SVBC Peninsula Committee 3 NOVEMBER 2011 Meeting Minutes


SVBC Peninsula Committee 3 NOVEMBER 2011 Meeting Minutes
SVBC Peninsula Committee
3 NOVEMBER 2011 Meeting Minutes
Meeting Time: Nov 3, 2011, 7:00 pm
Meeting Location: Tarboosh Lebanese Cuisine, 837 Jefferson Ave, Redwood City
SVBC Staff present: Colin Heyne
SVBC Members present: Al Meckler, John Langbein, Mike Harding, Adina Levin, Brielle Johnck,
Steve Schmidt, Andrew Boone, Margaret Pye
SVBC Staff Report, Colin Heyne
1. Annual fundraising dinner took place on Nov 1 at the Palo Alto Hills County Club, and had
about 300 attendees.
2. Stanford Trauma Bike Safety Summit will take place on Nov 9.
3. SVBC Board of Directors meets on Nov 17.
4. BPAC outreach project is ongoing.
5a. San Mateo County Board of Supervisors met Nov 1 to consider the following options:
1. accept Stanford University's $10 million offer to construct the Lower Alpine Trail ("C-1
Trail") in San Mateo County.
2. accept a two-year extension of the offer
3.. reject the offer
Board member Dave Pine suggested additional options that included various configurations to
re-route the trail.
Steve Schmidt felt that the Board should reject Stanford's offer for the following reasons:
1. The 2000 General Use Permit states that Stanford must construct the C-1 Trail in Santa
Clara County as a multi-use trail (12 ft wide).
2. Later Stanford and Santa Clara County agreed to "give" the trail project to San Mateo
County (request that it be constructed on the San Mateo County side of San Francisquito Creek
instead of the Santa Clara County side).
3. The resulting trail (if constructed in San Mateo County) would be unsafe because it would
be narrow and cross several roads, and is redundant because there are already bicycle lanes
on Alpine Rd.
Steve Schmidt requested the Peninsula Committee to vote to recommend that the SVBC Board
rescind SVBC's letter of support for the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors to accept
Stanford's offer to construct the trail in San Mateo County.
Motion: Mike Harding, as described above.
Second: Steve Schmidt
Motion Passed, 8 - 0.
5b. North Fair Oaks Community Plan will be considered by the San Mateo County Board of
Supervisors on Nov 15
- we want some turnout to promote the Middlefield Rd 4-to-3 lane reduction proposed by the
5c. Menlo Park Facebook Campus Draft EIR will be released in early December.
5d. East Palo Alto Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan
- Planning Manager Brent Butler wants to expand this to a "Healthy Community Plan".
- This will be on the agenda of the Nov 28 Planning Commission.
- Youth United for Community Action (YUCA) is supportive.
- Diane Ladine (council member Ruben Abrica's wife) is very likely supportive of the concept,
has an interest in gardening.
5e. San Mateo County Safe Routes to School (SRTS)
- parents need to ask their school administrators to participate in the program.
- San Carlos parents will present the volunteer crossing guard program at the Transportation
Commission on Nov 15.
5f. Palo Alto Bicycle + Pedestrian Transportation Plan
- is expected to be adopted by the City Council on Nov 7.
5g. Redwood City has removed bike lanes between CostCo and Woodside Rd.
- John Langbein will check with Public Works to find out if they will re-stripe this section with
new bike lanes.
Other Stuff
6a. The San Mateo bike plan has been adopted and it's great.
6b. The Menlo Park Downtown Plan has been significantly improved for bicycling.
6c. On Oct 11 Portola Valley held its first "Bicycle Pedestrian and Traffic Safety Committee"