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The Ish Tak Ha Ba Times
The Ish Tak Ha Ba Times
News and Notes from Sleepy Eye High School
Chief Sleepy Eyes
Welcome Back Everyone!
It’s hard to believe summer is already over. But, I’m hopeful you
enjoyed your time away from
school and are prepared for an exciting 2011-12 school year.
Mr. Gallagher is our new Industrial Arts instructor. He has previously taught with New Ulm High
Mr. Hanson is our new Vocal Music
instructor. Mr. Langemo is our
new Social Studies instructor
Mrs. Nelson is our new Language
Arts intervention instructor. She
has previously taught with a
Florida school district.
Mr. Michael Leonard is our new
Special Education instructor.
Mrs. Eckstein is also be with us up
through the holiday break. She will
be the long term substitute for Mrs.
Mathiowetz who will be out on
High Expectations are an important part of what I believe in. High
Expectations both educationally
and behaviorally. The staff and I
have had a few conversations and
are in agreement that having high
expectations is the best way to prepare you for the future; the best
way to help you realize your potential as individuals.
The Student Handbook changes
made from past practice being instituted for the upcoming school year
are consistent with having high expectations. Your advisory teachers
will provide you with an overview of
the student handbook. However,
you are responsible for knowing the
contents of the entire student handbook. The student handbook is
school board approved and will be
enforced. If you have any questions about the Student Handbook
stop I will be happy to meet with
We are introducing a PBIS program this year. PBIS stands for…
This program is being implemented
school wide. This program involves
teaching students desired behaviors
and providing incentives for students who exhibit the desired behaviors. Show our 3 staples poster.
We will be teaching students the
school’s desired behaviors during
our advisory period. One lesson
October, 2011
will be taught each day. Students
will be earn Pride Counts tickets.
Students will place their Pride
Counts tickets into a drawing box in
the main office. 5 pride counts tickets will be drawn each week. Students who have a pride counts
tickets drawn with his/her name on
it will come to the office to select an
incentive. Examples of incentives
would include:
By Minnesota state law we are required to conduct 5 fire drills and 5
lock down drills. We will be conducting one of each sometime during the 1st two weeks of school. You
are expected to fully cooperative
with these drills. These drills and
procedures are in place for your
safety. If you are away from your
assigned classroom, you need to remain in the area you are when the
building goes into lockdown. Stay
out of the hallways.
As we begin the school year, I
want to emphasize the importance
of Attendance.
Importance of involvement in athletics/fine arts/clubs and organizations.
In conclusion, I am excited about
the upcoming school. I feel our
staff has a lot to offer you as students. I would encourage you to
put forth your best effort this school
year. Be an active learner. Take
advantage of the opportunities provided to you. Make good choices.
You will only have one 2011-12
school year. Make it your best
school year yet
The Ish Tak Ha Ba Times is published
monthly during the 2011-2012 school year by
SEHS students
The teachers are ecstatic to
hear music coming out of the
music rooms again at Sleepy
Eye Public.
We have a lot of changes but
we still love music and we still
strive for excellence every
day. The kids are excited to be
back and make some great
music and we look forward to
our fall concert coming up in
just over a month.
We have a new choir teacher
this year; Mr. Donovan Hanson. Mr. Hanson comes to us
from Aida, MN and he is running the elementary music and
the choirs. While it is always
a transition when you get a
new teacher, the choirs are beginning to understand Mr.
Hanson’s expectations and the
way he runs rehearsals. This
class has begun to take off musically!
Mr. Root returns to the band
room with all bands in full
swing. During the Corn Days
parade, the band made their
debut showing off their skills
while riding a float and playing fun tunes to the delight of
the crowd. Now with the fall
sports season here, the Pep
band has also begun to play at
the football and volleyball
games. With a motto of “Loud
is Good”, the band can be
heard easily to help the crowd
and the players get excited before the games. Today, the excellent musicians of the jazz
band met for the first time.
The band looks forward to
having the jazz program continue to grow and put on some
shows all around Minnesota.
With a good mix of jazz standards as well as some funk
and blues tunes, the jazz band
will be sure to delight the audience at all concert.
Miss Claire Czaplewski is our
student teacher for band this
trimester. Miss Czaplewski
will be in the band room for
approximately 5 weeks; from
September 12 until October
14. Miss Czaplewski comes
to Sleepy Eye from Martin
Luther College in New Ulm
and is eager to help the band
students grow. The students
are enjoying their time with
“Miss C” and she has already
begun to have an influence on
the band members.
