WA I V E R • N E W S L E T T E R
Lollapalooza 2015
by Lucy Carvalho
• Shows &
- Robert Plant
- Skrillex
- Kasabian
- Bastille
- Alt-J
- Major Lazer
- Marina and the diamonds
- Interpol
- The Kooks
- Steve Hackett
- Songs from far away
- Slash
- Mafalda Exhibit
• Sports
- Volvo Ocean Race 2015
- UFC Rio 06
• Fine Arts
- Sp-Arte 2015
In the Lollapalloza 2015 edition, promoted by T4F, Waiver was
responsible by the temporary admission of over 20,000kg of
equipment of 9 bands that performed in São Paulo in the last
weekend of March.
WA I V E R • N E W S L E T T E R
Lollapalooza 2015
Robert Plant
Lollapalooza 2015
The English musician, singer, and songwriter best known
as the lead singer and lyricist of the rock band Led
Zeppelin, member of The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame,
performed on March 3 at the Skol stage with The
Sensational Space Shifters Band. The 66-year-old
musician showed a contemporary version of many Led
Zeppelin hits, as well as his recent work, to a mostly
young audience.
Robert Plant stopped by Rio de Janeiro (March 24) and
Belo Horizonte (March 26).
Waiver imported 4,764Kg of equipment.
The English Rock band performed at Onix stage on the
first day of the Festival, with a presentation that made
the Interlagos Hill become a party with a mix of rock,
electronic music and dance. Their interaction with the
audience, one of the main attributes of the group, came
from both Tom Meighan, lead singer and Sergio
Pizzorno, guitarist. Besides havig a loto of fun with the
audience, Kasabian set up a diversified setlist without
losing the excitement or the fans’ attention while
singing, jumping and dancing.
The band had already performed at Pepsi on Stage in
Porto Alegre on March 26.
Lollapalooza 2015
Waiver imported 3,615Kg of equipment.
Lollapalooza 2015
The American DJ Skrillex performed at the Lollapalooza
Onix Stage on March 28, the first day of the event. His
performance had references to the 80’s and even a
remix of "The Lion King” that attracted the young
audience. Before that, the DJ also performed at
Leopoldina Train Station in Rio de Janeiro on March 26.
Waiver managed the transport and customs clearance
of 1,886Kg of equipment.
W W W. WA I V E R L O G . C O M
Bastille band performed on Axe Stage on the first day of
Lollapalooza Festival (March 28). The English Band’s
rhythm thrilled the audience and crowded the stage
even competing with the expected headliner Jack
White’s show.
Before Lollapalooza, the band performed in Belo
Horizonte on March 25, at Citibank Hall in Rio de Janeiro
on March 27 and recorded a participation on a TV show
called "Caldeirão do Huck" on Globo Channel.
Waiver brought 4,188Kg of equipment.
WA I V E R • N E W S L E T T E R
Lollapalooza 2015
Lollapalooza 2015
Major Lazer
Alt-J (also known as ∆) are an English indie rock band
formed in 2007 in Leeds.
Pronounced as "alt-jay", the delta symbol is created
when you press and hold the Alt key and "J" then on your
Mac computer keyboard. This symbol has an important
meaning for the band, as the guitarist / bassist Gwil
Sainsbury explains, "in mathematical equations, it is
used to represent change” The relatively new name of
the band came as a turning point in their lives.
The band performed on March 27 at Cine Jóia in São
Paulo, at Lolla party, a pre-festival. They were the only
band whose tickets were sold out.
Waiver imported 1,607Kg of equipment and was
responsible for the cargo as well.
The North American group, Major Lazer took the Perry
Stage punctually at 9:30p.m. on March 23. Producers
Jillionaire, Walshy Fire and two dancers accompanied
producer Diplo.
Before the festival, Major Lazer performed at
Leopoldina Train Station in Rio de Janeiro, on March 26.
Waiver imported 180Kg of equipment.
