Blockbuster June 2015


Blockbuster June 2015
Practice Management and Purchasing Services for Independent Eye Care Professionals
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Good News About Online Eyewear Sales
Warby Parker knows that their primary customers are
millennials in their mid-twenties to mid-thirties. So think
about your primary patient / customer base and direct
your marketing and set up your dispensary to make your
clientele feel that they are at home in your office.
ecently, I have been reading about the progR
ress of the financial media darling Warby Parker
(WP). Just prior to this writing, I watched a popular
financial news channel host interviewing one of the
founders. After sorting out all of the information
gleaned from this, I came away with a very positive
feeling about the future for independent eye care
Michael Block
As you are likely aware, Warby Parker started out as an online
seller of eyewear of single vision eyewear. The consumer selects
up to five styles from the WP website which will be mailed to
their home for try on. They would then make a selection, and
return the samples to WP. The eyewear would be fabricated at
a central laboratory and mailed to the patient upon completion.
Average time from start to finish: 5 days to receive the samples
and 5 days to receive the finished eyewear, including weekends, in my mind that amounts to two weeks. Notwithstanding
the fact that the patient has to photograph their RX, e-mail it in,
measure their own pupillary distance and in the somewhat likely
event that the eyewear does not fit properly, has to find a way to
have them adjusted since that is something that cannot be done
Apparently, Warby Parker as well realizes this. They recently received a significant amount of capital from a private equity investor. It appears that these funds will be used by WP to continue
to develop brick and mortar locations around the United States.
They must now understand that eyewear is a little too personalized and a little too technically complex to develop a large online
customer base. To date it is extremely difficult dispense complex
prescriptions and technically advanced lens designs without a
discussion of the patient's lifestyle needs and careful professional measurements.
So here is the good news. Online sales of prescription eyewear
will continue to represent a very small percentage of all eyewear
sales. And of those eyewear sales, they represent mostly single
vision moderate to low power prescriptions. So the same guys
who have popularized online eyewear sales are moving to open
up retail locations in an effort to continue their growth.
All of the above being said, there is another lesson to be learned
here. Warby Parker has a catchy name, great marketing and their
new retail locations are trendy, clean, well-organized and inviting.
They also have optometrists in their locations to do eye exams.
But what they realize is that the money is in the eyewear.
As I have stressed repeatedly in this column, a professional
demeanor and thorough eye exams are crucial to a patient’s
eye health. But, an upbeat and positive fun retail experience is
equally important to many patients.
Despite all of the negative hype, independent eye care is
alive and well. And success is out there for those who are
proactive in every aspect of their practice.
BBG Welcomes…
iGreen Eyewear is for men,
women and children not
afraid to experiment with
color. Frames incorporate interchangeable temples with a wide selection
of colors to create a personalized frame.
iGreen custom enables patients to customize any of
the 4.0 styles by selecting from over 500 different
colors and patterns for the frame front and temples.
Frames handmade in Italy with environmentally safe
Giorgio Valmassoi 1971 is targeted to men and women
with a classic style preference. Philosopheyes represents old world craftsmanship mixed with modern
styling for men and women. Both Giorgio Valmassoi and
Philosopheyes are made from Mazzucchelli 1849's celluloid acetate, and feature high performance spring hinges
and precision laser manufacturing techniques. Each
creation is handed to the customer in a luxury gift bag.
Frames handmade in Italy.
Founded in 1993, Thema is the maker and distributor
of several brands including iGreen Hi-Tech Eyewear,
Giorgio Valmassoi 1971, Philosopheyes, Ibiza Republic,
and more. Thema Optical is participating in the Block
Business Group Elite Vendor Program. Please
contact Block customer service for program
and discount information. Visit,,, or call 786-803-8881.
continued in box to right...
For more information on any program mentioned here, visit or call your Block Business Group customer service representative at 800-524-1480.
