Newsletter Term 2 Week 10


Newsletter Term 2 Week 10
Term 2 Week 10
Thursday, 30 June 2016
Ethics and Scripture Classes
It is the responsibility of schools to provide
time each week for Special Religious Education
(SRE) and Ethics as an option if teachers are
available. Some carers will opt out of these
lessons and students will attend non-scripture
classes. SRE/Ethics are taught by volunteers
who follow a program of lessons that are
sequential. It is expected that students who are
enrolled into Scripture, Ethics or non-scripture
lessons remain in the same group for the
duration of the year based on their enrolment
information. Whilst parents and carers have the
right to change their child’s SRE/Ethics class, it
must be done in writing. In recent weeks, we
have had many students wanting to change
classes and move between different groups.
This is unsustainable as movement between
groups means different levels of supervision,
rolls, additional volunteers, rooms at capacity.
If you would like your child to change
Scripture/Ethics/non-scripture enrolment for
Semester Two, please put this in writing to the
office labelled ‘Attention: Scripture/Ethics
Coordinator’ by the end of week 1, Term 3
(Friday 22 July). Students are encouraged to
remain in this course for the rest of the year.
TERM 3 2016
Week 1
Monday 18 July
Tuesday 19 July
Wednesday 20 July
School Development
Students return
Athletics Carnival
Opera House Choir
Week 2
Tuesday 26 July
Gym K - 2
Thursday 28 July
selection. Thank you Mrs Tasker for
accompanying the group and Miss Alecia for
her preparation and choreography.
Sydney Eisteddfod
Congratulations to our Stage 3 Dance group
who were awarded third place in the school
section of the Sydney Eisteddfod on Sunday.
This is a huge achievement considering there
were 38 schools in the competition and our
dance groups are not selective. We are proud
that any student who wishes to dance in our
dance groups can do so without audition or
P 02 9524 3096
F 02 9540 4812
Semester One Student Reports
Our teachers have been busy assessing and
preparing Semester One student reports which
will be sent home today. In preparation for the
reports, please note that the assessment of
E [email protected]
Activity Centre: 0427 741 779
Page 1
achievement will
following scales:
Assessment of Achievement
A- Outstanding: The student has an extensive
knowledge and understanding of the
content and can readily apply this
knowledge. In addition, the student has
achieved a very high level of competence in
the processes and skills and can apply these
skills to new situations.
B- High: The student has a thorough
knowledge and understanding of the
content and a high level of competence in
the processes and skills. In addition, the
student is able to apply this knowledge and
these skills to most situations.
C- Sound: The student has a sound knowledge
and understanding of the main areas of
content and has achieved an adequate level
of competence in the processes and skills.
D- Basic: The student has a basic knowledge
and understanding of the content and has
achieved a basic level of competence in the
processes and skills.
E- Limited: The student has an elementary
knowledge and understanding in few areas
of the content and has achieved very
limited competence in some of the
processes and skills.
To help with your understanding of the content
contained within this report, the expectation is
that a student is achieving a sound level of
competence at their grade level, during this
reporting period.
Our Grays Point Facebook page continues to
provide regular updates, alerts and information
about what is happening in our school. It is a
wonderful way to share our good news stories
and successes. In recent emergencies such as
the Kurnell tornado in at the end of last year,
when all communication services failed
Facebook was the main source of information
for families. If you haven’t yet liked our page, I
encourage you do join the 439 subscribers at
Looking for a lost
jumper, drink bottle,
hat, shorts, lunchbox,
towel, pencil case?
continues to overflow
with UNLABELLED items.
Over the holidays is a
great time to take stock of your child’s
belongings and make sure that items have
names clearly labelled so that they can be
easily returned to your child. At the end of
each term, uniforms with no labels are donated
to the uniform shop and other belongings
donated to charity.
End of term message
This term has been an extremely busy one with
many of our school plan milestones
completed. I’d like to thank the teaching and
administration staff for their ongoing and
outstanding commitment to your children. Our
dedicated teachers not only do great things
consistently in the classroom, but are also
tackling the many education reforms that have
been expected of our schools. They work every
day in the best interests of the kids in our
school, whilst also supporting new teachers
and university interns, teach in new ways with
technology, give feedback to their peers,
professionally develop themselves and all the
while, doing it with a smile and a positive
attitude. Our teachers spend many hours
outside their regular teaching time providing
supervision and opportunities for your
children, working on network committees
outside our school site or creating new
innovative programs for our students. I cannot
speak more highly of the team of teachers and
administration staff that our school is lucky to
I wish you and your families a relaxing holiday.
Staff return on Monday 18 July. Students return
to school on Tuesday 19 July.
