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Issue 1/2016
Feb 2013 2016
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Senior Instructor’s Report
Forest Hills Pony Club 2016 has started at a gallop. We are delighted to welcome our new
members and to renew friendships with our returning members. At
Forest Hills, within the Pony Club tradition, we aim to have fun safely with our horses. So
the main game is join in and have fun.
Already, our list of completed activities includes a few rally days, team
practices, Canberra Royal and Zone events. So thank you to all our riders for participating
and to all our parents for their help and support.
The rally days are the primary activity of the club and are the gateway to Zone and State
events. If you want to know what is coming up check the website and come along to the
rally days.
Canberra Royal
Great result and congratulations to all our riders who competed so beautifully at Canberra
Royal. Thank you to Captain Charnaud and Tori who came specially to support our riders.
Thank you to Lou and Steph O’Connor for their extremely hard work to promote and
support show riding in our club.
Dressage Arena
Top Tip: All Forest Hills members may use the dressage arena with lights for
lessons with their private instructor. Please talk to Captain Charnaud for more details.
Eligibility for PCA NSW State Championships
As a matter of policy, for PCA NSW State Championship team events, our club will not
include a rider in a team if the rider has a leased horse or pony which is marketed for sale.
The reason for this policy is to protect the rest of the team from missing out and being
unable to compete if the pony is sold before the State event. Please talk to Nuala for more
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March ~ Summer Uniform
Rally Day 8:30 gear check
Dressage—preparation for Zone Dressage
Zone 23 Dressage Avondale PC
Rally Day 8:30 gear check
April ~ Summer Uniform
Rally Day 8:30 gear check
Check the website for latest updates
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