Newsletter - April 2007



Newsletter - April 2007
The Newsletter of Herald of Truth
April 2007 • Volume 5, Number 1
The Dream LIVES
Batsell Barrett Baxter
Juan Monroy
he year was 1952. For the first time more Americans
watched TV than listened to radio, color TV broadcasts were
approved, and Edwin Armstrong’s new technology, FM radio,
made its public debut. During that year of firsts, The Herald
of Truth, a part of the Highland Church of Christ ministries,
accepted its mission to use mass media to project the
Gospel of Jesus to the world.
In the intervening 55 years there have been numerous
technological changes such as satellite up-linking and internet
communication. There have been different men who represented
Herald of Truth to the public: Batsell Barrett Baxter, Harold
Hazelip, Juan Monroy, Landon Saunders, Glen Owen,
Randy Becton, and now Steve Ridgell.
In those same 55 years the mission of Herald of Truth has not
changed. With radio, television, gospel meetings and now the
Steve Ridgell
internet we have made inroads in Cuba, Spain, Honduras, Brazil,
Ecuador, and Malawi.
Our domestic outreach includes the revamping of our website which now has a Spanish version.
We are collaborating with so that some of our
hopeforlife articles will gain additional exposure through
that website.
We have been able to maximize our radio broadcasts in South
Florida so that the program is heard in Cuba as well as in
Miami and Dade County.
For those of us at Herald of Truth, the next 55 years will prove
to be challenging as we utilize advances in technology to
effectively communicate Jesus. Yet, the commitment to that
dream of 1952 remains.
Newest Guy
by Bill Brant
n Thursday, February 1, 2007, I took the elevator up to the fourth floor,
opened the office door and assumed my responsibilities of President and
CEO of Herald of Truth Ministries. At that moment I became “The New Guy”,
who had to pedal really fast to avoid being run over by the veteran staff on
Herald of Truth’s highway.
That day, my office had a waist high table that still acts as my desk. You have
to stand to use it for writing and I remember wondering how the others who
were honored to lead this group of people felt on their first day. Men whose
names and faces might not be as readily recognizable as the hosts of our
radio and TV programs. Men such as John Reece, W. F. Cawyer, Clois
Fowler, Randy Becton, Bruce Evans, Steve Thomas, and Vince Swinney.
Men, who like David, were human but wanted to listen to God’s heart.
So there I stood, hoping my tall desk would hide my inadequacies and
hoping that I wouldn’t mess things up, because a world on the brink of
insanity was waiting for the words of Jesus.
And then it dawned on me, I wasn’t just the New Guy, I was just the newest
guy. Not the first, nor the last, not the beginning, nor the end, but the latest
individual to accept the commitment of projecting the words of Jesus to His
world through radio, television, internet and evangelistic events.
I had accepted the challenge of finding resources to enable Herald of Truth,
starting in Cuba, Honduras, Ecuador, Spain, Malawi and the United States,
to take His name from Nation to Nation.
I have committed myself and those who work with me to demonstrate
to the searchers and destroyers of the world that the answers
are in the Book.
I am the newest guy that directs a group of people who change
with the technology while proclaiming the changeless truth
of the Lordship of Jesus Christ.
So the newest guy invites you to pedal with him on life’s
challenging journey.
His Word for His World — The Newsletter of Herald of Truth
From the Field
by Steve Ridgell
I recently heard your commercial on a radio station and wondered if you would pray for me.
I want to turn my life around but don’t know where to start.
I can help her. I know the answer.
I told her I did. I even offered to
put her in touch with friends of
mine who would help her. She was
responding to radio spots we ran
recently in the New Orleans area,
but she could have been a
respondent from any number of
our projects: Juan Monroy’s radio
program in Europe and Cuba, Tim
Archer’s radio programs in Cuba
and South Florida, or our television
programming in the Miami area.
Tim Archer broadcasts
radio programs to Cuba
and South Florida.
Nation by Nation: Ecuador. Rex works with Christian
Productions International and has produced a series of
television programs, Con la Biblia Abierta. We are excited
about how God is using us to minister together. In Brazil,
we are helping the local churches air a program on nationwide
television. Our Hope for Life radio program begins soon in the
African country of Malawi. We continue to work on refining
and formatting the Hope for Life website. Juan is working on
the final stages of getting more Bibles into Cuba. Tim and I
will be in Honduras conducting a campaign in the national
prisons. I know many of you remember last year when
seventeen from the juvenile prison were baptized.
I look forward to worshipping with them again.
