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Frontier Press
July 2013
Volume 23, Issue 7
Director’s Thoughts — By Renee
The summer is here already and it is going FAST! Summer is
always a fun time for our Clubhouse with many outdoor activities scheduled. We are planning on going to the Carnival, the
4th of July Parade, Estes Park, the zoo, maybe Elitches, and
camping. This season already has been exciting because we
now have a newly landscaped property and a freshly sealed
parking lot. We are gleaming with beauty!! Thank you to
North Range for giving us a nice face lift!
Inside this
ACU Update 3
& Reporting
CNU Update 4
& Reporting
Recipe of the 4
Employment 7
CDU Update 7
& Reporting
Pet Spot
Our new landscaping is Fabulous!
We also planned a Clubhouse picture day in June. We gathered several colleagues for a large group picture. We encouraged everyone to wear their FH t-shirt and we gave away
some t-shirts to members who did not have one. We took an
awesome picture, and we were able to provide a free hotdog
lunch as a result of a large donation of food (thanks Bobbi!).
Another big thing that is happening for our Clubhouse this
summer is that we are scheduled to attend Colleague Training
from August 12—August 23. Our training team is comprised
of 2 staff (Angela and Tim), 2 members (Charlotte and Jeremy), and myself. We will be heading out to Gateway House in
South Carolina. It has been over 5 years since we last attended
training so it is definitely time. The training team is very excited about this opportunity for various reasons.
Clubhouse Training provides us with specific expertise and
focus on making our Clubhouse stronger. The training involves more than studying and discussing the Clubhouse
Standards. It is experiential. The main focus is active participation in an Accredited Clubhouse community. This involves
engagement in a work unit, attendance at unit and house
meetings, site visits to employment sites and Clubhouse housing, and visits with board members and administrators. Training also includes consultations with experienced Clubhouse
Colleagues in developing the Action Plan. Clubhouse training
is not merely a matter of what you read, or what the research
says. It is what you experience and believe in.
The training team recently met to prepare for our trip out to
South Carolina. During the next several weeks, we will be
meeting to come up with some areas we would like to focus on
during training. In order to do this, we reviewed our last accreditation report from 2011 to look at any recommendations that
we have yet to meet. The awesome thing is that we have already
met about 90% of the recommendations from that accreditation
visit! So we are looking at areas in our Clubhouse where we can
be better and stronger.
One of the goals of our training team is that we want our entire
Clubhouse community to have the opportunity to be a part of
this experience as well. Since we can’t pack up our Clubhouse
and take everyone with us (even though we would love to!), we
are having open discussions at our weekly Clubhouse meeting
about ideas, suggestions, and feedback that our training team
will be tasked with exploring while at Gateway House. Our
hope is that colleagues will feel included in the training which
will help with the overall buy-in and acceptance of the goals on
the Action Plan.
After returning from training, it is the responsibility of the training team to work with the Clubhouse community in implementing all the goals on the Action Plan. We will hold a post-training
meeting to present the entire Action Plan and discuss feedback,
comments, suggestions, concerns. Again, the purpose is to provide the opportunity for colleagues to feel like this process is not
just for the training team but for the Clubhouse as a whole.
With all of this going on for us, this summer is flying by. Make
sure you stop in and be a part of all this exciting stuff happening!
What a lovely group picture!
Welcome to the world,
Yani Norika Hata Mickells!
Congratulations to staff member, Darci and her husband
Ian on the birth of their beautiful baby girl!