Mr Clint White
Page 2
Kindergarten 2017
We are now finalising our in area 2017
Kindergarten enrolments. Enrolment forms are
available on the school website or at the
school office. Please return the completed
forms to the school office as soon as possible.
Term 2 Week 10
K Blue
Aleira E.
Henry N.
Aiden B.
K Green
Sean R.
Kai K.
Luca C.
K Yellow
Luca C.
Timothy P.
Teagan G.
Congratulations to our Year 6 students, we
could not be prouder of you.
1 Silver
Tahlia P.
Brayden D.
Blake A.
The Year 6 Teachers
1 Gold
Chloe E.
Eli F.
Macy C.
Year 1 Dance Group
1 Bronze
Sophia H.
The Year 1 Girls Dance Group will have the
lesson before school at 8.30am on Friday 1st
July, 2016. This is just a once off as Miss Alecia
has a commitment that she needs to attend.
Lachie F.
Jesse B.
2 Aqua
Kade W.
Erin W.
Chloe O.
2 Red
Eliza D.
Harper B.
Jack P.
Mini Fete
A huge thank you from Year 6 for your
participation in the Mini Fete. Everyone had
an enjoyable time.
Please return the dance costume and backpack
to myself on Friday morning.
Miss Ilias
Term 2 Week 10
3 Indigo
Sol D.
Auston G.
Kara L.
3 Orange
Alivia H.
Mikayla D.
Zane D.
4 Lime
Madelyn P.
Jack H.
Alexia D.
4 White
Oscar M.
Layla E.
Ethan T.
5 Black
Violette R.
Thomas S.
Daisy S.
5 Navy
Susannah D.
Tirrapon G.
Mitchell C.
6 Mauve
Dylan R.
Emily W.
Cloe H.
6 Purple
Caitlin A.
Sarah S.
Charlotte B.
Page 3
Thank you to all of the fantastic volunteers who
helped out in the Canteen this term.
First week back, next term 18th July – 22 July
volunteers are:
School Development Day
Steph Herdman and Rima
Canteen Closed - School
Athletics Carnival
Danielle Simpson
Allison Humphries, Alexandria
Van Eck and Jodie Wells –
We hope all volunteers and their families have a
happy and safe school holiday.
Thank you,
Maianbar Winters Warmers Festival
The Maianbar Winter Warmers Festival will be
held this year on Sunday, July 10, in the
Maianbar community hall, 48 Pacific Crescent,
from 10am to 3pm.
Each year a small band of local volunteers crafts
warm and woolly items for sale to raise funds
for a charity benefiting the homeless. This year
it is Women and Girls Emergency Centre in
Redfern, which is a support service for women
with or without children who are at risk or
experiencing homelessness in the inner city of
Sydney. Last year we raised $4,500 for
Will2Live, a charity that feeds the homeless in
central Sydney. We'd like to do something
similar this year, and hope your readers will
visit Maianbar (in the Royal National Park) to
help us.
Our home-baked goods and excellent tea and
coffee will help restore you after your trek.
Disclaimer: The NSW Department of Education Grays Point
Public School do not endorse companies, services or products
that are advertised in our newsletters or leaflet distribution
Page 4
1 Silver Shining Stars
Term 2 Picture Gallery
Here are some photos of the different things that we have
learnt this term in 1 Silver. Everyone enjoyed our science unit
“Spot the Difference” where we learnt about how substances
change and what causes the changes. We learnt about the
importance of teamwork, persistence, taking pride in a job
well done and having fun as we learn.
GPAC Management Committee News
Construction onsite which includes the arrival of the
new building is planned to start in the July holidays.
The building contractors (EPB) will be overseeing the
construction works during term 3 with handover to
GPAC planned by 2nd of September.
Together with our Peak Body we are negotiating the
terms of the Licence Agreement with the Department
of Education.
Nicole has consulted community members and child
care professionals about the interior design including a
free consult with Tiffany Buckins from Ikea (Big Thank
you to Jason Coglan for organising this).
Our next steps will be approaching local businesses
and companies for donations towards the interior fit
out. Big thank you to GPAC parent, Maria Bowen, in
helping with the communication strategies.
Grays Point Activity Centre Inc. Term 2 News
Staff News-
Did you know??
Information about staff qualifications
can be found on the staff board in the
We have two afternoon tea sessions
(K-2 and 3-6) each afternoon with 3-6
food served on separate platters. This
ensures that all children can be seated
and noise levels are kept low.
Indoor Activities Program
Highlights this term were:
 Baking we made banana bread for
Tyson McCall has completed
his apprenticeship and has
received his Certificate 4 in
Out of School Hours Care.
