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Patricia Spratt for the Home
Patricia Spratt
For the Home
Your source book for placemats, napkins, tablecloths,
runners, decorative pillows, bedding, and curtains.
2012, Vol. 2
Elemental Linens
Our new collection of Primitive Linens are
wonderful on their own ... or mix and match with
these wonderful colors with our wide selection of
patterns throughout the catalog. Primitive Linen
napkins our shown here with optional 1” hem.
Fabric content: 55% Linen / 45% Rayon.
Patricia Spratt for the Home offers the finest and largest
selection of table linens. Our placemats, napkins, tablecloths
and decorative accessories are made from the most beautiful
decorator-quality prints and wovens. We provide the
retailer access to a variety of trends from traditional to
“cutting edge”. Our 100% cotton and innovative blend
fabrics, from the finest mills in the United States and abroad,
are sewn in Connecticut. Most are machine washable on a cold,
delicate setting ... other care instructions are noted on our label.
Primitive Linen Snow (841) C
Primitive Linen String (842) C
Primitive Linen Storm (843) C
Primitive Linen Verdigris (844) C
Primitive Linen Berry (845) C
Primitive Linen Peat (846) C
Primitive Linen Wheat (847) C
Shown above: Bordered tablecloth in Magnetic Earth with Stripe border.
Rectangle placemat in Bold Bamboo Wheat with Primitive Stripe Earth dinner
napkin. Fabric content: 100% Cotton
Primitive Linen Coal (848) C
Magnetic Elements (556) D
Magnetic Teal (563) D
Magnetic Earth (560) D
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Patricia Spratt
for the Home
Customer Service
Shadow Play Pewter (565) D
Shadow Play Elements (557) D
Shadow Play Teal (564) D
Primitive Stripe Earth (561) D
Paint Stick Elements (558) B
Painterly Floral Elements (559) D
Bold Bamboo Wheat (562) D
Single swatch photos indicate
that placemat is same fabric on
both sides. Swatches that are
abutted indicate the front and
back of placemat. All patterns
are available in napkins except
where noted.
Paint Stick Pewter (566) B
Holiday Inspiration
Our tablecloths are
“made-to-order” so you
never have to worry
about having the right
size, shape or color. Call
us and we’ll help you
determine the correct
size for your customer’s
table. We’ll do our best
to accommodate your
request as quickly as
possible. Shown left: Holiday
We’re known for our reversible placemats and coordinating
napkins. Our linens are beautifully hand-pressed and then
tied in sets of four with a satin ribbon for the finest
presentation. All Patricia Spratt for the Home fabrics are
available in the classic rectangle placemat (except where
noted.) Our rectangle placemat reverses to a coordinating
print or occasionally the same pattern when appropriate.
The dinner napkin is 17” and perfectly proportioned to our
placemats. Shown above: Holiday Paisley Ivory rectangle placemats
with Holiday Demi Spruce dinner napkins - set of 4.
Fabric content: 100% Cotton.
Table Amethyst with Stripe
border over a table skirt in Demi
Amethyst. Fabric content:
100% Cotton
To order custom sized tablecloths, we will need the exact dimensions of the
table (width and length) and the length drop that is requested (we recommend
10-12 inches). If the tablecloth is to fall to the floor, the height of the table is
required as well. Contact us for a quote. It would be our pleasure to help you.
Holiday Table Red (035) C
Holiday Paisley Ivory (037) C
Holiday Stripe Red (036) C
Holiday Demi Spruce (038) C
Holiday Table Amethyst (030) C
Holiday Stripe Amethyst (031) C
Holiday Paisley Amethyst (033) C
Holiday Stripe Amethyst (031) C
Holiday Demi Amethyst (032) C
Holiday Demi Moss (034) C
PLEASE NOTE: Due to the custom nature of our tablecloths, they
are not returnable and orders cannot be cancelled.
