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St. Timothy School
A publication for Parents, Alumni, Parishioners and Friends
Spring 2013
Meet the Principal
Michelle Timmons
Heslin Photography
This past fall, the St. Timothy School community welcomed its new
principal Michelle Timmons. Ms. Timmons brings more than 10 years
of experience in classroom teaching, instructional leadership and
education management. In addition, she holds a Masters Degree
in Organization and Leadership with an Administrative Services
Credential from the University of San Francisco. To give Connections
readers a better sense of who she is, Eighth Graders Jacob Hanna
and Angelica Aguilar spoke with Ms. Timmons in her office.
“This is your
school. There
will continue
to be many
for students to
be leaders.”
JH: After having been at St.
Timothy School for almost
a year now, what surprised
you most?
Ms. T.: I was at St. Anne
School in San Francisco
for 10 years. I felt very much a part of
that community. When I came to STS,
I wasn’t sure how easy it would be to
feel accepted into this community. I was
surprised, and very happy, about how
students, parents and staff made me feel a
part of this team, right from the beginning.
AA: What do you like to do when you’re
not here at school?
Ms. T.: I love to do things outside! I like
hiking and camping. Because my dad was
in the Air Force, we moved a lot when
I was growing up. That’s when I learned
to explore new places. I like to take
weekend trips all over California - I even
like to explore fun places right where I
live in San Francisco.
AA: We have noticed a change in the
morning prayer. Why do students lead
the prayer now?
Ms. T.: It is important that students
see each other in prayer, so that we
can pray as a community. This is your
school. There will continue to be many
opportunities for students to be leaders.
The morning prayer is an opportunity for
the Student Council to be visible to the
rest of the school.
AA: What are you looking forward to in
the next school year?
Ms. T.: The teachers and I are
developing so many exciting plans for
next year. Of course we will concentrate
on strengthening academics for all
students. We will continue to integrate
technology tools, like laptops and iPads
into the classrooms. We are planning
opportunities for students to learn in
different ways, like group projects and
alternative assignments. We will be
utilizing the best practices in education
to provide students with many ways to
demonstrate what they’ve learned. I hope
you can come back as alumni and see all
of these exciting changes!
JH: Do you have any pets?
Ms. T.: No, not now because I am away
from home a lot, but I love dogs. Some
day I would like to have one, an Australian
Shepherd or Boston Terrier maybe.
Spring 2013
JH: What’s your favorite sports team?
Ms. T.: Go Giants!
School News
Valentines for Vets
This year, students crafted over 200 Valentine cards as a part of the San Mateo County “Valentines for Vets”
Project. The cards were then delivered to hospitalized veterans at the San Francisco VA Medical Center at
Fort Miley. Fourth grade student Rami Redman explained, “We wanted to show our troops that we have unity
in our school and that, together, we are supporting them. We have freedom because of what they do for us.”
Students discussed the importance of honoring veterans, especially those who are hospitalized. Eighth grade
students will have the added opportunity to learn about the contribution of those in the armed services when
they visit the California Vietnam Memorial and the California Military Museum in Sacramento.
Border art by Holden Curnow, Grade 1
Germs in the Classroom?
As it turns out, the advice about washing your hands is worth some attention.
The second grade class is convinced, after a visit from Dr. Juliet V. Spencer, Associate
Professor and Chair of the Department of Biology at the University of San Francisco.
Dr. Spencer and Mrs. Lara Hansen, second grade teacher, transformed the classroom
into a laboratory where students worked at different stations to do their research
and analyze their findings. Students prepared their own slides and used microscopes
to view and document specimens brought in from Dr. Spencer’s lab. They
applied a germ-revealing liquid to their hands to assess their hand washing
effectiveness. The budding scientists also created their own agar plates
in which they cultivated germs from their fingers, shoes and computer
keyboards. The final station allowed the students to tie together all that
they had learned by watching a video and taking a quiz on their iPads.
The lesson was part of a broader effort to stimulate interest in the
Literature Circles
Seventh graders can be seen huddled together discussing how
Anne Frank’s life experience differs from their own. It’s all part
of the Literature Circles program directed by Junior High teacher
Mr. Mark Lanza. This program inspires 6th and 7th graders to
explore classic novels in an engaging way. All members of the
Circle read the same book, with each student taking on an aspect
of the novel: themes, characters, connections to the lives of the
group members and vocabulary. Teachers and students alike
are noting a greater appreciation for literature, an increase in
vocabulary and the development of skills needed for structured
ture Circle Selectio
The Diary of a Young Girl, Anne Frank
The Outsiders, S. E. Hinton
The Magician’s Nephew, CS Lewis
Call of the Wild, Jack London
Treasure Island, Robert Louis Stevenson
Spring 2013
Laptops and iPads
come to the classrooms
The recent introduction of laptop computers and
iPads into the classrooms offers a multi-dimensional
learning experience for students. Through generous
grants from two local foundations, students are
utilizing specific applications for math, science,
language arts, social studies and religion.
