Fall 2014 - Issue No. 1 - Hawaii Student Nurses` Association



Fall 2014 - Issue No. 1 - Hawaii Student Nurses` Association
Welcome to the 1st edition of Hawai’i Student Nurses’ Association’s
(HISNA) official publication. The officers of HISNA are excited about
this semester as we have some exciting plans this Fall. Currently we
are planning for our statewide student nurses’ conference in Hawai’i.
The conference is scheduled to take place on September 27th with the
theme Ho’a Hawai’i: Nursing the Next Generation (Ho’a meaning to
Zach Drury
HISNA President
Hawaii Pacific University
HISNA also plans kick off our Healthy Student Nurse program this
semester. Healthy SN is a program that will be used to optimize
the physical wellness of the nursing students who participate. Each
month I will be hosting two group exercise classes free for all HISNA
I would also like to take this time to encourage each of you to register with the National Student Nurses’ Association (NSNA), which
includes a HISNA membership. Registration is located online at the
NSNA website at www.nsna.org, or can be found on hisna.org. NSNA
and HISNA membership can create opportunities for a student that
enhance nursing school and prepares you to be the best nurse you can
More information on all events, programs, and HISNA leadership opportunities can be found at www.hisna.org. Our media directors have
spent a lot of time to make a beautiful website and the e-Newsletters.
I encourage you all to take the time to look through
the website and see what HISNA has to offer.
In this edition of HISNA Headlines:
Presidential Address
NSNA Convention Recap
Upcoming Events
It is an honor and a privilege to serve as Hawai’i’s State
President. I look forward to meeting and working
with all of you.
“A journey of a thousand miles starts under one’s
feet.”—Lao Tzu
Issue No. 1 : September 2014
Each Spring, students from
across the nation flock to the
National Student Nurses’
Association’s (NSNA) Annual
Convention. As the largest student
nurses association in the United
States, the Convention hosts a wide
variety of activities for attendess including keynote speakers, breakout
sessions, and a large exhibition hall
featuring schools, medical equipment suppliers, and NCLEX preparation materials.
This year, thirteen students
from the University of Hawai’i at
Manoa, Chaminade University
of Honolulu, and Hawai’i Pacific
University attended the Annual
Convetion, which was hosted in
Nashville, Tennessee. Of the thirteen attendees, six of the attendees
were Hawai’i Student Nurses’
Association (HISNA) Executive
Board Members.
HISNA is the State’s local
chapter of NSNA. It was originally
founded in 2013, and is currently experiencing a revival. At the
Convention, Hawai’i received two
awards, the State Excellence Award
and the Winner’s Way Award, for
the largest percentage growth in its
division. HISNA President, Zach
Drury, also took home a medal for
placing 1st overall in the 5K Fun
The Convention was a blast and we
hope you’ll join us next time!
Upcoming Events
Healthy SN
Friday, September 12 & 26
7 am - 8 am
Ala Moana Beach Park
Lifeguard Tower 1 D
NSNA’s 32nd Mid-Year Career
Planning Conference
November 6-9
Hilton Portland & Executive Tower
Portland, OR
1st Annual HISNA Convention
Saturday, September 27
9 am -5 pm
Clarence T.C. Ching Conference Center
Chaminade University
Hawai’i Nursing Conference
November 12-14
Hawai’i Prince Hotel Waikiki Beach
For more information, log on to: hisna.org

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