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School Newsletter 2015
Berita Sekolah 2015 - Term 1, No 2
Congratulations To
Siddiq Juljali & Nur Shanizah Grant
Principal’s Report
Dear Parents,
At Cocos Islands District High School we strive to ensure every student is a successful student. As the Principal, I
regularly read to students and listen to students read. What is clear is the importance of nightly home reading
practice for ALL of our students. Parents have a important role in listening to their child read. This helps your child
make connections in their brains necessary for further learning.
Years 5/6 Camp to Perth
This week our Year 5/6 students have been in Perth experiencing a range of activities from physical challenges and problem solving at
Nanga Bush Camp , to animal studies at Perth Zoo just to name a few. These camps are vital to broaden our students field of experience
before they start high school where the curriculum broadens to refer to the wider world. Thanks to Mr Bush , Ms Richardson and Mak
Laisa for their organization, their 24/7 supervision and their dedication to ensure our students have fantastic learning experiences.
Better Beginnings now on West and Home Islands
Every Friday on Home Island, Miss Kariban and Nek Namira are conducting Better Beginning and every Tuesday on West Island, Helen
Bennett is also conducting a session of Better Beginnings. Parents with (0-4) children from both Home and West Islands are most
welcome to attend either of these sessions. The program enables 0-4 children to interact and learn pre-school skills, foster a love of
learning and be well prepared for more formal learning.
New Playgrounds on Home and West Islands
As part the introduction of the National Quality Standard for Early Childhood Education, we are redesigning our junior play areas. A letter
will be sent home calling for parent nominations for our Nature Playground Design Committee.
Our next assembly will be our Harmony Day Assembly on West Island-Thursday 2nd April.
Ray Denholm
Ripot Guru Besar
Kepada ibu/bapak,
Disekolah Cocos Islands District High School kami selalu memastikan murid-murid kita untuk berusaha untuk memiliki kejayaan. Sebagi
Guru Besar disekolah ini saya selalu membaca kepada murid-murid dan juga mendengarkan mereka membaca. Yang penting dengan
jelasnya untuk SEMUA murid-murid membaca dirumah waktu malam. Ibu/bapak juga mempunyai bahagian yang penting dalam
mendengarakan anaknya membaca. Ini dapat membantu anaknya membuat sambungan melalui ontak mereka untuk pelrajaran yang
Penginapan Kelas 5/6 di Perth
Pada minggu ini murid-murid Kelas 5/6 sedang berada di Perth untuk menjalankan berbagi-bagi aktiviti yang mereka jalankan di
Penginapan di Nanga Bush, sampai ke Perth Zoo dan banyak lagi. Tujuan penginapan ini untuk memperluaskan lagi pengetahuan anak-anak
sebelum mereka masok disekolah tinggi. Terima kasi kepada Mr Bush, Ms Richardson dan Mak Laisa diatas urusan mereka dan mengawasi
anak-anak 24 jam dalam seminggu ini dan memastikan supaya anak-anak ini memperolehi pengalaman dalam pelajaran yang sangat luar
biasa ini.
Pelajaran Better Beginning sekarang di Pulu Panjang dan Home Island
Pada setiap hari Jumaat di Home Island, Miss Kariban dan Nek Namira menjalankan Better Beginning dan setiap hari Selasa di Pulu Panjang
yang dijalankan oleh Helen Bennett. Ibu/bapak bersama dengan anaknya (0-4) dari Home dan Pulu Panjang dipersilahkan untuk hadir dipelajaran ini. Progrem ini dapat membolehkan anak-anak dari (0-4) untuk belajar dan bergaul dalam pre-school, dan persiapan untuk
pelajaran yang lebih penuh.
Playground Baru di Home Island dan Pulu Panjang
Sebagian dari Tingkatan National Kualiti untuk Pelajran Murid-Murid yang dari Awal, kami akan mempebarukan lagi kawasan Permainan
untuk anak-anak yang lebih mudah. Surat akan dihantar untuk mendapatkan dari ibui/bapak siapa yang ingin menjadi komiti Nature
Playground Design Committee.
Assembeli kita yang seterusnya diadakan di Pulu Panjang pada hari Khamis tanggal 2hb April.