Born: 6/14/13 @ 4:45 pm—5 lbs 3.1 oz, 18” long
Page 2
July 2013
2 9:30 Employment
3 10-11:30 Resume
1:30 Clubhouse
3:00 TE Updates
4 Independence
(Open 8-1)
5 2:00 Employment
Banquet Planning
4-6 FAC
Birthdays and
Bingo @ FH
6 10-3 Greeley
8 1:30 Healthy
Cookin’ (TBD)
9 10-2 Orientation
1:30 Menu Planning
2:00 Fundraising
3:00 Exercise
10 10-11:30
Application Workshop
1:30 Clubhouse
3:00 Job Development
Meeting Short List
11 7:30 Advisory
Board Meeting
1-4 Grocery
3:00 Fun Fitness
12 4-6 FAC: Mini 13 11-3
Golf @ Family
Riding in Estes
15 1:30 Healthy
Cookin’ (TBD)
16 10-12 CCA
Meeting @ Spirit
1:30 Wellness
2:00 Fundraising
3:00 Exercise
4:00 Employment
17 10-11:30
Interview Workshop
10:00 Food Bank
1:30 Clubhouse
18 1:30 National 19 1:00 Grocery
Parks Pass & Fishing Shopping
License Presentation 4-6 FAC: Bowling
2:00 DVR Status
@ Chippers Lanes
Chart Mtg
3:00 Fun Fitness
22 1:30 Calendar 23 10-2 Orientation
1:30 Menu Planning
2:00 Wellness
3:00 Exercise
24 10-11:30
Members’ Job Needs
1:30 Clubhouse Mtg
3:00 Contact follow
up Mtg
3:30 Guadalupe
25 1-4 Grocery
3:00 Fun Fitness
31 10:00 Food Bank
10-11:30 Members’
Job Needs Workshop
1:30 Clubhouse Mtg
3:00 Job Development
30 3:00 Exercise
4:00 Movie @
26 10-2 Consumer
Advisory Board
Wellness Fair @
4-6 FAC: Root
Beer Floats &
Movie @ FH
In addition to the above scheduled activities for the month, there are also very important standing daily
meetings. A great way to get involved in the Work Ordered Day of the Clubhouse is to attend these
Every morning at 9:00 am all Clubhouse Colleagues meet in the dining room for a morning meeting. This
meeting is a great opportunity for all Colleagues to greet one another before going to unit meetings at 9:15.
Unit meetings are held both at 9:15 am and 1:00 pm each day to organize the day and get everyone
Page 3
Administrative & Clerical Unit (ACU) Update
REPORT: (Numbers
reflect 2 months prior
for accuracy)
Outreach is a cornerstone of clubhouse life!
Average unit meeting
attendance: 5
Orientation Referrals: 9
Number Attending
Orientation: 18
Number Becoming
Members: 16
Did You Know…
 The early Greeks believed that
the presence or absence of particular substances in the body dictated a person’s character.
 Many Japanese people believe
that a person’s blood type determines their personality.
 Your thumb is about the same
size as your nose.
 Phrenology (study of the size and
shape of the skull) states the mental abilities and personal characteristics result from the size and
shape of a person’s head.
 Chewing gum boosts your brain
 A person can deliberately change
his or her personality to a point.
It is not easy, but it is possible.
 Dogs can be trained to identify
the scent of lung cancer long
before symptoms develop.
George L. -(The author of Frontier
House’s current reach out letter).
On June 7th, the ACU unit
engaged in an active reach out trip to
Kenton Manor, to visit our members
who have been unable to come to
Frontier House lately. The visiting
group consisted of one senior house
member (George L.), and two new
members (Ivan M. & Jeremy D.). The
members were able to visit 5 of our
recovering members, and spread a little
“good will” and hope. One particular
note was the fact that George L. had
written a personalized outreach letter
that was given to each of the people
who were visited. His letter had a pro-
found and obvious effect on the members who read their letters. It seems that
putting his thoughts and feelings for his
fellow members down on paper, cut
right through the potential awkwardness
of an unexpected “home visit”.
Reaching out to members who
cannot, or have not come to Frontier
House is immensely important. The inability to attend all work-order-days is of
course expected. This could be due to a
number of issues. When members are
isolating, reach out is extremely important. Mental illness, as well as most
substance abuse issues, thrive in situations where an individual is cut-off from
their support system. By reaching out
through phone calls, e-mail, letters, postcards, or home visits, the goal is to break
a member out of isolation, and re-engage
them with a supportive community.
In the future months, the ACU
unit, and Frontier House as a whole will
be expanding the reach out capabilities
of Frontier House. The overall clubhouse goal will be to make sure that
none of our members “slip through the
cracks”, and simply disappear.
Tawnie C. : 6/25 CNU
Susan M. : 6/11 ACU
Gerald J. : 6/25 ACU
Rosa W. : 6/11 CNU
Jesse G. : 6/25 CNU
Kristie D. : 6/11 CDU
Kim B. : 6/25 ACU
Pearl L. : 6/11 CDU
Page 4
Culinary & Nutrition Unit (CNU)
March 2013
Most exciting news for the -Cross-contamination
CNU is the arrival of Darci
-Glove Safety & sanitization
and her husband’s baby girl,
Yani. Born 6/14 at 4:45pm -Health tips
5lbs. 3oz. 18 inches.
