Wine Coolers


Wine Coolers
Wine Coolers: Sheetak offers higher efficiency, lower cost, and greater cooling
Thermoelectric systems have been used for wine coolers for almost a decade. But they suffer from several shortcomings, including
low cooling capability, high energy consumption and need for multiple cooling modules in all but the smallest of units. On the
other hands, compressor based systems create vibrations, noise and are expensive. Now Sheetak introduces its Green Cooler™
which can provide the performance and efficiency of a compressor based system in its thermoelectric system. Sheetak’s
proprietary Green Cooler™ which are already commercialized in other segments of the refrigeration markets, offer the following
benefits in a wine cooler:
Improved Cooling – Uncompromised cooling. Can chill
Champagne to 43°F in 80°F ambient
Cost Efficiency – Performance of a vapor compressor but at a
lower cost. Also reduces the cost and complexity of mid to large
wine cooler by replacing multiple thermoelectric cooling modules
with one of Sheetak’s Green Cooler™
Energy Efficiency – Cuts down the energy consumption of a
thermoelectric wine cooler by a factor of two
Eco Friendly Green Solution – Low power consumption and no
green house gas provides unique opportunity to create a Green
image among wine lovers
Ease of Shipping – Green Cooler™ based refrigeration system is
about 6 times lighter than typical compressor based refrigeration
system; this offers additional cost advantage and convenience in
shipping and handling
Silent – No noise due to intermittent compression
More Reliable – No mechanical moving parts in the cooling
Flexibility of Operation – User selectable operating modes of fast
cooling or high efficiency operation
Scalabile Technology – Sheetak continues to innovate in materials
and cooling system, thus providing a roadmap to continuously
improve performance to cost of the cooling solution
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