ACTA2015_38-68 - Toowoomba State High School


ACTA2015_38-68 - Toowoomba State High School
This year’s Dance Night saw over 80 students from years 7 to 12 \perform multiple routines from class
assessment items, Dance Troupes and Creative Generation performances. The night showcased the exceptional
talent we have here at Mt Lofty and it was a fabulous evening full of sequins, sparkles and smiles.
This year the State Government transitioned Year 7 students to high school under the Flying Start initiative for the
first time. We welcomed Year 7 and 8 students to our school community and created a sub school – Junior
Secondary. Students were welcomed with three transition days called Stars Days in 2014 and will become our
graduating cohort in 2020 and 2021.
Our new students have a history of firsts and lasts as the incoming Year 8s were the first Prep cohort in Primary
school and the last Year 7 group. Our Year 7s become the first group into High School. Our school also
introduced a new Junior Secondary uniform and we have created a Junior Secondary Awards ceremony as well as
introduced a Junior Achievement Certificate for our Year 9 students.
/Ms Frew
/Ms Frew
/Mr Ferdinand
/Ms Frew
Across all three year levels of 10, 11 & 12, students have been striving for success in the academic, cultural and
sporting areas. We have seen many academic awards given out with a steady increase in the number of
Outstanding and Honours Awards. Gold & Silver Awards have also shown a marked increase clearly
demonstrating that the students take their behaviour and work ethic seriously as they work towards their
individual schooling and career goals.
Many partnerships have been forged along the way with external organisations to help bring additional expertise
and opportunities to our students in the delivery of courses that otherwise would not have been able to be
offered to our students. Several of our own staff have been studying via TAFE to obtain additional certificate
qualifications to ensure that they meet new national requirements to deliver particular courses. This is part of our
ongoing commitment to both staff professional development and ensuring that our students have the best
learning opportunities available to them.
I would like to thank the Year Coordinators that have worked me throughout 2015 – Lindsay Collison, Chris
Thompson, Narelle Gluer and Rob Michel. Without their amazing energy and dedication many of the Lifeskills
programs that have been delivered by our wonderful form class teachers would not have been possible. Further
Lifeskills opportunities are being investigated for 2016 and I look forward to working with everyone in our school
community in the coming year. Kevin Lester
Evan Aamodt-Richardson
“Trying to soar like an eagle
but I’m surrounded by
turkeys.” -anon
Jenayah Anderson
“Life is for long kisses, strange
adventures, midnight swims and
rambling conversations.”
Maizie Adams
“We're all stories in the
end. Just make it a good
one, eh?” -Dr Who
Jordy Aitken
‘saying you “understand”
just to make the teacher
go away when you really
have no idea.”
"If you don’t know where
you’re going, any road will
take you there."
– Alice in Wonderland
Logan Anderson
‘Suspicion always haunts
the guilty mind.”
Matt Anderson
If plan “A” doesn’t work
the alphabet has 25 more
letters. STAY COOL!
“Holy snappin’ catfish.”
– Mr Ross
Michelle Bauser
“Here I go into the real
world still not being able
to reach the top shelf.”
Tyson Bowden
“Take life as it comes in
your face and runs down
your chin.”
"Do, or Do Not...
There is no Try"
- Shakespeare
Ashleigh Baxter
Shanae Bird
Chloe Bishop
“So we beat on, boats against the
current, borne back ceaselessly
into the past.” - F. Scott Fitzgerald -
“Appreciate what you have,
before time forces you to
appreciate what you had.” - anon
“I guess you could call me a
good wingman, I mean, I
winged 13 years of school.”
The Great Gatsby.
Coby Broom
Courtney Alexander
Bradley Bauser
Dean Bruhn
Kellie Camiller
Jamie Campbell
“A knight in shining armour
is a man who has never had
his metal truly tested.”
"You can’t go back to yesterday
because you were a different person
then. Move on and create the life you
want. Don’t hold back.” - self
“How can u face ur problem
if ur problem is ur face?"
- Pakalu Papito
Aidan Allen
Ji Bowdern
- Yoda - Star Wars
Jacob Carlile
*Puts glasses on head*
“Now...Ladies and
Gentlemen.” – Mr Ross
Mathew Chambers
Patrick Ciampa
Joshua Clark
Tristan Collocott
Khyll Coolican-Layton
"The self-satisfied go
no further."