-Benefits to eating fruits and
Intern Debbie is making a vegetables
reference and kitchen man- -Hand washing tips
ual for the Unit where
members can reference -Knife safety
and use while working
in the Unit. Some of
March 2013
the topics included in
her manual are:
Food boxes to members: 7
Meals served: 514
Avg. # Served per day: 24
Avg. cost per lunch: $1.70
Number of Fri. Activities: 5
Number of Weekend Outings: 3
Number of Holidays: 1
Avg. Daily Mtg. Attendance: 15
Snack Bar
Diane Dunn’s Banana Bread
3 eggs
Beat eggs until light and foamy
1 cup oil ( or substitute 1 cup applesauce)
Add and mix oil, sugar, banana,
2 cups sugar
2 cups mashed ripe bananas
Add and mix salt, flour, baking soda,
1 tablespoon vanilla
If using, add and mix nuts
3 cups flour
Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees
1 teaspoon baking soda
In 2 greased loaf pans, fill 2/3 full
with mix
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon cinnamon
Bake 1 hour or until a tooth pick
inserted comes out clean
Page 5
Kevin T
Jesse B
Margaret W
Brandon W
Patricia B
MaryAnn M
Erica P
Roger N
Tawnie C
Phillip S
Maria R
Krystal R
Aaron L
Sherri D
Mark B
Alan S
Darci H
This is a list of birthdays for
active members. Happy
Birthday to all those with
July Birthdays!!!
Career Development Unit Update
Since launching the job seeking
skills workshop Wednesday from
10:00am-11:30am, the CDU has
been successful with helping
members in all three work units to
get assistance with creating/
cri tiqui ng resum es, online
applications and assessments,
interview techniques, and the best
practices in interviewing. These
workshops have proven to be
beneficial and educational for
members who are working towards
obtaining gainful employment.
We will soon start working on our
Employment and Recognition
Board. We have been
brainstorming on ideas for our
theme and have decided that our
theme will be puzzle pieces. It is
very exciting to start getting
different ideas from everyone. Our
next planning meeting is on July
5th at 2pm. We will be choosing
the template on the Employment
and Education Recognition Board
which will be used for our annual
banquet to recognize those
members that have worked or gone
to school in the year 2013.
This month the unit is going to offer
an additional workshop every
Wednesday from 11:30am-1:00pm.
Smoking Cessation Classes will be
offered to clubhouse members and
staff. Smoking is a habit that effects
everyone and Frontier House wants
to support anyone wanting to quit
and begin focusing on a healthier
Life is change.
Growth is optional.
Choose wisely.
-Karen Kaiser Clark
Employment Anniversaries
What do you like most about your job?
Total active members working: 48
Members in Transitional Employment: 12
Members in Supported Employment: 16
Members in Independent Employment: 20
Members served in DVR in since
July 2012: 22
Members successfully closed with
DVR: 8
“I like working side by side “I can listen to music while I
with my coworkers.”
work, I like my coworkers
- Paul Hernandez NRBH/ and boss, and the best thing
TRT & ARP: 15 Years!!!
is the teamwork!”
- Shaun Chavez
Centennial Park
Library: 3 years!!!
“I like interacting with the
customers and coworkers.”
- Mark Bradley
Taco Bell:
1 year!!!
Frontier House is a program of North Range Behavioral Health and is proudly accredited with
Clubhouse International and a member of the Colorado Clubhouse Association.
Phone - 970-347-2128
FAX- 970-356-3777
1407 8th Avenue
Greeley CO, 80631
Frontier House
Your furry
friend could be
the next
featured pet
for the
Pet Spot!
Just bring in a
photo and this
space is yours!
Charlotte’s famous pets!!!!
Your pets are important to us too!
Mental health professionals and researchers are confirming what pet owners have always known:
Relationships with animals have many mental health and psychosocial benefits. These benefits are
increasingly being harnessed by animal-assisted therapy (AAT) programs, particularly in mental
health settings.

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