Learning aid for students
“Since I have been using the iPads” says Mrs. Lara
Hansen, second grade teacher, “I have noticed an
increase in student understanding of class material,
and an improvement in test scores.” These new tools
address students’ individual needs for alternative
learning methods: visual, auditory, and tactile.
After new class material is presented, iPads may be
used to reinforce learning, stimulate higher levels of
thinking, or expand awareness of the subject. iPads
and laptop computers are useful learning aids because
they are accessible to students, easy to use, and allow
for differentiated and cooperative learning.
Assessment aid for teachers
Students are using a number of applications, each
having multiple features. One of the most valuable
features is the assessment tool. This tool allows
teachers to assess the students’ learning immediately
after they complete their work. The teacher can also
identify class trends that indicate additional review
may be necessary. The Language Arts application, for
example, organizes information regarding reading
comprehension, vocabulary and grammar for each
student and for the class as a whole.
The Technology Plan includes expansion of the use
of laptops and iPads, ensuring that St. Timothy School
students are able to use technology in ways that will
prepare them for their future study and eventually
Spring 2013
Class Notes
Members of the Class of 1966 joined with fellow classmates in
July, 2012 in Portland Oregon to enjoy the company of old and
dear friends.
All class members are invited to this year’s reunion in Lake Tahoe, July 1214, 2013. The main meeting place will be the Cedar Glen Lodge. Activities
are designed so alums can participate in one day, or the entire weekend.
For more information, contact Debbie Rutkowski-Hines ([email protected] or Phyllis Steckel ([email protected]).
Debbie Rutkowski-Hines, Camille (Nutley) Bohanan, Kathy Krentz, Barbara Cashion and
Christine Nutley in Portland.
Jonathan Sibug and his wife Faith are both
teachers at Woodland Christian High School
in Woodland, CA. Jonathan is also a staff pastor at The
Father’s House, a non-denominational church in Vacaville.
Jennifer Dentoni was married to Brad
Whitney on September 3, 2011 at Sts.
Peter and Paul Church in San Francisco. Joining in the
celebration were St. Timothy School alumni Brenda
Gonzalez Beegle, Jessica Brown, Danielle
DeFriese and Pam Satwatcharaphone, all from
the Class of 1998.
Chris Aquino
has been appointed
the Executive Chef at Viognier
Restaurant in San Mateo.
“When I cook, I’m just trying to
do right by the bounty that is
blessed to us as Californians.”,
says Chris.
Jenny Glynn is studying to complete her
nursing degree.
Timothy Allen graduated from the
University of the Pacific in May 2012 with a
degree in English, and minors in History and Gender
Studies. He currently attends McGeorge School of Law in
Hanna Malak
graduated from Menlo
College in May 2012 with a
bachelors degree in Business
Management. He is currently
working for the Northern
California Blood Region of the
American Red Cross.
Matthew Allen is attending Santa Clara
University, majoring in Electrical Engineering and
Jana Cadiz
graduated with
honors from Notre Dame High
School, Belmont. While at
NDB, she continuously served
in student government and
in her final year, was Senior
Class President. She was also
President of the Worship,
Advocate, Volunteer and
Empower Team (WAVE) and a member of the California
Scholarship Federation, National Honor Society and
Ambassadors Club. Upon graduation, Jana was awarded
the St. Julie Billiart Achievement Medal for Religion
and the Campus Ministry Discipleship Award. She is
currently attending UC San Diego, studying engineering.
Adriana Sciutto graduated from Notre
Dame High School, Belmont in 2012. She is
currently a student at the Fashion Institute of Design and
Merchandising in San Francisco.
Janna Sweidan
graduated from Mercy
High School in Burlingame.
She received the Sister Mary
Gabriel Award for Excellence
in Sportsmanship. This award
honors the senior who
exemplifies team spirit and
loyalty to team members. Janna is currently attending the
University of Arizona.
Mark your calendars! St.Timothy School Auction - February 22, 2014
Spring 2013
St. Timothy School, Donors January 2012 - March 2013
We would like to thank the many generous donors who have helped St. Timothy School continue to provide a
Catholic education for the children of our parish and neighboring communities.
Gina & Kevin Morton
Janet & Isaac Ruiz
Susan Stickel
St. Timothy Parish Bingo and
Nav Mehta
Rosemary & Al Stuebing
Dr. Laleh Vakili, Pediatric
The BASIC Fund
The Robert S. and Helen P.