“Achievement: it's not what
you're willing to do, it's what
you're will to give up.”
"I'm doing this my way." - VI
“Live high, live long, never
give up and stay strong.”
Geovana Cunha
Belinda Dakin
- Peter GoldsWorthy
Logan Corry
Mia Cotic
Aden Creed
“Those of you who know what
I'm talking about know exactly
what I'm talking about.”
“A person's a person, no
matter how small.”
– Dr Seuss
"I have no idea what I am
doing but I know I'm good
at it" -Andy Dwyer
– Mr Lester
Dana Dickenson
Christian Dioneda
Keysh Dioth
Kiarni Dioth
Lauchlan Dowley
“Always remember that you are
absolutely unique. Just like
everyone else.” - Margaret Mead
"Wake up with
determination. Go to bed
with satisfaction" - anon
“Your age doesn’t define your
maturity. Your grades don’t
define your intellect. Rumours
don’t define who you are.”
“I think everyone writes a story
“Audaces fortuna iuvat.”
(Fortune favours the bold.)
Brittany Dunham
Ryley Edser
Ashleigh Essery
“I am 100% certain that I am
0% sure of what I'm going to
do." - Chris Traeger
Put your heart, mind and soul
into even your smallest acts. This
is the secret of success. - Swami
“Kim, would you stop taking
pictures of yourself? Your
sister’s going to jail!”
- Kris Jenner
in their head that eventually
becomes their life." - Anonymous
Tiffany Falknau
“The roof is not my son,
but I will raise it.”
- Virgi
John Flanagan
“When the Russians nuke
Cabarlah, we're all stuffed."
– Mr Ross
Ethan Forbes
Adam Garrett
Bella Gentle
Sarah Gillam
Cheridan Grantham
"A B is the grey area
between a perfect mark and
not showing up" - Liam Philp
“As soon as you think. ‘maybe I
can get up early and just finish it
tomorrow’ you've already lost.”
"I am & always will be the
optimist; the hoper of far-flung
hopes & the dreamer of
improbable dreams." – The Doctor
“Isn’t it funny how day by day
nothing changes, but when you
look back, everything is
different...” - C.S. Lewis
Christopher Gray
Chelsea Griffett
Kayla Gurr
“The world starts here at
school but now It’s all what
you make it. Live happy!”
“♫ So why care for these petty
obsessions? Your designer heart still
beats with common blood! ♫”
- The Graverobber
Corey Guse
“I'd love to have a beer
with Duncan.”
“That chair is my cousin.”
“The ones with the strongest
wings fly solo.”
Mohammad Haji Ali Asgari
– Mr Ross
- Slim Dusty
Amy Hamblin
Sophie Harland
Edward Hatt
Ethan Hearn
"Don't stress the could
haves. If It should have, it
would have.“ - anon
“My essay isn't done but I
sure am.” – Indy Knopfler
“I have a memory like an
elephant. I remember every
elephant I’ve ever seen.”
“Survival is the name of the
game. Only it's not a game, it's
deadly serious.” - Russell Coight
Caitlin Hickey
"If you never did, you
should. These things are
fun, and fun is good!"
- Dr Seuss
Hamish Hill
"Can Bob the Builder fix
my grades?"
- Pakalu Papito
Cameron Hillier
Alicia Hills
“Sometimes by losing the
battle you find a new way to
win the war.”- Donald Trump
“Roses are red, violets are
blue, Garlic bread, Blink-182”
- Unknown
Laura Hjortshoj-Haller
“I never want to hear you
Lauren Hood
"Death to all butt metal."
- Steel Panther
Harry Hosking
Justin Hughes
Jordan Humberdross
Jacob Jenkins
Logan Johnston
“Waking up is the second
hardest thing in the
"I don't know if you girls are
up to moustache level yet."
– Mr Ross
Mathew Jury
Daphne Kae
Amritpreet Kaur
Jack Kelso-Ribbe
Bohdi Keogh
"Trapped in the Yearbook
factory, send help!"
"Your identity is your most
valuable possession.