Vendor News
Luxottica Introduces Dolce & Gabbana Spain
in Sicily Collection
Aspex Eyewear Adds Greg Norman Styles
olce & Gabbana Summer 2015
limited edition 'Spain in Sicily' frames
have a Spanish spirit and take inspiration from the traditional combs
that secure the veils of flamenco
dancers, while marquetry embodies
the craftsmanship and attention to
detail synonymous with the Italian
fashion industry. Classic animal print
detailing lends a touch of eccentricity. Featured is model DG4256. Visit or call 800-422-2020.
glass models G2016S
and G2017S feature
spring hinges and are
Rx'able. G2016S is available in matte brown
& dark brown, matte
silver & black, and satin black & red, with
G2017S in matte brown & dark brown, matte steel & black, and
satin black & grey. All Greg Norman styles are designed with
premium Italian materials and are bifocal friendly. Visit or call 888-416-3937.
M en's metal sun-
TITANflex offers customers quality,
Models 1295 - 1298 focus on Italian acetate. Materials are 3-di-
Tura Adds TITANflex Styles 827004 & 827007 ProDesign Adds Essential Models
mensional with a mix between classic natural tones and vivid transparent colors. ProDesign is introducing a series of two-tone metal
fronts. Call 800-654-6099 or visit
function and styling with a European
flair, the very best memory metal and
other premium materials in fashionable and wearable shapes and masculine colors. These new styles are
modern with unique constructions
and performance accents, and are
progressive friendly. Call 800-2428872 or visit
Modo Adds New Block Titanium Styles
odo's Block
Titanium is a
timeless category based on a
minimalist design
and lightweight,
flexible construction. The new
collection adds three women's and one men's shape. Unique
double colorations add an edge to classic shapes and fits. Featured
are models 4207, 4208, 4209 and 4210. Call 800-223-7610 or visit
Silhouette Releases adidas kumacross 2.0
he new kumacross 2.0 introduces new
expressive colors and mirrored lenses. Colors include shiny black, matte black, white
and red, black and green, and black and
blue. Frames adapt to various nose shapes
with Double Snap Nose Pads™ while specialized temples grip onto the wearer. Lens tint
options utilize adidas eyewear's proprietary
Light Stabilizing Technology™ in active, bright
contrast or polarized silver options. Frames
are Rx-ready with direct in-frame glazing or
clip-in lenses to accommodate all levels of
vision. Visit, silhouette.
com or call 800-223-0180.
Altair Introduces bebe Summer 2015
Optical Collection
his collection captures the spirit
of adventure with exclusive animal
camouflage prints and shimmery
iridescent animal acetates. Models
feature flowing silhouettes, metal
logo cuff embellishments and 'b'
rivet logos. Featured are BB5090
Miss-understood, BB5091 Mamacita
and BB5093 Majestic. Call 800505-5557 or visit altaireyewear.
Safilo Debuts Bobbi Brown Lifeguard
nspired by Bobbi
Brown Cosmetics'
new Sandy Nudes
makeup collection,
the Lifeguard Eyewear Collection
brings the vibrant hues of the beach to
her namesake sunglasses and optical
frames. A beach-inspired palette includes rich shades of mocha sand, shell pink and ocean blue.
Featured are The Jackson/S, The Joan/S, The Sofia/S, The Emma,
and The Susan. Call 800-631-1188 or visit
For more information on any program mentioned here, visit or call your Block Business Group customer service representative at 800-524-1480.
Vendor News
Marchon Launches Nike Vision Skylon Ace
XV Junior
The Skylon Ace XV Jr. for young athletes
features Nike Max Optics Lens Technology to ensure precise visual information
at all angles of view. Lightweight nylon
frames improve comfort and durability.
Ventilated nose bridge reduces fogging,
while cam-action hinges snap firmly into
place. Lenses are impact resistant polycarbonate that are lightweight and scratch
resistant. Frame features an eight-base sport frame wrap design and
100% UVA/UVB protection. Call 800-645-1300 or visit
Rem Eyewear Reveals New Tumi Weave Flex
resenting a harmonious balance
of form and function, the Tumi Weave
Flex Technology features three new sophisticated styles crafted with partially
injected TR90 nylon temples intertwined with 0.6mm stainless steel wire
core, maximizing flexibility, durability
and enhanced comfort. Featured are
T114, T318 and T319. Visit remeyewear.
com or call 800-423-3023.
