ODC Contact flyer KEpifano Dec 2013


ODC Contact flyer KEpifano Dec 2013
Kim’s class builds from a live score setting using contact improvisation, physical action and some use of vocals skills to open the
imagination and the body to every performers potential. Students explore their individual creativity, balance, and body awareness while
learning to move in relation to their self, the floor, and a partner. By
sharing weight, strength, space and gravity, participants learn how
to trust and be trusted while falling on and off the edges of their
bodies. We will explore how the ending of one move is the beginning
of another and how to utilize momentum to continue the progressive
nature of the dance. Improvisation skills will be tuned and explored
through interdisciplinary methods Epifano has developed. Be prepared to sweat, have fun! ALL LEVELS WELCOME!
Kim Epifano has a 25-year history as an award winning performer,
choreographer, director, educator, and collaborator. She is the
Artistic Director of Epiphany Productions Sonic Dance Theater based
in San Francisco. Her work has been nominated for and awarded
several Bay Area Isadora Duncan Dance Awards (IZZIES). She was
a main collaborator with Contraband and The Dance Brigade. She
studied Capoeira with Mestre Accordion for eight years. Her contact
Improvisation back round is with Sara Shelton Mann, John LeFan,
Nancy Stark Smith and more. She received her MFA in Choreography
from UC Davis and currently is an adjunct professor there. Epifano
has taught Technique, Contact Improv and many other forms of
movement, theater and vocalization nationally and internationally.
She is the founder of the popular SF Trolley Dances which is in its
11th year and was awarded by the San Francisco Weekly “ Best
Transit Ballet”. Epiphany Productions has toured to Mexico, Tunisia,
China, Ireland, Germany and more. Her most recent show “Botany’s
Breath” was performed inside and outside the Conservatory of Flowers in GG Park with dance, live music and video to sold out shows
and rave reviews! For more info go to: www.epiphanydance.org.
ODC Dance Commons
Kimi Okada, School Director
351 Shotwell
SF CA 94110
p. 415.863.9830
f. 415.863.9833
DECEMBER 7 - 21, 2013

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