Protect it." - Elastigirl
“Life is a problem. Such a big
problem that we die solving
“Physics, Physics, Physics; A
sweet dream.” *Click*
*Click* *Click* - Mr Ross
“Don't let your dreams be
dreams.. JUST DO IT!!!!"
- Shia Labeouf
Jasmin King
Anna Kinivan
Liam Kirkpatrick
Broderick Klein
"Why fit in when you
were born to stand out."
“Don’t wait for the perfect
moment, take the moment
and make it perfect.”
- Dr Seuss
Sharai Lancaster
Josh Landers
Breanna Larkin
Mitchell Laughton
“You don't need that spine,
it's holding your back"
"Shut your mouth or I'll
punch you in the throat."
- Mahatma Gandhi
“You have to fight through
some bad days to earn the
best days of your life.”
“Your time is limited, so don't waste it living
someone else's life. Don't let the noise of others'
opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most
important, have the courage to follow your heart
and intuition.” -Steve Jobs
– Kung Fury
Indy Knopfler
“I hate it when I lose my stuff at
school, like my pens and books
and my life ambitions...” - Insta
Maddy Lawrie
“Don’t cry because It’s
over, smile because it
happened.” - Dr Seuss
Dylan-Jay Leevard
Anthony Lingard
Robbie Luchich
Matt Lynch
Mitchell Marlow
“Started from the bottom
now we here.” – Drake
“Do or do not, there is
no try.” - Master Yoda
"What doesn't kill you makes you
stronger, except for a bear. A
bear will kill ya." -Substitute
“Teacher told me to hand in
my essay, but i ain’t no
"Why so serious?"
Jarrod Marsh
Joshua McClymont
Jaidan McDonald
“If we choose to, we can live in a world
of comforting illusions. We can allow
ourselves to be deceived by false
realities or we can use them to hide
our true intentions.” - Amanda Clarke
“With great power comes
great electricity bills.”
"I'm happy now."
-Hulk Hogan
Taylor McDonald
“Don’t quit. You’re
already in pain, you’re
already hurt. Get a
reward from it.” - anon
“Enjoy the little things in life,
because one day you will look
back, and realise they were the
big things.” - Kurt Vonnegut
Nicholas Moore
"People think I’m laid
back.. I’m not, I’m just
tired." - Carl Barron
Raiesha Morton
Lucas Murray
"Ah yes the past can hurt. But
the way I see it, you can either
run from it, or learn from it."
"Defeat is not the worst of
failures. Not to have tried is the
true failure."
- Rafiki The Lion King
- George Edward Woodberry
- The Joker
Chloe McIntyre
Jemma McOnie
Chloe McPartland
"We’re here, and then we’re
gone. It’s not about the time
we’re here, but what we do with
the time." – Rick Yancey
"At some point you gotta stop looking
up at the sky or one of these days
you'll look back down and see that you
floated away, too" - John Green.
Samyuktaa Naidu
"Maybe they hate me
because I’m too good."
-Cristiano Ronaldo
Hayden Nightingale-Smith
Amelia Nixon
Troy O’Keefe
Jacob Parkin
"DO IT!"
“What is this? A centre for
ants?” - Derek Zoolander
“That sounds like a personal
“Some animals are nocturnal, so
the best time to see them is at
night. Only you can't see them,
because it's dark.” - Russell Coight
- Shia Lebeouf
Chloe Pearce
Lacey Pearce
Liam Philp
"With the down hop zig-zag jello
pops,kids nowadays bee zop
Rudy ha ha ha ziggity zaggity
pudding" - Bill Cosby
Isabella Raftery
.... I want it that way.
- Miss Blood
Jason Rauwerda
Stephen Rauwerda
Alexander Rawlings
“It’s good to have an end to
journey toward, but It’s the
journey that matters in the end.”
“Good morning lovely
children. Give me a big
smile.” – Mr Topalov
*Clicks fingers* "Got off the
truck, and watched some
cats." – Mr Ross
- anon
Erin Picton
"Just kidding."
Stephanie Read
Austin Richardson
“Yo, how much dirt you
gotta throw in the ocean to
make a new country?”
Kimberley Robertson
Ben Rodgers
Ammon Rose
Larissa Rosentreter
Erin Ross
"Life is short, so stop and
smell the horses."