Lafont Adds Handcrafted PLAIRE for Spring Ogi Eyewear Expands Ogi Kids Collection
hen I design each frame,
my goal is to enhance a woman's natural beauty, taking
careful consideration to complement rather than overpower,"
says chief designer Thomas
Lafont. "The PLAIRE was designed specifically to mimic mascara - taking a bright-eyed look into
play with half a dozen colorful options to choose from. Two-toned
layers of acetate finish off the makeup look with a contrasting eye
shadow effect." Visit or call 800-832-8233.
Charmant Introduces Jeweled Opera from
Each frame features Swarovski crys-
tals and an intricate temple inspired
by the opulence and passion of the
opera. Excellence Titan material is
100% nickel-free with outstanding
processability and special memory
function that help eyewear maintain
the original shape. With highly pliable, seven-lined temple filaments.
Models XL2067 and XL2068 are shown. Visit or call
ew styles
OK316 and OK317
are in the "Mommy
& Me, Daddy & I"
collection, a series
of coordinating
adult and childsized frames. The
Ogi Kids Collection combines form and function to create a unique
line of fashionable frames modeled after the best-selling adult styles.
Call 888-560-1060 or visit
ClearVision Optical Adds BCBGMAXAZRIA
Styles for Spring
Ten optical and two sun-
glass styles are added. Heavier profiles, bold statement
makers and on trend elements like color blocking
and mixed materials are evident. Jewel tone colors like
ink and plum provide contrast to classic colorations
like tortoise vintage. Runway inspired designs, and the brand's iconic
stud bar hardware and butterfly logo are featured. Models Ariana, Flavia and Simona are featured. Call 800-645-3733 or visit
Spy Optic Introduces the Milo
ilo features avant-garde lines and sleek temples. The handmade acetate front is complemented with stainless steel temples, spring hinges and
a straight top bar. This frame is available in colors
black/blue horn, matte black, and classic camo tort. Visit or call 855-655-8980.
Fatheadz Delivers Oversized Frames
WestGroupe Adds Kliik Denmark Model K-539
Fatheadz is the
nspired by the vintage trend, this round
model is an intriguing unisex
original cost effective
solution to price sensitive buyers, featuring
a full line of metal
and plastic over-sized
frames with eye sizes
up to 65mm. Call
800-561- 6640or visit
acetate frame with a P3 eye shape, keyhole bridge and end piece rivets that
flatter men and women with petite faces.
Features colorful strokes inside the acetate. Available in colors black, tortoise,
aqua tortoise and magenta tortoise in size 47/20/140. WestGroupe customers
call 855-455-0042. U.S. Western states customers call Classique Eyewear
866-604-5700. Visit
For more information on any program mentioned here, visit or call your Block Business Group customer service representative at 800-524-1480.
Vendor News
Eastern States Adds Jaguar Eyewear Optical Styles
opentole features Morel's
patented Copenhagen hinge
Included are six styles from Jaguar's classic
collection and four from the youthful Jaguar Spirit
line. Luxurious design elements from Jaguar's
world class automobiles is demonstrated. Multiple
materials are offered. There are six metal styles
that mix monel and stainless steel skeletons,
including one that is graced with aluminum decor.
Two more are constructed of pure titanium and
two acetate models are enhanced with monel
accenting. The Spirit collection features progressives shades including dark aubergine with rust,
navy blue with black, green over gunmetal, and
black with red shades. Call 800-645-3710 or visit
combining a 21º flex-function
and an anti-rocking device.
A .8mm stainless steel sheet
is stamped with a textured
pattern on the upper part of
the front and on the frame's
slim temples. Four stainless
steel models are available
with three colors each, with matte finished fronts and
temples in black, brown, anthracite grey, khaki green and
Prussian blue. Featured are models 7663O and 7664O.
