Palm oil free – Halloween Treats


Palm oil free – Halloween Treats
Palm Oil Free
Halloween Treats
We’ve done everything we can to check that the products listed in this Auckland Zoo Halloween
treats guide are palm oil-free. But with currently no compulsory labeling for palm oil or its
derivatives on product packaging in New Zealand, it can be a challenge! And it’s complex – with
lots of derivatives described differently. So if we’ve stuffed up, please just let us know, and drop us
a line if you discover other confectionery products you believe to be palm oil-free. Contact [email protected]
• Allen’s lollipops
• Allen’s barley sugar
• Amos Sweets Candy Ring Pops
• Annie’s – all fruit bars
• Cadbury After Dinner Mints
• Cadbury Bubbly treat size
• Cadbury Crunchie treat size
• Cadbury Dairy Milk block
• Cadbury Dairy Milk treat size
• Cadbury Flake treat size
• Cadbury Freddo - plain
• Cadbury Halloween Mallows - pumpkin shaped
• Chupa Chups
• Donovan’s Dark chocolate with ginger, Turkish delight
• GoLightly Starlight Mints
• Go Nutz – all
• Green and Black’s – all
• Guylian seashell chocolates
• Heards Barley Sugar
• Heards Fruit Refreshers
• Hershey’s plain kisses
• Hubba Bubba strawberry bubble tape
• Jelly Belly jelly beans
• Kiwiland barley sugars
• Lindt chocolate range
• Lolliland Butterscotch
• Mackintosh Party Mix, Oddfellows, Snakes
• Mentos cola
• Mini Mentos Fruit mix
• Mr Mallow party mix, filled mallows, mallow mates, bananas, mini marshmallows
• Natural Confectionery Company Mini
Dino minibags, Snakes, Tropical jellies
• Nestle chocolate macadamias, chocolate almonds, After 8 chocolate mints
“ Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,
nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”
Dr. Seuss, from The Lorax
The race to save animals and their habitats is the race to save ourselves.
• Pams lollipops
• Pascall Mint imperials, marshmallows, Jaybees, Eskimos
• Patagonia chocolate
• Planet Candy Lollipops
• RJs natural licorice, raspberry natural licorice
• Scarborough Fair Adore milk chocolate • Scarborough FairSinless dark chocolate • Scarborough FairSublime fruit and nut
• Starburst Squirts, Rattlesnakes, Sucks, Gummi fruits, Party mix
• Toblerone - all
• Trade Aid Fair Trade dark chocolate, 70% cocoa, orange, mint, almond
• Universal Candy Trolli Britecrawlers
• Werther’s Original cream candies
• Werther’s sugar free
• Whittakers – all
• Wonka Fruit Tingles
• Woolworths Home Brand Crown mints, liquorice pieces, jelly party mix, snakes, boiled sweets, sour worms, marshmallows, jelly babies
• The Seriously Good Chocolate Company - all
For our Palm Oil-Free Shopping Guide containing a full range
of palm oil-free supermarket products,