Lollapalooza 2015
Marina and the diamonds
Marina Lambrini Diamandis, better known by her stage
name Marina and the Diamonds, is a Welsh
singer-songwriter. In 2009, Diamandis came to prominence
after being ranked in second place on the Sound of 2010 poll
organised by the BBC. Her musical style ranges from ballads
with keyboard until new style songs with the support of full
band. She combines her own art style "Do-it-yourself" with
retro influences, pop, black humor and easy spectral vocals
for a deep personal narrative that brings her a great number
of loyal fans.
The show should have taken place on March 28 on
Lollapalooza Axe Stage, but it had to be canceled at the last
minute because the band could not leave for Brazil since the
flight was delayed and canceled later.
Waiver brought 1,147Kg of equipment to Brazil.
W W W. WA I V E R L O G . C O M
WA I V E R • N E W S L E T T E R
Lollapalooza 2015
Lollapalooza 2015
The Kooks
Interpol is an American rock band from New York City
formed in 1997.
They visited Brazil in 2008, 2011 and now returned to
take part in the Lollapalooza Festival.
Considered a sober group on stage, the Interpol is
sometimes seen as a name that does not fit in festivals.
The large and participative audience present in Skol
stage, however, proved the opposite, enjoying Banks
(vocals) and the pitched and constant Kessler’s guitar.
Under the rainy and gray sky of Interlagos on March 29,
Interpol found a the place to thier melancholy and
proved that it is possible to sound interesting a festival
with an introspective kind of music.
Waiver was responsible for the temporary admission of
1,200Kg of equipment.
The Kooks are a British rock band formed in Brighton,
East Sussex, in 2004. Their name was taken from the
famous David Bowie song with the same title, “Kooks”,
in 1971.
The Kooks is releasing their 4th studio album, "Listen",
launched in September last year and They performed
on the second day of Lollapalooza festival on March 29
on Onix stage in São Paulo.
Besides participating in the festival, the band also made
a show in Porto Alegre with the Kasabian band. Both
bands performed on March 3 at Pepsi On Stage.
Waiver was in charge of the customs clearance and
transport of 1,624Kg of equipment.
Steve Hackett
by Lucy Carvalho
Song From Far Away
by Lucy Carvalho
In partnership with Triple M, Belgium, Waiver imported
a 40’ container with equipment and design items for the
Amsterdam from Netherlands. They presented the
unprecedented show "Song From Far away" in Brazil
during the 2nd International Theatre Exhibition in São
Paulo which took place at SESC Consolação, from March
10 to 13.
The cargo was re-exported from the port of Rio de
Janeiro to Antwerp, Belgium on March 21.
Stephen Richard "Steve" Hackett is an English guitarist,
musician, songwriter and singer. He gained prominence
as lead guitarist of the English progressive rock band
Genesis, which he joined in 1970 and left in 1977 to
pursue a solo career. Steve Hackett and his band
performed 3 concerts in Brazil: Belo Horizonte (March 5),
Rio de Janeiro (March 8) and São Paulo (March 10).
Waiver imported 2,900Kg of equipment for his show.
W W W. WA I V E R L O G . C O M
WA I V E R • N E W S L E T T E R
by Lucy Carvalho
Guns N 'Roses former guitarist, Slash, was in Brazil for
the last time in November 2012 and returned this year
to promote his new album "World on Fire".
Mafalda Exhibit
by Lucy Carvalho
The title character Mafalda is a precocious switched-on
6-year-old girl who rants about family, society and the
universe at large. The Argentine cartoonist Joaquín
Salvador Lavado (or “Quino”) created the comic strip in
1964 and drew hundreds of panels before the series
expired in 1973.
“The World According to Mafalda” was an exhibit
displayed at Praça das Artes in São Paulo from
December 2014 to March 2015 with free entrance.
The Municipal Theater Foundation of São Paulo in
partnership with the Secreatria Municipal de Cultura
brought the exhibit conceived by Argentine Villagra
Sabina to Brazil.
