Pimp Your PowerPoint Handout


Pimp Your PowerPoint Handout
I will be using the 2007 version of Microsoft PowerPoint.
Nearly everything can be done using earlier and later
versions. Most tricks are under the same menus, but not
Got an idea of what you want to do? Get help:
Google for instructions: type precisely what you want to do.
Whatever version of PowerPoint you use, become
familiar with the menu options. Time to play!!!!
Top Tabs
Right click on a picture to get this menu
Action Buttons
Insert – shape – action button (at bottom of list)
Go to first slide
Help or Hint
Next Page
Photo Album
Allows you to insert a lot of pictures at one time and select the format
you need.
Saves a lot of time when making student transition portfolios/photo
albums/photo résumés/present level presentations.
Look at each option as you go
down. You can choose how
many pictures should appear on
each page, and whether to
include a title and caption.
Need to edit? Insert – photo
album- edit photo album.
Select all the pictures you wish to give the same
animation to.
Select the down arrow to see more options:
timing, effect options , triggers.
Smart Art
• These are great tools
• Can be used with readers
• Can be used for lists and cycles
• Can be used for relationships
• Can be used for hierarchy and diagrams
• Design to change color and style: select
picture – design – make a choice.
View – Slide Master – slide orientation (set to
portrait if desired)- insert placeholder – picture
– insert placeholder text – size text (right click
to see menu).
Arrange the boxes to create a
template you will use.
Then: view – normal
Home – new slide (down arrow) – select
your new template ( will often be the last one
Keep sounds in
the same file as
your PowerPoint
• Sounds for individual slides: insert – sound – record sound (have
custom animation open so you can see the sound file. When you have inserted the sound,
check for any triggers that you may not want. In custom animation - select
• Audacity: audacity.sourceforge.net/download. Free sound editor
allows you to record snippets of songs for use with your class (be
aware of copyright laws). Records voice. Allows you to edit music
clips and record sound that is playing on your computer – e.g.
music video on You Tube.
• Add narration: slideshow – record narration cd quality if needed.
• Play message when mouse over: Create narrated word or
sentence sound in audacity – save in file as wav – select picture
with word or sentence – insert – action- mouse over- play sound –
other sounds (bottom of list – select sound from file - ok
PowerPoints in
the same file
Link to another PowerPoint
Insert– action-hyperlink to – select a file - ok
Set transparent color: select picture – format –
recolor (on left of top menu) – set transparent color
(at bottom of list)
Link to another slide in the
same PowerPoint
Insert – action-hyperlink to – select a slide - ok
Get a movie from YouTube or other internet source
Download and follow directions
Zamzar is an online site that offers more formats
Keep movies in
the same file as
your PowerPoint
Hyperlink to a movie
Right click on picture - hyperlink – select movie - ok
• Cover the page with a rectangle (insert – shape – rectangle –
insert – action- highlight click). This prevents the PowerPoint from
advancing to the next page if the student misses their choice.
• Decide the number of choices you want.
• Insert the picture choices. Label the choices above each picture.
• Outline the picture (click on the picture – picture border– select
color – select weight)
• Insert – action – sound – ‘a’ for applause
• Highlight click for wrong answer
• Use “Print screen” (on your keyboard) if your choices include text
and pictures.
Make a Graph
1. Create the graph format (insert – shape - line)
2. Import the picture of your choice(Insert, picture from
file). Resize the picture to match and place in on the
graph above the line. Then copy and paste it 5 times to
make a stack of six.
3. Select the whole stack and add custom animation. Select
entrance, peek in, on mouse click, slow.
4. Then import the picture again and place below the line.
This is important as it will be the last picture in the list
when you add the trigger.
5. Then, select all. In custom animation, click on the bottom
one where there is a small arrow, and select timingtrigger- start effect on click of - and the picture number.
This is the tough bit as it is sometimes difficult to find the
correct picture. Your stack will have numbers on each
one. The picture below the line (which is your trigger),
should be the last picture on the list.
6. Then repeat for each bar graph.
Go to the Resource Board to get the template:
- GAA - Curriculum Access for students with SCD – Related
Links – Resource Board
When at the Resource Board: All Documents – search –
“Poetry Café” – (scroll down) Poetry Corner Instruction
Heathers animations: www.heathersanimations.com. This
free online resource offers a variety of great animations to
support learning.
Animation Library :
Slater Software:
http://www.slatersoftware.com/PixLibrary.html. This free
online resource provides you with many symbols for nonreaders.
Greenshot: getgreenshot.org This free online resource allows you
to select a specific area of your screen to screenshot. Quick and
easy to use, this can save you hours!
De-select this item
This is an example of a template for photo effects in PowerPoint – go to
templates for more options
Use effects sparingly
Use effects for a reason
Consider auditory, kinesthetic and
visual learners
Make your PowerPoint interactive
This is an example of a template for slide
effects in PowerPoint – go to templates for
more options
Resources to help you get the effects
you want
www. wikihow.com
[email protected]