Holiday Paisley Noir (039) C
Holiday Stripe Noir (041) C
Patricia Spratt
for the Home
Customer Service
Holiday Demi Red (040) C
Holiday Demi Copper (042) C
Venetian Lattice Red (701) D
Venetian Lattice Cypress (702) D
What a great value! Our 16” and 22” perfect pillows
are an inexpensive way to add color and drama
throughout your store. We also offer our terrific lumbar
pillow! All of our pillows make great additions to our
bedding collection, or to any sofa or chair! Pillow inserts
are removable. Available in all fabrics in catalog.
Minimum 2 per pattern. Shown right: Ipanema Turquoise, Gold and
Green. Fabric content: 100% Cotton
The Round Placemat
Reversing to the same fabric or coordinate as shown in
swatches. A modern approach for any size or shape table.
Now available in all patterns throughout the catalog ... this
will definitely freshen up your linen department. Shown L to R:
Top: Striated Stripe Spice, Striated Stripe Moss, Striated Stripe Storm. Bottom:
Striated Diamond Spice, Striated Diamond Moss and Striated Diamond Storm.
Fabric content: 100% Cotton
Pop Dot Fabric Content:
55% Rayon / 45% Polyester
Patricia Spratt
for the Home
Pop Dot Turquoise (350) C
email orders to sales
Striated Diamond Storm (630) D
Striated Diamond Moss (637) D
Striated Diamond Spice (616) D
Striated Stripe Storm (631) D
Striated Stripe Moss (638) D
Striated Stripe Spice (617) D
Gilded Suzani Storm (632) E
Gilded Suzani Mushroom (639) E
Gilded Suzani Spice (618) E
Ipanema Gold (612) D
Pop Dot Coral (352) C
Ipanema Green (613) D
Pop Dot Gold (351) C
Ipanema Turquoise (614) D
Pop Dot Brown (363) C
Shown above top: Coastal Birds Mist with Primitive Linen Coal dinner napkin.
Bottom: Coastal Birds Grass with Linen Coral dinner napkin.
Fabric content: Coastal Birds - 95% Cotton / 5% Linen;
Primitive Linen Coal (pg. 1) - 55% Linen / 45% Rayon;
Linen Coral (pg. 10) - 100% Linen
Single swatch photos indicate that placemat is same fabric on both sides.
Swatches that are abutted indicate the front and back of placemat. All
patterns are available in napkins except where noted.
Patricia Spratt
for the Home
We love mixing fabrics and textures on our bordered tablecloths. It’s also
your opportunity to be innovative and add “snap” to your tablecloth inventory. You’re able to order just ONE of your unique selection in any size to fit
the needs of your customer ... and don’t forget to order coordinating napkins to
complete your special look! Shown L to R: Bespoke Pink with Best Check Pink, Bespoke Violet
with Best Check Citron, Naive Foral Neutral with Chevron, Quiet Brush Mist with Primitive Linen
Storm (pg. 1) and Quiet Brush Mulberry with Linen Gold (pg. 10)
Coastal Birds Grass (052) E
Coastal Birds Mist (051) E
Bespoke Mint (539) D
Bespoke Violet (538) D
Bespoke Pink (540) D
Naive Floral Jonquil (604) E
Naive Floral Neutral (606) E
Naive Floral Ink (608) E
Naive Chevron Jonquil (605) E
Naive Chevron Neutral (607) E
Naive Chevron Ink (609) E
Quiet Brush Mist (576) E
Quiet Brush Mulberry (575) E
Best Check Citron (218) E
Mythic Charcoal (154) D
Best Check Pink (219) E
Mythic Berry (153) D
Best Check Ink (220) E
Mythic Ink (152) D
Patricia Spratt “Boutique Collection”
A new collection of value priced “100% cotton” fabrics ... printed in the USA!
Table runners have become a “must-have” in your merchandise mix! Choose a size
to center on the table or to extend over the edge. We offer four styles of runners
in lengths of 54”, 72”, 90” and 108”. Custom sizing is also available. Table runners
are a great accent to any table and are perfect to use with or without placemats.
They also reverse to a coordinating pattern where appropriate. Our embellished
table runners add the perfect embellishment from our vast selection of trim styles
and colors chosen expertly to coordinate with your choice of fabric. All table
runners are available in our standard or wide widths. Shown left: Green Key Red reversing
to Greek Key Navy tasseled runner; Paparazzi Navy with Greek Key Navy banded runner.
