if you don`t mind the odd tropical downpour then hotel prices can



if you don`t mind the odd tropical downpour then hotel prices can
Longhaul travel in the autumn months can be a little tricky, as the weather
traditionally takes a turn for the worse in many parts of the world. Karen
Stewart, of Wanstead’s Escape Worldwide, offers some ideas
T MAY be hurricane season in the
Caribbean, the south-west monsoon
may be hitting parts of the Indian
Ocean and there may be typhoons in the
South China Sea, but there are plenty of
places that are perfect for a long-haul
holiday in the autumn.
New England in the autumn – or fall – is
renowned for its natural beauty as leaves
on trees across the region change from
green to reds, yellows and a myriad of
colours, making for one of the most
impressive natural occurrences in the US.
The spectacle starts in mid to late
September in the northern states of Maine,
Vermont and New Hampshire, peaking in
mid October, while the more southerly
states of Massachusetts, Connecticut
and Rhode Island see things start three or
four weeks later, lasting in to November.
The air is crisp and cool, making it
perfect for hiking or cycling, and a fly-drive
is the best way to experience the area.
Consider starting in the historic city of
Boston before travelling along the coast
to Maine, inland through the majestic
White Mountains of New Hampshire and
on to Woodstock, returning south via
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picturesque towns such as Stockbridge
and Deerfield before finishing up back in
This is a popular time to visit the region
with thousands of ‘leaf peepers’
rains of the previous months have provided
plentiful grasslands for them to graze.
More food for the grazers means more
food for the carnivores, so wildlife activity
at this time of year is at a peak – visitors
descending on the main towns, so book
accommodation well in advance.
Wild at heart
If wildlife is your thing then there’s nowhere
better than the Masai Mara in Kenya, when
the annual migration has brought an extra
two million or so wildebeest, zebra and
other grazing animals to the area to
produce perhaps the greatest wildlife
show on earth.
This huge mass of game heads north
from the Serengeti in Tanzania to the
Masai Mara in July and August, where the
are likely to see lion, cheetah and other
predators on the hunt in large numbers,
although the Mara is a pretty spectacular
park at any time of year.
The grazers spend September and
October on the open plains of the Mara
before returning to the Serengeti once the
grasslands have been exhausted, around
November. Spend a few nights in a tented
camp on the Masai Mara to get a true
African experience.
Culture cruise
History buffs should be heading to the Nile
Anmar Photography/Shutterstock.com
Valley during the autumn months, when
temperatures drop from the summer
peak and sightseeing becomes far more
pleasurable. October sees temperatures
in the low to mid 30s – down a good 10
degrees from July and August.
The Nile Valley is home to perhaps
the best preserved and most accessible
collection of historical interest anywhere,
and it’s so easy to imagine how things
were thousands of years ago, with many
of the temples and tombs being in nearpristine condition.
A Nile cruise is the best way to see
the main sites, and an Egyptologist will
accompany most groups to explain the
details of what you’re seeing. But it’s not
all about temples and pharaohs – just
watching the beauty of the Nile drift by
as you cruise along its waters is a real
pleasure, and one of the all-time travel
Weather warning
As this summer in the UK has shown,
there’s nothing predictable about the
weather, and it’s important not to place
too much emphasis on the weather when
planning a holiday. In many places, visiting
in the low season has its advantages – if
you don’t mind the odd tropical downpour
then hotel prices can often be halved in
the rainy months and there are some real
bargains to be had.
With resorts being quieter you may well
get a room upgrade that you wouldn’t get
at a busy time, or find a deserted beach all
to yourself – albeit with the risk of having
to run for cover to the nearest bar if the
heavens open. But that’s the beauty of
long-haul travel – you never know quite
what you’re going to get!
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Opposite: A crisp New England day.
Top left: The ancient city of Luxor, Egypt.
Top right: Take a trip down The Nile.
Above and inset: Animals of the Masai
Mara, Kenya.
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