Horseless Herald
Published by
the Santa Clara Valley
Horseless Carriage Club
February 2015
Horseless Herald February 2015
The Santa Clara Valley Regional Group of
The Horseless Carriage Club of America
Home of
“The Blossom Tour”
Tony Wollesen
Julie Chulick
Vice President
Jim Boyden
Bill Lewis
1748 Merrill Drive
San Jose, CA 95124
(408) 264-2444
[email protected]
18695 Carriage Hill Drive
San Jose, CA 95120
(408) 268-4872
[email protected]
243 Belden Drive
San Jose, CA 95123-3608
[email protected]
315 Escobar Avenue
Los Gatos, CA 95032
(408) 356-8535
[email protected]
Board of Directors
Jim Boyden,Karl Chulick,
Francis and Cary Stubbles,
Jeremy Wire, K.Kay Lewis
Herald Editor
Judy & Gene A. Hironimus
9884 Silvergate Lane
Elk Grove, CA 95624
(916) 686-7912
[email protected]
Web Master
Allan Greenberg
[email protected]
Past Presidents
1950 Ed Baird
1951 Ray Leland
1952 Clarence Kay
1953 Bob Berg
1954 Bob Cooper
1955 Phil SanFilippo
1956 Ernie Shaw
1957 Bill Lawrence
1958 Bill Baker
1959 Bernie Sims
1960 Les Andrews
1961 Jay Nelson
1962 Virgil Whittaker
1963 Jack Kopp
1964 Jim Bastin
1965 Joe Morris
1966 Marvin Olsen
1967 Walt Cable
1968 Jack Passey
1969 Hale Shaw
1970 Harry Carlson
1971 Jim Treleaven
1972 Don Holthaus
1973 Les Andrews
1974 Dave Dudey
1975 Bill Lawrence
1976 Bernie Sims
1977 Wayne Weathers
1978 Don Holthaus
1979 Joel Pencer
1980 Dale McCormick
1981 John Bertolotti
1982 Dave Dudey
1983 Marshall Mathews
1984 John Bertolotti
1985 Ginger Dudey
1986 Don Holthaus
1987 Marshall Mathews
1988 Bill Lawrence
1989 Bill Lawrence
1990 Jeremy Wire
1991 Ralph Igler
1992 Marlene Zimmerman
1993 Dave Bennet
1994 Bill Baker
1995 Gail Shaw
1996 Don Holthaus
1997 Jeremy Wire
1998 Jeremy Wire
1999 Jim Cesari
2000 Bill Lawrence
2001 David Bennet
2002/03 Jim Boyden
2004/05 Ryan Thurber
2006/07/08/09/10 Jeremy Wire
2011 Ramona Anninger
2012- 14 Tony Wollesen
About Us
The Santa Clara Valley Horseless Carriage Club is a family oriented club dedicated to the
preservation, restoration, and enjoyment of automobiles from the “Brass Era”. The club activities
include local and regional tours, social events, and restoration assistance and advice. General
meetings are held the first Friday of each month at 8:00 P.M. The club welcomes new members
who share our passion for these historic automobiles.
The Horseless Herald is published once a month and can be viewed on the World Wide Web at
Check out the National HCCA at www.hcca.org .
Horseless Herald February 2015
Meetings, Events, and Tours
Jan 24-25 Turlock Swap Meet
February —No Meeting
March 1-6 HCCA National Convention & Tour, Kerrville, TX
March 6
General Meeting at Chulicks… see the minutes
April 3
General Meeting at Boydens
April 5-8
Grizzly Bear Tour and Bakersfield Swap Meet
July ——— No Meeting
Sept 13
15th Annual Antiques Autos in the park
Program and Refreshments
Jeremy Wire
Karl Chulick
Julie Chulick
Tony Wollesen
No meeting
K. Kay Lewis
Karl Chulick
Bill Lewis
Jim Boyden
February Special Days
Marlene and Chet Zimmerman - Anniversary 1986
Marlene Zimmerman - Birthday
Fran Stubbles - Birthday
Carl Hansen - Birthday
Eric Anninger - Birthday
To get your pictures and articles in the Horseless Herald email your copy to
[email protected] Please submit by the 23rd of the month.
Horseless Herald February 2015
Notes from the Board: Bill Lewis will be sending the 2015 dues notices ….. all officers and
board members are the same as last year.
Horseless Herald February 2015
SCVHCCA Board Meeting Minutes
The Board Meeting was held at the Three Flames Restaurant on January 29th,2015.
The meeting was called to order at 8:00PM. by President Tony Wollesen.
1. We have decided that there will not be a general meeting in the month of
2. We will have a general meeting on March 6th, 2015 at 7:00 PM. This meeting
will be held at Karl & Julie Chulick’s home at 243 Belden Drive, San Jose, Ca.
95123. We will be serving dinner. Everyone is welcome, the more the merrier.
Please RSVP by Sunday March 1st, 2015.
Call or E-Mail us at the phone # or E-Mail below.
E-Mail [email protected]
3. The April Meeting will be held at Jim & Jean Boyden’s home at 18695 Carriage
Hill Drive, San Jose, Ca. 95120.
4. We are asking at that each meeting one person will be asked to do a short
program by bringing in something to share. This person is also in charge of bringing
a refreshment that evening.
5. We would like to do something, especially for the Christmas Party, that would
include more people.