Fabric content: 100% Cotton
Shown right: Sails Navy
Classic Runner reversing
to Navy Ropes. Fabric
content: 100% Cotton
Patricia Spratt
for the Home
See our Volume 1 catalog for
additional nautical and
coastal patterns.
Shown left: Zig Zag Blue
embellished runner with
blue pom poms. Fabric
content: 100% Cotton.
Navy Ropes (615) E
Sails Navy (533) C
Zig Zag Natural (010) A
Zig Zag Blue (535) A
Cabo Blue (536) A
Paparazzi Navy (531) A
Cabo Diamond Natural (015) A
Flint Dot (006) B
Cabo Blue (536) A
Cabo Diamond Blue (537) A
Greek Key Navy (532) A
Script Natural (009) A
Greek Key Slate (544) A
Greek Key Air (020) A
Greek Key Sand (021) A
Greek Key Red (541) A
Cabo Natural (011) A
Sails Aqua (534) C
They are breathable and withstand exposure to sunlight! They resist mold,
mildew, soil and stains and clean with plain soap and water! Fabrics are
100% spun polyester duck, with a soil release finish.
fun in the sun
Flame Stitch Neutral (048) A
Indoor / Outdoor
Linked Lemon (049) A
Indoor / Outdoor
Rio Siena (050) A
Indoor / Outdoor
Now available in two sizes. Our NEW large lumbar
pillow measures 14” x 26”. Small lumbar finishes at 13” x
17”. Both measurements include flange. Available in all
patterns throughout the catalog. Minimum 2 per pattern.
Shown above: Large lumbar pillow in Flame Stitch Neutral and Small lumber pillow in Linked Lemon.
Flame Stitch Turquoise (045) A
Indoor / Outdoor
Linked Tangerine (046) A
Indoor / Outdoor
Rio Turquoise (047) A
Indoor / Outdoor
See our Volume 1 catalog for additional offerings.
Patricia Spratt
“Boutique Collection”
A new collection of value price “100% cotton” fabrics ... printed in the USA!
Our 15” round placemats shown (left to right) in Paparazzi Zig
Zag, Paparazzi Flower and Paparrazi shown with a Paparazzi
Flower dinner napkin. As our all our patterns, they are available
in all product categories. This is just pure and simple FUN!
See our other patterns and colorations as part of our
Boutique Collection on page 5.
Patricia Spratt
for the Home
Cabo Sherbert (012) A
Cabo Sherbert (012) A
Paparazzi Zig Zag (003) A
Paparazzi Flower (004) A
Paparazzi Matchstick (002) A
Paparazzi (001) A
Single swatch photos indicate
that placemat is same fabric
on both sides. Swatches that
are abutted indicate the
front and back of placemat.
All patterns are available in
napkins except where noted.
Cabo Dot (014) A
Cabo Diamond (013) A
Our embellished topper is an excellent
addition to your merchandise selection.
A beautifully trimmed 54” square
topper adds elegance to a small,
intimate table for two or can be used
to accent a side table in a living room
or bedroom. Toppers are available in
all fabrics, and trim is expertly selected
to complement the color, attitude and
style of the pattern. Shown right and
on our front cover: Empress Jade over a
96” table skirt in Empress Screen Taupe.
Fabric content: 100% Cotton.
Shown left: Rectangle placemats in Bold Damask
Bark and Bold Bamboo Bark with matching dinner
napkins. Fabric content: 100% Cotton
Empress Jade (463) E
Empress Gold (465) E
Bold Damask Bark (610) D
Empress Screen Taupe (464) E
Empress Screen Gold (466) E
Our buffet napkins are generously sized at 22” and
are baby-hemmed for a beautiful finish. Available in
all patterns in catalog. Shown left to right: Burst, Not Square
Green and Not Square Taupe. Fabric content: 100% Cotton
Bold Bamboo Bark (611) D
Bold Damask Slate (176) D
Not Square Green (688) D
Patricia Spratt
for the Home
Customer Service
Bold Bamboo Slate (177) D
Umbria Screen (097) E
Bella Copper (620) E
Bella Jade (621) E
Botanical Vivid (768) E
Botanical Wasabi (767) E
Abstract Vivid (770) E
Abstract Wasabi (769) E
Not Square Taupe (689) D
Burst (690) D
Suzani Vivid (730) E
Suzani Teak (732) E
Our guest towels
are available
embellished with
a fabulous trim
or banded with
a coordinating
fabric as shown
at right. Each is
generously sized
and packaged
in sets of two
with a J-hook,
ready for hanging on display.
