January 2012 - Astoria Yacht Club



January 2012 - Astoria Yacht Club
Volume 18 Number 1
46.18°N 123.81°W (Elev. 233 ft)
Jan/Feb 2012
Where are TOM & Jerry?
Join us for the annual Tom and Jerry Party
and gift exchange on January 21, 2012 at
Alderbrook Hall! The hall is located at 4509
Leif Ericson Drive (aka Hwy 30 & 45th St),
Astoria OR.
We will gather at 6:30 PM to share potluck finger food and begin the gift exchange at 7:00.
As many of you are aware, the gift exchange is
often a hilarious game. The rules will be
explained at the time of the event. Come
laugh with us!
However, show up with a wrapped gift that cost
about $20.00. Libation is good, and general boating
gear works well. Bring whatever you think is fun,
useful, or just plain pleasant.
Come and enjoy the fun!
Hey Everyone,
Have you checked out the AYC website (www.astoriayachtclub.com) yet? It
has a new look and lots of great information. You’ll be able to get past and
present newsletters there, the racing schedule, the events schedule, and
more. Be sure to check out the blog: “Sailing Chaos”!
Never get enough time to tell your best yarn? Want to show great photos
and videos? Join the AYC bloggers and chatter away! To become an author,
ask Paul Gascoigne ([email protected]) or go to
[email protected] for an invitation and he’ll send you the
instructions on how to sign on and sign up. Put your name in print, attach your
photo, and get more out of your AYC membership! See you (or Read you)
From the Commodore
Fellow Boaters,
2012 will be an exciting year for boating on the river! Your club is going to work hard to host on-thewater activities that will appeal to the cruiser, racer, and power boater. But first, while the weather is
still wretched, we will gather on January 21 for the annual Tom and Jerry Gift Exchange. We‘ve
reserved the historic Alderbrook Hall for the event. It’s cozy confines will keep you close to the giftsnatching action!
After the equally thrilling Crab Feed, and the Travelogue, boating season will be coming on fast.
Now‘s the time to get your boat back in shape to enjoy the new season. It’s easier to enjoy time crawling in the bilge when you know you are not missing a beautiful day on the water.
Keep up with local boating events on the Official Astoria Yacht Club Website, which you can find at
www.astoriayachtclub.com. Click the link to Sailing Chaos, and get the scoop on the Round the
World Race, America‘s Cup, and the other great events in sail competition.
Having been a member of the club since 2001, I’ve come to realize the best part of belonging is the
comradeship that develops between members, whether it is grown in the challenges out on the water
or in the fun of the shoreside activities. Please participate in our events, or better yet volunteer to
help make them happen. The more we put into the club, the more we‘ll get out of it!
See you out on the water!
Commodore Thor
Excommodore’s Watch
The Astoria Yacht Club’s Commodore and the board for 2012 have been chosen and put in place. Flag Staff are Thor
Sorenson, Commodore; Toby Dyal. Vice Commodore; Treasurer, Hal Nauman; Mike Campbell, Recording Secretary. Board
members at large are Michael Covert, Rich Elstrom, Paul Gascoigne, and Stuart Sinclair. I thank these club members for
stepping up.
Even though the Board is required to make final decisions regarding club business, it has always been an AYC policy that
members are welcome and encouraged to participate in helping shape decisions the board makes. Show up at board meetings and take your turn at bat.
You probably have heard this a couple of times by now but I am going to say it again, use the website
(www.astoriayachtclub.com). We are encouraging AYC membership to use the website. We are envisioning a point in the
future when we will not be using ground mail to communicate but e-mail and the website exclusively.
The website has been renovated and a blog site has been added. If you have a club related announcement to make, sent it to
Paul Gascoigne for posting. If you have something interesting to share with the club, Paul can set you up on the blog. This
can include complaints about the AYC Board, your summer cruise to Kodiak, an idea for a club event, etc.
Thank you for allowing me to be the Commodore of the Astoria Yacht Club in 2011, it indeed has been an honor.
6:30 PM; 108 10TH ASTORIA
Fair Winds,
Hal Nauman
From: Jane&JohnLebens<[email protected]>
Subject: vintageAstoriaboatresearchquestion
Date: December 25, 2011 8:50:35 PM PST
To: [email protected]
Greetings from Portland and happy holidays,
My wife and I own an Ed Monk designed vessel that spent about 15 years in Astoria and
we are trying to assemble some of the history. The vessel was purchased in 1962 by Rolf Klep.
In 1969 he sold her to a company called Bio Resources. While in Astoria, we think she was
called Kittiwake. In 1976, the boat was sold to an owner who moved it to Seattle.
We are wondering if Klep or Bio Resources were members of the AYC? If so, might you have
photos or other information in your records? Maybe one of the old-timers in your club is familiar
with the vessel and would be willing to talk with us.
We‘ve had some success locating prior owners and photos and hope someone in your club
can add additional information. As you can see from the photo, she is a fine old vessel (60
years old in 2011) and is being brought back to the original colors, name and as close as possible to her original condition.
I would be happy to write a small article about the vessel or maybe you can just publish this
request in your newsletter.
She is located in a boathouse on Hayden Island at the Columbia River Yacht Club.
We can be reached at 503/330-0216 Thanks, John and Jane Lebens
Some Photos
from the Annual Meeting
Astoria Yacht Club
PO Box 323
Astoria, OR 97103