6. Would it be easier for you to come during the day? Please call us or E-Mail us if
you have any ideas, or places that you would like to go to or see. Last year we did
the Blossom Tour in May, we did a brunch in October and the USS Hornet Tour in
November. All of these events were well attended.
Horseless Herald February 2015
7. The following is the list of people that have signed up to bring something to
share and also for refreshments.
Month Person signed up for program and refreshments
• March Jeremy Wire
• April Karl Chulick
• May Julie Chulick
• June Tony Wollesen
• July No meeting
• August K. Kay Lewis
• September Karl Chulick
• October Bill Lewis
• November Jim Boyden
8. We would like to have some new ideas for places that you would like to go. We would also ,like to have some feedback from you about our Christmas
Party. This Christmas party was not well attended.
Do you not drive at all or not prefer to drive at night? This information will
make it easier for us to make arrangements if we have some facts. If you have some ideas or information please let us know.
Horseless Herald December 2014
2015 Director Election Results –We would
like to thank the 7 candidates that ran for the
2015 HCCA Director positions. Since the
counting of the votes this year was later than
last year, I was not able to contact all of the
nominees before the holiday. Based on the CPA
tabulation of the results of the 2015 Election of
Directors to the HCCA National Board, the 5
new directors (in alphabetical order) are …
Alex Huppe
John Littlefield
Bruce MacMillian
Carl Pate
Ralph Tolman
New Board Member Training – Over the past
two months the new board member orientation
book was revised and updated. The book and
other digital documents unlike the past will be
sent to the new board members before the
convention so that they are better informed and
know what to expect.
2015 HCCA National Convention, TX (Last
Reminder) – In March 1-6, 2015 the Horseless
Carriage Club of America will hold its annual
Convention and tour at the YO-Ranch Resort
Hotel and Convention Center in Kerrville, TX.
This is your chance to start the new 2015
touring season with good roads in scenic hill
country. Don’t wait to decide to attend … Just
Do It … For information and registration, visit
the HCCA web site (hcca.org) / menu
“ C a l e n d a r ” o r c o n t a c t K a r l D a r b y,
[email protected] / 609-397-1586.
Electronic Communication Project – As the
hobby tries to adapt and migrate to the digital
communication age, there is more need for the
ability to hold video conference calls for
committee discussions and training… The
HCCA is planning to set up a system for the
use by the Directors … Video calls will not
take the place of face to face director and
member meetings but they will allow more to
get done at the committee level.
2015 Hershey Tent Organization Meeting
Reservations – For Hershey 2015, the
scheduling and reserving of space and times for
the HCCA tent by Regional Groups
and Registries / car groups will be
managed by the HCCA office and not
a HCCA Director. The change will standardize,
simplify and organize the reservation process.
All scheduling is on a first come first serve
basis… Do not wait for the last minute to
reserve your space.
New Member Development – In cooperation
with various auction companies, when a
Horseless Carriage vehicle is purchased at an
auction, the buyer will receive a HCCA Gift
Certificate allowing them a one year of free
membership if they have not been a member in
the past 5 years. Remember individuals do not
have to own a car to join and be part of the
HCCA organization.
New 2015 HCCA Brochure – The new HCCA
brochure has been approved and printed. If a
Regional Group or Affiliated Registry or
member wants some brochures to promote the
organization, they should contact the HCCA
Observe the Little Things – Though this is not
a car story, it does show how the young learn
the little things that adults overlook … Over the
holiday, we watched with our 2½ year old twin
grandsons the video “Polar Express”. After
getting back home I read on their dad’s
Facebook posting that after Christmas one of
the grandsons found a sleigh bell under their
Christmas tree. He looked at his dad, smiled,
shook it said “I believe”.
I believe … we all can do a better job educating
others and getting the next generation involved
in the antique car hobby.
Share, Educate and Pass It On…
Carlton Pate
/ [email protected]
HCCA National Secretary
Horseless Herald December 2014
2014 HCCA Communica0on / Publica0on Awards 2014 Newsle;er Awards -­‐ Highest Honors
Bay Area Horseless Carriage Club, Gaslight / Muriel Lundquist, Editor
Early Ford Registry (The), The Early Ford Registry Newsle5er / Dave Dunlavy, Editor
Northern California Regional Group, Brass Nuts / Sue Hill, Editor
Susquehanna Valley Region, Sassy Brass / Tracy Lesher, Editor
Valley of the Sun Regional Group, Dashboard Di;es / Michael Cook, Editor
2014 Newsle;er Awards – Honors
Shasta-­‐Cascade Regional HCCA, The Mirror / Lancey Wilson, Editor
Winton World Wide Register, Winton Bullet’n / Donna Hughes, Editor
2014 Web Site Awards – Highest Honors
Bay Area HCC / Gerald Robinson, Webmaster
Early Ford Registry (The) / Dave Dunlavy, Webmaster
Southern Ontario Region – HCCA / Tania Passfield and Ian Hayhurst, Webmasters
Susquehanna Valley Region HCCA / Tracey Lesher, Webmaster
2014 Web Site Awards – Honors
Northern California Region Group – HCCA / Jessica Ryan, Webmaster
2014 Web Site Awards – Honorable Men0on
World Wide Register / Larry Hughes / Webmaster
Horseless Herald December 2014
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Horseless Herald
Judy & Gene Hironimus
9884 Silvergate Lane
Elk Grove, California
Horseless Herald December 2014