This year Gobondery/NARRAF Cross Country will
be held in Trundle on the Friday, 27th May 2016.
We would love to have as many spectators as
possible. Come along and enjoy the opportunity to
watch some of our amazing students run.
Please ensure the notes are returned to the front
office as soon as possible.
Musica Viva
The students who attended Musica
Viva had a fabulous time. The group
Teranga engaged the students by playing West
African music. They enjoyed participating in the
dancing and were mesmerised by the sounds of the
rhythmic music.
It is vital that your child/ren’s
names are written into any items of clothing they
wear to school. This reduces the risk of confusion
and ensures that jumpers and jackets are returned
to their owners if they are misplaced.
Although Terms 2 and 3 are not part of our
NO HAT NO PLAY policy, we are
recommending that the students bring a hat on
sport days and P.E. days to reduce any risks of
sunburn and windburn.
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Page 6
Term 2 Week 5
Last Wednesday and Friday our students
Congratulations to the following athletes who
participated in the annual athletics carnival. We
were age champions:
experience wonderful weather and it was great to
see the high level of enthusiasm and house spirit by
 Juvenile Champion Girl: Delainie Zerafa
our students on both days. It was also nice to see
the Juvenile students participate in inaugural 400m,
 Juvenile Champion Boy: Seth Prebendarcik
they definitely won the cute factor.
 Junior Primary Girl: Erin Fernando
 Junior Primary Boy: Paddy Williams
New records were set on a number of records on
 Senior Primary Girl: Aliethea Stokes
both days. Below is a list of students who broke
 Senior Primary Boy: William Taylor and Jamie
 Junior Secondary Girl: Monique Morgan
 Delainie Zerafa Coomes: 5 years age race
 Junior Secondary Boy: Bryce Gavin Rossiter
 Jessica Morgan: 8 years age race
 Senior Secondary Girl: Brooke Morgan
 Erin Fernando: Junior Primary Championship
 Senior Secondary Boy: Brodi Gavin Rossiter
 Cameron Whalen: Junior Primary High Jump A special thank you firstly to all the parents, family
members and community members who helped
 Paddy Williams: Junior Primary 800m
 Jamie Harper: 12 years age race, Senior
with roles on the day, it was greatly appreciated.
Primary Championship race, Senior Primary Secondly thank you to the P&C who ran the
200m and Long Jump
 Nicholas Williams: 13 years Age Race
 Monique Morgan: 14 years Age Race, Junior
The 2016 P&C House Shield was won by Mitchell
who finished the day on 1564 points whilst Oxley
Secondary Championship race
 Hannah Dunn: Junior Secondary High Jump
concluded the event with 1390 points.
 Brooke Morgan: 15 years Age Race, Senior
Secondary Championship race, Senior
Secondary 200m, 400m, 800m and Long Jump
 Paige Fox: Senior Secondary Discus
 Brodi Gavin Rossiter: Senior Secondary
200m, 400m and Long Jump
 Maddie Coster: 17 years Age Race
 Albert Wykes: Senior Secondary 1500m and
 Mitchell: Senior Primary Relay and Senior
Secondary Relay
Senior Boys Champions
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Term 2 Week 5
Page 7
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2 Week
5 5
2 Week
8 8
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Page 9
Term 2 Week 5
Congratulations to all students who participated in
Secondary Welfare Levels
Congratulations to the following students:
Level 4
Yr 7-Nathan Howarth
(15 pink slips):
Yr 8- Bryce Gavin-Rossiter
last week’s athletic events. It is always such a
pleasure to see the students in a different setting,
and seeing the effort and results across all the
events. Well done!
This week sees our sporting conquests continue.
Thursday our Under 16’s Boys and Girls
touch football team competing in Dubbo and then
our Open Girls are playing on Friday. Good
luck to our teams and thanks to Ms Morgan and Mr
Lynn for taking the teams.
This week our Year 11 students wil be sitting
their Half Yearly Exams. A timetable was in last
week’s newsletter and will be published this week
as well. I am sure that our students have been
preparing for these exams and will receive the
results they deserve.
Our Year 7-10 exams are being held in Week 7.