Ray Denholm
Our Super Volunteers
During Our First Cultural Activities
Early in the morning on Wednesday 25th February, nine very lucky students were greeted with perfect weather conditions and the
friendly smiles of the crew of the R.J. Hawke as it pulled alongside Home Island Jetty. The students had been busy the night before
preparing their black watertight barrels with all the essentials for the trip – water, sunscreen, reef boots and of course, go-pros,
cameras, Ipods and snacks. After loading all equipment and waving goodbye to friends and family, the Hawke left for West Island
where we picked up Parks staff, Nurse Wendy and Ms Sagar before our final destination - the amazing North Keeling Island.
After a quick snack and briefing from our knowledgeable tour guide
Ismail, we set off to explore the island. Along the way Ismail would
stop the group and tell us more about the amazing flora and fauna
that the island had to offer. We explored different habitats from the
rocky shorelines, to the thick forest, and the muddy flats of the inner
lagoon. We also learnt about the history of the Emdem.
We were instantly greeted by many friendly booby birds that
seemed either unfamiliar or unafraid of human beings. After a
quick snack and briefing from our knowledgeable tour guide
Ismail, we set off to explore the island. Along the way Ismail
would stop the group and tell us more about the amazing
flora and fauna that the island had to offer. The sky was full of
birds circling above the lush green canopy of the forest just
like a scene from a David Attenborough documentary.
Pulu Keeling is truly an amazing place. There aren’t many places left on this planet that
are so untouched by humans and the unique flora and fauna of this island needs to be
respected and conserved so future generations can enjoy the same experience that we
had. We are so thankful to be given this once in a lifetime opportunity. On behalf of
the staff and students I would like to thank the staff from Parks and the crew of the R.J.
Hawke for providing us with memories that will last a lifetime. Also a big thank you
to Wendy the nurse who was ready to help with any injuries that may have occurred.
If ever you have the opportunity to visit Pulu Keeling make sure you take it, otherwise I
know of 9 very satisfied students and a number of staff who would be more than
happy to take your place.
Mr Radburn and the Year 9s
The teachers and students at Cocos Islands District High School are striving for high academic standards.
Each newsletter will focus on a particular student whose academic performance has been outstanding.
Guru-guru dan murid-murid di Sekolah ini selalu mencoba untuk mendapatkan hasil yang paling tinggi.
Jadi di dalam setiap newsletter, kami telah pilih murid-murid yang telah mendapat hasil yang terbaik sekali.
West Island - Christopher O’Brien (Year 9)
Chris has made a fantastic start to Year 9.
He is a diligent student who is dedicated to
working to a high standard in all subject
areas. Chris is considerate of others, both in
the classroom and outside. He always puts
his best foot forward and sets an excellent
example for his peers.
Keep up the good work, Chris!
Home Island - Sumiya Dzuljaidi (Year 1)
Home Island - Sumiya Dzuljaidi (Year 1)
The star student this week from Home Island
Campus is Sumiya Dzuljaidi.
Sumiya is an extremely conscientious student
who completes tasks to the best of her
ability. She has excellent English speaking
skills which she applies to all subjects. Sumiya
is a very kind, helpful and happy student who
is always willing to help her classmates.
Sumiya you are a pleasure to have in our
class. Keep smiling and striving to do your
You’re a star!
Term 1 2015
School Council
Mtg –HI
Yr 5/6 Camp to
Yr 5/6 Camp to
Fisheries WA &
Keep Australia
Whole School
Staff Meeting
3:15pm WI
Harmony Day
What is cyber bullying?
Cyber bullying is bullying using a mobile phone and/or the Internet, for example, when a person:
Sends nasty or threatening emails or messages on the Internet or via mobile phone
Sends mean or nasty comments or pictures about others to websites e.g. MySpace;
Facebook; Instagram; MSN or to other students’ mobile phones
Deliberately ignores or leaves out others over the Internet
Pretends to be someone else online to hurt them or make them look foolish
Cyber bullying can happen through text messages/pictures/video-clips/emails etc being sent to you, but also when these things
are sent to others, about you.
What can I do to help my children if they are being cyber bullied?
To prevent and respond to cyber bullying, a useful acronym to remember is I-CURRB.
Investigate what your child is doing online.
Communicate regularly with your children to understand what they enjoy doing online.
Use family safety software to keep track of what your children are able to access online.
Research your school and Internet Service Provider’s (ISP) policies on cyber bullying. Online applications, such as IM, will
also have their own policies.
Report cyber bullying to your child’s school and/or ISP. If you have serious concerns for your child’s safety, contact your
local police.
Block communications from students who cyber bully others. Most Instant Messenger (IM) applications, chat rooms and
email account providers allow you to block

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