Well done, Tyson!
Becoming aware of being a part of the
wider world
This term children from the ARC decided to
support The Biggest Morning Tea
fundraiser. Our raffle raised $100.
Thank you to all families who bought
The lucky winner was Caitlin Gillespie.
breakfast, various cookies, apple
puffs and cupcakes
Science activities we experimented
with magnets, floated eggs in different
liquids, made slime and sherbet, made
perfume for Mother’s Day
Quality Improvement Plan (QIP)
Families and staff have been invited to participate in our
family/staff survey. We use the results and comments towards
updating our QIP and setting new long term and short term
Thank you to all families and staff who have participated already.
If you want to access the survey please copy following link into
your browser
The survey will close Friday, 08.07.2016.
Millennium falcons, Pikachus,
Superhero belts popular with the
boys as well as some dads 
Emoji magnets and pillows
Most popular ongoing activity:
 Card games in the morning
 Drawing Competitions to display
our creativity and skills
 Eddy’s Alley testing our aiming
Tadpoles feeding them and
watching them grow
Outdoor Activities Program
The highlights of term 2 were:
 Tarp surfing children enjoyed surfing
using their scooters or skateboards on
Pupil Free Day
Lawn bowls children enjoyed using the
real balls and learning about how to use
Roller blades and rip sticks Inspired by
Pupil Free Day and children’s request we
offered bringing in their own wheels for the last
week of term
Making things from natural materials
like bottlebrush creatures, bark art or making
boats to encourage children’s appreciation for
the environment.
Term 2 / Week 10
OH WHAT A NIGHT! “Wow, you ladies put on the Best Discos” and “Thanks, Mum tonight was great, one of the best”. (These are the words that make all the hard work worth it!) An amazing night was had by all last Thursday and we had a record number of 329 students attend to get their GLOW ON at the GPPS P & C DISCO. Events like these wouldn’t be possible or so successful without the hard work of our special volunteer helpers. Kim B, Maria B, Alison B, Kent C, Kristy C, Simon C, Natalie C, Lyndall C, Jonathon E, Darren E, Sharon E, Rebecca F, Tara G, Kareen H, Trudy H, Nicole J, Claudia L, Susan M, Lisa P, Maria P, Belinda P, Larissa R, Donna D, Julia S, Cindy S, Brooke S, Katrina S, Leisa S, Narelle T, Tracey W, Justine W, Sally W. These people worked fantastically Pre Disco and or during the Discos helping us with hall decorating, ticket sales, face painting, handing out glow products, BBQ duties and monitoring various tasks inside the disco all to ensure our kids all had a GREAT NIGHT! Special Thanks to Jess Gale (GGPS Chaplin) for helping on the night by being our fabulous MC inside the Disco, to Jane Delrieux for taking photos, to the GPPS Class CPR’s for spreading the word & to the teachers who helped supervise on the night; great work by all of you. This fundraising event saw another marvellous profit of $2,014.07 raised. This amount will go into the fundraising account that will be used to purchase specific items for GPPS students from a Wish List, which is compiled at the end of the year for those of you that may wish to contribute any ideas through their class parent representatives. Wishing everyone a wonderful, safe & relaxing holiday. We look forward to seeing all your smiling faces in Term 3. Please don’t forget to put the Bunning’s Kirrawee BBQ Date on Saturday 20th August onto your calendar. We hope you can volunteer to help, please see a copy of the Bunning’s Volunteer note later in the newsletter. Thanks & Regards, Nicole & Karina Creative Acting Classes for Kids
11th-15th July 2016
9.30am- 3.30pm (free care 3.30pm - 4.30pm)
5- 13+ years
Learn devising, scripting, set & props building,
costuming and sound effects. Play lots of drama games!
Gymea Bay Public School Library
$225 (book before 20th June) or $250
[email protected]
* MATES RATES Get a friend to enrol, you get 20% off
Sutherland Shire Council proudly presents
See, create & explore
These winter school holidays join in a world of
colour and fun with performances, exhibitions, activities
and events for kids and the whole family to enjoy.
For more details visit
Enrolments are open for Council’s
July school holiday Vacation Care.
Our centres at Miranda, Lucas Heights and
Burraneer Bay offer plenty of fun including:
 Excursions to the circus, movies and ice
 Magic workshop, wildlife show, science days,
craft and origami at the centres.
Burraneer Bay:
Lucas Heights:
Kindergarten-12 years
Kindergarten-14 years
Kindergarten-14 years
All centres open 7am-6pm.
Programs and enrolment:
Phone: 9710 0466
Email: [email protected]