Odell Fund
The Outrageous
Archdiocesan Family Fund
$2,500 - $9,999
Up to $499
Agnes & Mark DeOcampo
Micole & John Doyle
The Carl Gellert and Celia
Berta Gellert Foundation
The Guardsmen
Ai & Roy Nelson
Sharon Pisani
Trust Funds Incorporated
$1,000 - $2,499
Gaylyn & Jason Bollinger
Monica & Thomas Chew
Cheryllyn & Eymard
National Catholic
Community Foundation
St. Paul the Shipwreck
Rowena & Joe Totanes
Jacqueline & Joel Yujuico
Liz Aguila
Vanessa Alcantar
Karen & Mark Anderson
Samah & Bashar Asmar
Erika & Harold Atkins
Colleen & Kevin Banas
Cheryl Batiste
Stella & Stephen Bissett
Frank Briski
Agnes & Russell Buenavista
Gloria and John Burr
Ann Carli
Gale Carli
Pat Carli
Meronig & Perry Carter
Michele Curnow
Jaleh & Michael Dale
Suzanne & Philip Deardorff
Michelle & Vince Defriese
Helen & Nick DeZubria
Gina Dy
Lori & Ashruf Edam
Empower Fit
Akesa Fakava
Heather & Jamie Glenn
Nancy & James Gogan
Lara Hansen
Haneen Hader
Nadia & Sarmad Hermez
Emily & Truong Ho
Maricela & Steven Jaurigui
Lisa & Brian Joachim
Jay & June Jordan
Father Kieran McCormick
Bianka & Christopher
Vandana & Nav Mehta
Microsoft Corporation
Tom Moore
Ginny & Scott Moyer
Katie Natwick
Vanessa Nickel
Maria Elisa & Rodolfo Obias
Janine Pascual
Vivan & Renato Pascual
Pacific Gas and Electric
Helen & Eric Plett
Nicole Po’oi
Shinta & Adrianus Promono
Joel Rebello
Grace and Michael Redman
Frank Rico
Richard Russell
Deborah Rutkowski-Hines
Despina & Suheil Sahouria
Ana & Adrian Sarno
Michelle & Ken Schrum
Harold Schuette
Lynn Schuette
Tony Sharron
Mouna & Fadi Soudah
Carol Starelli
Lynn & Brian Starelli
Carmen & Jim Stickel
Edna & Paul Tait
Christina & Cy Tano
Jennifer & Valentino Tanti
Michelle Timmons
Tracy & Arthur Webb
Marilyn & Nelson Yoro
Julie & Manuel Zancanella
Sana & Ziad Zumot
Memorial Gifts
Gloria and John Burr, in
memory of
G. Tex Freemon,
Rose Moreci,
Antoinette Paterson and
Richard St. Claire.
Monica Chew, in memory of
Dean Dioso,
Wai Fun Fong,
Mele Green,
Chue-Lun Kwan,
Kwock Lam,
Bicky Lee,
Alice McNesby,
Frances Piazza,
Siaosi Po’oi,
Cynthia Vartan and
Chung Yat-Tsang
Thank you
$500 - $999
Dr. James Chen,
Cisco Systems
City National Bank
Coldwell Banker,
Haneen Hayder
Jatinder & Sahaya Dasaan
Hulita & Ben Folau
Aida & Stephen Kraemer
Andrea & Derek Kudzia
Dr. Jonathon Lee,
Pediatric Dentistry
Patricia Lynch
Litiana & Lisiate Makoni
Merrill Lynch, Tim Fiacco
Katie Natwick, in memory
of Ivanna Callo and
John R. Doran.
Elsie and Rudy Obias, in
memory of
Nicasio Sison Javier.
School Board President, Pat Lynch and her husband Bill
enjoy the auction - A Night In Monte Carlo.
We have made every effort to include all of our contributors. We apologize for any errors or omissions.
