can buy homes. - 801 South Street



can buy homes. - 801 South Street
There’s no place like Hawai‘i. And we’re not the only ones
who know it. That’s why wealthy people from all over the
globe are buying homes here. But what about the police
officer with 10 years on the force, the teacher who wants
to teach in Hawai‘i but is tired of renting, the young single
mom with a start-up business? What about them?
801 South Street is for the hard-working people who
can’t afford to own a home, who think every day about
leaving Hawai‘i for the mainland, who save and save and
save but can never scrape enough together for a big
down payment. In fact, we had over 6,000 of them pick
up applications at our sales office for our first tower. On a
single day last March, we sold out by lottery. We are now
in the process of seeking approval for a second tower,
and already have hundreds of people waiting for another
chance to buy a unit.
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Our mission is to build condominium homes and price
them so regular people can afford them. We do it
The Past Becomes Part of the Future
because Hawai‘i’s working people deserve a chance
The old Honolulu Advertiser Building was
to own their own home. Simply stated, we’re business
opening in 1930, and we are preserving it
people who build our projects with private funding rather
as an important link to our city’s past.
than relying on government subsidies.
Here’s the bottom line. When the State approves our
projects, we start building them.

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