The RCMI Commemorative Watch



The RCMI Commemorative Watch
The RCMI Commemorative Watch
Celebrating 125 years of Illustrious History
The Royal Canadian Military Institute has its origins in 1890 at a gathering of
militia officers of the Toronto Garrison. Rather than abiding by ceremonial drills
and band concerts, they chose to actively confront the dramatic changes occurring in
the contemporary battlefield. The Institute has become a vital intellectual hub for all
matters military as they relate to Canada.
As the RCMI celebrates its 125th anniversary, we are pleased to partner with one
of Canada’s leading watch designers, Time is Ticking Inc., which has a long and
honourable tradition of creating watches that reflect our nation’s military heritage.
Limited Edition 125th Anniversary
RCMI Commemorative Watch features:
• Seiko movements
• Polished, stainless steel,
engraved crest case back
• 24k raised gold plating on face
• Exquisite alligator-style leather strap
available in black, red, blue and green
To show your pride in the RCMI, we are pleased to offer a limited edition 125th
anniversary watch. The cost to you is only $115 (plus applicable taxes and postage),
far below the retail value of $220.
• Custom embossed velveteen
collectors box
The slim-line watch features a Seiko Japanese movement, 24K raised gold plating on its
face, engraved case base and designer Speidel leather strap offered in black, red, blue and
green. The watch will be carefully packaged in an embossed velveteen collector’s box.
On this, our 125th anniversary, it is indeed the proper time to honour the RCMI,
a Canadian icon with an illustrious past, timely mandate and profound mission.
This limited edition, collector’s item will make an excellent gift. Please note:
the order deadline is August 31, 2016. Minimum orders must be met to
proceed with this very special opportunity, if the minimum is not reached by
August 31, 2016, the RCMI reserves the right to cancel this promotion.
Please submit your order as soon as possible.
Size approximate.
Suitable for men
and ladies.
Black Band
Extra Long Band*
Blue Band
Red Band
Postal Code:
Green Band
Telephone (Home):
Payment :
American Express
Price Each
$115 00
HST (13%):
*Black band only
Club Account
Please Ship or
Card/Acct Number:
Please make your cheque payable to the Royal Canadian Military Institute and post dated for August 31, 2016.
Order forms can be mailed to: Royal Canadian Military Institute, 426 University Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, M5G 1S9
Please note: shipping is extra.
All Sales Are Final
Order by August 31, 2016
All sales are final. For further information or to place an order, please contact the Front Desk at phone: 416 597-0286, fax: 416 597-6919, email: [email protected]

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