Spring 2013
2013 Auction In-Kind Donors
3 Bees Coffee
31st Union
8 Vini Wine Merchants
Aces Up
Acqua Pazza
All American Self Storage
Amici’s East Coast Pizzeria
Ann Miller Art Prints
Armadillo Willy’s BBQ
Astaria Restaurant
B Street & Vine
B Street Music
Crowne Plaza Foster City
Crystal Springs Golf Club
Cynthia Beck Hypnotherapy
Dr. James Chen,
Dr. Jonathon Lee,
Pediatric Dentistry
Dr. Laleh Vakili,
Pediatric Dentistry
Ducky’s Car Wash
Eagle Vines Golf Club
Auction chairs Rowena Totanes and Tammy Debord
(not pictured, Ai Nelson)
Bay Area Discovery
Bay Area Martial Arts
Baywatch Restaurant
BBC, Icecream and
Be Happy. Grow Strong
Bel Mateo Bowl
Bliss Beauty Center
Blossoms Flower Shop
Buck’s Woodside
Build A Bear
Bundy Optical
Byington Winery & Vineyard
California Great America
Camellia Inn
Campo Di Bocce of Los
Cartoon Art Museum
Cheeky Monkey Toys
Children’s Fairyland
Choice Lunch
Christina’s Art Adventure
City Pub
Communications on the
The Counter Burger
Creekside Inn
Crowne Plaza Burlingame
Electronic Arts
EmpowerFit Boot Camp
EPIC - Edgewood Partners
Insurance Center
Equinox Gym
Fine Arts Museum of
San Francisco
Fish Market
Garden Court Vincci Hotel
Geoffreys Jewelers
Golden State Warriors
Guittard Chocolate
Gumbinger Avram
Gym Precision
Haneen Hayder and
Coldwell Banker
Harmony Dance Center
Hidden Talent Art Studio
Hillbarn Theatre
Hiller Aviation Museum
Hillsdale Shopping Center
Honda Dealership –
Redwood City
Il Fornaio
Interior Solutions
Jennifer Giles Photography
Josua Ets-Hokin
Junior Gym
Just Blinged
K1 Speed
Kathy’s Kreative Kakes
Kerns Fine Jewelry
Kids Posh Parties
Kirkpatricks School of
Kona Ice
Kumon, San Mateo
Le Amis – Salon et Spa
Legarza Basketball Camp
Levi Strauss
Lumina Skin
Makeup By Audrey
Malibu Grand Prix
Marcos and Marcos, DDS
Marriott SFO – Hangar
Max’s Opera Cafe
The Melting Pot
Mollie Stone’s Markets
Montemaggiore Winery
Moorpark Hotel
Mountain Campside
Music Lessons By Renee
Nola Restaurant
Nothing Bundt Cakes
Oakland A’s
The Office
Osteria Coppa
Patco Precision, Inc.
Peninsula Jewish
Community Center
Peninsula Pet Resort
Peninsula Swim School
Perbacco Restaurant
Pink Shutter Photo Booths
Planet Granite - Belmont
Putnam Lexus
Rainbow Chefs
Redwood City Elk’s Lodge
Rhonda Giedt Photography
Ripley’s Believe it or Not
Robust Network Solutions
Rosewood Hotel
A Runner’s Mind Sabrina
Alfin Interior
Sam’s Chowder House
San Francisco 49ers
San Francisco Giants
San Mateo K9 Social Club
San Mateo Orthodontics
Sara Atkins Photography
Scherzo Music Studio
Schuette Family
Schumacher Photography
Serra High School
Shark Sports &
Shark’s Ice at San Jose
Sheraton Palo Alto Hotel
The Shops at Tanforan
Sibby’s Cupcakery
The Skin Care Clinic
Skin Spirit
Snap Fitness
Sofa Outlet
Sous Kitchen
Spiedo Ristorante
Spinnaker Sailing
Sports Basement
St. Timothy Parish Bingo and
Nav Mehta
Stack’s Restaurant
Starting Line Up Baseball
State Farm Insurance Jerry Selvitella
Steelhead Brewing
Stella Alpina Osteria
Stella and Dot –
Tricia Miller
Swiftwater Café
Tim Fiacco, Merrill Lynch
Touchstone Climbing
Town Restaurant
Undisputed Boxing Gym
Vanity Day Spa
Vault 164
Vertical Pursuit
Executive Coaching
The Walt Disney Museum
Wax Museum at
Fisherman’s Wharf
Wine Country Balloons
Winterlodge Ice Skating
Yoga at Change
Yosemite Mountain
Sugar Pine Railroad
Yvonne Yeh Gee
Spring 2013
St. Timothy Church
St. Timothy School
U. S. Postage
1515 Dolan Avenue
San Mateo, CA 94401
Phone: (650) 342-6567
San Mateo, CA
Permit No. 419
is published by the
Development Office
for the families and friends
of St. Timothy School
and Parish.
Rev. Francis Garbo
MIchelle J. Timmons
Development Director
Rosemary Stuebing
James Rohrbach and the
yearbook staff
Parents of Alumni
Please forward this newsletter if your son or daughter no longer maintains a permanent address at
your home. To update an address, click on “Alumni” at Thank you.
Tigers Take League Championships
The Girls 7th Grade Volleyball Team defeated Our Lady of
Angels School to become the PPSL champions. The girls
were coached by Mr. Truong Ho.
Back:Victoria Nicolson,Viviana Garcia, Evangelica Ong, Mr. Ho,
McKenna Anderson Front: Ariana Zamora, Katherine Ho, Malia Esteban
Coached by STS alumnus JJ Sweidan, the 7th Grade Boys
Basketball Team battled their way to become
PPSL League Champions.
Back: Hulu Ahoia, Ben Makoni, Patrick Nunn Front: Raymond Redman, Nick
Galliano, Andres Atkins and Elijah Jarrow, Not pictured: Michael Collom

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