Call 800-526-8838 or visit
Supplier Announcements
S ppli
Blue light is the high-energy visible (HEV) wavelength in the 400nm-500nm spectrums, which gets
emitted from digital devices such as televisions,
computers, tablets, smartphones, and fluorescent
lights. Medical studies have shown that overexposure to HEV light causes oxidative damage to the
retinal cells increasing the long-term prevalence of
Age Related Macular Degeneration (ARMD). Kids and
the aging population are more at risk due to the lack
of retinal pigment density. BLEP, Inc. is the first and
only company that offers CLEAR blue light protection
in premier computer glasses in magnification +.5 to
+3.00 in .25 increments and non-Rx glasses for adults
and kids that are heavy digital users. BLEP Eyewear
offers protection, increased contrast, and high quality
frames for ALL your patients. Set up your account at or e-mail [email protected]
for more information.
Alternative & Plan "B" Acquire
NanoVista Optical
aby and
children's eyewear frames from
NanoVista Optical
are made from Siliflex™,
and are 35% lighter than
acetate frames. Features shape-memory making
frames nearly indestructible. Twist-proof hinges
allow angles above 270º to be opened without
causing damage. Temples feature Curving Rubber™
technology with no metal parts. Each frame comes
with adjustable temples and headband fixing
system. Call 888-399-7742 or visit alternativeeyes.
Zimco Optics Debuts Oxygen
Ultra Lightweight Eyewear
xtremely flexible yet
super strong, the
entire collection is
made of ULTEM
material, giving it 100%
memory allowing
frames to bounce
back to original shape.
In a variety of shapes and styles
such as the rounded rectangle and traditional square,
beautiful colors, flexible temples, and a 'world fit
bridge.' Call 800-221-0886 or visit
Mod. 33811
Morel Introduces the Öga Copentole
JAG_RX_SS2015_A4portrait.indd 1
25.11.14 11:18
Oakley Offers Ophthalmic Only Dealer Program
Oakley now offers an Ophthalmic
frame ONLY authorized dealer program (buy-in requirements below).
For more information call Oakley
customer care at 800-878-8584.
36 pieces
• 36 Men's Ophthalmic Frames
• 60 Days Dating on opening order
• Fastest growing channel category
• Rep expertise & consultative appoach
54 pieces
• 36 Men's Ophthalmic Frames
• 18 Women's Ophthalmic Frames
or 18 Arnette Ophthalmic Frames
• 60 Days Dating on opening order
• Free Freight on opening order
• Fastest growing channel category
• Rep expertise & consultative approach
72 pieces
• 36 Men's Ophthalmic Frames
• 18 Women's Ophthalmic Frames
and 18 Arnette Ophthalmic Frames
• 60 Days Dating on opening order
• Free Freight on opening order
• Fastest growing channel category
• Rep expertise & consultative approach
Best Image Adds Dolabany Avery
his Italian zyl women's model is
available in green swirl, purple swirl,
sky/caramel, tiger olive, and black/
crystal with size 51/17/140. Call 800688-7661 or visit bestimageoptical.
For more information on any program mentioned here, visit or call your Block Business Group customer service representative at 800-524-1480.
Supplier Announcements
A&A Optical Releases New Crocs™ Styles
CF332 and CF619
rocs™ Eyewear incorporates
the unique style and creative
design of colors, shapes, materials and comfort of Crocs™ branded products. The collection
uses an assortment of high quality materials such as ultra lightweight
stainless steel, hypo-allergenic silicone rubber and flexible polymer. Call
800-492-4465 or visit
Smilen Introduces Red Carpet Collection
he name Red CarT
pet has always been
synonymous with high
fashion and celebrity status.