Available in all
fabrics in catalog.
Minimum three sets (six towels) per pattern. Shown above L to R: Hunt
Our new single layer table runner provides our
customer with a cost effective way to dress
the table. Finishes at 15 1/2” wide in all runner
lengths. Available in all fabrics, minimum two
per pattern. Shown above in Connecticut Copper.
Fabric content: 100% Cotton
Scene Khaki with Club banded, Club Khaki trimmed, Club Khaki with Stripe
banded. Fabric content: 100% Cotton
Wine totes have a coordinating cuff and are tied
with a satin ribbon. Perfect for wine, gourmet oils
or vinegars. A terrific hostess gift! Available in all
fabrics, minimum four per pattern. Shown left in Club Stripe
Russet, Club Russet and Hunt Scene Burnished. Fabric content:
100% Cotton
email orders to
[email protected]
Patricia Spratt
for the Home
Connecticut Sage (567) B
Hunt Scene Khaki (624) D
Connecticut Potpourri (569) B
Connecticut Copper (570) B
Connecticut Salvia (568) B
Hunt Scene Burnished (627) E
Etruscan Wine (719) A
Etruscan Spice (716) A
Connecticut Plaid Sage (571) D
Club Khaki (625) D
Club Russet (628) E
Etruscan Amulet Wine (721) A
Etruscan Amulet Spice (718) A
Club Stripe Khaki (626) D
Club Stripe Russet (629) E
Etruscan Stripe Wine (720) A
Etruscan Stripe Spice (717) A
Connecticut Plaid Teal (572) D
Connecticut Plaid Russet (574) D
What a luxury! 14 amazing colors to coordinate with
our wide selection of patterns. Our linen napkins are
generously sized and feature a 1/2” hem for a beautiful
finish. Available in all products.
Linen Periwinkle (545) E
Linen Coral (144) E
Linen Petal (546) E
Linen Blue (146) E
Linen Breeze (547) E
Linen Metallic (142) E
Linen Grass (548) E
Linen Gold (145) E
Linen Cream (549) E
Linen Curry (725) E
Linen Bark (550) E
Linen Amethyst (726) E
Linen Sea (143) E
Linen Stone (727) E
Fabulous, bold colors that really make a statement in Ultra Suede!
They are 100% Polyester so they are easy to care for. Perfect for
the table or in any of our decorative accessories. Not available in
napkins. Shown above in our new single layer table runners.
Ultra Rich Red (251) B
Ultra Violet (254) B
Ultra Turquoise (255) B
Ultra Taxi (252) B
Ultra Hot Pink (250) B
Ultra Java (256) B
Ultra Acid Green (253) B
Indispensable basics ... Rattans!
Linen Nearly White (542) E
Linen Black (543) E
Linen Spun Gold (043) E
Patricia Spratt for the Home
A favorite at Patricia Spratt for the Home, our Rattans are wonderful basics on their
own, or can be used to mix and match with our prints throughout the catalog. A terrific
complement to any table setting. The Rattan’s are 100% cotton with a substantial hand.
Great in our buffet napkins ... order a variety of colors to mix with all of our prints.
Shown left to right:
Navy (117) C
Pearl (065) C
Natural (066) C
Fennel (063) C
Dusk (064) C
Java (116) C
Coral (062) C
Noir (115) C
Not pictured above:
Red (067) C
Party Essentials
Our “Party Essentials” consist of polyester blends with
beautiful sheens and stitching ... and they are easy care! We
particularly love these fabrics in our table skirts and
22” buffet napkins. Of course they look fabulous in all of
our products, as well! Terrific for party planners!