“You will win more battles
with your words then you
will with bullets.”
"Some people live more in
twenty years than others do in
eighty. It's not the time that
matters but the person."
“Nowadays people know the
price of everything and the
value of nothing.”
"If you admire somebody, you
should go ahead and tell them.
People never get the flowers
while they can still smell them."
- The Doctor
Nathan Ryan
"Is good." – Mr Topalov
– Oscar Wilde
Cameron Scott
Addison Sells
Brodie Simpson
“You know, all that really matters is
that the people you love are happy
and healthy. Everything else is just
sprinkles on the sundae.”
– Paul Walker
“You said you have a dream. That
dream, make it come true. Make
your wonderful dream a reality,
and it will become your truth.”
“Don’t try to beat the
goalkeeper, try to destroy
the goalkeeper.”
- Steven Gerrard
Liam Single
Brittany Smit
Stephen Smith
Aden Soric
Saleena Sourjah
Everett Spearritt
"Who are you?" "I don't
know yet. I'm still cooking."
“In school, you're taught a lesson
and then given a test. In life,
you're given a test that teaches
you a lesson.” – Tom Bodett
“Thanks to Lofty I learned to
right good”
“Advice from a Tree: Stand tall and
proud, go out on a limb, remember
your roots, be content with your
natural beauty and enjoy the view.”
- Unknown
“Born too late to explore the
Earth, born too soon to explore
the galaxy, born just in time to
browse dank memes.”
Sam Stahlhut
Jack Stephens
Alexander Stevens
“England was my class the
hardest always for me.”
“I graduated high school, but
I still can’t count to three.”
– The Doctor
- Gabe Newell
Sarah Stinton
“You can overcome
anything if you have
courage and be kind!”
Grace Tonscheck
“Where youth and diffidence are
united, it requires uncommon
steadiness of reason to resist the
attraction of being called the most
charming girl in the world.”
- Jane Austen
Cassandra Van Eck
Angeline Veenstra
“Keep your heads, heels and
standards high.” – Coco Chanel
"People say nothing's impossible,
but I do nothing every day." Winnie the Pooh
Justice Tranquille
“Eat a salad.”
Jake Vernon
Cassandra Stiller
Danyen Stiller
"That would require me to
be social."
- Special Agent Will Graham
"Yeahhhh, two pieces"
Breanna Tyler
Connor Van Beuzekom
- Ms Morton
“I suspect the truth is that we are
waiting, all of us, against
insurmountable odds, for
something extraordinary to
happen to us.” - Khaled Hosseini
Timothy Walker
Alex Warren
"How can mirrors be real if
our eyes aren't real?"
– Jaden Smith
“The reality is: sometimes you lose.
You’re never too good to lose. You’re
never too big to lose. You’re never too
smart to lose. It happens.” - Beyonce
Tyler Willis
John Wilson
Stevie Winder
"I can't stop 'til the whole
world knows my name."
- Fall Out Boy
“People say I make strange choices, but
they’re not strange for me. My sickness is that
I’m fascinated by human behaviour, by what’s
underneath the surface, by the worlds inside
people.” - Johnny Depp
Iris Beets
See you later, I’m off to
explore the world!
Mira Laurinnantti
Exchange. The time of your life when you have to survive on your own with completely
new people, in a new environment. You are probably getting homesick and
overwhelmed with the culture shock, feel lonely every now and then, and face some
disappointments. But you want to go and face all of that. You want to know what is it
like to belong in a totally different world. And you are most likely going to enjoy it.
When I first came to Mt Lofty I was shy and excited. I called the school a maze (I still do,
I'm lost all the time). I didn't know anyone and I was scared that I would be like that for
a long time. But since then, I've been proving that thought wrong every day. I've met
different people and those people have met me probably thinking that I'm the different
one, (a good kind of different I hope!) I've faced all these cultural differences and I must
say that the difference in people is my favourite; Australian socializing and openness.
Getting to know Australia and its people/environment has truly helped me realize the importance of cultural
diversity. As an independent student, I've come across some challenges I probably would never experience at
home. I have also learnt there are no limits to capabilities.
Nähdään, Mira
Kim Biebert
Natsuho Sada
Nanami Seki
Coline Thiry