Sony Videokonferenz Lösungen



Sony Videokonferenz Lösungen
Visual Communication Systems
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Multi Connection Server
(PCS-VCS Series)
Recording Server
(PCS-RS Series)
Firewall Traversal
(PCS-FT Series)
PC Endpoint
(PCS-EP Series)
Face-to-face Real-time Communication
By sharing live video, audio, and presentation material
with dispersed colleagues and clients at the same time,
everyone can work closely and effectively, leaving behind
the ambiguity of e-mail and phone calls.
Travel Saving
Being connected with your colleagues and business
partners in different locations is a cost-effective use of
resources, saving the expense of travel and time away
from the office.
Timely Communication
Visual communication allows you to attend off-site
meetings in real-time, quickly and efficiently, no matter
where your business facility or your colleagues are
located across the globe.
Eco Friendly
You can help reduce CO2 emissions and support our
environment by using videoconferencing instead of
business travel. Stay in touch, travel less, and help save
the planet.
Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels)
Stunning Full HD quality enhances your video conferences and is so real to life; it almost feels
like you are actually there.
Superb Stereo Audio Quality
Together with the MPEG-4 AAC codec with 48K Hz sampling and a built-in eco-cancelling
function*1, the PCS Series provides clear and natural stereo and monaural sound.
PC Presentation Transmission – H.239 Support*2
The presentation on your PC can be sent together with video. The frame rate as high as 30 fps
provides natural and smooth presentations.
H.264 High Profile*3
Realizes high-quality data transmission with limited bandwidth.
Video Annotation
Video conferencing participants can clearly point out specific parts of shared data, including live
images and presentation data, simply by writing on a pen tablet*5.
Phone Book Sharing*6
Multiple Visual Communication Systems from Sony can use the same phone book contents
located on a server.
Dual Network Interfaces
The network can be switched easily between LAN and WAN (or from intranet to the internet).
Also, multi-point connection can be made among LAN and WAN environments.
One-touch Dialing with RF Remote Commander
The hand pointing-free RF Remote Commander is included. What’s more, it allows you to easily
connect to any of your registered contacts with the touch of a remote commander button.
Built-in Streaming Function for Multicasting
Second Camera Option*7
Allows you to switch cameras with the touch of a remote commander button.
BrightFace™ Technology
BrightFace technology optimizes the brightness of the scene, especially for images that coexist
in bright and dark areas.
Multi-point Connection*4
Up to five remote video conferencing sites (six sites in total) can be configured to communicate
simultaneously. Moreover, two PCS-XG80 or PCS-XA80 units – each installed with optional MCU
software – can be cascaded with an IP connection to support a maximum of ten sites.
Intelligent QoS™ (Quality of Service)
Provides stable and secure communication over an IP network with Adaptive FEC (Forward Error
Correction), Real-time ARQ (Automatic Repeat reQuest), and ARC (Adaptive Rate Control)
adaptively time after time.
With BrightFace Function
Without BrightFace Function
(simulated images)
*1 Requires an additional microphone sold separately, depending on model. *2 Some models require optional software to send presentation data (the PCS-XL55, PCS-G60D and PCS-G60DP do not require this software).
*3 Available under IP connection. *4 Requires optional MCU software sold separately (the PCS-XL55 does not require this software). *5 Requires a third-party pen tablet, sold separately.
*6 Requires an optional PCS-VCS Series server, sold separately. *7 Requires a camera unit, sold separately.
Corporate and Government
Many corporations and
Advances in visual
governments are adopting
communication technology
videoconferencing for a
are helping to change the way
number of reasons, often
doctors treat patients. The
driven by the need to increase
superb quality of Sony’s video
productivity. Visual
and audio enables highly
communication systems – from
practical remote consultation
board room to remote office – make it easy for team
between practitioners and medical specialists located
members to collaborate effectively. With modern visual
around the world. This technology can help assist the
communication systems, it’s as simple as making a phone
diagnostic process and the streamlining of treatment by
call to setup and conduct a “face-to-face” video
allowing multiple surgeons and clinicians to view surgical
conference meeting. And with the telepresence quality of
processes. Specialized care personnel and physicians
Sony’s video and audio videoconferencing, you have an
can also collaborate immediately, no matter where each
immersive lifelike experience that’s very similar to actually
person is located across the globe. Moreover, visual
being in the same room with all the participants.
communication is now becoming a powerful medical
teaching tool, allowing doctors to share medical and
surgical procedures with colleagues and students on a
Financial Institutions
global scale.
Visual communication systems
can play a significant role in
bringing customers closer to
financial institutions. In
Due to increased courtroom
modern banking, for example,
and travel costs, and the
a customer can access an
security risks associated with
ATM system and instantly be
prison systems, visual
connected to a call center representative, who can
communication is fast
provide real-time live information, including assistance,
becoming an alternative
account details, and financial advice.
communication method in the
judicial system. It can provide a lower-cost method of
communication between courtrooms, prisons, hospitals,
and more locations, for anything from video arraignments,
With advances in technology
virtual courtroom appearances for witnesses, psychiatric
and the push for globalization,
evaluations, expert witness testimony, and various other
distance learning is becoming
more widespread than ever
before. Today, visual
communication systems can
play a role in all forms of
Broadcasters are finding visual
education. Students can communicate with their peers
communication systems to be
around the world for cultural exchange and collaboration.
powerful tools to cost-
In higher education, courses offered at a main campus
effectively deliver to their
can not only be shared with satellite campuses and
viewers instantaneous live
remote learning facilities, providing interactive education
interviews with people around
in real time, but they can also be streamed over a network
the world. They can connect
so that students anywhere with internet access can
to remote locations using a visual communication system
participate in lectures as well. Video communication
and simply feed the video and audio from that system to a
allows professors to reach larger audiences because they
switcher to be broadcast in real time.
are no longer restricted by the size of the facility or
auditorium. In addition, visual communication can play a
vital role in improving communication among
administrators, professors, staff, and students.
Room Integration
Room Integration
Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels)
Superb Stereo Audio Quality
PC Presentation Transmission – H.239 Support
BrightFace™ Technology
Multi-point Connection
Intelligent QoS™ (Quality of Service)
Video Annotation
Phone Book Sharing
Dual Network Interfaces
“One-touch Dialing” with RF Remote Commander
H.264 High Profile
Built-in streaming function for multicasting
Second Camera Option
* For more details on features and restrictions, please refer page two.
PCS-VCS Series
PCS-RS Series
PCS-FT Series
PCS-EP Series
• Provides multi-point connection
• HD (High Definition) quality video
• Continuous-presence mode with
voice-activated switching
• Multiple screen layouts - up to
16 splits
• Easy expansion - up to 500 sites
• Provides recording convenience in
IP network
• Simultaneous recording of highquality video and PC presentations
• Easy setup and play from web
• MPEG4 file format
• Provides secure traversal
communication paths through
firewalls and routers
• Traverse multiple network boundary
firewalls and NATs
• Configurable communication
traversal paths between client and
• Provides virtual meetings from remote
locations on PC
• HD high-quality video and audio
• Presentation data sharing - H.239
• Presence management with contact
HD Multi Connection Server
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HD Recording Server
Firewall Traversal
PC End Point
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