Men walk tall to share aloha for women



Men walk tall to share aloha for women
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Sole power
A Student Publication of the University of Hawai`i • Honolulu Community College • April 2012
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Men walk tall to share aloha for women
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Ka Lā photo by Janelle Caldeira
Honolulu Community College students joined others from around the Island to participate in the annual Walk a Mile in Her
Shoes event, held this year at UH-Manoa.
By Ieva Bytautaite
Ka Lā staff writer
Miss Jess
For nearly 30 years, she's
been teaching ways of
cosmetology at HonCC.
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It was hard not to notice the
crowd of men staggering around
in bright red stiletto heels in front
of Hawai`i Hall at the University
of Hawai`i at Manoa campus on
a rainy afternoon. The students,
staff and faculty had gathered to
walk and raise awareness to end
violence against women in the
“Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” event.
Honolulu Community College
“started this event which became
systemwide,” said Kimberley Gallant, coordinator of Mental Health
and Services at HonCC and head
of the Sexual Violence Task Force
and Initiatives. “[HonCC] Carpentry and auto-body students
and instructors really work hard
to participate and support these
events,” Gallant said.
The success of “Walk a Mile in
Her Shoes” has inspired other
campuses across the islands to
hold similar events. Students from
HonCC’s auto-body, carpentry
and cosmetology programs participated in the walk, some in heels,
others in frilly slippers, and other
just holding signs and supporting
those who walked.
Ka Lā photo by Janelle Caldeira
Participants gathered for a group picture after the walk.
Need help with a domestic
violence problem?
“I’m thankful to all the men who
come out to participate and come
out of their shell,” said Janelle Caldeira, a cosmetology student from
HonCC. Bryce Arakawa, an autobody student, said that strapping
on the stilettos made him “feel tall
and it helps men understand what
it feels like to be a woman a little
“I don’t know how they can do
it every Friday,” said Peter Zeng,
a student in the Auto-Body and
Repair program at HonCC.
Many were surprised by how
many people showed up despite
the rainy weather.
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