Current Project Katy`s Korner


Current Project Katy`s Korner
Volume VII Issue VI June 2016
Katy’s Korner
I made a house call earlier this week
which lead me to a wonderful stroll
through the woods in the buffer
zone of Lake James. I happened
upon the native striking, yet dainty
beauty; Galax urceolata - Galax. Galax
is a shade loving ground cover of
waxy green heart shaped/round
l e a v es , g r o w in g m ain l y i n
the Appalachian Mountains at altitudes of up to 4,921 ft. Unfortunately this native woodland flower is
also well know to plant poachers!
The evergreen leaf is sought after
for floral arrangements, and 99% of
the national Galax crop is harvested
in NC, to be distributed and sold
world wide. Galax can be harvested
legally with permits; however there
are many restrictions. "In fiscal year
2012, the Pisgah Ranger District
issued 224 Galax harvesting permits.
In that same year, rangers also apprehended six people for harvesting
without a permit." * article cited
below. To learn more about the
struggle facing our Galax species
check out this article:
Current Project
Our latest landscape installation site was a new home constructed by Higgins Building
Group in the 1780 community on Lake James. This was the second part of a three
phase project consisting of the construction of a guest house, main house, and a garage. The guest house was built first several years ago and now the main house is complete. The two structures are built within feet of each other and all the exterior materials and colors match perfectly. To provide continuity on the property we designed and
installed a complete landscape for the new structure that complements the original
landscape work. The majority of the new phase needed boulders to manipulate grade,
handle drainage, provide outdoor living space and circulation, and provide general curb
appeal; so walls, outcroppings, stream beds,
and stepping stones predominate features.
The finished product is superb, thanks to all
the natural product and locally sourced plant
material App Nat uses. Many thanks to both
a great client and a great building contractor.
Our fantastic crew enjoyed the collaboration.