Waiver managed the customs clearance of 5,810Kg of
Slash was accompanied by his band Myles Kennedy &
The Conspirators and held concerts in six cities: Rio de
Janeiro (March 14), Belo Horizonte (March 15), Brasilia
(March 17) Curitiba (March 19), Porto Alegre (March 20)
and São Paulo (March 22). In his last show at Espaço das
Américas, Slash made an electrifying presentation with
emphasis on his solo albums’ playlists, showing perfect
harmony with his current band.
Waiver managed the import of 7,500Kg of equipment in
partnership with Sound Moves USA.
Volvo Ocean Race 2015
by Bruno Veiga
Abu Dhabi Ocean won crossing in Leg 5, between Auckland
and Itajaí, after nearly 19 days of sailing. MAPFRE was in
second place. There were some peculiar happenings during
this ultra-challenging race. Along from Dongfeng’s broken
mast, there were at least three cases of Chinese gybes when
the boats crashed to their sides before righting, and there
were numerous cases of other sail and equipment breakage.
The following Volvo Ocean Race step started on April 19 at
about 2:00p.m. having as its destination Newport U.S. Waiver
coordinated 112 sea containers, total of 1,113 tones and 24 air
shipments with a total of 26 tons of mounting material and
equipment of the teams and sponsors. Waiver also
coordinated the entire assembly of the pavilions, staff and
wokshop area, including the MHE service - Material Handling
Equipment, delivering 35 machines for the event.
W W W. WA I V E R L O G . C O M
WA I V E R • N E W S L E T T E R
UFC Rio 6
by Luiz Tavares
UFC took place in Rio de Janeiro for the sixth time, in a
lower but still very successful proportion of the event!
UFC Fight Night took place last March 21 at
Maracanãzinho in Rio de Janeiro with sold out tickets.
In the main event, the Brazilian Demian Maia fought the
American LaFrare, and won by unanimous decision of
Judges after a 5 round fight.
Waiver transported 2 containers with the rink and office
supplies, beside 7 load trucks with iron support
structures for lighting and screens. This material will be
stored with one of our partners in Rio de Janeiro until
the end of May when UFC Goiânia will take place
by Bruno Veiga
The PGA Tour WEB.COM was in São Paulo one more
time. This time designated as "Brazil Champions
presented by HSBC "which was held from March 12 to
Waiver was once again at the event managing the
customs clearance of 1 40’ container with
meteorological, communication materials and LED
The winner was Peter Malnati who was superior only by
the end of the competition that took place in São Paulo
Golf Club.
Malnati had four bogeys and nine birdies, including
three in a row that gave the victory and the second title
in his career. He earned $153,000.00 and jumped from
88th to 2nd position of Tour list.
W W W. WA I V E R L O G . C O M
WA I V E R • N E W S L E T T E R
SP-Arte 2015
by Andréa Souza
SP-Arte/ 2015 will host over 140 of the world's most
prominent modern and contemporary galleries from 17
countries. Highlights for 2015 include 112 galleries in
the Main sector showing works by established artists
from around the world, the Showcase sector
highlighting works by emerging artists and the Solo
section, curated by María Inés Rodriguéz (capc/Musée
d'Art Contemporain de Bordeaux) as well as Rodrigo
Moura (Inhotim director). 2015 will mark the first year of
Open Plan, a section of the fair dedicated to installations
curated by Cuenca Biennial curator, Jacopo Crivelli
Visconti and Performance, a new section coordinated by
Cauê Alves, curator of the Brazil Pavilion in the 56th
Venice Biennale, and curated by Marcos Galon, curator
of the Verbo Performance Festival, and Juliana Moraes,
professor of performance of the Belas Artes University
in São Paulo. A partnership between SP-Arte and
Arte!Brasileiros Magazine.
Waiver arts imported 40 tons in 27 shipments of several
renowned galleries such as Gagosian, David Zwirner,
Kurimanzutto among others.
W W W. WA I V E R L O G . C O M

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