May 2012



May 2012
May 2012
Living Loud;
Find Your Voice!
By: Jeniffer Mañón
On May 5, 2012, The CETPA Dream’rs Clubhouse
participated in the Governor’s Office for Children and
Families’s 2012 Youth Summit: “Living Loud; Find your
This dynamic event took place in Macon, GA, where
hundreds of teenagers from all over Georgia gathered
together to have a wonderful time dancing, bonding,
winning amazing prices (Like an IPad 3!), and most
importantly, gaining life insight from prominent speakers
such as Keith Brown, Keith Deltano, Yolanda Tucker,
Gabe Salazar and Johan Khalilian.
The youth was fascinated with true life testimonies and
advice about abstinence, staying drug-free, gang
involvement, bullying, peer pressure, love and
relationships, and making healthy choices. As well as core
values such as academic excellence, character, leadership,
how the “Now” affects the future, dreaming, success,
netiquette, what matters is “inside” (not appearance), etc.
Also, prevention discussions on domestic violence,
dropping out, drug & alcohol use, teen pregnancy, among
Lastly, the essential objective for this wonderful
experience is to motivate the youth with this direct
FIND YOUR VOICE! Believe in yourself! Stand for
WHO YOU ARE; not what the environment and outside
influences say you are. Not what others think or say you
are. Not what media pretends to mold you to be. Not what
‘friends’ label you as. Not what society categorize you as.
NOT a number, a statistic, a race, nor a robot! Living in
the REAL world- Determined by your own will and
Alcohol Prevention Poster Contest
School Honors Roll
Nelson C.
Two of our Clubhouse members won
the 2nd and 3rd place of the Alcohol
Prevention Poster Contest!
 2nd Place: Ana G.
 3rd Place: Edwin M.
Every month the clubhouse members get the experience of trying “new
things” and visiting places they have not been to before. This month’s
selection of trips is shown as follows:
Braves Game
Roller Skating
Helicopter ride
Road Atlanta
Formula Drift Competition
Horseback Riding
Project Connect
Lifting Latina Voices Initiative
Tobacco Cessation program
Human Sexuality
During eight weeks our
Maria Azuri, Director
youths participated in a
of LLVI, and nominee
Tobacco awareness
for the 2012
program lead by Mr.
Healthcare Hero
Tray Morris, from
Award, is continuously
Project Connect.
visiting our clubhouse
During this period of
to teach our teens, and
time the teens were able
soon their parents, on
to evaluate and
understand their habits
Weekly, lead by our instructor Bobby Hokket
and stages in life,
issues related to
health and sexuality,
intertwined with
resulting in making
wiser decisions.
decision making.
Vamos al College!
Members and parents of Dream’rs clubhouse met on Wednesday,
May 23rd with Student Affairs Specialist, Jordi Viñas, from Georgia
Piedmont Technical College. During this event, our clients had
the chance to learn about the academic programs and the
different studying opportunities the institution offers. Questions
regarding financial concerns, such as costs, scholarships and
loans were also answered, with the purpose of informing our
community of the possibility of pursuing higher education
regardless of background or legal status.
Mexican Consulate Visits the
The clubhouse members had the privilege to
have a heart-to-heart conversation about their
needs and interests with officials from the
Mexican Consulate. As well as finding out all
kinds of resources available to them through
the same.
Hear what the clubhouse teens are saying:
Marco: How was your experience?
Fernando: I found it very influential.
Marco: Did you learn anything from this?
Fernando: It made me strive in the future to be
somebody important.
Marco: How strongly would recommend
others going to see their consulate?
Fernando: 100% people should go, because I
learned a lot more than anticipated.
Marco: Are you planning on going to see them
yourself if any questions arise?
Fernando: Yes, because you never know what
they can help with.
Keeping Up with the Parents
By: Maria Brander
On Friday, May 11th of 2012, the Dream’rs Clubhouse invited
the parents and family members of all the participants, and some former
participants as well, to celebrate with them a very special occasion.
Mother’s Day!
The members and staff wanted to give the mothers a
memorable event, and for that reason they worked very diligently to put
together a festivity full of great food, great entertainment, and wonderful
surprises. In this occasion, we had the privilege to serve a home cooked
exquisite meal, made by our own Parent Advocate, Maria Brander, and
one of the mothers’ volunteering hands!
Besides enjoying a delicious meal, the families and clubhouse
members were also delighted with the wonderful performance of our
much appreciated magician, Drusso, from Magic House at Discovery
Mills. With countless tricks and illusions that involved and fascinated the
spectators, we can definitely say this presentation was a tremendous
Lastly, the youth had also prepared a beautiful surprise for their
mothers to take home and treasure for life. As a token of appreciation for
all the love and support the mother’s have given them throughout their
lives. They created their own styles and designs of jewelry! Specific to
their mother’s taste and like.
We have lots of love to share in a creative way, and some
arising artisans in the house!
Specially for you…
Preparing something special for “Mom”
Final product

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