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weather-tite - Sparcolux Paints
waterproofing solution
Sparcolux Weather-Tite is a water-based acrylic waterproofing solution that offers excellent protection against water and rain
by forming a strong water-proof barrier.
Used in conjunction with the Sparcolux Membrane, Weather-Tite is designed for extra flexibility to withstand cracking and
movement of the underlying surface, and dries to form a resilient waterproof barrier that is attractive, UV resistant and long
Waterproof pitched roofs, parapets, stable flashings, wall & chimney capping, roof joints and roofing screws
Waterproof galvanized iron, corrugated sheeting, asbestos sheeting and exterior walls
Sealing of joints, laps and roofing screws on corrugated roofs and gutters
Use over old paint and waterproof cement, plaster, and concrete
Sparcolux Weather-Tite is an economical all-in-one system
Durable, flexible and long lasting -> maintenance coat required only every 3 years.
All-weather protection -> Rain and UV resistant
Used with the Sparcolux Membrane -> Weather-Tite is flexible and resistant to cracking
Easy to apply and clean (with water)
Can be applied over previously painted surfaces.
Delivers an attractive finish in a variety of colours.
Ensure that the surface is clean, dry, sound and free of any contaminants (dirt, dust, rust, algae, etc).
Galvanized Iron
Clean with Galvanized Iron cleaner till surface is water break free, then rinse with water. Allow to dry.
New plaster, walls and concrete
Once clean, prime the surface with masonry primer if the surface is chalky.
Previously painted surfaces
Remove algae, lichen, loose materials and flaking paint with scrubbing brush or high pressure hose. If required, apply anti-fungal
wash, then rinse with water and allow to dry.
Repairs any cracks and apply 2 coats of Weather-Tite, then overcoat with acrylic paint.
With Sparcolux Mesh: 2-2.5 litre per m2 for a 4 coat application
Maintenance work: 1 litre per 1.5m2 for a 1 coat application.
Walls: 1 litre per 3m2 for a 2 coat application.
Stir Sparcolux Weather-Tite well before applying.
Measure problem area and cut Sparcolux Membrane to size before beginning application process.
Apply a thick base-coat to the cleaned problem area (and surrounding) where the Sparcolux mesh will be applied. (±1-2 Litres/m2)
Press mesh into the wet Weather-Tite making it fully wet. Remove any air-pockets and creases. Ensure 50mm overlap between
adjoining pieces of mesh. Allow to dry.
Apply a further 2 coat of Weather-Tite to the area ensuring complete saturation. Allow to dry for each coat (±0.50 Litres/m2)
Ambient and surface temperatures must be between 5°C and 35°C during application.
Do not apply if rain is expected.
Do not use Weather-Tite under tiles or in areas of long term pooling.
Wash hands and equipment with water.
Do not allow paint to dry on equipment.
Do not consume.
Skin contact: Rinse thoroughly with water.
Eye contact: Flush with water for 10 minutes and call a Doctor.
While painting, keep area well ventilated.
Pack size
No of components
Over-coating Time
Volume solids
Service temperature
Application temperature
UV. Resistance
Abrasion resistance
Specific Gravity
Fire hazard
Shelf life
5 litre
± 8 hours or when dry
28% to 31%
-15ºC to 45ºC
5ºC to 35ºC
Good with Sparcolux Membrane
Good. A maintenance coat is advisable every 3 years depending on conditions.
1.29 g/cm3
Non toxic
2 years
Cool, dry area below 25ºC
Technical details above are provided in good faith. Our products are manufactured to the highest standards using raw materials of excellent quality. Consequently we believe
in the quality of our products and will willingly replace any product in the unlikely event of a quality related performance failure. Whilst we are confident in guaranteeing
the quality of our products, we cannot however accept any liability for performance failure due to the incorrect application of our products. Correct application is critical
to the successful performance of our products and as this process falls outside of our control we are unable to cover the application under our product performance warranty.
Where there are doubts, it is recommended that the user conduct their own suitability tests before use.