The music department will be
offering a new opportunity for
students this year. We have
purchased drumline drums
and will start the first Sleepy
Eye Public Schools drumline.
The drum equipment will be
arriving within a couple weeks
and we look forward to hearing some great cadences from
the band room soon.
The year has started with excitement and enthusiasm and
we look forward to seeing you
all at our concerts. Thank you
for all your support and be
sure to listen for us!
Erik Root, Donovan Hanson,
Claire Czaplewski – Sleepy
Eye Public School Music Department
by: Jessica Busch, Editor
Outstanding Seniors
Seth Brandow is the son of
Todd and Sharon Holbrook.
His favorite class is Ag Survivor with Mrs. Hoffmann.
Seth is currently in the National Guard and has completed basic training this past
summer. His dream job is to
be a warrant officer. One goal
he has for his senior year is to
live each day like it is his last.
He is looking forward to
graduation, so he can walk
away with his diploma along
his classmates. One role
model that Seth looks up to is
King Solomon, because he
was a very wise man. His favorite quote was said by
Ghandi: “An eye for an eye
would leave the whole world
Ber nie r
Stephanie Bernier is the
daughter of Jerry and
Lori Bernier. She plans
on attending Devil’s
Lake State College in
North Dakota. Her hobbies include wake
boarding and she enjoys making sandwiches at Subway. Her
family is her inspiration
because they have supported her all of her
life. One thing she is
looking forward to this
year is the senior class
trip to San Diego, California. .”
Jared Brockman is the son of Todd and
Kris Brockman. He plans on attending
South Central Technical College in
Mankato, MN next fall. His favorite
school activity is golf, and his hobbies include hanging out with friends. His favorite class is choir, where he has
received two superior ratings for his vocal
music. Jared is a current employee at
Schutz Family Foods, where he bags groceries. His dream job is to be a car audio
installer. One goal he has set for himself
is to pass every class and he is looking
forward to prom and graduation. Jared
credits his parents for encouraging him to
always do his best and he will miss all of
his friends at SEHS. Jared would like to
leave you with this quote: “The reason
why your eyes were put in the front of
your head is so you can see what is ahead
in the future, not what’s behind you in the
Steven Alonzo is the son of Imelda Cardoza and
plans on attending South Central College next
year. His favorite school activity is football, and
his favorite things to do include drawing art,
playing guitar, and hanging out with friends. His
favorite class is art, because it gives him a
chance to express his creative side. His dream
job is to be an artist, because it wouldn’t really
feel like a job to him. His goal for his senior year
is graduating with his class and his inspiration
comes from Dean Deibele, his physical education teacher and football coach, because he
keeps him working hard on the field and on his
character. He will miss having fun conversations
with all of the teachers the most and he is looking forward to homecoming because it is the
most fun time of year. One thing that Steven
would like others to know about him is that he
enjoys writing songs. His words of wisdom are
to not be afraid to stand up for yourself.
Shelby Alt
Shelby Alt is the daughter of Tina
Altmann and Dave Alt. She is hoping to attend Southwest State University in Marshall, MN next year.
A few of Shelby’s school activities
include FFA, softball, and tennis.
In her spare time, she enjoys horseback riding, four wheeling, fishing,
hunting, and walking. Her favorite
classes at SEHS are all of the Ag
classes with Mrs. Hoffmann and
Literature. Shelby has received her
greenhand and chapter award in
FFA. She currently works at Divine
Providence, as a housekeeper,
however her dream job is to be an
elementary school teacher. Her
number one goal for her senior year
is to have fun and make lots of
memories with her friends.
Shelby’s grandfather has had a
large impact on her life and inspires her to be successful because
he is a hard worker. Shelby feels
that she will enjoy graduation,
homecoming, spring fling, and the
feeling of being a senior this year
at SEHS. Shelby’s words to live by
are: “Never try to be something
your not, eventually you’ll fun out
of things to become.”.
Sebastian Alonzo is the son of
Imelda Candoza. He plans on attend Minnesota State University,
Mankato next fall. His favorite
sport is football, which he will
miss the most at Sleepy Eye High
School. A few of his hobbies are
playing video games and hanging
out with friends. His favorite
class that he has ever taken is Ag
Survivor. His dream job is to become an auto mechanic because
of his deep interest in cars. His
goal for his senior year is to graduate, while he is excited for prom
and homecoming because it is his
final year of experiencing these
things. He will also miss talking
to all the teachers because you
get to know them really well at
school. A few things that you
may not know about Sabastian is
that he enjoys helping people out
and drawing pictures. His favorite words of wisdom are to always your head up.

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