100% Polyester but looks just like silk!
Dupioni Cerise (440) A
Dupioni Nickel (441) A
Dupioni Purple (442) A
Midas Gold
(232) A
Midas Silver
(231) A
(230) A
Our collection of colors in our Dupioni
fabrics keeps growing because they
are terrific in just about everything!
They make great placemats (shown at
right in our Round placemat which makes a
nice Charger) and the napkins are
fantastic on their own or for
coordinating with all our patterns
throughout the catalog! Shown above in
Wine Totes for the perfect hostess gift!
Our Midas Striped faux silks can create a seamless table skirt
up to 120”! Available in all products throughout the catalog.
Fabric content: 100% Polyester
Dupioni Chartreuse (443) A
Dupioni Bordeaux (445) A
Dupioni Aztec (446) A
Smocked Steel (126) A
Dupioni Mist (447) A
Tu D
d )
on 228
Tu D
d )
on 227
Tu D
d )
on 29
am (2
Tu D
d )
on 26
am (2
Smocked Gold (125) A
Smocked Bronze (124) A
(330) B
Dupioni Brick (448) A
Dupioni Ivory (449) A
Smocked Ivory (123) A
Fortuny Fire
(329) B
(332) B
Fortuny Blush
(331) B
Diamond Tucks and Fortuny Crinkle faux silks are 100% Polyester.
Our Smocked faux silks can create a
seamless table skirt up to 102”. Not
available in placemats or napkins.
Fabric content: 100% Polyester
Patricia Spratt for the Home
Customer Service
Dupioni True Red (450) A
Patricia Spratt for the Home
60 Lyme Street
Old Lyme, Connecticut 06371
To learn more about Patricia Spratt for the Home,
or to find a sales representative in your area,
Visit us online at
~ To Order (800) 964-9291
~ M - F, 8:30 - 4:00 (EST)
~ Fax 24 Hours (860) 434-0739
email: [email protected]
DALLAS • World Trade Center, Floor 12 • Booth #3507
ATLANTA • Building 1 • Merchandise Mart • Booth # 7-N-03
NE ON!! NEW YORK • Jacob Javits Convention Center • Upper Level • Booth #3280-3282
Our shower curtains are 72” x 72” and have
beautifully executed button holes that will be
appreciated by your discerning customers. They
are available in all patterns throughout the catalog,
and we can do custom lengths, as well! Shown left in
Striated Stripe Storm. Fabric content: 100% Cotton
Choose two fabrics from our entire fabric
collection to make a reversible, custom duvet.
Be creative and add accent pillows and shams
from our vast array of coordinating patterns.
This will be your most innovative
destination for your bed linen collection ... and
it will look uniquely yours! Our three piece
shirred bed skirt can be made to your specific
length. Pillows are charming with our simple
flange or with unique embellishments. See price
list insert for complete bedding information.
Available in all fabrics throughout the catalog!
Duvets (Twin, Full, Queen & King)
Bed Skirts (Twin Full, Queen & King)
Shams (Standard, Euro & King)
... and our entire pillow collection to mix and match!
Shown below: Cabo Natural Diamond with Greek Key Air
banded valance. Fabric content: 100% Cotton
Shown above: Duvet in Gilded Suzani Spice (55% Linen, 45% Rayon) reversing
to Bella Copper (100% Cotton). Bed Skirt in Striated Diamond Moss (100%
Cotton). Pillow Sham in Striated Stripe Moss (100% Cotton), Euro Sham in
Bella Copper. Large Lumbar Pillow in Dupioni Chartreuse (100% Polyester).
Valances and curtain panels are available in the classic tailored shirred construction.
All are available plain, banded or embellished, and come lined. Panels are available in
63”, 84” and 90” lengths (as well as custom) and each are 50” in width. Classic curtains
feature a 2” header and a 2” rod pocket. Many retailers choose a 3” rod pocket without
a header for a more modern look. See price list for full range of sizes and dimensions.
We are happy to make your curtains to your specific customer needs. Valances and
curtain panels are available in all patterns throughout the catalog. Custom sizing and
shapes are available ... Call for pricing.