Students have been issued with revision packs and
should be working through these. If students have
any concerns or questions regarding their exams
they should be speaking to their teachers as soon
as possible. The proposed timetable is in today’s
Any concerns or questions please contact me at
Have a great week
Gerry Capell
Head Teacher Secondary Studies
Yr 9- Paige Fox, Ryan Cohen-Wilding,
Yr 10-Adam Smith, Tara Coster, Eliza
Stokes, William Wells
Yr 11-Maddie Coster, Erica Stevenson,
Norma Stevenson, Jeremy Smith, Brad
Watt, Albert Wykes, Ashleigh
Newham, Jasmine Cowl
Yr 12-Jess Farrar
Level 5
(30 pink slips):
Yr 7- Ashlee Bartijin, Sebastian Brown,
Dylan Martin, Jaxson Whiley, Nick
Williams,Hamish Sanderson, Kylie
Fernando, Sue Wu, Skye Wilson,
Ashlee Bartjin,
Yr 8- Monique Morgan, Lucy Aveyard,
Hannah Dunn, Amy Mallard, Willa
Stokes, Robert Stokes, Ella Bridger,
Shelby Lee Dellow, Ethan Pascoe,
Codie Wilson, Izaac Longhurst
Yr 9-Brooke Morgan, Liam walsh and
Harrison Williams
Yr 10-Brodi Gavin-Rossiter, Leah
Martin, Chelsea Taylor
Level 5 + 2 Blue Level 5 + Mufti
+ Icy Cup
(50 pink slips):
(75 pink slips):
Level 5 + Mufti
+ Icy Cup
(75 pink slips):
Mr Capell with
Mitchell House Captains
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Page 10
When you’re stuck with the name Beauty,
people expect a lot from you — like
beauty and grace and courage and a sense
of style. But what if you have none of
these things? What if all you like to do is
read books and search for odd objects
that other people drop? Oh, and you have
a perfect older sister who really should
have had your name instead of you.
Eve is staying with her grandmother and her only choice in
playmate is Oscar, the boy from
next door. The lure of the forbidden attic in her Nan's house
proves too much for Eve and
Oscar and they sneak upstairs to
explore. When Eve finds a small
crystal figurine of a unicorn it acts
as a portal into another world.
When best friends Dak Smyth and Sera
Froste stumble upon the secret of time
travel -- a hand-held device known as
the Infinity Ring -- they're swept up in a
centuries-long secret war for the fate
of mankind. Recruited by the Hystorians, a secret society that dates back to
Aristotle, the kids learn that history
has gone disastrously off course.Now
it's up to Dak, Sera, and teenage Hystorian-in-training Riq to travel back in
time to fix the Great Breaks . . . and to
save Dak's missing parents while
they're at it. First stop: Spain, 1492,
where a sailor named Christopher
Columbus is about to be thrown overboard in a deadly mutiny!
Joke of the week
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Page 11
Year 11 & 12
Week 5 is here and its exam week for Year 11. Below is the timetable. Best of luck to all our Year 11
students doing their half yearly examinations this week.
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Page 12
Term 2 Week 5
Trundle Doctors Surgery
new phone 68921178
It is open Tuesday – Friday,
8.30am – 5 pm.
Women’s Health Nurse
will be in Trundle Mon 6th June 2016
Please ring 68921051 for an appointment
CWA of NSW Oxley Group Public
Speaking Competition will be held
on Tuesday 31st May 2016 at the
Wiradjuri Study Centre,
McDonnell Street, Condobolin.
Students from Year 3 up to Year
10 will be speaking on various
topics. The competition will
commence at 9am with years 7/8 and 9/10 and
followed by years 3/4 and 5/6 at 11am.
Sponsors Lachlan, Forbes and Parkes Shire
Councils and Oxley Group CWA.
Thank you
Robyn Taylor
Oxley Group CWA Public Speaking Committee
Biggest Morning Tea
Friday 27th May 2016
Trundle Hotel
From 10am
Take Away Available
Phone Orders accepted
Contact Dolly 0428921092
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Term 2 Week 5
Page 13
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Term 2
2 Week
Week 5
In the market for timber, Then you need us!
For all your timber requirements of:
* Quality White Ant Resistant Cypress Pine
*Sawn, dressed and reeded finished
*Cypress Woodchip and Garden Mulch
Delivery Trundle and Districts
Phone: 02 68921181, Stevo: 0429 921 181 Debbie: 0428 921 161 AH:6892 1161 Fax: 6892 1236
For all Harvest Freight
Contact Stevo: 0429 921 181 Debbie: 0429 921 161
New address: 52 forbes Street, Trundle
Phone 6892 1260 - fax 6892 1324
For all your needs in:
Garden supplies
Building supplies
Paint supplies
Davey Pumps
supply and
Gas bottle refills
Rural fittings
BOC Gases
Come in and see Garry & Carolyn - Get a quote or just come and browse
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2 Week
Call Terry on 0427921379 Ph/Fax 68921379
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Term 2 Week 5
Page 16
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