You can see why I am so thankful for your partnership. The few
stories above represent the thousands whose stories will begin
She could have heard Juan preaching at our campaign in
Arcelia, Mexico or she could have been one of the hundreds that
look at our evangelistic website She could
have been a respondent from our new evangelistic website
I don’t yet know the end of her story, but I do know that she
is one of the hundreds who are touched by our efforts to share
the good news of Jesus in this world. Their stories are still
being written as God works in the lives of those who seek Him.
People like Johnny and Donny who visited one of our events in
New Orleans last year. They were displaced by Hurricane Katrina
and actually met in Texas. They had just moved back into the
city and were working to rebuild a house. They heard of the
Hope for Life campaign in their neighborhood and showed up at
our seminar. They were able to meet a number of Christians and
shared in a meal with us. Since then they have gotten married,
are attending church, and some of your brothers and sisters
there are working and studying with them.
Yohanne heard one of our radio programs and wrote in to ask
for a Bible. We were able to put him in touch with some of our
friends where he lives in Africa. They are in regular contact and
he wants to know more about God’s plan for his life. So how
will his story end? I don’t know . . . it too is still being written.
But I know all of these, and the others like them, have a chance.
They have a chance because they heard a word about Jesus.
Over the next few months two new television projects will
begin. In partnership with Rex Morgan we will be launching
Moses Banda, director of our Southern Africa field
office, and Steve Ridgell make plans for the radio
program and campaign in Malawi.
to be written this year. So pray for those whose lives were
touched by our recent efforts, and pray for those who will be
touched by our next efforts. Pray for Juan, Skye Noe, Tim, and
I as we record, write, preach, and follow up on these contacts.
Pray for the local churches helping us in the follow up. And
always remember that someday in heaven you will meet
someone whose story you were a part of writing. Then we
will know how these stories end . . . including our own.
Find out more at
are saying . . .
that God bless these edifying Bible programs
through this medium many souls be reached for
Every night I listen to the Word of God, read by you . . ."
Luis M., Mexico
the glory and honor of our God." Cirilo G., Mexico
a faithful listener to your program which brings many
to my spiritual life . . ." Maribel P., Miami
send me the Bible study that you offered on Almavision
Radio . . ." Humberto I., Miami
in prison I listen to you preach on Almavision Radio.
I'm a faithful listener; I don't miss even one program . . ."
I'm a listener of the program Su Palabra Para Su Mundo . . .
can you tell me where the church meets?" Elpidio A., Mexico
Cesar M., Miami
prisoner here in Miami . . . I pray that you will continue
“I'myoura ministry
which is of great spiritual aid to me and others
who have the opportunity to hear it. I listen to Almavision
Radio. Please give my greetings to Timothy Archer. I really like
his preaching and the way he speaks . . ." Mario N., Miami
the Lord continue to bless you for this program that so
edifies my spirit. I give thanks to the Lord for the work
you are doing . . ." Claudia F., Miami
Steve Ridgell and Tim Archer in Honduras with
Rigo Vargas
Malawi radio starts
Miami Hope for Life campaign
Nation by Nation: Ecuador programming starts
Brazil nationwide programming starts
JULY 18 - 24
Cuba Youth Encounter with Tim Archer, Juan
Monroy, and Skye Noe
Steve Ridgell preaching at Eastside Church of
Christ, Snyder, Texas
MAY 2 - 4
Steve Ridgell at the Pepperdine Lectureship
eaving something that will affect the future is part of a person’s
legacy. Almost everyone wants to assure that their interests and
favorite activities continue after their death, but frankly, only a few
do something about it.
JUNE 2 - 9
Tim Archer will be preaching in Piedras Negras,
Herald of Truth can help you put in place required documents and
processes that will guarantee that your legacy will be impactive.
We can help you develop:
JULY 2 -6
North American Christian Convention. Stop
by the booth to visit with Tim Archer and Vince
Swinney, chairman of our Board of Directors
A simple will
The professionals at Herald of Truth and their associates can assist
with all your legacy plans.
Designating Herald of Truth in your will or annuity or trust is a
marvelous way of assuring that more people will hear about Jesus.
JULY 4 - 7
David Lipscomb Lectureship. Come to our
Breakfast on Friday or come by the booth to visit
with Bill Brant, Steve Ridgell and Justin Velten
To get more information call Herald of Truth at (800) 234-7995.
What will your legacy be?
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Our Mission
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· Watering the Seed through Evangelistic Events, Scripture
and Literature Distributions.
· Reaping the Harvest through Discipleship and Connecting
Respondents with Local Churches.

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