With innovative new designs
and provocative colors this collection lives up to its name. The
five models featured epitomize the sophisticated look of this series (RC66,
RC67, RC68, RC69, RC71). Call 800-887-5675 or visit
Match Eyewear Adds Adrienne Vittadini
Studio Models
drienne Vittadini Studio eyewear
reinvents casual elegance for today's
young women with a chic and adventurous sense of style. AV518S
features daring colored patterns, and
classic acetate front shape with multi-color mosaic pattern temples. Fullrim feminine AV520S features a classic two tone hooded front with metal
open lace temples. Call 877-888-MATCH or visit
L'Amy Introduces Nicole Miller Sun and
Ophthalmic Styles
Three ophthalmic and three
sun styles are ready-to-wear
for Summer 2015. The new
styles represent Nicole's
glamorous and feminine
styling with color and incorporating details such as Celtic symbols and matte metal contrasted with
shiny metal. Featured are Prince, Roebling, Chelsea and Bruckner. Call
800-243-6350 or visit
Costa and Kenny Chesney Continue Partnership Benefiting Coastal Conservation
C ountry icon Kenny
Chesney teams with
Costa for another series
of limited edition sunglasses to benefit the
Coastal Conservation
Association (CCA). The five styles Cut, Caballito, KC, La Mar and Loreto
are available in the full array of Costa's 580P™ lens technology. Each style
comes with a free gift pack of a custom hat, cleaning cloth and case. A
portion of the proceeds benefit the CCA in reef restoration and coastal
rebuilding efforts. Call 800-447-3700 or visit
Gold & Wood's Exclusive Offer For Block
rom May 1, 2015 through
Vision Expo West in September, Block
members will receive the following special terms on their opening orders: Place a 20 piece opening order, receive a 10% discount, and
30/60/90 day terms. In addition, after the opening order is placed,
orders of 20 or more pieces will also receive the above terms (regular discount through Block is 3%). For additional information please
contact your Gold & Wood sales representative. Visit to view their exquisite collection of optical and sun styles.
Marcolin Adds Just Cavalli Styles
ust Cavalli Spring / Summer
Sunglass and Optical collections
have urban influence running
through, with contemporary,
eclectic features. Squared lines
alternate with more rounded
profiles, with pilot and cat-eye
frames featured heavily. Features a variety of materials and
engaging color combinations.
Shown are JC672S, JC679S,
JC0685 and JC0693. Call 800-537-9265 or visit
Revolution Eyewear Adds Robert Graham
Robert Graham eyewear
offers high quality craftsmanship and sophisticated silhouettes along
with infusing iconic fabric and trim designs reflecting the brand's
American eclectic spirit. Audubon is available in gold with tortoise
inserts, matte black, shiny black, brown espresso and gun/tortoise.
Equipped with adjustable temple tips. Visit
or call 800-986-0010.
Wiley X Introduces the Rx Peak
ctive Series model WX Peak comes
in three Rx-ready versions, each with
frame/lens colors paired to deliver stunning good looks, sharp distraction-free vision
and Wiley X's battlefield-proven protection during outdoor activities. Frames are
lightweight yet nearly indestructible with
soft rubberized nose bridges and/or temple
gloves. Features 100% protection from
damaging sun rays, and OSHA-grade
protection. Call 800-776-7842 or visit
Value Optical Supply Discount Now 25%
Value Optical Supply's popular, al-
ready low priced products include:
•Lock & Tap Screws (100% stainless
steel, anti-loosening coating, large
Phillips screw head prevents slippage,
popular replacement sizes)
•Symmetrical Silicone Nosepads (Non-slip & hypoallergenic, clear, lightweight & flexible, popular replacement sizes)
•Microfiber Cleaning Cloths (Large 6" x 7" cloth, free logo imprint
min. 1,000, many color choices).
Visit or call 866-377-1795 for a FREE 5-pc. sample kit.
For more information on any program mentioned here, visit or call your Block Business Group customer service representative at 800-524-1480.
Velvet Eyewear®
is luxury
Say... "Bye-Bye crow's feet"...
that is sexy,
"Hello Beauty"
pure and
with the new styles from Velvet®
sophistifeaturing our {BBLens} designed to fight crow's feet and fine lines
cated, yet
relaxed and 100% UV Protection
Our style is
influenced by
iconic American
fashion and culture
inspiring designs that are truly timeless. or call 888-511-9696.
