good stuff


good stuff
This autumn, Anorak cannot live without...
Lullatone are a truly inspirational duo. Based in Japan, they not only teach our
friends how to make sweet music using objects around the house but they also have
created a collection of enchanting songs related to some of the more mundane but
still highly enjoyable things in life: colouring, tracing, raindrops, and suprisingly...
snoring! Exquisite tunes such as ‘Puddles On The Playground’, ‘Goodnight Train’ or
‘Wake Up Wake up’ send us in a dreamy state every time. Lullatone we love you!
What do you call a nervous witch? A twitch
good stuff
We fell in love with this
hilarious and determined
hunchback whose greatest
invention in the world will
demonstrate his worth at the
Evil Science Fair.
Everyone wants to
be able to fly and
because Wendy is
our invisible friend.
Igor is released in cinemas
nationwide on October 17.
For more Igor-mania, visit
According to Daisy
(4 years old)
To preview tracks visit
They serve some yummy
dishes such as Moroccan
Meatballs in a cool playful
setting. It’s our home from
They are the mermaids
of the sea, ancient and
cute but sadly in danger
of disappearing. Help us
save them!
It’s the best way to enjoy
the rainy weather.
They are so achingly
cool you will never want
to take them off. They
even come with a wallet
on a chain!
Available in most streets
or parks provided the
weather is awful, which
it is pretty much all year
round if you live in the UK.
We need plenty of bright
scarves to adorn our necks
this breezy Autumn.
Get wool and needles
from Ebay or your lovely
local wool shop.
Illustrations: Noriko Oura
We can make nice
biscuits for Mummy and
a ‘cubadee’ for Daddy
According to Lola
(2 years old)
Because it is a
sensational book which
makes the world look
even more exciting than
it really is.
Published by Dorling
Kindersley and available
from Borders.
If it’s super cool for Dad
it’s super cool for us.
It is the ultimate in boho
chic, we’d be foolish to
ignore it.
Check out their new
collection at
Check out their latest
collection at
Because their newly
launched collection for
us is so sharp we wish
we had two heads.
Check out the collection
It’s fun to think drawing can be that easy.
Anorak recommends They have the most comprehensive
selection of stenciling books such as Chinese style illustrations or even carousel
animals stencils book. You can order online. Avoid stenciling on walls though.
They are weird but cute handknitted dolls that we want to
cherish, cuddle and collect.
Special love for the Rock n
Roller doll!
It puts a smile on
everyone’s face.
Warning: some
people might find
this more or less
amusing depending
on the mood they
are in at the time.
Available exclusively from
Tokyo Cube
We can indulge in our love of
apples, make our own apple
bird feeder or even create our
own baskets in the basket
weaving workshops! A must!
We have not seen a
cooler bike in ages.
Available from JCB
stockists, check them
out at
Chop Socky Chooks airs
every day at 8.30pm only
on Cartoon Network.
The good people at Kookai
have finally given us little
ladies a lovely collection to
rival our Mums.
It is simply the most adorable
range of dinnerware you will ever
find. Eating will never be a messy
affair again. We are smitten!
Available from Kookai shops
in Brent Cross, Cardiff,
Liverpool and Southampton
Available from October at
Selfridges and Conran Stores
We can never get enough of our favourite
wooden hero’s adventures. And what a new
adventure that is! Thanks to Michael Rosen’s
genius, this classic tale gets a wonderful
make-over for our delights.
You can feast your
eyes on thousands of
delicately coloured
Pinocchio is coming from November 14 to the
Polka Theatre, Wimbledon.
Apple Day takes place on
October 26 at the Northmoor
Trust, Oxon. For more info, visit
We love these utterly bonkers
kung-fu chickens. Their exploits
to save Wasabi World from the
nasty ninja chimps leave us
wanting to scream
What do you get if you cross a cow and a kangaroo? A Woolly jumper
good stuff
It’s lovely of them to teach us
about important stuff like saving
people’s lives. And we want to
climb on an ambulance too.
It’s amazing fun
pretending to be a
Musketeer. Learn about
this ancient sport and
keep fit.
There are fencing clubs
all around the UK and
to find your nearest
club, visit
Become a St Johns Ambulance
badger by registering on
The adventures of three house
flies stowing away on board the
Apollo 11 flight to the moon
sounds like a complete riot!
On release nationwide from
October 3rd.
With the release of the new Star
Wars episode The Clone Wars
on our screens, we can indulge
further in our favourite heroes’
adventures with this amazing
collection of books.
Published by Dorling Kindersley
and available from Borders.
If you tend to believe what you read it becomes very real. It’s a fantastic tale that your
Mum & Dad would have loved at your age. Warning: do make sure they do not pierce
your ear drums with their rendition of the very famous soundtrack. Neever-ending storrryyyyyy, lalala lalala lalala...
This adorable little girl and her loyal rabbit friend just melt our hearts. We want Belle & Boo
prints, Belle & Boo postcards, Belle & Boo stickers, Belle & Boo badges, Belle & Boo stories
we want it all!
The Neverending story is out now on DVD.
Make your autumn a Belle & Boo autumn by visiting
And enjoy our exclusive Belle & Boo story appearing in this very edition of Anorak.
How happy we are!