Velvet Eyewear® is luxury
that is sexy, pure, and
sophisticated, yet relaxed
and comfortable. Our style
is influenced by iconic
American fashion and
culture inspiring designs
that are truly timeless.
or call 888.511.9696
Call 800-222-6553 or visit
Modern Optical Adds Nine Modz Kids Styles
Kids love these frames for cool styles and vibrant
colors. Parents love them for their durability, two-year
warranty and affordability, making that back-up pair of
glasses an option. With 37 unique styles, Modz Kids offers colorful choices and youthful details in many shapes.
Featured are Awesome, Doodle, Kite, Peer, Rainbow,
Runner, Team, Tidbit and Topple. Call 800-323-2409 or
BBG Lab Notes
Carl Zeiss Vision Offers New
Interested in purchasing Meditec Equip-
ment for your practice? Worried about
the monthly payment? Speak with your
Carl Zeiss sales rep to find out how the New ONEZEISS
Program can help! In addition…Carl Zeiss Vision's Welcome Program provides a 50% discount to Block members
for each new ZEISS account for the first three months of
purchasing. In addition, existing accounts that average less
than $1,000 in sales per month for the previous quarter are
eligible for this 50% discount. At the conculsion of the Welcome Program, the everyday discount for Block members
is 33% on discountable products and services regardless of
monthly volume. Call 800-518-7716 or visit
Precision Optical Group Offers 100%
UV Blocking Sunwear for Children
A s children spend a lot of time
outdoors, they are susceptible
to retinal damage from UV rays
at a very early age. The lens
inside a child's eye is clearer
than adults, enabling UV rays to
penetrate deeper into their eye,
causing greater risk of eye issues such as macular degeneration and/or cataracts later in life. It is very important for
all children, even babies, to wear UV blocking sunglasses.
Call 800-497-9239 or visit
Envision Your Rewards With Shamir
hamir and Block have teamed up to provide BBG members with special, enhanced
re-wards for lenses purchased under your
Block account at an authorized BBG lab.
Enroll to take advantage of this program. Call 877-514-8330
or visit
Hoya Extends Discounts
oya has extended its tremendous discounts
to any new or reactivated account through April 30, 2016. Accounts that bill
$1,000 per month will receive significant savings for 90 days. Also, purchase
$1,000-$3,999 per month to receive special discounts on non-Hoya brands
and even higher discounts on Hoya-brand progressives and coatings. Purchase $4,000+ per month, and discounts increase even more. The National
Hoya Honors Program is available to Block accounts with at least $1,000 per
month in net purchases. Visit or call 972-221-4141.
Earn Rebate Credits with Luzerne
lite Vendor Program: Bill $7,000+ per month with Luzerne,
and BBG will rebate your account 1% monthly. Call
800-233-9637 or visit
BBG Welcomes Robertson Optical
OL is a technologically integrated, independent ophthalmic lab network with
internal state-of-the-art Digital Free-form lens capabilities, premium AR coating
centers, MEI specialty finishing capabilities, and glass lens processing. ROL's
exclusive premium Digital Free-form Cozé Collection includes Cozé ADL and
Cozé Wrap, Cozé, and Vista offering Shamir, Carl Zeiss customized
lenses, Carl Zeiss / AO Sola lenses, Kodak and Seiko. Premium
AR coatings include ROL's exclusive premium Royal AR CollecVendor
tion with backside UV. ROL is an approved VSP, VCP
and VBA network. Three locations service the entire
US: Loganville GA 800-929-2765, Columbia SC 800922-5525, and Greenville SC 800-223-0890. Visit
i-see Optical Lab Extends Offer
-see 5 Progressive Lenses offer your patients a smooth,
design and you get the best pricing possible.
Starting at just $21.95, BBG members receive 1 free
pair with every 5 pairs bought, in any material. i-see
Optical is also offering $10 off per pair of Varilux
Digital Lenses voted as the most prescribed Progressive Lens. Open an account
with i-see Optical through Block, and i-see will send you a $50 American Express
gift card after two month of ordering with no minimums. You can also order from
the i-See Optical Facebook page. Visit or call 800-257-7724.
For more information on any program mentioned here, visit or call your Block Business Group customer service representative at 800-524-1480.

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